Baba Ramdev Support to Gorkhaland Very Important - P Arjun

P Arjun

Yog Guru Ramdev has been consistent and vocal in his support for the creation of the State of Gorkhaland within the Federal structure of the Union of India. Yog Guru is of the opinion that the vast majority of Nepali speaking Indian Gorkhas of the Darjeeling Dist. and Dooars region of West Bengal can be accorded a new State on the basis of the linguistic principle as followed by the first State re-organisation committee in 1956.
Baba Ramdev Support to Gorkhaland Very Important - P Arjun
P Arjun  and Baba Ramdev 
It may be recalled that the first SRC was misled by the administrative machinery of the then Congress led B.C.Roy Govt. which deliberately and wrongfully recorded the percentage of Nepali speaking population of the Darjeeling District and Dooars as only 19% with the malafide intention of depriving the majority Nepali speaking Indian Gorkhas of their constitutional right to self-determination and national identity.

Baba Ramdev's statement, as such is of great importance , as he is regarded as an eminent personality in the socio-cultural and political life of the nation, and is a strong protagonist of the Swadeshi Movement. His Yog teachings are acknowledged and followed by millions of people across the globe.

New and small States make a strong Federal India and the creation of Gorkhaland will immensely strengthen the National security of the country.

Gorkhaland is not the subject of division of Bengal, the subject is about re-organising the territories of Darjeeling Dist and Dooars which were never parts of Bengal.

Baba Ramdev's love and blessings for the Indian Gorkhas will ever remain a source of inspiration and courage to further strengthen the cause of Gorkhaland.

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