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Gorkha Students Orientation and GYASA public meeting in Delhi

9:27 PM
Report by: Sanjay and @Gautam Chhetry (DU Students)

Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association organized Orientation for New Students and Delhi/NCR Gorkha meeting at Gorkha Welfare Center, New Delhi today. Students from different colleges, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and eminent personalities from Delhi/NCR attend the event.
Opening the session, Dinesh Sharma social activist and founder member of GYASA introduced the history, objectives and activities of the association. Explaining the idea of the initiative he says “we don’t aspire to be an NGO claiming to do this and that for the community, but will make sure that the aspirations of the youths and the ordinary people are heard across social and political circle, when pursuing issues related to the welfare and betterment of the community.”

The event was divided into two sessions – ‘orientation for new students’ and ‘general discussion on issues facing Gorkha community in Delhi/NCR’.

Gorkha Students Orientation and GYASA public meeting in Delhi
Gorkha Students Orientation and GYASA public meeting in Delhi

Adarsh Chhetry, Joint Secretary of NorthEast Students Society (NESS), Motilal Nehru College extended a warm welcome to the new students while motivating them to excel in their academic career. He emphasized on the importance of participating in various extracurricular activities and representing the community in every social-cultural aspect of college life. Sharing his own experiences, Aadarsh says “We are like sponges, and there is nothing different in any colleges; it depends on each student how much one can absorb from the teaching.”

Colonel (Retd) Sukul Pradhan then introduced Gorkha Football Club, a registered football society in Delhi. Col. Pradhan is a quiet activist who had raised and educated over 36 students from less privileged background in Bijanbari, Darjeeling. Starting his speech with “Moh ta Nepali ma baat garchu”, Col Pradhan emphasized on the need to build up confidence of the community. While lamenting the hesitation of many youngster in calling themselves Gorkha in public, Col. Pradhan shared his personal experience when he was asked to wash a car washer by his immediate neighbour thinking him to be another low wage labourer. After washing his neighbour’s car, Col Pradhan politely explains his neighbour how every honest job and sincere hard-working should never be looked down upon.

Urging everyone in the audience to help and support Gorkha Football Club, Col Pradhan said that “the idea of GFC is to connect to the community and youth through sports. We all love watching football and spending time with our friends and family doing something nice and positive. Let us all make every GFC match a Gorkha ‘mela’ in the coming days.”

The first session ended with an introduction of new students and address by Tshering Lepcha from JNU, who encouraged students to aspire big and extended all help from the senior Gorkha students from the prestigious university.

Session II
Shri Prem Prasad Sharma and Gopal Koirala of All Assam Gorkha Students Union (AAGSU-Delhi Leaders) opened the session by introducing the various issues facing the Gorkha community. They highlighted on the urgent need for all of us to collaborate as a community and come together for any emergency and urgent situation. Gopal Koirala emphasized the importance of Delhi Police for North East initiative and called upon everyone to work with the team at #1093 for assistance during emergencies.

Renowned social worker and poet Shri Uttam Kumar Chhettri lauded the efforts of GYASA in confidence building and slowing winning the trust of the community. “Sadly, there are still people in our community who hesitate to call themselves Gorkhas in public, or speak Nepali. Unless we speak our language, who else will? Unless we ourselves love and be proud to be Gorkha, who else will, Let us inculcate the spirit of being a proud Gorkha”, he added. Through his experience with Indian Red Cross, Uttam Chhetry also gave an overview of the mechanism behind donating and receiving blood. Requirements for blood being one of the most constant issues, he suggested that rather than donating individually, we must collective donate under the name of a community or organization, so that the blood banks can issue blood on the recommendation of the organization during any emergency.
Ramesh Singh Thakuri, eminent theatre personality, Ex-President and CEO of Dominos Pizza (India) and the son of Gorkha legend Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri mesmerized the audience with his motivational and inspirational address. “We should be confident about ourselves and never be bogged down under any circumstances. Learn good Hindi and English, and respond to the other person in the same language that they speak to you. Don’t be afraid and look into their eyes when you talk” he said. Citing his own example he says “My nickname in school was Chinku, but that didn’t bother me. I was a proud Chinky and I carried that attitude. I always respected the person before me, and that person would automatically respect me in return, without having to ask for it.” He called upon every youth to pursue their interest and not be bothered about parental or peer pressures, “but make sure you at least have a graduate degree because you may need a back-up anytime.”

