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The Gorkhas are treated like animals in a zoo - Subash Ghishing

3:45 PM
Illustrated weekly of India, Bombay, June 28,1987

Why didn’t you let me tape you?

No, I got into a lot of trouble after your last report. You quoted me on very sensitive issues and declared that the extract were from a taped conversation. I could note even deny it as you had actually used a tape recorder.

Which statements of you created trouble?

I gave you name of R A W and SIB officers with whom I interacted. You published their names why? Are you working for some foreign intelligence agency? The home ministry was very upset by my statements.
I told you about Inder Jit of INFA. You published that too. I cannot understand your motives. But I have made a new rule. I will not allow any reporter to tape my interviews. I don’t want to get into trouble.
The Gorkhas are treated like animals in a zoo - Subash Ghishing

Are you aware that West Bengal Chief Minister Jyoti Basu and Union Home Minister Buta Singh met on June 16 in Calcutta and categorically ruled out the creation of Gorkhaland ?

The WB state government and the Union home ministry have entered into a conspiracy to humiliate all Gorkhas. I have received this information from secret source.
Rajiv Gandhi has been imprisoned in a dark room. He is completely in the dark. Buta singh and Jyoti Basu are acting against the Prime Minister’s wishes. Is it not true that Buta Singh has agreed to send more para-military forces to suppress our genuine movement?

Yes, Jyoti Basu asked for reinforcements and Buta Singh quickly agreed, Six companies more, to be precise.

I cannot understand why Buta Singh came to Calcutta. Is Jyoti Basu the Prime Minister of Bengal that Union home minister had to call on him? Jyoti Basu is a mere chief Minister. Buta Singh should have summoned him to Delhi. By going to Calcutta, he has put down himself and the office he holds.

Were you expecting Buta Singh to make a dramatic announcement after the meeting with Jyoti Basu ?

Not Dramatic announcement. If he had announce the date for the delegation’s meeting with Rajiv Gandhi. I would have withdrawn the 13day bandh from June 20. Now the bandh is on.

I spoke to dozens of ordinary Nepali people, They are worried. Especially daily wage earners, who might starve for 13 days. The poor people will be crippled economically it will be a big economic loss ?

Why do you call it economic loss? call it sacrifice. Forget income and earnings, people are ready to sacrifice their lives for the creation of Gorkhaland. A separate state is a must. The Gorkhas are treated like animals in a zoo. You speak of 13 days, My frustrated brothers and sisters are exhorting me to organize a 13 year bandh to ensure the creation of Gorkhaland.

The central government has ruled out the possibility of separate state. Apart from Buta Singh and P Chidambaram, Union Home Secretary C G Somaiah stated at Simla on June 8 that Centre has categorically informed you that there is no question of a separate Gorkha state within India ?

There are chaiwallas, panwallas, rickshawallas, and mochis. They may say anything. Do your expect me to pay attention to their words? I want to discuss the genuine grievances of the Gorkhas with Rajiv Gandhi.

But Rajiv Gandhi too has said that there will be no Gorkhaland.

The WB police and the Centre’s para-militar forces have never treated Gorkhas as Indians. We have received the treatment reserved for enemies of India. If the police commits excesses. I cannot guarantee a peaceful band.

You met Buta Singh in Delhi on may 15 was the meeting fruitful?

I had to wait for 15 days to get 15 minutes of the Home Minister’s valuable time. This is how they treat the representative of the people. Buta Singh promised to arrange a meeting with Rajiv Gandhi. But he has not kept his word.
The kursis in Delhi are perfect but the men who sit on the kursis are hopeless.
Buta Singh served us tea, barfi and kaju. This is the politics of Delhi. And the fourth ingredient of Delhi’s politics is the press release. But my meeting was not covered by Doordarshan. Why ?

Perhaps, because they didn’t want to give you legitimacy.

I am very confused. The Gorkhas are simple people. But nobody should take advantage of their simplicity. There are thousands of ex-servicemen living in Darjeeling, what will happen if they get arms? Do you think that the CRP and BSF will be able to hold us? Nobody should at least blame me if the situation goes out of control.

Are your receiving financial assistance from China?

No. we are patriots. We are funded by the people. There is no dearth of funds. We collected Rs 5.70 lakhs in May to finance the delegation to Delhi. Each person paid only Rs.10

Where is the unspent money?

