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GTA sends relief materials to Nepal, will be handed to Baba Ramdev

10:14 AM
At the midst of rigorous relief campaigns for Nepal Earthquake victims Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) also sends 7 trucks of fully loaded relief materials to Nepal.

The Trucks left from  Kakkarvita, on reaching Nepal the relief materials will be handed over to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev who has been running relief camp to serve those affected by the massive earthquake on 25th April 2015.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev was on Nepal visit when the quake struck Nepal and his health awareness camp had become a relief camp to serve those affected by the massive earthquake in Kathmandu, Patanjali camp is doing all it could to help the injured people.
GTA sends relief materials to Nepal.
GTA sends relief materials to Nepal.
Bimal Gurung on FB fan page declared the following.

"As you are aware that the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) has decided to send some relief materials for Nepal Earthquake victims.

7 trucks of relief material along with 9 GTA members have left from Kakkarvita this morning to Nepal.
The relief materials will handed over to Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj, who is presently stationed at Kathmandu, Nepal for relief work."

The List of GTA members who would are accompanying with the relief materials are :-
1. Shri Benoy Tamang, GTA Executive Member
2. Shri Anit Thapa, GTA Executive Member
3. Shri P.T Ola, GTA Member
4. Shri Trilok Chandra Roka, GTA Member
5. Shri Prakash Gurung, GTA Member
6. Shri Sunil Chandra Pradhan, GTA Member
7. Shri Vikram Rai, Media Executive
8. Dr Dawa Bhutia, Doctor, Yuma Hospital
9. Shri Bhasker Chettri, Media in Charge

With inputs from Bimal Gurung Official

Baba Ramdev on Gorkhaland on national Media

10:40 PM
Baba Ramdev reminded the nation that ‪Gorkhaland‬ demand is legitimate on Zee News one of the esteemed and widely watched news channel in India. Watch the video below.
He has earlier said the Formation of Gorkhaland would strengthen India's security.
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Watch the video

Baba Ramdev on Gorkhaland
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Video via Zee News

Baba Ramdev Support to Gorkhaland Very Important - P Arjun

9:23 AM
P Arjun

Yog Guru Ramdev has been consistent and vocal in his support for the creation of the State of Gorkhaland within the Federal structure of the Union of India. Yog Guru is of the opinion that the vast majority of Nepali speaking Indian Gorkhas of the Darjeeling Dist. and Dooars region of West Bengal can be accorded a new State on the basis of the linguistic principle as followed by the first State re-organisation committee in 1956.
Baba Ramdev Support to Gorkhaland Very Important - P Arjun
P Arjun  and Baba Ramdev 
It may be recalled that the first SRC was misled by the administrative machinery of the then Congress led B.C.Roy Govt. which deliberately and wrongfully recorded the percentage of Nepali speaking population of the Darjeeling District and Dooars as only 19% with the malafide intention of depriving the majority Nepali speaking Indian Gorkhas of their constitutional right to self-determination and national identity.

Baba Ramdev's statement, as such is of great importance , as he is regarded as an eminent personality in the socio-cultural and political life of the nation, and is a strong protagonist of the Swadeshi Movement. His Yog teachings are acknowledged and followed by millions of people across the globe.

New and small States make a strong Federal India and the creation of Gorkhaland will immensely strengthen the National security of the country.

Gorkhaland is not the subject of division of Bengal, the subject is about re-organising the territories of Darjeeling Dist and Dooars which were never parts of Bengal.

Baba Ramdev's love and blessings for the Indian Gorkhas will ever remain a source of inspiration and courage to further strengthen the cause of Gorkhaland.

Via : Arjun P Arjun FB Page

Baba Ramdev batted for Gorkhaland

9:46 AM
Televangelist Baba Ramdev today batted for Gorkhaland to the delight of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha.

Baba Ramdev today held a yoga camp for hill residents at Chowrasta, which was jointly organised by the GTA and Hamro Swabhiman - a cultural unit of Patanjali Yogpeeth of Ramdev.

Later in the morning, at an interactive session between Ramdev, his aide Acharya Balkrishna, elected GTA members and the general public was organised at the Gorkha Rangamanch Bhawan.

During his speech here, Ramdev said: "If Gujaratis can have Gujarat, Bengalis Bengal, Telegus Telangana, what is wrong in creating Gorkhaland for Gorkhas. It is after much struggle that the Nepali language was recognised in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution and Gorkhaland will also be created."
Gorkhaland Will Ensure National Security of India - Baba Ramdev
Gorkhaland Will Ensure National Security of India - Baba Ramdev
He added: "If a small state like Goa can be famous on the world map, why can't Gorkhaland? Gorkhaland will definitely be created," Ramdev said.

"During an agitation, obstacles will always come in your way, but achieving something without any obstacles will not be sweet. Move ahead with conviction and you will never lose," the yoga guru said.

The BJP-led NDA government has not said anything conclusive on the creation of Gorkhaland. The Bengal government is against the statehood demand.

Morcha chief Bimal Gurung, who had yesterday said that he had invited Ramdev not for political gains but for yoga, was visibly happy.

"I had not expected Baba Ramdev to speak what he has today. Baba Ramdev has spoken something that is dear to the hill people's hearts. Our face makes us foreigners in our own country. We elected a number of MPs and MLAs from our place but our aspirations were never fulfilled. However, we are now confident that Narendra Modi will fulfil our aspiration," Gurung said.

"We are hopeful that Baba Ramdev will take our cause even to the Prime Minister."

Last week, K. Keshava Rao, an MP of the TRS, had given support to the statehood demand.

Source: Telegraph

Formation of Gorkhaland would strengthen India's security - Baba Ramdev

6:11 PM
Baba Ramdev Says - "Struggles Have Made You Stronger" ‪Gorkhaland‬

Speaking to a full house crowd Baba Ramdev said today, "Struggles have made you [Gorkhas] stronger... You had to struggle to get your language recognized and included in the Constitution of India... so to have to struggle for Gorkhaland, its not something new..."

He added, "people say forming Gorkhaland poses threat to national security... there are both young and old here we need to have these self-beliefs... we are the children of God... we are the children of great Risis... Gorkha is not merely a Jati... the very word Gorkha encompasses these valuesL Saurya - brightness of thoughts and deeds... Swabhiman - Self-respect... Khuddari - Self-belief... and the sense of Sacrifice... to die for one's country... to protect one's country and never back down...

Ramdev Baba said forming Gorkhaland would help in protecting India... and not pose a threat to it.

When ever one hear's the word - Gorkha... Not just India... but even Europe... England has acknowledged... they will never betray one's nation..."

Thus he argued, forming Gorkhaland would help in protecting India... and not pose a threat to it.

Source: TheDC

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