Prem Chhetri, lawyer and advocate in Supreme Court while welcoming the initiatives by GYASA also focused on the need to distribute responsibilities and work with co-ordination for larger public issues. “We have too many issues to be handled by a single team – social, cultural, political, migration issues, pursuing government welfare benefits, reservations, and many more. A single team thinking about all these issues will burnout the activist on the ground. As a community, we must come forward and discuss how we can distribute responsibilities to various organizations. With a central team to coordinate and monitor the overall progresses, distribution of responsibilities will bring a proper structure and focus to our efforts.” Mr Chhetri also pointed out the as a community, we have been presenting a very confused public perception. “Organizations and individuals should stop representing the community without due consultation with all stakeholders. We must prioritize what we want - SC, ST, or OBC, but there should a consensus on the issues.”

“Today we have IGP Robin Hibu, IPS who is working tirelessly for the benefit of the entire region. What happens tomorrow if Robin sir is transferred or retires? Is it back to square one then? We must bring together all our police officials, bureaucrats, legal experts, and ‘grounded’ intellectuals on a common platform where we can discuss issues that are relevant to the community. This should be the think-tank that should determine what we should do and how, not people with hidden agendas and dubious standings,” Prem Chhetri added.

Adding to the discussion, Rajen Chhetry of GYASA asked “why a team of 4-5 members go about meeting ministers and officials and claim to represent the community?” He asked the audience if anyone of them were informed or consulted about the issues being raised in the memorandum because “seeing their reports on media and facebook, they seem to be claiming they are community representatives. Which community are they representing? Have they discussed about any community issue in a public gathering, outside of Facebook?”

Rajen Chhetry also pointed out the insensitivity of these so called leader and ‘apex organizations’ regarding issues of the North East, and Gorkha settled outside Sikkim and Gorkhaland regions. “While they go about taking names of Gorkhas across India, they don’t even seem to know the ground realities and local issues facing the community in different states.” Warning against any such moves by individuals and organization, Rajen added “Don’t think you can hoodwink and fool the people anymore. Gone are the days when the job of the public was only to clap; we have started questioning now and they don’t like it.”

The event ended with scholarship announcement for meritorious students by Haamro Swabhimaan representatives. Detailing the criteria and subjects for which scholarships are on offer, Mohan Karki, Yog Guru called upon parents and students to reach out to the organization for any such requirements. This was followed by an open forum where people asked questions and clarifications form the presenters.

GYASA would like to extend sincere gratitude to Gorkha Welfare Center Administrator and Manager Jolen Gurung for letting us use the premise for the event. We also like to thank Dipendra Basnet, good samaritan and Gorkha FC mentor, and Major Deepak Bista, NSG for financially helping us for the event. Mothers’ Group (Delhi), World Gorkha Foundation Trust, sister of legendary footballer Shyam Thapa, Gorkha FC boys, JNU community, and students for making this event a success. A big shout out to senior students for such a warm welcome to the new students. We wish you all the best.


Gorkha Heart: How Indian Gorkhas Stepped in to Help a Nepali National

9:51 AM

The Gorkha Heart: How Indian Gorkhas Stepped in to Help a Nepali National, When Nepal Embassy Refused Help

Meghlal Nepali originally from Pyuthan district, Pokhari Ward # 5 Bange Gram Vikas Samity – Rapti Anchal suffered a series of misfortune since February of 2015 in Delhi. Last night he was rescued by volunteers from Gorkha Youth and Students’s Association (GYASA).

This is what happened.

Meghlal had been living in Delhi for the past 25 years, where he worked as a driver. Back home, he has a loving family with wife – 5 daughters, mother and father. He had gone to visit them in early February and came to Delhi. On February 25, 2015 while on his way to join his work, he was struck by a motorbike – Royal Enfield.

The biker took him to AIIMS where he was treated for external injuries and let off. The biker offered to pay Meghlal Rs 5000 towards his treatment, which Meghlal refused, as he was grievously injured. The biker then offered to treat him at Shiva hospital in Gurgaon, so Meghlal went with him to the hospital, however there the hospital calculated a treatment cost of Rs 2.25 Lakhs.

On hearing the sum the biker refused to pay for the treatment, and argued that his bike itself wasn’t worth that much. Following this Meghlal was left to fend for himself.

Since then Meghlal suffered apathy and indifference from his own, and things came to such a pass that he was left in front of Sikanderpur Metro station in Gurgaon, with no money and no one to turn to. The wound on his right leg had started to get infectious and he could not even move. From being a hard working driver, to being homeless, Meghlal suffered a lot in these past 4 months.