I am not accountable to the press. I am accountable only to my people.

You are still confident of getting Gorkhaland ?

Very much. Surely by the end of 1987 by hook or by crook. After the 13 day bandh, I will let the people steer the course of the movement. And the people are becoming increasingly aggressive. The state cannot give us anything. And the center has flirted with us for too long.


Politics is not just making speeches - Subash Ghishing

3:14 PM
The Illustrated weekly of India: 2/10/1988

I am a philosopher, not a politician. Today a knowledge of philosophy is essential. It gives you an extraordinary vision. Only a philosophical leader can truly lead his people. Politics is simply a child of philosophy. And philosophy is the guardian of all knowledge. Once you have acquired philosophical knowledge, you automatically understand psychology, sociology and politics. A leader can then use his vast knowledge for the good of his people.

Our agitation had a scientific approach. I used psychology and philosophy in it too. It was a disciplined exercise. We would increase the tempo and then bring it to a halt. It wasn’t an agitation without a break like in Punjab or Sri Lanka.

Politics is not just making speeches, it goes much beyond that, it is ocean -deep. To kill one bird with one stone is not politics, but to kill 10 or 20 or 30 birds with one stone is politics. In politics 2+2 does not equal to 4 but 2+2 is equal to10 or 20. That is why I say, if one wishes to be in politics, one must possess this knowledge. Otherwise you indulge in “Bull Politics” – that is, attacking whatever you see in front of you. It took me several year to acquire the knowledge.
Politics is not just making speeches - Subash Ghishing
Today, there is a crying need for leaders all over the world. Not leaders hunched with the weight of borrowed politics, but leaders with an inner vision. Indira Gandhi was the best prime mister we had. An iron lady, nothing frightened her, only the authors, for authors possess philosophical knowledge. I have heard her speeches on radio, read her writings and I can make out that she was afraid of their wisdom. Such is the strength of this knowledge that even god cannot criticize it.

This knowledge and the inner strength helps my power of oratory too. Handling the public requires a special technique. When I give a speech women, and even men, weep. I have the power to pacify an angry public, and if I am in the mood, I can make stones melt.


Kalimpong as a tract of Leasehold Land, rented from Bhutan

7:27 PM


The bogey of Kalimpong as a tract of Leasehold Land, rented from Bhutan raises its bald wrinkled head once again; back in the nineties, its inventor, Sri Subhash Ghising used it successfully to boycott the vote. Three decades later his own disciple, who since deposed him, has pulled the same issue out of mothballs in a bid to obfuscate and belittle the declaration of Kalimpong as a district. In their speeches at Mela Ground on the 28th of January 2016, Messrs R. Moktan and Bimal Gurung roared that the District of Kalimpong could not be declared unless and until the area was integrated into the territory of India from Bhutan. They even threatened to internationalize the issue if necessary. They did not discuss the effect of such a statement on the demand for the creation of a separate State [which includes the territory of Kalimpong in its map] within the Indian Union, a cause they profess to champion.
Kalimpong as a tract of Leasehold Land, rented from Bhutan
The chickens neck area
Many of their supporters were born well after Ghising raised this bogey which had the 'intellectuals' of that era all reaching for their history books. No doubt, the same is happening now. Expect pronouncements on international law to fly through the air as new 'intellectuals' trawl and google through the net for full texts of the Treaties of Sugauli and Punakha and, for good measure, the Government of India Act 1935.

Few writers now are old enough to remember that the word "Hague" popularised by Ghising in a similar canard, became a byword for bullshit in Darjeeling parlance. Any windbag who spoke too much used to be quickly deflated by someone else retorting "ऐ , Hague न गर्न है ।"

But nostalgia clouds the vision, and now, years later, one obviously young writer gushes : "Never before in the history of politics from Darjeeling region did we ever have a leader with the political acumen, and impeccable sense of political timing as Subash. From a very close quarter I have observed him use various political terms to his advantage, with which we wouldn't even be familiar today if it wasn't for him - terms like "Gorkhaland," "Leasehold land," "Ceded land," "No Mans land," "Hague," "Article 371," "Sugauli Sandhi," and "Schedule Sixth." [sic]

One fully expects a cottage industry to grow up around Messrs Gurung and Moktan's announcement that the territory of Kalimpong belongs to Bhutan and needs to be incorporated into the Indian Union. Amateur historians will now hold forth on the various clauses of the treaties between British and Independent India with Bhutan; the definitions of lease and leasehold will be lavished microscopic attention and much time will be wasted over an issue that committed hara kiri without much persuasion years ago.

