Editorial: Upendra

Bengal Cheap Minister repeatedly claims "Pahar Hasche," perhaps she doesn't realize its the laughter of amusement at her folly.

While Chowrasta is the heart and soul of Darjeeling, for "bharomohila in power" it is like a Ram Lila Maidan where she can do her political circus, every time she visits Darjeeling. She has no respect for the local sentiments, she has no understanding of our deepest connection with Chowrasta, and yet she claims "Pahar Hasche"

She claims that she loves Darjeeling, but at the end of the day she wants to build a Hawkers Market in Chowrasta and she nearly succeded in doing so... had it not been for the outrage our people showed, by now Chowrasta would be another Maccha Bazar...

Every time she heads up the hills, there is a dread among the truly Darjeeling loving people... is she going to divide the hill populace along ethnic lines more? is she going to go on another round of ego-trip and order a building to be demolished? is she going to transfer an honest and upright officer, just because s/he didn't follow Her Majesties delusional orders?
Mamata Banerjee will you ever desecrate Belur Math for your political grandstanding or Victoria Memorial for that matter? if your answer is NO, then what gives you the right to desecrate our beloved Chowrasta every time you visit Darjeeling?

No the politicians and social activists won't outrage over this issue, for it doesn't bother them at all, but its high time that we - the ordinary people of Darjeeling outraged.

How long will we allow idiots who are politicians to ruin our hills?

Source TheDC

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