If this is Democracy?

Writes Pramod Khadka

India the world's largest democracy,the country we live and the country where democracy prevails in which power ultimately comes from the people. The rights of the individuals are protected and respected as per the Constitution of India.
But when it comes to our state so called West Bengal these democratic rights of the same individual are butchered everyday.. West Bengal government has its history of exercising hegemony among its minority community( Gorkhas); who they terms as outsiders or separatists..
Darjeeling the town which is carrying the its legacy as the 'Queen of the Hills' with its utmost beauty and peaceful endeavour has always come as a pride for Bengal. But when it comes to the people residing there Bengal has always taken a discriminatory stand since ages be it any ruling party forcing the indigenous people to raise their voice for Identity,Dignity and the separation from Bengal but the words are still unheard,unjustified and unfulfilled.
Under Article 19,the backbone of the chapter on Fundamental Rights or Personal Liberty it has guaranteed basic freedom to all citizens:
1) Freedom of speech and expression
2)assemble peacefully and without arms
3)form associations or union.

But today the Life,Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for a Gorkha community has been cremated with the malign human right abuse committed against the people(most notably women and senior citizens)by the police authorities who were organising a peaceful rally in Darjeeling today..

So Madam! I hereby challenge your notion of Democracy(or Dictatorship in disguise) .
*If your Democracy is about glorifying the inhuman acts against the older and weaker sections of society then I resist your Democracy.
*If your Democracy is about forcefully imposing an alien language to an indigenous community whose language has been officially recognised by the Indian Constitution then I resist such Democracy.
*If your Democracy is about practising Divisive Policy and dividing the community on the racial grounds then I resist such Democracy.
*If your Democracy talks about resorting forceful agents(CRPF,Police,Army) creating an Emergency like situation then I resist such Democracy.
*If your Democracy is about practising lawlessness and suppressing the minorities of your state then I resist such Democracy.
*If your notion of Democracy is aimed against the aspirations for a separate state then I resist such Democracy.

Madam! You should know the success of a democracy depends largely on the the extent to which the civil liberties are enjoyed by the citizens in general.. But our civil liberty has been suppressed,hampered and butchered everyday by you,your authorities and by your state..
So hereby I resist the Democracy which you talks about that doesn't falls under the Constitution and which you practice in Our Hills everyday. Political equality is for all but not for the Gorkhas.. If it would have been for us we wouldn't need to beg for it... So I resist You,Your Democratic vision and Your Democratic Development..

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