The Jan Andolan Party's invitation to Gurung for a public personal televised debate on the question has not been responded to. A debate, which if it takes place at all, will waste further time flogging a dead horse. One cannot help wondering though, whether the Hon'ble Member of Parliament from Darjeeling is not now musing over the possibility that he may have been elected partly on the strength of Bhutanese votes from Kalimpong. Intellectuals [a description none of us deserve] of all hues would do better to apply their own bald wrinkled heads to the more pressing and explosive issues of unemployment and drought exacerbated by the corruption and mal-governance of the past thirty years.

History repeats itself. But then, so do windbags.

Harka Bahadur's "anti-National" Comment a Political Stunt

10:01 AM
Writes: Vikram Rai

Harka Bahadur Chettri's contention Bimal Gurung's speech on the 27th is "anti-national" shows how baffled he is after the Maha Jansabha by GJM at Kalimpong.

What is the criteria for being branded as "anti-national"? Has this been defined or categorically stated in our Constitution?

Yes , we read and hear of various people/organisations/ institutions etc being declared as "anti-national". For instance, those who burn and disrespect the national flag; those who disrespect the national anthem and the national symbols; those who declare a war against the state; those who commit acts of terrorism etc. But does exercising your Fundamental Right to Freedom of Speech qualify a person to be branded as an "anti-national"?

I would like to bring to light the Information Document, published by the Government of West Bengal in 1986, where in it's introduction, it is stated that the Gorkha Land Movement "is anti-national and seccessionist". The same Document justifies the accusation by publishing the Memorandum sent by Subash Ghissing to the King of Nepal. copies of which were sent to the King of Bhutan, Queen of England, all Presidents and PMs of all countries and even to the UN. To substantiate it's claim, the Document also published the speech of Subash Ghissing at Kurseong on 2.6.1985. Our question to Harka Bahadur Chettri is that has  Bimal Gurung gone to that extent ? So on what basis can Harka Bahadur Chettri request the Central Govt. to take a serious note of this?
Harka Bahadur's "anti-National" Comment a Political Stunt
Harka Bahadur Chettri and Bimal Gurung
Bimal Gurung's speech of the 27th was a simple query on the Historical status of Kalimpong, which needs to be clarified so that it's District status, which was declared by the State Govt. and which initially demanded by the GJM and welcomed by the GJM, is not subjected to any controversy later. His mention of the word "international" is but logical, keeping in mind, the link with Bhutan, a Sovereign State.

So, Harka Bahadur Chettri's claim smacks of political immaturity. In the context of the present political senerio, it is nothing but a political stunt.

Via TheDC

Ghisingh's closest aide Mani Gurung joins GJM

11:27 AM
Darjeeling, Jan. 12: Subash Ghisingh's Man Friday, Mani Gurung, who had stayed with the ex-DGHC head when most GNLF leaders had snapped all contacts with him, today joined the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. Mani said Mann Ghisingh, the president of the GNLF, didn't understand "the A, B, Cs of politics".

Mani, who never held a post in the GNLF, virtually spent every single day from 1985 onwards with Ghisingh until the leader's death last year.
Speaking to the Press, Mr. Mani said, "I stayed with GNLF for 31 years and served the party sincerely without any sort of personal selfishness, I have served the Gorkha cause and for that same reason today I am joining GJM... I have closely followed politics in Darjeeling and I weighed everyone from Lawyers to Doctorates, however I feel only Gorkha Janmukti Morcha is sincere towards the Gorkha issue..."
Ghisingh's closest aide Mani Gurung joins GJM

He added, "Mann Ghisingh, the president of the GNLF, doesn't understand the A, B, Cs of politics, and by the time he learns them it will be too late... GNLF cadres at the grassroots are sincere and hardworking, but those running the show are not."

Revealing that Late. Subash Ghising never considered Mr. Bimal Gurung as an enemy, Mr. Mani said, "Late. Subash Ghisingh never considered Bimal Gurung as his enemy, he used to repeatedly say, Bimal is not our enemy we have to be aware of and worry about those forces who will try to destroy our unity... today his words are coming true in the form of Development Boards, and other forms of divisions among people."

