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Kolkata HC accepted PIL against Hill Development Boards

Darjeeling, Feb. 25: Calcutta High Court has accepted an apolitical organisation's PIL seeking the dissolution of development boards for different communities in the hills, saying they discriminated against citizens based on caste and creed and no yardstick was followed in the formation of the bodies.

Mamata Banerjee had announced boards for five communities, but the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha had alleged that the chief minister was adopting a "divide and rule policy" in the hills by doing this.

The PIL was filed by Pravin Gurung, the general secretary of the Darjeeling Tarai Dooars Gorkhali Adhiwashi Welfare Society.

Speaking over phone from Calcutta, Anand Bhandari, the lawyer for the petitioner, said: "The divisional bench consisting of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice Arijit Banerjee is hearing the PIL and has directed the state government to file an affidavit-in-opposition in three weeks. The next hearing will take place after four weeks."

The order to the government to file the affidavit was passed by the division bench on February 19.

The court refused to pass an interim order stopping the distribution of funds to the development boards as demanded by the petitioner.

State law minister Chandima Bhattacharya declined comment on the PIL. She said: "The matter is sub-judice. I cannot make any comment on the issue. But I can say what the chief minister is trying to do is for the welfare of Limbu and Rai communities."

Pravin Gurung today said: "We believe the state government has discriminated against many communities. While some communities are getting benefits, others are being deprived of them. Moreover, the yardstick to grant a development board and funds too is not clear."

Citing some examples, he said: "For instance, as per the 2011 census, literacy rate of the Bhutia and Limbu communities is 81.1 per cent and 87.8 per cent, respectively. However, the literacy rate of Lodha and Savar tribes is 45.5 per cent and 40.6 per cent, respectively. Although boards have been formed for Bhutias and Limbus, there is no such body for communities which are educationally backward."

When the first board was formed for the Lepchas by Mamata, it was said that the boards would be apolitical cultural entities. But Morcha president Bimal Gurung had said development boards should be formed for all communities in the hills rather for a few of them. Gurung, as the GTA chief executive, also announced development boards for 19 communities in the hills. So far, development boards have been formed for Lepchas, Tamangs, Sherpas, Bhutia and Mangars. The chief minister has announced development boards for the Limbus and Rais as well, but they have not been formed. While Mangars and Rais are among Other Backward Classes (OBC), the rest of the communities that have been granted or promised boards are Schedule Tribes.

Pravin Gurung said it was strange that communities whose population was dwindling were not granted development boards. "As per the 2011 census, the Tamangs population was 1,46,203, and a board was formed for them. But the population of Mru and Khond communities is only 196 and 660, respectively and still, no development body was offered to them," he said.

"The Indian Constitution does not have provisions to provide preferential treatment to certain sections even among the STs. In Bengal, there are more than 40 communities which have been classified as STs but development boards have not been formed for all of them. Boards haven't been announced for other OBC sections and it is against the provisions of equality that is enshrined in the Constitution. There should be no discrimination based on caste and creed," said Gurung.

The petitioner has demanded that a single development board covering all tribal communities in the state be formed. "For this, all development boards must be dissolved. Or else, development boards must be formed for all communities in the state," he said.


Tamang Development board Excluding Community Members - TYA

Hill Tamang Youth Association Accuses Tamang Development board of Excluding Community Members.

A day after accusation of corruption labelled by a senior Tamang Development board member Mr. Kamal Ghising against the Chairman Sanjay Ghising and Chief Advisor Neera Lopchan, yesterday Tamang Youth Association (TYA), Darjeeling sub-division committee has also accused the TD board of not including community members and discriminating against Tamangs from Darjeeling and Kurseong.

Speaking to the Press, TYA Darjeeling President Mr. Anand Lama stated that, "even after a year of formation of the TD board, the Chairman Sanjay Moktan has continued to work in a very shady manner and has been unable to bring together the community members... there is no transparency in the operations and functions of TD board."

Mr. Lama stated, "such is the label of high-handedness that the homes that are supposed to be built for community members are not being done according to the list prepared and approved for in the TDCB meeting... in fact far more houses have been sanctioned for Kalimpong, and not many for Darjeeling and Kurseong."
Hill Tamang Youth Association Accuses Tamang Development board of Excluding Community Members.

Speaking further on discrimination, Mr. Lama added, "even in the TD board executive committee which takes all the decisions, there is no board member from Darjeeling... as a result the poor people from Tamang community here are deprived of the facilities they are supposed to get... there is no one in the board to speak for them..."

Accusing Mr. Sanjay Moktan of running the TD board to suit his own personal needs, Mr. Lama said, "TD board was formed to conserve and promote Tamang language, dresses, culture and traditions... but today Sanjay Moktan is running the board like his personal property... with the 1st round of allocation for building homes, instead of giving money, TD board distributed building materials alone... and poor people were forced to build homes with just the given materials... how can anyone build a home without employing people who know how to build homes - masons, carpenters, electrician, plumbers - all require money... where would the poor people get money to pay?"

