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No democracy in Darjeeling: NCW chief

6:09 AM
District administration denies allegation that it prevented people from meeting Rekha Sharma during her four-day visit

Observing that there was no democracy in the Darjeeling hills, National Commission for Women chairperson Rekha Sharma, who concluded her four-day visit to the hills on Wednesday, said she would send her report to the President of India, Union Home Minister and the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

“During my visit I did not feel that I am in a corner of independent India… There is an attempt to suppress people. From the very day I made plans to visit the hills I was discouraged from coming here,” Ms. Sharma told journalists at Siliguri in Darjeeling district.

Shutdown ‘excesses’

She said she met about 150 complainants from Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts who alleged police excesses during the 104 days of shutdown from June to September 2017.

“I will recommend inquiry by an independent investigation agency and will summon the SPs of Darjeeling and Kalimpong and the IG of North Bengal who served during the shutdown,” she said.

Ms. Sharma alleged that the police went house to house preventing people, particularly women, from meeting her.

The Darjeeling district administration denied the allegations made by the NCW chief. “The NCW should be responsible and specific about the allegations it makes. Why should I stop anybody from meeting her? If we wanted to prevent her from meeting people, we could have stopped her at Bagdogra. She did meet a number of people in the hills,” said Joyoshi Dasgupta, the District Magistrate of Darjeeling.

Ms. Dasgupta said she was unaware of the Ms. Sharma’s visit. “There should have been a newspaper ad announcing the NCW inquiry. Had there been wide publicity, more people would have met the NCW team,” she said.

The NCW chairperson alleged that the police are occupying the houses of people who escaped facing arrest and their names are being removed from the voters’ list.

“I have seen a woman with 45 cases, a woman picked up while going to buy vegetables… In a prison I met a woman political prisoner with 70 cases against her,” she said.

Referring to a matter where a police officer was allegedly heard threatening a resident with violence, rape and burning down the house, the NCW chairperson said that the administration has done nothing in the matter. Citing the case of a woman losing one eye in tear-gas shelling, Ms. Sharma said that many women did not receive any medical intervention from the State administration after the shutdown.

I have seen a woman with 45 cases, a woman picked up while going to buy vegetables... in a prison I met a woman political prisoner with 70 cases against her

Rekha Sharma

National Commission for Women chairperson

Via The Hindu

9th April, 2008 Black Day when democracy was crushed by West Bengal - Bimal Gurung

2:54 PM

गणतन्त्रको हनन र कालो दिन।

९ अप्रैल २००८ को दिन आफ्नो बास भूमि गोर्खाल्याण्ड राज्यको मांग गर्दै गणतान्त्रिक एवं शान्ति पूर्ण जुलूसमा सहभागी हुदा दार्जीलिङ मोडमा बंगाल पुलिसले बर्बरता अनि अमानवीय ढंगमा भूतपूर्व सैनिकहरू माथी लठ्ठी चार्ज गरेर रक्ताम्मे बनाएर बंगालको प्रशासनले आत्यचारको सब हद पार गरेको त्यो कालो दिन यस संसारमा सूर्य-जून रहञ्जेल गोरखा संसारले भुल्ने छैन अनु यस कालो दिनको हामी अन्तर्आत्माबाट बिरोध गर्दछौं।

जसले हिन्दूस्तान देशको रक्षाको खातिर आफ्नो बैश जवानी देशको सिमानालाई दिए अनि कति सैनिकहरूले देशकै लागी शहीद भए तर त्यही जातिको देशमा संवैधानिक पहिचान र चिन्ह्रारीको मांग गर्दा बंगालले लठ्ठी चार्ज गरेर भारत माताको रक्षा गर्ने सब सैनिकहरूको अपमान गरेको छ।

बंगालमा खाटी बंगाली अनि हामीसबै जातिको सुरक्षा छैन रौन्गिया र बंगलादेशीहरुको मात्र सुरक्षा छ यसैले आज मलाई खानेले तपाईहरुको पालो पर्खिरहेको छ । सचेत,सजग,जागरूक हुने अपील,अनुरोध गर्दछु।

अन्तमा पूवसैनिकहरु दनु भएको त्याग,बलिदान खेरो जान दिने छुइन ढिलो छिट्टो हाम्रो गोर्खाल्याण्ड अवश्य हुनेछ।

जय गोरखा। जय भारत।
बिमल गुरुङ,
अध्यक्ष, गोजमुमो, भारत।


Black Day when democracy was crushed by West Bengal

On 9th April, 2008 ex-servicemen who had been marching peacefully in support of our right to have a state of our own - Gorkhaland, were brutalized by the West Bengal police at Darjeeling More. The inhuman treatment and humiliation meted out to our ex-servicemen by West Bengal government and it police will not be forgotten by Gorkhas living across the world. We condemn the brutality meted out then, and also the brutality unleashed now.