Yesterday, a social worker from Manipur Mr. Edward while passing through the Sikanderpur metro station, saw a face that could belong to someone from the North East, so he stopped and asked Meghlal his details. On coming to know that Meghlal was a Nepali, Mr. Edward called up GYASA activist Dilip Kumar, who is from Prasain village, Senapati district in Manipur.

Dilip informed other GYASA members and along with his friend Suraj Shresht and another activist Mr. Matthew went to check on Meghlal, leaving his office two hours before he was supposed to get off.

On arrival, Dilip and Suraj found that Meghlal was suffering, there was pus coming out of his infection in the right foot. Lack of treatment had made his leg unusable and Meghlal was in tremendous pain.

Mr. Dinesh Sharma a senior member of GYASA was monitoring the situation from Delhi and suggested that they could call Nepali embassy and ask for help. Ms. Ashmita picked up the phone at Nepal embassy and informed them that they could not help Meghlal. They offered to trace his family in Nepal, and that is all, Ashmita said, they could do for him.

Frustrated, but determined, GYASA members tried to find a place for Meghlal to spend the night, so that he could be taken to a hospital in the morning. A Good Samaritan Mr. Sagan Moktan who is in Delhi offered to pay for a Hotel room, however, the volunteers could not find any place to keep him, even the hotels refused to give him a room seeing his distraught condition.

So the volunteers approached GJM Gurgaon leader Mr. NB Pradhan for help, and he told them, he cannot help them.

Tired and out of options the GYASA members contemplated on what they could do. Meghlal in the meanwhile could see their desperation and told them that he will spend the night outside the metro station, the way he had done for the past 4 months.

That is when Dilip realized that they had to take action themselves, and that he could take Meghlal to his place, and they did.

Once Meghlal arrived at their place, the first thing they did was helped him to shower and cleaned all his wounds. Rakesh Rai volunteered for the work, and made Mr. Meghlal look sparkling in no time.

With his wounds cleaned, and having eaten dinner, Mr. Meghlal looked entirely different than how the GYASA members had found him.

He is resting, but he will need all our help to get proper treatment done and get compensation from the biker who caused the accident.

Once again, we THANK the amazingly kind volunteers from GYASA who have time and again stepped up to help those Gorkhas who are in desperate need in Delhi, Noida, NCR and Gurgaon region, irrespective of the country or state they come from.

In particular, we thank Mr. Edward, Mr. Dilip Kumar, Mr. Suraj Shresth, Mr. Matthew, Mr. Dinesh Sharma, Mr. Sunil Bista, Mr. Raju Bhandari, Mr. Sujan Pradhan, Mr. Arjun Rai and Ms. Rakhi Pradhan for their incredible acts of kindness, and Mr. Sagan Moktan for offering to pay the hotel bill and his generosity.

All of you are our HEROES!! THANK YOU!!

Via TheDC

Gorkha Youths took part in Kargil Vijay Diwas marathon to support One Rank One Pension

10:33 PM
26/07/15:- GYASA (Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association of India) is proud to take part in the 26th Kargil Vijay Diwas 2015, held in Delhi. ‎Kargil Vijay Diwas‬ is remembered on 26 July every year after the success of ‘Operation Vijay’ in Kargil War (26 July 1999).
Gorkha Youths  took part in the 26th Kargil Vijay Diwas marathon to support One Rank One Pension
GYASA members from across the Delhi/NCR who part in the 15km marathon.
Altogether, over 25 GYASA members from across the Delhi/NCR take part in the 15km marathon. The motive behind this marathon was to show respect to the Kargil martyrs who sacrificed their lives to the nation. Moreover, the gesture was also to stand by with the veteran soldiers’ long standing demand for ONE RANK ONE PENSION (‪OROP‬).

Special thanks to Roshni Didi (sister) for introducing us to this event. Roshni with her Run with Roshni team also took 8hr and 55.6km marathon in Mumbai supporting the cause and the event.
We are especially thankful to 16-members of GYASA, particularly from Gurgaon locality who dedicated their precious time for the marathon.

GYASA appraised our Arpan Bhai (brother) for his enthusiasm and motivation. He was our star runner at the event and has huge interests in running. We are also thankful to each GYASA members and each and every Gorkhas who joined in supporting the cause and programme. We also had a brief moment with Major DP Singh, India’s blade runner, where he was very happy to see the participation of the Gorkha community in the marathon. He was gracious enough to spend some time with us. Finally GYASA also interacted with several other retired army officers and expressed our support and solidarity for the cause. We also had the privilege to listen to Shri Anna Hazare supporting the cause.

