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Siliguri Gorkha Manch organizing a free medical camp & blood donation camp

Siliguri Gorkha Manch in collaboration with Hariyali Club of Kholachand Fapri is organizing a free medical camp & blood donation camp. Keeping in mind scarcity of blood in Siliguri we are organizing blood donation camps at various places.
Siliguri Gorkha Manch organizing a free  medical camp & blood donation camp

We are providing blood to the needy in Siliguri. Within 2 months SGM helped more than 40 poor people for free cataract operation through such medical camps. Interested persons are requested to please come forward and donate blood as your one unit of blood can save someone's precious life further blood donation is the most valuable social work so let's join hands. Next camp of SGM is at Dhimal Chant on 12 Jul 2015 where blood donation camp will also be organized. Any social organization interested in organizing free medical camp and blood donation camp may contact SGM for the same.


Date of medical camp. 4 Jul 2015
Time. 10 A.M to 1.30 P.M
Venue : Polio Centre, Kholachand Fapri

For more Details contact:
President Smt Sudha Pasi 9749303339
General Secy Suren Pradhan 9851260369
Treasurer S D Tamang 9593846380

Source:Times Dooars

No blood in Darjeeling blood bank says officials

10:49 AM
Every half an hour, a person in Darjeeling is in need of blood. But blood bank officials say that currently there is an acute shortage of blood across the town. The supplies have reached zero unit, which means there is no supply of blood in the bank.
No blood in Darjeeling blood bank says officials
No blood in Darjeeling blood bank 
Red Cross officials say that there is a lot of lethargy on the part of medical organizations, and locals of the area. Also concerned about the lack of awareness, he said, “People think that the blood they donate cannot be replenished. This insecurity is usually among the first time donors who are almost 30-40 percent of the people who turn up in every camp that we hold.”

He observed that more camps must be mobilised almost on a daily basis to handle the shortage that is primarily due to the sudden rise of epidemics such as Dengue and Swine Flu. To address the demand for specific components of blood, which comprises almost 60 per cent of the total demand, the Red Cross team feels that a more effective way of collecting blood is by separating it into platelets, plasma and red blood cells during the time of collection. If this is done, one bottle of whole blood would benefit two recipients, said the spokesperson.

Another definite reason for the shortage, according to Darjeeling District Hospital officials, was the college vacation period. “The largest part of the donations is from college students. Due to the vacation period, we are unable to collect voluntary blood,” said the hospital source. “It is mandatory for all the denizens of Darjeeling to come together and donate blood voluntarily in order to avert such panic situation. And it is the duty of local NGOs and other governmental organizations to sensitize people of the importance of blood donation,” he added.  A similar situation was reported on January 2014.

“It is sad that after water, Darjeeling has now run out of blood. Such situation arises when the administration, and we the residents of the area, don’t give importance to blood donation camps. We must take it as our duty to donate blood periodically,” said a concerned senior citizen.

Source: EOI

5 Darjeeling plant extracts have cancer curing properties

2:04 PM
A recent study conducted on 30 medicinal plant extracts from the hills of Darjeeling has concluded that five among them have cancer curing properties. The research was conducted under the aegis of the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2015.
 5 Darjeeling plant extracts have cancer curing propertie
Alternative Medicine : Pic  - samingersoll
Ethanolic leaf extracts from the 30 plants were tested for their cytotoxicity against human breast adenocarcinoma cell line (MCF 7), human hepatocarcinoma cell line (HepG2) and human cervix adenocarcinoma cell line (HeLa). Cytotoxicity levels were evaluated by performing MTT assay, trypan blue exclusion assay and morphological assessment under phase contrast inverted microscope. For the extracts that tested positive, IC50 (the concentration that inhibits cell growth by 50 per cent) was calculated. The extracts were further subjected to Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) to determine their phytochemical profile.

As a result, five of the extracts, namely Artemisia Indica (Japanese Magwort or Titeypati), Eupatorium Odoratum (bitter bush/tonka bean), Eupatorium Adenophorum (small daisy), Maesa Macrophylla (big-leafed Magnolia) and Phlogacanthus Thyrsiformis (Nongmangkha) showed a 50 per cent capability of inhibiting cancer cell line growth at concentrations of 50gm/ml.

The five leaf extracts were then screened for their cytotoxic activity against three human cancerous cell lines - MCF7, HeLa and HepG2. Maesa Macrophylla (big-leaf Magnolia), comprising multiple known biologically active compounds, significantly inhibited the growth of HeLa and MCF7 cancerous cell lines.

Variations in climate, geographical location and rich ethno-medicinal tradition have made the Darjeeling hills an invaluable repository of traditional medicinal plants, the researchers noted. The study may provide the platform for further exploration of M. Macrophylla for its potent anticancer constituents, they added. (HS)

Source: EOI

Darjeeling Doctors Are Prescribing More Expensive Branded Medicines

1:35 PM
Reports: Amitava Banerjee

A prescription audit at the Darjeeling Sadar Hospital by the District Consumer Protection Council (DCPC), Darjeeling revealed that majority contained names of branded drugs instead of their generic counterparts. The DCPC has asked the hospital superintendent to look into this.