These same soldiers who risked their lives to protect our motherland, many of whom have been martyred protecting her sovereignty, were humiliated in the streets of Siliguri. They were brutally beaten up, their medals bloodied by the West Bengal police for demanding our constitutional right to have a state of our own. In dishonouring the Gorkha soldiers, West Bengal police insulted all the soldiers who have served our mother land.  

In Bengal, us Gorkhas, the ghoti Bengalis, and all the indigenous communities are not safe. Only Rohingyas and illegal Bangladeshis are. The same tiger that seeks to devour me today, will be waiting to make you its prey tomorrow.  Therefore, I request everyone to remain mindful, alert and conscious.

Once again, I assure you all that the sacrifices made by our ex-servicemen won't go in vain, it may take us time, but Gorkhaland will be formed.

Jai Gorkha, Jai Bharat
Bimal Gurung
President, Central Committee
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha

GORKHAS UNSAFE IN BENGAL – Removal of names from voters list, points to a bleak future

7:21 AM

Writes Upendra

"First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the communists and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me - and by then there was no one left to speak out for me."
                                                                                                           - Pastor Martin Niemöller

Of late, a very scary trend has started in our Darjeeling hills, notices are being issued to those Gorkhaland supporters who have gone underground or missing, asking for them to show up at various designated Government offices with 'relevant documents by a certain date', barring which their names will be removed from the voters list.' In a democratic nation like India, where Majority will always thrive, this is a very scary scenario unfolding for the minorities, and especially for micro-minority communities like the Gorkhas, it could translate to the end of any and all forms of resistance and rebellion against the powers that be.

Legally and technically, the district administration is entitled to seek revision of voters list, and as per rule if a person doesn’t live at a local address for over 6 months, her/his name can be removed. The most famous such case was the removal of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's name from the Lucknow Municipal electoral list in September of 2017. However, Mr. Vajpayee had been residing in Delhi for long, and the removal of his name didn't really affect his fundamental right as a citizen of our great nation.

However, in Darjeeling region, the district administration is using this rule to target those Gorkhaland supporters against whom various cases have been filed, and who have gone or remained underground, for fear of injustice looms large.

In such a situation, the people who are missing, cannot and in all likelihood will not, file for their names to be transferred to other jurisdiction to register as voters. Removal of any name from an electoral roll means such individuals cannot exercise their basic duty as a citizen of our nation - to elect the government of its choice. In a country like India, where criminals of all hues and colours thrive, it is rare for the state government to pursue individuals in a manner which deprives them of their citizenship rights. Case in point, Vijay Mallya still features in the electoral list in Bangalore, and Sanjay Dutta - a convicted terrorist supporter/helper also features in the voter list of Mumbai.

What is worrisome in this exercise the district administration has embarked upon, is that, it cruelly curtails our 'right to protest' against a powerful government. The government, in such a case may slap severe charges (actual and fabricated) against any individual forcing him or her to go underground, and then the government may proceed to struck off the name from the electoral roll, thus barring that individual from becoming a part of the democratic process of our nation - they won't get to vote or contest in elections. Which translates to the government, if it so desires, being able to slap cases against its political opponents, cause them to run and then remove their names from the electoral roll, thereby emptying the political field.

Moreover, the government may, if it so decides, start this process of review for everyone from the micro-minority community who have lived outside their home constituency for over 6 months. Imagine, if such a scenario were to play out, almost everyone who were yelling 'Gorkhaland' at Jantar-Mantar or writing and shouting for/against it from anywhere outside Darjeeling region, may actually not retain their voting rights in Darjeeling, if the government of West Bengal decides to take a more draconian stance.

What is really worrisome, in all this is the silence of ALL THE GORKHA POLITICIANS. May be, many are secretly rejoicing at the prospect of having the names of their most detested opponents removed from the voting list, but what they seem to fail to realize is that someday, this same tool of oppression can be and will be used against them. As the Nepali adage goes, " ऊसलाई  खाने बाघले तिमिलाई पनि खान्छ है  - one cannot ride a tiger forever, the tiger will eventually get hungry and run out of other animals to devour." Their silence speaks volumes about how strongly they feel about the welfare of our community.

In comparison when BJP threatened to kick out illegal Bangladeshi refugees from Assam, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee went on record to challenge the BJP and threatened them with dire consequences if even a single Bangladeshi was touched - forget Indians, she fought for the rights of Bangladeshis, and here in our hills, the Gorkha politicians who are busy serving under her, are instead defending cops who allegedly threatened one of our Gorkha mother and a sister with rape.

Perhaps such is the curse of being born a Gorkha, we seem to be loyal to everyone else, but our own people.

