Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016

Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016 was flagged off from Pedong by Mr. Dawa Lepcha, Sabhasaad and Mrs. Sarita Rai (MLA contestant from Kalimpong) at 7am. The finishing line of KHM was Kalimpong Mela Ground. Out of 100 registered runners only 94 runners turned up in the start line. 12 runners ran KHM without registration. Within the cut off time of 3hrs, 96 runners completed KHM.

Among boys Ajay Chettri came first in 1hr 13mins and 35secs, Rupen Chettri came second in 1hr 15mins 30sec and Praveen Chettri came third in1hr 17mins 9sec. All the winners ae from 2 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (BODYGURARD) and currently posted in 17th Mile, Algarah. All the winners are the residents of Darjeeling Districts.

Among Girls Dichen Sherpa from Pagang Gumpa School, Algarah came first in 1hr 52 mins 4 sec, Anjana Acharya came second in 1hr 54mins 33sec and Babita Acharya came third in 1hr 55mins 19sec. Anjana and Babita are sisters and both are the students of Gagotri School.
Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016
Winner of Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016
Winners were given medals, certificates and tshirt of Run with Roshni with slogan, ‘WE ARE GORKHAS AND PROUND TO BE INDIANS’ by the Chief Guest Mr. Amlan Ghosh, ASP Kalimpong, who was welcomed by the band of Kalimpong Girls HS School. All the registered runners, who completed the KHM within the cut off time of 3hrs were given medals and timing certificate by the designated Guests- Mr. Nabin Poudyel, Principal of Pedong Degree College, Capt Prakashmani Pradhan, Principal of Rockvale Academy, Mr. Dendup T. Bhutia, President of Kalimpong Sports Association and Mr. Nardhoj Rai, Father of Roshni Rai.

Mr. Piyush Shah came to participate in KHM, all the way from Ahmedabad driving his Alto Car. Mr. Shah has run 100 marathon i.e. 42km in 200 days. He has also run 24hrs on treadmill. It was an honour for the youngsters of Kalimpong to see him running KHM.
Mr. Roop Betala, Mrs. Manasi Samudra, Cdr. Sunil Handa, Mrs. Ritu Handa came from Mumbai to participate in KHM.

Lt. Col. Shri Krishna and Mr. Shireesh Anjal came from Bangalore.
It was very inspiring to see Dr. Ashok Pratap Singh, DFO ( IFS) Siliguri and Mr. GR Santosh, (IFS) Director, Forest Training Centre, Dowhill, Kurseong completing KHM.
The entire logistics of Kalimpong Half Marathon 2016 at the finish line in Kalimpong Half Marathon was managed by the teachers and students of SUMI School, under the leadership of Mr. Ganesh Dahal. KHM was a grand success with the support of entire public, different organisations, associations and schools from Pedong to Kalimpong.

Following are the main vision of Run with Roshni Foudation ;
1. to eliminate the identity crisis faced by Nepali speaking Indian in their own motherland.
2. Bringing awareness among Indians, how the Nepali speaking people are Indians.
3. To bring awareness all over India that Nepali is a recognized language under the Constitution of India and it is one of the languages mentioned in the Indian currency.

If our Gorkha runners get Gold Medal from Olympic Marathon, we will get the support of International medias to fulfill the above visions. Now by getting the winners of KHM from Army, we are confident to realise our vision very soon.

‘Run with Roshni’ is a mission to eliminate the identity Crisis faced by Nepali-Speaking Indians in their motherland, with or without Gorkhaland. Roshni is not an individual. Roshni means “enlightenment”. It is a mission for the enlightenment and empowerment. Our mission is to enlighten people, who do not know, how Nepali-Speaking people are Indian and to empower Gorkhas in India. Gorkhas, who can climb any mountain, will now run for their empowerment.

Darjeeling has received enough number of her sons with the tricolour on their chest; now she will start receiving her sons with the tricolour on their shoulders. Martyr returns home with the tricolour on their chest, whereas sportspersons return with tricolour on their shoulders.

Team Run with Roshni.

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