Like ‘Run with Roshni’ says, “WE ARE GORKHAS AND PROUD TO BE INDIANS”. We are proud of our Gorkha soldiers and will stand by them in their legitimate demand for One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme. We as youth and students are proud of your contribution towards the nation. ‪Gorkha‬ soldiers- we are living peacefully in our home because you scavenge the frontiers.

Lets ‪Gorkhalism‬
Jai Hind Jai Gorkha


Robin Hibu IPS addressing 1st Delhi/NCR ‪Gorkha‬ meeting video

12:14 PM
Mr Robin Hibu IPS, Jt Commissioner of Delhi Police and Nodal officer for NorthEast commemorating 201st Bhanu Jayanti & addressing 1st Delhi/NCR ‪#‎Gorkha‬ meeting at Jt commissioner officer Nanakpura. He spoke highly of Gorkhas, even quoted Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw quote about ‪‎Gorkhas‬. "If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gorkha." Robin Sir also supported GYASA and endorsed & Blessed GYASA to be an Apex body for the Gorkhas and spread all over the country and Unite Gorkha brothers & Sisters. We are really honoured and blessed by the love and care he has for we the ORPHAN Gorkhas in Delhi.


Source - GYASA

GYASA organized Bhanu Jayanti and first Gorkha community meeting in Delhi with DPNE

10:43 AM
Rajen Chhetry - GYASA

201st Bhanu Bhakta Jayanti and 1st Delhi/NCR Gorkha community meeting with Delhi Police for North East

GYASA (Gorkha Youth and Students Association) would like to thank everyone for joining the community meeting in Delhi on the occasion of  Bhanu Jayanti. They would also like to express their gratitude to Robin Hibu, Jt. CP, Delhi Police and DPNE for hosting them and addressing the meeting.
GYASA organized Bhanu Jayanti and first Gorkha community meeting in Delhi
201st Bhanu Bhakta Jayanti and 1st Delhi/NCR Gorkha community meeting 
 The minutes of today’s meeting are as follows:

The program started with a Welcome note by Tshering Lepcha, Research scholar in JNU.

After setting the context of the meeting, Robin Hibu, Jt CP, Delhi Police for North-East inaugurated the function by lighting candles in commemoration of Aadhi Kavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya followed by a brief overview of his life and work by Prem Prasad Sharma from GYASA. Gorkha Youth and Student Association member Indra Limbu recited a piece from Bhanu Bhakta’s work, specifically the poem ‘Mero Desh Mahaan’

After a quick round of introduction with Gorkha individuals and organization representatives, Rajen Chhetry (GYASA) provided a brief presentation of initiatives, vision, and demands of GYASA in Delhi/NCR region.

Robin Hibu, IPS then addressed the gathering on the current issues facing marginalized communities in Delhi/NCR. Nodal Officer of Delhi Police gave a powerpoint presentation on the existing challenges and initiatives taken by Delhi Police for Northeast people in Delhi. He appealed to the gathering to come together and work for the social security and welfare of the Gorkha community living in Delhi/NCR region.

His points are summarized as follows:
Formation of a non-political apex body representing the interest of Gorkha people living across different cities. Seeing the work and activities of GYASA, Robin Hibu sir endorsed the idea of supporting GYASA as a representative body for the community to liaison with police and administrative machineries.

Frequent interaction between Delhi Police and DPNE Gorkha representatives to discuss on different social agendas

To mobilize support and financial assistance to encourage brilliant students coming from poor financial background. Focus should be building EDUCATIONAL infrastructure so we can work towards to seeing more Gorkhas in UPSC, law, and other vocations in top bodies of the government.
Career guidance for professionals and students
Activate Gorkha Welfare Center as an emergency support system for people in distress. Work towards making the welfare center more accessible to people in distress and in emergency needs
Plan and organize an Annual Gorkha Day in Delhi to promote Gorkha culture, art, literature, etc, and conduct more community outreach initiatives. Participate in fairs,  exhibition and other cultural events to promote the Gorkha identity.

To have more interaction and support with other 8 North-East eastern states students unions, NGOs, and other forums to resolve common grievances at Delhi.

Mobilize and start a self defence training program for Gorkhas girls in Delhi to be trained by Delhi police self-defence team. GYASA and other NGOs in Delhi can work on mobilizing girls for the program immediately and will conduct the sessions as early as possible.

After the session, Robin sir accepted questions from the audience group. Gorkhas from NCR asked about DPNE like initiatives in their respective cities and how to approach the authorities for an initiative like DPNE in GURGAON and NOIDA too. GYASA will work closely with NE Helpline (1093) and DPNE FACEBOOK page to support the cause of Gorkhas and other North-Eastern communities living in NCR.