The politics of Vendetta which had consumed a generation of our people, has today infested our community again. When Subash Ghising was removed from the hills GJM had rejoiced, today when Bimal Gurung is removed and hounded similarly, GNLF is rejoicing, so is AT-BT group of GJM. While CPRM, ABGL and JAP have maintained a seemingly dignified silence, their silence too speaks out loud about how they feel about the whole issue. In the race to play the politics of vendetta, the Gorkhas are losing big time. Today we have become so fragmented that we cannot even dare to speak against this hounding out of Gorkhas from our own lands.

It has begun with the missing GJM leaders, but I am certain, this is just the beginning. The Bengal government will use this on everyone of us, who dare to raise our voice for the welfare of our community and people. From asking for "Family tree since 1950" to those who went to seek residential certificate the Bengal government has made it abundantly clear that they view all of us with suspicion. If we are not careful today, a day may come when the Gorkhas will be rendered homeless. Much like what happened in the rest of North East could end up happening here, and we may end up being rendered homeless in our own lands.

So, please speak out against what's happening in Darjeeling today. Because if we let this trend continue, soon a day may come, when you may want to speak out, but your tongues may have been cut without you even realizing it.

Remember, "if you are afraid to speak out against tyranny, you are already a slave"

Via TheDC


8:09 PM
Bimal Gurung and many Gorkhas in the hills have been sent show cause notice in connection with their absence from their home region. It is to be noted that Bimal Gurung, Roshan Giri and several others have serious cases sub judicial slapped by the Bengal Government and many GJMM leaders and workers are already behind the bars.

“Keeping GTA election and 2019 election in mind, this is being done since, Mamata Banerjee and her sycophants are aware that if Bimal or his men contests, they will be victorious by huge margin. She wants to ensure they never return to the region so, that she could rule the hills” said a social worker on the condition anonymity.
Mamata Banerjee

Some also fear that West Bengal government wants to label Gorkhas as foreigners and this is a start from the top. “It’s a well known history that if a king is captured, you win the war. She is trying to do the same as Daju is the undisputed Gorkha hero as of today. By making him dysfunctional and immaterial she wants to uproot our community and rule the whole region” said Robin Chhetri from New Delhi.

It is believed that fearing BJP rise in West Bengal, TMC had masterminded the whole plan of Bengali language implementation in the hills along with other parts of the state. She was aware that it will lead to a huge protest and unrest in Darjeeling hills, Terai and Dooars and, thus she could create an emmergency like situation in the hills and use state machinery to take control of it. With state police openly threatening to shoot out Bimal Gurung, intentions were evident.  It could be a conspiracy to polarise Bengali community votes towards TMC and at the same time take over hills for good.

Hundreds of thousands of North Bengal Gorkhas live in other parts of the country and internationally to make their living. Scarcity of opportunities to work in Darjeeling hills, Terai & Dooars has forced people to move to other cities for employment. “Many comeback during elections to vote. Why should their names be removed from voters list. Bengalis also are present in various part of the country hailing from West Bengal. Are they sent such notices too” asked a furious father whose son works in Hyderabad.

“On one hand she wants all Bangladesi citizens living in India over just 5 years to be deemed Indian citizens and also has soft corners for Rohingya people but, on the other hand she wants Gorkhas who came with land and live here for centuries to be labelled as foreigners. This is hypocrisy and dirty politics” said an angry businessmen from Siliguri.

Via Gorkha Voice

Bhaichung Bhutia Treated like outsider in TMC

1:17 PM

Gangtok: Former Indian soccer star Bhaichung Bhutia has broken his silence on his resignation from Trinamul last month, accusing a section of party leaders of treating him like an "outsider" while signalling a political career in home state Sikkim.

"Since I was an outsider (in Bengal), I was opposed not just by the public but even by people in my own party," Bhaichung told The Telegraph on Wednesday, weeks after he had announced his resignation through a tweet.

Trinamul leaders declined comment but sources in the party claimed Bhaichung was trying to cosy up to the BJP to start his innings in Sikkim, where he is now on a Yuva Yatra (youth march) with some friends "to understand the ground reality".
Bhaichung TMC

"All that we get to hear is not reflected on the ground. There are good and bad things happening. We want to see the place, meet people and know the reality," Bhaichung said. Bhaichung said he would take a call on formally joining Sikkim politics before Assembly elections that would coincide with Lok Sabha polls next year. But options are limited for Bhaichung in his home state, where the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front is a member of the North-East Democratic Alliance, formed as a part of the BJP's "Congress-Mukt Northeast".

"People like Bhaichung, who make lateral entry into politics, normally join the ruling party... It is sad that he is complaining about Trinamul. The party gave him a lot of respect," said a Trinamul leader.

