Hill TMC confident of winning 2016 assembly elections

The hill Trinamool Congress today expressed optimism of its capability of not only fielding candidates from the three hill sub-divisions for the 2016 assembly elections, but also ensuring their victory.
Hill TMC president Rajen Mukhia at the press meet in Darjeeling.
Hill TMC president Rajen Mukhia at the press
 meet in Darjeeling.
After the debacle in the Lok Sabha election from the Darjeeling parliamentary constituency, the TMC is eyeing the 2016 state assembly election to make further inroads into the hills. TMC candidate Bhaichung Bhutia had managed to garner more than 90,000 votes from the hills in the general election.

Asserting that all the communities of the hills and not only the Lepchas and Tamangs had voted for Bhutia in the Lok Sabha election, the hill TMC unit intends to send this message to its high command in Kolkata.

“Kolkata keeps saying that it was the Lepchas, Tamangs and the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) who voted for the TMC in the Lok Sabha election. However, this is not true as other communities including our supporters had a big role in ensuring Bhutia polled such a high number of votes. We want to tell our high command our organisation (hill TMC) is strong and capable of creating MLAs in the 2016 polls,” said Darjeeling District hill TMC president Rajen Mukhia today after a meeting in Darjeeling.

The TMC leader, however, admitted the party was facing problems organising its base in the hills as the high command was still to approve the portfolio of the new district committee members.

“We already submitted the district committee list to Kolkata some months ago, but it has not been given approval. This is proving to be a problem for us in the hills. We want the party high command to immediately approve the list to ensure the party’s better functioning,” said Mukhia.

The hill TMC president also alleged the GJM was heaped in corruption and nepotism in terms of distributing the Centre’s 100 days work project in rural areas. The Morcha is depriving TMC supporters in block areas where they have strong bases, he said.

“There is an ongoing scam in the MGNREGA scheme and we have evidence of GJM sabhasads being involved in connivance with block development officers. For example, no tenders are being floated for supply of materials despite work being in progress. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Under such circumstances, we want the Hills Affairs Department to be overseen by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself,” demanded Mukhia.

The day’s meeting was convened by inviting the presidents and secretaries of blocks to discuss ways of strengthening the party by remaining vigilant ahead of the 2016 election.

“We have asked block presidents and secretaries to submit weekly reports of activities undertaken by them. These will be forward to Kolkata. Any indiscipline within the party will be strictly dealt with,” Mukhia said.

The Darjeeling district TMC president, admitting the organisation was weak in the sub-divisions of Darjeeling and Kalimpong, said efforts will be made to mobilise more people to join the party. At the same time, he said party units have been formed in all the 20 wards of Kurseong sub-division.

Source: EOI

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