Stating that Tamang community is hurt, Mr. Lama added, "The way Mr. Sanjay Moktan is running TD board as his personal property, and its hurting all the Tamang community people... see for example we constituted a committee of 5 Engineers to inspect homes built with funds/materials provided by TD board... but till date no one from that committee has come to inspect houses in Darjeeling... instead Mr. Sanjay Moktan has sent those people who are not experts and who are not in this committee to inspect..."

Welcoming the statement and accusations labelled by Mr. Kamal Ghising against Sanjay Moktan and Neera Lopchan, Mr. Lama added, "the Darjeeling committee of TYA support the statement... we cannot allow a welfare organization to be run like someone's business... and if TD board officials do not change the way they run things, we will take up this matter with Sub-division committee, and even Bengal government."

[Inputs and pics via: Himalaya Darpan]
Via TheDC

Mamata Banerjee not ready to give up the Darjeeling hills

Claps for Mamata in Kalimpong - Won't give up hills, says CM

Writes Rajeev Ravidas

Kalimpong, Sept. 15: Mamata Banerjee, while announcing funds for three hill communities, today told a crowd of several thousands that she "is not ready to give up the Darjeeling hills", but it did not elicit protests.

Some in the crowd of nearly 10,000 at Kalimpong's Ronaldshay Park clapped. Back in January 2013, when Mamata had said Darjeeling "is a part of us" at a rally on Chowrasta, hill people had jeered and held up Gorkhaland placards. Soon after, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha had restarted a statehood movement.

Yesterday, several hill tribal leaders who had got development bodies for their communities said they were grateful to Mamata. "The chief minister has come forward to help us preserve our culture, language and tradition by forming the Tamang development board. We are grateful to her. I don't see anything sinister in this," said Sanjay Moktan, the chairman of the Tamang development board.
Sanjay Moktan, the chairman of the Tamang Development and Cultural Board,
receives a cheque from Mamata Banerjee in Kalimpong on Tuesday.
Picture by Chinlop Fudong Lepcha
Last week, Gurung had warned hill residents of the state government's effort to divide and rule in the hills. He had appealed for unity.

Although it is tough to tell if Mamata had won the hearts of a section of hill residents by setting up the cultural development boards for them, it is clear that not all tribal community leaders in the hills are convinced by Gurung's arguments.

Mamata, speaking in Hindi, told the crowd: "I am ready to ruin my life for the hills, but I will not give up the hills. I will not let the hills break away."

Tamangs, Bhutias and Sherpas were at the event organised by the Tamang Development and Culture Board. The crowd, which included many from among the non-tribal Mangars, greeted her remark with applause.

In Darjeeling, Binay Tamang, assistant secretary of the Morcha, reminded all that the GTA agreement, signed by Mamata's government and the Centre, "clearly mentions that the Gorkhaland demand has not been dropped and we can raise it whenever we want to".

Tamang repeated what Gurung has earlier said: "We will raise the issue with the Centre as Bengal cannot give us statehood."

The Morcha perceives the NDA government at the Centre to be more receptive to the Gorkhaland demand, although nowhere in the general election manifesto had the NDA mentioned that it would support the creation of a separate Gorkhaland state.

Morcha chief Bimal Gurung yesterday announced a renewed agitation for Gorkhaland, irked by the alleged interference of the state government in the functioning of the GTA.

The Tamangs today organised the programme to mark the first anniversary of their development board.

The board gave Mamata the title of Narsang Dolma or the goddess of light.

The Lepchas, the first to be given a development board by Mamata in 2013, had given Mamata the title of bestower of good fortune.

The chief minister said she was committed to working for the development of the hills. In return, she said, she sought nothing other than the love and affection of the people. "Till the time I live, I will continue visiting the hills," she said.

Tamang, the Morcha assistant secretary, said in Darjeeling that the chief minister need bother about development in the hills. "All she needs to do is to transfer all the 57 subjects to the GTA and ensure that there is no dual administration in the hills. If this is done, development will take place in the hills," he said.

The chief minister also announced funds for the Tamang, Bhutia and Lepcha boards. The funds, ranging from Rs 3.75 crore to Rs 10 crore, will be used to construct houses and toilets for poor residents among the three tribes. She indicated that she would also announce something for the Mangars at a programme of the Lepchas she is scheduled to attend at the Mela Ground in Kalimpong tomorrow.

The Mangars, too, have been demanding a development board for themselves, but Mamata during her last visit to Darjeeling in August had said no more such bodies would be formed.

ABGL vice-president Pratap Khati, who attended the programme at the invitation of the Tamang board, said what he witnessed at the programme was a superficial division of the Gorkhas brought about by the vision-less leadership of Gurung.

Source Telegraph

Mamata Banerjee announced 10 crore to Tamang Development Board on foundation day

Kalimpong (WB), | 16 September, 2015: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday said her government is providing support to the people of the Hills for building houses, livelihood,preservation of language and culture and development of handicrafts and traditional art forms.