This ended the first session of the function and Robin Hibu sir left the meeting after a brief photo session and refreshment with the gathering.

In the second session of the event, members from different organizations and individuals discussed the existing issues facing Gorkha people in NCR. The gathering jointly agreed upon the need to establish an emergency/crisis help center in Gorkha Welfare Center. GYASA and other NGOs will pursue on the matter and will approach all Gorkha authorities and civil bodies for help.

Need for a regular and frequent meeting/gathering of Gorkhas and work on various agendas for the welfare of the community. Need for more network was felt as many members were yet to know of any such initiatives in NCR.

Some members expressed the need to financially support such community initiatives and set up a contingency fund which can be used for the support of organizations working for the Gorkha community in Delhi/NCR.

We apologize on missing out on a formal vote of thanks to the gathering as we were running out of time. We had the hall with us till 6:00 PM. We thanks each and every Gorkha who was present for the meeting today. Your presence and support reassures us that we are heading the right path. We thank Shri Robin Hibu sir for hosting the Gorkha community and offering us SUPWC Conference hal for the meeting. We cannot thank you enough for your work towards the North East and Gorkha community in Delhi. GYASA organizing committee and our volunteer brothers coming out to help. GYASA Gurgaon for such amazing support. Many of you had to take leaves for the event today. Respect and Hats off for your love for the Gorkhas. Raymond Rai brother, sorry we could not listen to your song today. We will make up for it brother.

Gorkhas Feel The Need For All India Apex Civil Body To Voice Their Concerns

8:49 PM
May 27, New Delhi: The need for Gorkhas from different parts of India to come together when they face intolerable atrocities was felt most in the recent Gurgaon case. Three young Gorkha men in their 20s were ruthlessly beaten up by locals in Nathupur, Gurgaon and though the case is moving forward, there are still certain hurdles.

Only five of the 20+ accused have been arrested till date. The matter reached another tangent while during protests for immediate action outside DCP Saharan’s office in Gurgaon, an ASI made derogatory racial remarks against Gorkha and North East women linking them to prostitution. An inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the alleged remarks of ASI Sheetal Das and necessary disciplinary action will be taken assures ACP Rajesh Kumar.

On a positive note, constant follow up and financial support by Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia, immense support from Delhi Police Joint CP IPS Robin Hibu, Linda Newmai of NE BJP Cell have led to the victims being placed in a nursing home, receiving proper treatment and the highest order of punishment being deemed necessary for the accused.

Youths and concerned persons including organizations like Gorkha Youth and Students Association (GYASA), ARNOVA, Hills Hornbill Express Manipur, Hope and Humanity, DPNE representatives from Darjeeling among others are following up on the case and suggesting additional measures for better lives for Gorkha community in metro cities.
Gorkhas Feel The Need For All India Apex Civil Body To Voice Their Concerns
 Rajen Chhetry, Gorkha Youth and Students Association
Rajen Chhetry of GYASA spoke to ESM on the case and the need for a central forum to look after the welfare of the Gorkha community especially in hate crimes like this. “We know that five have been arrested in the Gurgaon case, we’ve been following up closely on the case. Just to ensure that the pressure is built on, we have submitted a memorandum to Tura MP PA Sangma. We would like this to go out to every person even Dr. Najma Heptullah who the Minority Affairs Minister. With this incident we have realized that Gorkhas are scattered all over, so we have taken an initiative to form an all India level forum for Gorkhas. It will be a specific non political organization which will speak for the common Gorkhas. We hope that it will be a strong voice for us,” apprised Chhetry on the sidelines of an event on Monday evening.

Chhetry further reiterated the need for ground level implantation of the Bezbaruah Committee recommendations. “ It needs to start from the ground level. The way we know Bangalore or Chennai, was through reading NCERT books, likewise these books should include matter on North East as per Bezbaruah Committee recommendations. Heroes from North East should be highlighted. The departments from union government especially should visit the north East and stay for a couple of months to understand their issues. So it has to be a learning for all. The Bezabrauh Committee was one specific blessing for us, we now have 48 Delhi Police North East Representatives who are the voice of North East.”

He however rued about the ground reality, “Slowly but steadily, things are happening but a lot more has to be done. There are many other instances cropping up, like the one of another landlord beating up his tenant at Mahipalpur. Another recent incident of a Gorkha lady being verbally harassed has been reported in Sector 29, Gurgaon and an FIR has been lodged. So there should be an end to this, it is too much now.”

Source: easternskymedia

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