"Size of Darjeeling Bata Staircase Reduced" - Alleges Kadariya

Darjeeling 13th may: DYFI district President Ramesh Kadariya has alleged that the size of staircase connecting Bata in Darjeeling town has been reduced following the recent cave in.

Speaking to the reporters, Mr. Kadariya alleged that, "this was a well planned move to assist a private developer to occupy public land... they first dug the staircase and later reduced its size to enable private party to benefit... the private developer has gained around 4.5Ft land of land" alleged Kadariya,

He further stated, "this is not the first time such a thing has happened... right from old secretariat to TB Hospital to RKSP land mafia have occupied public land in Darjeeling town..

He added, "the value of land that the private developer usurped in Bata staircase is over 1 crore... hence we demand an independent investigation into the case by District Administration and Darjeeling Municipality.,"
 Darjeeling Bata Staircase
Meanwhile the Darjeeling Municipality authorities have reiterate "that is just a plain lie... the size of the staircase is same as before..."

Bata Staircase connecting Chowk Bazar with HD Lama Road (Bata ko Ukkalo), one of the busiest areas in Darjeeling town had caved in on Tuesday evening 27 Apr 2016.

The Darjeeling Municipalty had filed an FIR against the builders of an under-construction shopping complex which was coming up below the staircase, chairman Amar Singh Rai said today. Police said no one was injured in the incident that happened around 6.15 pm. Local people alleged contractors had been digging up underneath the staircase for the complex and that led to the subsidence.

Rai further added: "The municipality engineers are preparing a technical report and we have filed an FIR against the builders at the Sadar Police Station. "The municipality engineers will look into any deviation from the proposed building plan and other details."

A note to our readers: We haven't verified the size using a measuring tape ourselves so far

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