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National Honour for ‪GORKHA‬ ICON - Rangu Souriya

9:21 PM

Ms. Rangu Souria is one of the 100 top women achievers of India, and yesterday she received an award at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, New Delhi, in collaboration with Facebook had launched 100 Women Initiative last year to recognize and acknowledge women who are making a difference in their communities.

Ms. Souriya has devoted her life to rescuing children and youth trafficked into brothels, domestic-slavery and other exploitative situations, and has so far rescued over 600 victims from the traffickers.

She has risked her life and devoted all her resources to this cause, and it was befitting to see her hard-work being finally acknowledged by the Hon'ble President of India and the Ministry of Women & Child Development.

We are thankful to all our readers who have supported her cause and we hope that this incredible love and support will continue for her in the future.

Hat's Off to Rangu Di and all the people associated with Kanchanjunga Uddhar Kendra, Marg Ngo Darjeeling and Dooars Express who have worked selflessly and tirelessly to save our most vulnerable children and youth from the traffickers

Via TheDC

Sikkim Woman Raped in‪ Delhi-based NGO‬, 2 Arrested

9:22 AM
A 21-year-old woman from Sikkim has alleged that she was raped and assaulted by her former employer and a colleague in a south Delhi-based NGO, following which the two accused have been arrested, police said on Monday.

In her complaint, the woman told the police that she used to raise funds for the NGO and her job required travelling to Chandigarh, Shimla, Dehradun, and other places, and it was during one of those trips that one of the accused allegedly physically assaulted her.

The woman further alleged that she was raped by one of the accused while the other person filmed the act. The woman also alleged that the founder "headed NGOs by different names" and would bring girls from north-east on the pretext of providing them jobs and in turn "sexually abused" them, a senior Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) official said.
Sikkim Woman Raped in‪ Delhi-based NGO

"The Commission taking a strong cognisance of the complaint immediately took up the case with the police officials and an FIR was registered at the Hauz Khas Police Station," the official said.

Police said that the woman had come to Delhi around a year ago. She said that she was brought here by the NGO and she quit her job in December after the alleged sexual assault. She approached DCW around a week ago, following which they approached the police.

Source: PTI

Child’s rescue blows lid off trafficking racket in Darjeeling Hills

10:43 AM
Writes Amitava Banerjee

The rescue of a 15-year-old boy from the Darjeeling Hills, who had escaped from a monastery in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, has brought to light a threat that has been plaguing the Hills.
Child’s rescue blows lid off trafficking racket in Darjeeling Hills
Pic for illustration purpose
Many children, especially from the economically backward strata of society, are forcefully sent to religious institutions to train to become men of religion and get free food and shelter while at it.

In most cases, the children are forced against their will and the majority of these institutions where they are herded off don’t adhere to norms laid down under different Acts pertaining to child welfare.

The Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Darjeeling, in a meeting with different NGOs and religious institutions on Thursday, categorically said that the children would have to be produced before the CWC and the District Child Protection Unit before such religious institutions could take them into their fold.

“We have to examine whether the child is interested in pursuing religious studies or is being forced into it. We have to also see whether such institutions taking in Juveniles are registered under the Juvenile Justice Act,” Subeshna Thapa, chairperson of CWC, Darjeeling, said.

On July 23, Bal Suraksha Abhiyan Trust (BSAT), an NGO in Darjeeling Hills, received an email from CWC, Shimla, saying that a 15-year-old from Darjeeling has been rescued. The boy communicated in Nepali and the authorities had trouble conversing with him.

Acting on the lead, the BSAT managed to trace the family of the rescued boy. It was learnt that one-and-a-half-years ago, the boy from the remote Darjeeling village was sent to a monastery in the vicinity to undergo religious training.

His family comprises an elder brother, younger brother, a homemaker mother and an alcoholic father, who tends to the fields. It was common for most of the households in that economically backward locality to send their children to monasteries for training.

“We got in touch with the monastery in Darjeeling Hills as well. However, they were not willing to cooperate. They told us that the boy had been sent to a monastery in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, for higher studies,” Tej Kumar Thapa, child protection officer, BSAT, said.

The parents of this boy were not aware that he was sent to a different monastery in Himachal Pradesh. Thapa, with the consent of the parents and permission from CWC, Shimla, left to bring the child back home.