He said, "I will dedicate the rest of my life for Gorkha cause and work for Gorkha Janmukti Morcha."

Via TheDC

Let us not become Dashrath Manjhi time and again!

9:18 AM
Writes Deep Pradhan

Two events of significance took place in the past few days:

1. Narendra Modi asked Bimal Gurung to halt all agitation on Gorkhaland and Bimal gladly obliged.

2. Rahul Sinha, West Bengal state BJP president, came to Darjeeling and said in public meeting that the BJP will not allow the creation of Gorkhaland.

Dashrath Manjhi, the "Mountain Man", had taken upon himself to carve out a road from a rocky mountain so that his poor village of Gehlaur (in Bihar) could get access to the neighbouring, resourceful village of Wazirganj in quicker time. In the recently released biopic of Manjhi, there is a sequence where the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visits the village of Gehlaur and addresses a public meeting. Manjhi puts forth his humble request to Indira - a road for Gehlaur. Indira remains mum. She hands him one of her garlands, gets a photo-op with him and leaves. After that? Manjhi's village, like our beautiful land, endures corruption. But there is no progress, and no sign of the road. Working on his own, with a hammer and a chisel, Manjhi takes ~22 years (1960–1982) to complete the road.
Let us not become Dashrath Manjhi time and again!

We are seeing the same Manjhi story being repeated time and again in the Gorkhaland movement. We are not very clear what Rajiv Gandhi promised Subhash Ghisingh, but for 20 years, the hills endured the worst form of political, economic and developmental limbo in the DGHC.

Then came the turn of BJP to "stand" for Gorkhaland. We have already sent two BJP MPs from Darjeeling to the Lok Sabha, and all we are getting is half-hearted assurances and negative statements. The BJP leaders at the most remain "mum" on Gorkhaland, just like what Indira did to Manjhi. The Gorkhaland mass movement will reach 30 years in 2016.

How many more Manjhi story are we going to repeat?

[Shared by: Deep Pradhan on Twitter]

GJM not serious about Gorkhaland - Harka Bahadur

10:08 AM
Writes: Prashant Acharya

Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri alleged Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) for not being serious about Gorkhaland and never asked their MLA's to raise the demand of separate state before state government instead told to cooperate Mamata Banerjee's government.

After returning from Kolkata today morning Harkabahadur briefed media persons at Siliguri Journalist Club and thanked Mamta Banerjee for announcing separate district for Kalimpong.

He praised Mamata for development and slammed GJM for alleged rampant corruption in hills.

Harka Bahadur said, "When I was in GJM we (three MLAs) were never asked by our party chief to raise Gorkhaland demand in the state assembly. They were never serious about it. I had to follow instruction due to compulsion being a party member."

When I resigned from GJM the two MLAs Trilok Dean and Rohit Sharma could have raise the demand but they were also never asked to do so, said Harka Bahadur.
Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri welcomed in Klimpong after district announcement
Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri welcomed in Klimpong after district announcement
When asked about Bimal Gurung's seriousness on Gorkhaland in comparison to Subash Ghishing he replied, "The central and the state government used to give importance to Ghishing because he was serious with his movements, he never withdrew the strike one he announce but GJM's every strike, rallies, hunger strike are withdrawn without fulfilling the demands."

Harka also said that BJP has never mentioned about Gorkhaland or told anywhere and BJP national Secretary Rahul Sinah had directly denied supporting Gorkhaland issue in the heart of the Darjeeling during his speech.

When asked about joining TMC he said he will soon announce a new political party in Kalimpong and informed that he was never asked by Mamata Banerjee to join her party neither kept any condition before granting Kalimpong district.

He said, "Kalimpong Zillarjannojadi chief minister kono sarth rakhten tobe ami bikri howar jannorazi chilam, kintu tini kono condition rakhinin - For making a separate district for Kalimpong if chief minister would have kept any condition I was ready to be sold."

Harkabahadur informed that though the political decision for making Kalimpong has ended it may take 6 months to 1 year time for administrative set-up. He has demanded 10 sub-divisions for Kalimpong including a railway station at Bagrakot.

Source - EOI

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