Trinamul nominated Bhaichung from the Darjeeling parliamentary seat in 2014 but he lost to the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha-backed BJP candidate S.S. Ahluwalia. Mamata Banerjee fielded him against CPM veteran Asok Bhattacharya in Siliguri in the 2016 Assembly polls, but he lost. Later, In June 2016, Bhaichung was made chairman of the North Bengal Board for Development of Sports.

"Bhaichung, was not very visible in Siliguri since the end of 2016. Finally, in February this year, he walked out of the party," said a Trinamul source.

On Wednesday, Bhaichung said "the lessons he learnt in Bengal" would hold him in good stead. Unlike in Bengal, where he was "thrown down from the top", he said he would work his way up from the bottom in his home state.

Bengal police staged encounter, planted AK47s to frame me:Bimal Gurung

7:48 AM

Pramod Giri, HT,  Oct 18, 2017, Kolkata: The Bengal government “staged” the encounter in which police sub-inspector Amitava Malik was killed in Darjeeling on October 13, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha chief Bimal Gurung alleged in an audio message released on Wednesday. Gurung however did not mention Malik’s name.

Neither he nor any of his men were present at the spot where Malik was shot and the AK47 rifles and other weapons were all planted, alleged Gurung. He said the rifles were part of the cache of arms earlier seized from members of the Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) in north Bengal.

The government claimed after the incident that a large cache of arms and ammunitions were recovered from a training camp of the Gorkhaland Personnel (GLP). In the audio message, Gurung alleged the encounter was “staged” by the Bengal government to tarnish his image and corner him politically.

Gurung said, “It is a conspiracy hatched by the state government and the killing of the police officer was also a part of larger conspiracy.”

Gurung, who is in hiding for almost four months, said: “Neither did we have a camp nor did we carry arms and ammunition. The administration is doing this so that I cannot appear before the people of Darjeeling. But no conspiracy can stop me from reaching out to them.”

He reiterated that he will appear before his supporters on October 30.

“The weapons police claimed to have recovered from a GLP camp were planted. These were recovered from KLO militants when they surrendered. They weapons were planted to defame me and finish the Gorkhaland movement. The Bengal police is conspiring to kill me,” said Gurung who is facing serious charges under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

Without naming Benoy Tamang and Anit Thapa, the two expelled GJM leaders who are now heading the board of administrators of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, Gurung said, “Two or three people are trying to sell the entire Gorkha community but I will not let them succeed.”

500 crores for GTA

12:27 PM

Since the month of June, the Gorkhaland Agitation has damaged and destroyed many Government and private properties in the Darjeeling hills. Within this three months, many violent incidents took place like burning down of the offices, properties, conducting raids and many others.As a result, the loss of the total properties approximately is more than one thousand crores.

The Chairman of GTA Binay Tamang had demanded the allocation of fund to the State Government for the initiation of renovating works of the damaged properties and also to restart the various development works which have been in complete halt since June in the hills.

Responding to the same the Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has allocated Rs 500 crores for the development of hills yesterday.Chief Minister has clearly said that the above fund has to be utilized in a proper way, especially keeping in mind the cleanliness of the hills.

According to their plan, the GTA has to submit the fund utilization certificate to the State government. After that, the State Government will again allocate the funds.

As per source, the GTA members are quite satisfied with 500 crores allocated by the State government for the development of the hills.

Via Darjeelinghills


11:22 AM

BJP West Bengal president Dilip Ghosh Saturday said the party had never talked about Gorkhaland nor was it in favour of formation of states on the basis of any linguistic group or community.
“We had never talked about Gorkhaland. Didi (Mamata Banerjee) had signed Gorkhaland Territorial Administration accord. We are not in favour of creation of states on the basis of any linguistic group or community. We had said this earlier too,” Ghosh told reporters in Alipurduar.
“If states are to be created on the basis of linguistic group or community, we have to support everybody like Kamtapuris, Rajbanshis. They also demanded separate states. We don’t support this.”
“If states were created on that basis, others cannot live there. Assam has more Gorkha population than Bengal. What will happen there?” he asked.
The state BJP chief, however, said the Centre will look into whether any new state will be created or not. Asked that local BJP leaders had attended the meeting called by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, which is spearheading the movement for Gorkhaland, he said “Only one leader had gone there due to political pressure in the hills”.
The GJM is an ally of the BJP.
On cases filed against GJM chief Bimal Gurung by the police, Ghosh said “Most of these cases are false. Such cases were also filed against me. I had challenged them to arrest me.” Ghosh held Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee responsible for the current unrest in the hills.
“She had signed the GTA agreement. If she believed that GTA can usher in development then why was separate fund given to the district magistrate? Why were 11 development boards formed in the hills?” he asked and alleged that it was done to weaken Gurung and the GJM.
It would be easier for the Trinamool Congress to expand its organisation in the hills if Gurung is arrested, he added.

( news credit by wake up darjeeling )

Via: PTI

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