“The child claimed that he was beaten up regularly in the monastery. Even his named was changed. He was not interested in pursuing religious studies and was keen on attending a regular school. He escaped for the monastery and wanted to return to Darjeeling. He was spotted standing near a bus stand, with no money on him and crying. A person took pity on him and handed him over to the police,” Thapa said.

The police then handed him over to CWC, Kangra. Later, he was sent to a child protection home under CWC, Shimla.


Police complaint against Darjeeling Red Cross for cutting trees

2:20 PM
Darjeeling 16th July: Early morning today, it surfaced on the social media that trees on the Red Cross premises in Darjeeling were being cut and the planks from these trees were being loaded into pick up vans. Later when it was revealed that they did not have any permission the forest  authorities seized Wood and also filed Police Complaint Against Red Cross.
Police complaint against Darjeeling Red Cross for cutting trees
Trees on the Red Cross premises in Darjeeling were being cut and the planks from these trees
 were being loaded into a pick up vans
The incident have raised the serious question of the very existence of the most prominent NGO which is housed at the same Red Cross building where it took place, the Federation of Societies for Environmental Protection [FOSEP], which claims to champion the cause of Environmental Conservation in the region.

When FOSEP had nothing to say or do when the trees were being chopped down right under their nose, the concerned and responsible citizens of Darjeeling and Let's Green Darjeeling(N.G.O.) with the help of social media (The Darjeeling Chronicle) have saved the day.

It all started when TheDC published a post  [Details 14th July saying "Some people have been cutting trees in the Red Cross premises for the past few days... and it's two more trees out of the town landscape ..." and raised the questions like Who gave the permission to CUT DOWN these trees?? Why is FOSEP quiet?? Why are none of the NGOs or Civil Society members concerned?.

When the report led Ms. Sumitra Tamang, a member of the Let's Green Darjeeling initiative to step in Mr. Prem Moktan from Red Cross had the reason for falling those trees, "these will cause landslides or damage homes in the neighbourhood." Mr. Prem Moktan allegedly told her that, their plan is to cut down all the trees below Red Cross building, and plant around some Rhododendron sapling.

Following the report from The Darjeeling Chronicle, Darjeeling Sub-Divisional Land Reforms Officer confirmed that he had not given any permission. He then went to visit the Red Cross Premises and after inspecting the area found that Red Cross did not have any permission from anywhere to cut those trees. Finally he filed a complaint against Red Cross authorities for felling the trees without any permission.

With inputs from The Darjeeling Chronicle

Darjeeling Hill NGO MARG faces funds crunch

9:50 AM
They sell T-shirts, collect donations at public spaces and seek help from anyone willing to hear them out, just to "make it happen."
Marg Ngo Darjeeling
Marg Ngo Darjeeling
Nirnay John Chhetri, the founder of Mankind in Action for Rural Growth, and volunteers from various schools in Darjeeling, have been working tirelessly for more than four years and have rescued more than 150 trafficked girls from Darjeeling hills.

"Seven of us formed MARG on September 8, 2006, by pooling in Rs 5,000 each and while we were concentrating on rural issues, we took up trafficking in 2010 when we rescued nine girls from Darjeeling in Bangalore. Five traffickers were also arrested during the rescue," said Chhetri.

Since then, MARG has mostly concentrated on issues related to trafficking. "Till date, seven traffickers have been convicted," said Chhetri.

But, despite the relentless work, MARG is facing a herculean task in its endeavour. The group, however, is not complaining.

"We sell T-shirts, collect donations from public spaces and approach people. Funds are a huge problem for us at times. We have to spend a lot in a month to track a case and verify the details before approaching the police, but nevertheless the will to do something, helps us overcome all challenges," said Chhetri.

The group raises about Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per annum from various sources. "It is difficult to go about our work with this amount. I usually approach good samaritans for help. Last July, we had to rescue a girl from Pune and I was helped by Paras Waiba from Switzerland and Father Kinley Tshering, provincial head of Darjeeling Jesuit, funded our mission," said Chhetri.

"I am moved by Meera Mangarti from Darjeeling, who despite earning just about Rs 3,000 a month has always contributed Rs 500 every month for the past three years for the cause. It aches my heart to accept her contribution. She is the only dedicated monthly contributor for our cause," added Chhetri.

Mangrati, who works at Holy Angel School, an institute for the underprivileged, said: "I heard about Nirnay John's contribution towards society and decided that I should do my bit to make this society a better place to live."