 Expensive Branded Medicines
According to the Medical Council of India guidelines, “All physicians should, as far as possible, prescribe drugs with generic names. He / she shall ensure that there is a rational prescription and use of drugs.”

The West Bengal government too has asked doctors in government-run hospitals and health centres to prescribe generic drugs. To keep check, the health directorate has also been conducting prescription audits in state-run hospitals.

In order to promote generic drugs, the state government has opened up fair price shops. Generic medicines can be procured at a 48% rebate on the maximum retail price.

The DCPC comprising of members from different government departments conducted an inspection at the hospital and the fair price shop in the hospital premises on Tuesday morning. The district magistrate is the chairman of the committee.

“When we checked the prescriptions generated from the out-patient department (OPD) we saw that in most cases generic medicines were not being prescribed. Our visit to the fair price shop also revealed that many of the generic medicines were not available. We have asked the shop to make available these generic medicines,” said Kausik Bhattachariya, ADM, Darjeeling.

Anand Moktan, in-charge of the fair price shop, said that 142 generic medicines are dispensed from fair price shops. “However, doctors mostly prescribe branded drugs,” he said.

Later the DCPC visited the hospital superintendent and requested him to look into the matter. The superintendent was told to ensure that doctors adhere to the Medical Council of India’s guidelines by prescribing generic drugs.

“For years Doctors have been prescribing branded drugs. However, we are constantly telling them to prescribe generic medicines. Around 70% of doctors are prescribing generic drugs. In cases of single composition drug it is easy to write. However at times it is difficult to remember combination drugs. The doctors are trying,” said Dr Saikat Pradhan, Superintendent, DarjeelingSadar Hospital.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health, which had met in June 2010 to discuss the status of using drugs in generic names, found that doctors in Bengal, Bihar and Maharashtra were flouting norms and prescribing branded drugs. Health Department officials claim that Rajasthan, Delhi and some southern states are way ahead of West Bengal in prescribing generic drugs.


According to the Medical Council of India guidelines, “All physicians should, as far as possible, prescribe drugs with generic names. He / she shall ensure that there is a rational prescription and use of drugs.”

The West Bengal government too has asked doctors in government-run hospitals and health centres to prescribe generic drugs. To keep check, the health directorate has also been conducting prescription audits in state-run hospitals.

To keep check, the health directorate has also been conducting prescription audits in state-run hospitals.

In order to promote generic drugs, the state government has opened up fair price shops. Generic medicines can be procured at a 48% rebate on the maximum retail price.

Source: Hindustan Times

Tama / Bamboo Shoots Health Benefits

4:15 PM
The bamboo plant, which is included in the grass family, is a hidden treasure of health. Bamboo shoots (Tama in Nepali) are a delicacy in Asia, and are available either fresh, fermented, dried or in a canned form and are now rising in popularity in the west due to modern research accrediting various health benefits to bamboo shoots. Known as the "king of the forest" in Japan, this traditional forest vegetable can benefit your health and be the silent doctor to all your ailments.
 Health Benefits of Tama (Nepali) / Bamboo Shoots
 Health Benefits of Tama (Nepali) / Bamboo Shoots
Here is what bamboo shoots (Tama in Nepali) can do for your healthy lifestyle:

Aids weight loss: Bamboo shoots have a low calorie content that is almost negligible. Moreover, bamboo shoots have a really low carbohydrates content in them that make them a great addition to your calorie free, weight loss diet. They are rich in dietary fiber and can be used as an appetizer that makes you full with no added calories.

Controls cholesterol and is heart friendly: The total amount of sugar in bamboo shoots is approximately 2.5 grams per 100 gram serving which is lower than the sugar content of any fruit or vegetable. The total fat content including saturated and unsaturated fats is just 0.49 gms which is healthy for the body. Due to the negligible amount of fats and sugar, bamboo shoots have been said to decrease LDL levels of cholesterol, lipids and bowel function that also makes it a diet for a healthy heart.

Cure to respiratory problems: Bamboo shoots are an excellent source of protein consisting of the entire essential and semi essential amino acids range for the body. Bamboo shoots are also beneficial in curing respiratory problems such as congestion, cough, and common cold.

Improves immune system: Bamboo shoots are rich in vitamins such Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and A, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and folate. Bamboo shoots contain minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, phosphorous, potassium, copper, manganese and iron. The presence of these vitamins and minerals improves the immune system.

Fights cancer: Due to the presence of Phytosterols like Chlorophyll, Amylase and Flavone, bamboo shoots have shown results of controlling mutation and decreasing the risk of cancer.

Heals ulcers and wounds: According to recent research, bamboo shoots possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties in its juice which helps in healing wounds and ulcers faster.

Prevents irregular menstrual cycle: The juice of bamboo leaves corrects irregular menstrual cycle if taken regularly. Apart from that, they also help in other gynaecological problems such as heavy flow and contractions.

Induces labour: Bamboo shoots are listed as an uterotonic plant that increases uterine contractions  and used as a medicinal supplement for a pending delivery in the last month of pregnancy.