"Today we handed over cheque of Rs.10 crore to the Tamang Board as first installment for construction of 1,000 houses. We also released funds to the Sherpa Board and the Bhutia Board for construction of houses for our Sherpa and Bhutia brothers and sisters," Banerjee said at a function here organised by the Tamang Development and Cultural Board at Graham's Homes.

"On the invitation of the Tamang Development and Cultural Board, I was present at their First Foundation Day celebration in Kalimpong today," she later said in a Facebook post adding the Board was formed by the Trinamool Congress government in July, 2014.
Mamata Banerjee announced 10 crore to Tamang Development Board on foundation day
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during Tamang Development and Cultural Board foundation
day function in Kalimpong on Tuesday. (Press Trust of India photo)
Appreciating the gathering, Banerjee said it was a very colourful show with thousands of participants comprising various indigenous people of the Hills turning out in their traditional attire and performing their arts.

"My Tamang brothers and sisters conferred on me the title 'Nalsang Dolma' (The Goddess of Light). I feel humbled with their love and affection. I want them to shine and smile always," the Chief Minister said in her post.

Banerjee was likely to attend a programme hosted by the Lepcha Development Board at the Kalimpong Mela Ground tomorrowand was scheduled to return to Kolkata on September 17.


Tamang Development Board set to Demand 20 Crores From Mamata

10:08 AM
Representatives from the Yuva Magar Association and Tamang Youth Association will welcome Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at Rohini today, said Tamang Development and Cultural Board (TDB) Chairman Sanjay Moktan.
Development and Cultural Board (TDB) Chairman Sanjay Moktan.
Development and Cultural Board (TDB)
Chairman Sanjay Moktan.
Speaking to the press after paying a courtesy visit to Mamata in Siliguri yesterday, TDB Chairman Moktan said that they will officially meet Mamata on the 18th of June and place before her a demand to sanction Rs 20 crores to the board, so that they can build 1000 houses under the Hyangla Dhim (Hamro Ghar) scheme.

He added that in the past year TDB has built around 500 homes, for which 70% work has already been completed, and that they will submit a utilization certificate to Mamata.

Talking about the need to teach Tamang languages in school Mr. Moktan said, “we want Tamang language to be taught in schools, as TDB does not represent only the Tamangs of the GTA region, but all the Tamangs living in West Bengal, we want the language to be taught even in those places which are outside GTA.”

However he added, “may be the way the Lepchas put forth there demand there were some mistakes, and we do not intend to repeat those… we want to work in collaboration with GTA and WB government to implement the teaching of Tamang languages in schools.”

He reportedly told Himalaya Darpan that, “the language issue should not be politicized, as those who would get the job [Lepchas] are from our hills only… they haven’t come from Bihar or Rajasthan… so GTA shouldn’t have stopped their appointment.”

He added that TDB intends to ask for Rs 5 crores for the conservation of Tamang Community Handloom and Handicrafts, and also to build a community conservatory which will work towards Tamang heritage and cultural conservation.

Source; TheDC

Didi attains Tamang Development and Cultural Board Annual Convention

The Tamang Development and Cultural Board celebrated its first Annual Convention today in Darjeeling. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee was horned  as the chief guest of the event. The banner of the event read "TD&CB and the entire Tamang community of the hills Welcome our hon'bel chief minister Miss Mamata Banerjee
Didi attains Tamang Development and Cultural Board Annual Convention
 Tamang Development and Cultural Board Annual Convention
Later Mamata Banerjee on a social media wrote:

"The lovely Tamang people of the hills had invited me to be present in the Annual Convention today in Darjeeling.
The convention celebrated the first anniversary of Tamang Development and Cultural Board, which our Government had set up in January last year. The New Year celebration ‘Lochaar’ was also held.
I was very happy to watch the brightly attired little children and young brothers and sisters performing an excellent colourful cultural programme including the famous traditional Tamang dance, "Dumphoo".
We are assisting the Tamang Board with various development and cultural activities including housing for their people.
It is our earnest endeavour that all the people of the hills prosper and be happy.
My best wishes to all of them. I really love my Darjeeling brothers and sisters.
We are always with them and will be with them.

The Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee handed over a cheque worth Rs 5 crores to Tamang Development and Cultural Board (TDCB) Chairman Sanjay Moktan in a program organized at Lebong stadium.

Ms. Banerjee was attending the Foundation Day celebrations of TDCB, which was announced in January last year, an started functioning from June 2014.

Speaking at the occasion Ms. Banerjee said, "Last year we had given 5 crores, we are giving another 5 crores, use it for developing the community... in a transparent manner.. help the poor people in your community."

The proverbial 'Development Board' chickens have come home to roost and can open up a Pandora's box full of political quicksands that can gobble up TMC whole.

Now the Sara Bharat Matua Mahasangha - one of the most well organized minority community organizations in Bengal is now demanding the formation of a 'Development Board' for the socioeconomic development of the community in Bengal.

Will Bengal be able to afford "Development Boards" for all of them?

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