MARG today felicitated Mangrati and 25 police officers from Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Sikkim and Darjeeling as a token of appreciation on International Women's Day. Their theme for this year is "make it happen."

Asked whether MARG has approached any government agencies for funds, Chhetri said: "The only grant we have received is through the National Commission for Women, who provided us a grant of Rs 2 lakh in 2014 to conduct an awareness campaign. The process for applying for government grants is slow and tedious and by the time the funds are released, we would have finished our event."

Source: Telegraph

Darjeeling police suspect human trafficking racket working in Jalandhar

The Darjeeling police are suspecting a high-level human trafficking racket working in Jalandhar, where the girls, especially from Darjeeling, a hilly town of West Bengal, are being trafficked.
Darjeeling police suspect human trafficking racket working in Jalandhar
A team of the Darjeeling police had allegedly recovered the three girls,  all around 17, missing from Kalimpong village in the Darjeeling hills since October 8, on October 21 from the Model House locality of the city.

Giving this information on phone, Sourav Ghosh, sub-inspector and office in-charge of Gorubathan police station, which falls in the Kalimpong sub-division of Darjeeling district, said that the girls were rescued from the house of a Nepali woman in the Model House locality. Later, they were handed over to their families in Darjeeling.

Ghosh said that they have traced three agents working in Darjeeling, who have links with the Jalandhar-based agents. After collecting more facts, they would share details with the Jalandhar police, Ghosh added.

Ghosh said they have called the girls for questioning on Monday along with their families as they are still in a state of shock and unable to tell anything. After interrogating the girls, they would lodge a first information report (FIR) in the case as, so far, they have registered a ‘missing’ complaint.

Ghosh said that hundreds of girls, especially from the Gorkha community, are allegedly made to join dance groups and engaged for showering flowers in marriage functions, etc.

Ghosh revealed that when his team had recovered the three girls from the house, two girls from another state were also residing there. Ghosh added that the family of one of the girls has also filed a complaint against the woman from whose house the girls were recovered by the joint teams of Jalandhar and Darjeeling police along with representatives of a local NGO.

"We are planning to conduct raids in Jalandhar very soon after verifying the facts but the Jalandhar police are not co-operating with us," alleged Ghosh.

NGO speak

Raju Nepali, a representative of Darjeeling-based non-government organisation (NGO) Dooars Express, alleged that the girls from Darjeeling were being smuggled into Punjab, Delhi and Haryana.

SK Kapoor from local NGO Chitra, who was also involved in the rescue operation here, said that we are waiting for a report of the Darjeeling police and will provide help to them in recovering other girls as well.

The chase

As per information, a gang had smuggled the girls to Jalandhar to serve in the houses of non-resident Indians (NRIs). The five Darjeeling cops, including two woman constables, and representatives of non-government organisation (NGO) Dooars Express, had reportedly camped in the city for two days, after tracing a phone call from one of the girls.

The Darjeeling police had, on October 20, scanned the industrial area, Sodal, Lamba Pind and other locations before meeting officers at police station-8. The next day, NGO representative Raju Nepali contacted the girls and called them to the Model House locality near a migrant-dominated part of the city. The Darjeeling policemen laid a trap and recovered two girls who had managed to come there.

The third was recovered from the house of the Nepali woman in the same locality.


Ngo MARG Generate Awareness Program on Crime for Rural Students and Youth

10:07 AM
"MARG Program Helps Generate Awareness Amongst Rural Students and Youth"

Darjeeling: Mankind in Action for Rural Growth (MARG) one of the leading NGO from the region working towards anti-human trafficking and child protection has successfully completed two-day awareness programme aimed at informing the rural students on rising crimes, such as human trafficking and crime against women. The NGO made the students aware of all legal provisions and other awareness topics related to such crimes.

MARG Program Helps Generate Awareness Amongst Rural Students and Youth
MARG Completes Awareness Program
Satisfied by the awareness camp, Students Against Trafficking members said now they are confident in approaching police in case of any untoward incident they come across.

MARG general secretary Nirnay John Chettri said spreading awareness about human trafficking and crime against women is the best way to tackle the menace. “Earlier, people used to hide such crimes fearing bad name for the family, but with increasing awareness on legal facilities and institutions, the people have started coming out to voice against the crimes,” he added.

May be it is a reflection of the hard work put up by organizations like MARG that more and more crimes against women and children are being reported these days, as compared to the past.

[with inputs and Pics: ECOI]

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