Promotes digestive health: Bamboo shoots cure digestion problems such as Gastroenteritis and  Diarrhoea. In rare occasions, bamboo shoots have also been used as a remedy to remove intestinal worms.

Lowers blood pressure: Due to the high level of potassium content in bamboo shoots, they are recommended for maintaining and reducing blood pressure. They are also known to reduce depression, anxiety and mental alertness.

The above mentioned health benefits of Bamboo Shoots makes it a perfect recommendation for a healthy diet.

*Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Source: mtsindia

GTA up against Scrub Typhus, holds awareness programme in kurseong

10:28 AM
It may have taken some time, but the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) now seems to be taking an initiative on the fatal ailment called ‘Scrub Typhus’.

GTA Sabha member Yogendra Rai from Kurseong on Sunday held a press conference at the multipurpose hall of the Kurseong SD hospital to raise general awareness on the issue with help from experts in the field. Dr. AK Barui, an expert on Scrub Typhus, described various aspects of the sickness and said it is very easy to treat an infected person if ST is detected at an early stage. If a person complains of fever along with severe headache, he can be suspected of being infected. As per Barui, ST has not been diagnosed by blood tests, hence its treatment is done by taking note of the above symptoms including a black mark on the suspect’s skin called ‘eschar’ that is caused by the bite of the mite.

He added fever and headache are also associated with other illnesses such as typhoid and sometimes it becomes very difficult to find out whether a suspect is really suffering from Scrub Typhus. In such cases, treatment of the typhoid along with scrub typhus medication is subscribed simultaneously so that both get treated. Barui said ST in its early stage can be cured by Azithromycin, a medicine that costs only a few rupees. Instead of panicking, one must rather remain aware and in case of fever along with headache, the nearest health centres and medical officers should be contacted.

Meanwhile, the GTA sabhasad said once the pujas end, awareness programmes in rural and urban areas will be held with the support of NGOs and panchayat and municipal bodies. The Scrub Typhus disease is easily treatable, but lack of awareness among the people is the root of the problem, noted Rai. He added the advice given by doctors should be adhered to and hygiene maintained at home.

Scrub Typhus was first discovered in some areas of the hills a decade ago, but perhaps lack of proper awareness is still taking its toll on human life from time to time.

Source: EOI

Scrub typhus horror in the hills, Health officials yet to take proper action

10:39 AM
Local political leadership and administration took several measures in the plains regarding the fatal disease Japanese Encephalitis that recently rocked north Bengal but another fatal disease Scrub Typhus that has already claimed several lives in the hills is yet to be noticed properly by the hills concerned bodies.

On 25 September only, a GJMM youth and Khambu Rai Community popular leader Bishal Rai from Kurseong breathed his last in a nursing home in Siliguri, reportedly following the same fatal disease Scrub Typhus. Presently, three to four persons have reportedly been admitted in Kurseong SD Hospital suspected to have scrub typhus.

It was learnt that scrub typhus was reported for the first time in West Bengal from the Kurseong S.D.Hospital in 2004. The blood samples for confirming scrub typhus then had been sent to the NICED, New Delhi. Since then, laboratory facility for diagnosing scrub typhus has been commissioned at Kurseong S.D.Hospital under local initiative. Further, in 2005-2006, a study was conducted to find the geographical areas affected by scrub typhus which included Pahilagaon and Duptin areas of Mirik. Similarly, areas of Ambootia, Makaibari, Mahanadi, Rinchingtong, Latpanchar and Sittong areas of Kurseong block were also found to be affected. However, there were no reports of outbreak happen during the period and hence no any reason for immediate concern.

The disease presents as fever with severe headache and a black scar called eschar at the site of bite. So far more then hundreds of cases have been diagnosed and treated over a period. As treatment is readily available deaths due to this disease is low. However, people should report it at an early stage if they have fever with a black scab mark. This disease is due to the bite of an infected mite which generally lives on the body of rats and shrews. These mites are predominantly present in areas where rats are present in large numbers. Humans get bitten by these mites accidentally when they are exposed to mite infected areas called ‘mite islands’. Earlier studies have found that having houses near bushes like bamboo groves, stacking piles of wood in the backyard of the house, rearing domestic animals near the house and working in the fields without protective clothing for long hours expose humans to the risk of the disease. Having separate work clothes and changing clothes before going to sleep were found to be protective. Further, having a wash or bath after daily work was also found to be protective.

As per the doctors and experts from Kurseong S.D.Hospital recommended that the best solution would be to take measures that would lead to control of rat population in and around households and place of work. This included proper storage of food in the households and proper disposal of waste food matters. Further, people should reporting to the nearest health unit in case of fever with black scab mark. Treatment for it is simple and available in all the PHCs, BPHCs and hospitals course.

It was learnt that when the disease had been first found in Kurseong region in early 2000 the medical officer from Kurseong SD Hospital Dr. AK Barui had played an important role to diagnose and prevent the out break of scrub typus. He visited many places in the country and hobnobbed with several medical and research experts in the field. Accordingly to curb the disease several other teams from various parts of the country visited Kurseong and investigated the matter.

But unfortunately maybe perhaps due to lack of proper awareness on the disease the human toll taken by it is reported from time to time.

Source: (EOIC)

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