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Gorkhas daughter DJ - Ekta Subba (DJ Rachel) interview by TheDC

9:00 AM

OUR DAUGHTERS, OUR PRIDE: Darjeeling's 1st and One of India's Finest Professional Female DJ - Ekta Subba (DJ Rachel)

Darjeeling is the land of music, every street corner you turn to, every house you go into, every restaurant you head to you will feel a unique rhythm in these gorgeous hills of ours. Today we are glad to introduce the story of a girl, who refused to take up a secure job in the State Bank of India to pursue her passion in Music.

Introducing Darjeeling's 1st female DJ and one of India's finest till date.

We sat down for a short interview with her.

Name: Ekta Subba (DJ Rachel)
Mother: Keshu Subba
Fathers: Lt. M Subba
School: St. Joseph's School (Kurseong)

TheDC: What got you into Djing?
DJ Rachel: From the shy girl to a lady who now is brimming with confidence, I had an extreme change of positivity towards my career ever since I started doing what I love-(Djing).

Music is perhaps one language which can bring together all the people in the world, and I always wanted to put my creativity and give back something from my side to the society. I choose my career as a Dj and made myself an epitome of change and I strongly wanted to prove for the sake of women out there, that nothing is impossible if your goals are visionary and that your dreams are practical as well.

TheDC: Did your family object or support your decision?
DJ Rachel: My Family did object and support as well, because after my dad expired I got a job offer in the State Bank of India in place of my dad. I refused it and stuck to what I wanted to be in life. Now everone is proud of what am doing.

TheDC: Can you tell us some of the shows you have performed at? 
DJ Rachel: I have done a lot of Club gigs, corporate gigs, private gigs ,etc in places like Kolkata, Bangalore, Bhutan, Gangtok, Kalimpong, Assam, Patna, Bhuwaneshwar, Bodhgaya…etc

Including Decible, Kstars, Harley Davidson.

TheDC: Who are some of the Artist you have performed with?
DJ Rachel: Cod , Gxsoul, Nepsydaz , Laure.

TheDC: What are the challenges in your field?
DJ Rachel: Coming across various people with different taste of music, trying to set the vibe right and getting the crowd involved and engaged.

TheDC: How do you overcome these challenges?
DJ Rachel: I watch their body language, movement towards the music flow and then I drop a track that doesn’t give them a chance to stop dancing and am very flexible regarding the music genre.

TheDC: Does being a woman help or hinder?
DJ Rachel: It helps and hinder at the same time.

TheDC: How do people react to a female DJ?
DJ Rachel: Depends on individuality,but till now I have come across a lot of positive reaction from people.

TheDC: What msg you want to share with youngsters,who want to follow you?
DJ Rachel: The youngsters who are studying or pursuing some course, I wouldn’t be so theoretical regarding future aspects and ambitions. Just few things that are more necessary than any of the above, I would love to tell them no matter what phase you go through life, no matter how successful you become, you shouldn’t be forgetting your real roots, your inner passion and most importantly the world needs “real you”.

The youth should follow music, art and literature but at the same time should learn to respect the cultural aspects of their family too and never ruin them. Its good to be modernized. Its even better to have your mentality broader, wide but all that matters at the end of the day is - do not have regrets with what decisions you make.

TheDC: Final question, what are your future plans?
DJ Rachel: I don’t know about the future but till the time I can do this… I will keep entertaining people with my music.

We wish DJ Rachel GOOD LUCK in her career and hope that she will inspire thousands of our youngsters to follow their heart!!

Source TheDC

National record for Gorkha's Daugther Anita Niraula

12:52 PM
Gorkha's Daughter Anita Niraula, a senior newsreader with All India Radio, Gangtok, has added a yet another dimension to her multi-faceted personality. She has become the first person in the country to author a research-based book in Nepali on Nepali music contributors.

Her name has been incorporated in the prestigious India Book of Records in recognition of her achievement. She has been awarded with golden memento, certificate and record holder identity card.

The book titled ‘Black and White: Sikkim Ma Sangeet Bhitrakaharu’ is the result of her extensive three years research work in individual capacity. It contains life sketches of more than 85 music artistes and promoters, contributions of more than 16 organizations related to music as well as information on over 54 folk music of Nepali community. The book also contains a brief history of Nepali music in Sikkim.
Gorkha's Daugther Anita Niraula finds a place in India book of Records
Gorkha's Daugther Anita Niraula finds a place in India book of Records
India Book of Records is a collection of national records in the field which mostly is not included in an organized sport.

Source:  nelive

Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee Lyrics, Guitar chords & video lesson

6:41 PM
Guitar chords with Lyrics and the complete how to play Guitar lesson video of Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee - Ode to my Father from his album: Sketches of Darjeeling Sketches
Here's Guitar chords with Lyrics

Note: Play with Capo at 1st Fret
G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma x 2

G                 Em          C        G 
Dhalapala Garchan Badal Mathi badal ki rani
D                               G
Nabirsanae timilai tadha bhayae pani
Cadd9        G
tadha bhayae pani
D            G
tadha bhayae pani

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma

Em          C          Em        D   
Chiso Chiso Hawa Bagyo Mutu Nai bhijnae
Em          C          Em        D
Yesarinai Hoki Mero jindagi bitnae

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Jindagi Ko Khojma
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Birano Sahar ma

G                 Em          C        G 
Dhalapala Garchan Badal Mathi badal ki rani
D                               G
Nabirsanae timilai tadha bhayae pani
Cadd9        G
tadha bhayae pani
D            G
tadha bhayae pani

G       D         Em       C
Ram sailee Ma ta Yo banako Pirale
G       D         Cadd9      G
Gum Khaye Yesai Khola Kinarai Ma
Cadd9        G
Khola Kinarai Ma
D            G
Khola Kinarai Ma

Here's the Ram Sailee - Guitar Lesson video click to play.

Ram Sailee - Guitar Lesson by DaniaGreathouse

Hope you guys liked it dont forget to share it....

Bipul Chettri's Ram Sailee Guitar chords video lesson

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Metal band from ‪Darjeeling‬ to represent India in Germany

9:52 PM
Sanjog Chamling for IG

Darjeeling music has always made us proud and it's the heavy metal that has done us proud this time. The Gorkha‬ band SYCORAX from ‪Darjeeling is all set to represent India in Germany in an international Metal Battle. The metal band is leaving for Germany to compete in Wacken Metal Battle open air metal fest today.

India was the 27th country to be a part of the Wacken Metal Battle. 2011 saw the first Indian Metal battle band to play at Wacken Open Air. The band was called Eccentric Pendulum from Bangalore. This year  Sycorax is going to Germany after winning the finals of the Metal Battle at the Bangalore Open Air festival which was powered by Wacken Open Air.

About Wacken Open Air
Wacken Open Air (W:O:A) is a summer open-air heavy metal music festival which annually takes place in the small village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. The festival was first held in 1990 as a small event for local German bands. Now it has become an international event and is usually held at the beginning of August.
SYCORAX from ‪Darjeeling‬ to represent INDIA in GERMANY
SYCORAX band members with the indian flag
About the band
Sycorax is a Thrash / Death Metal band from Darjeeling, that was formed in January 2011.The band plays heavy metal music and can be associated with many of its sub genre, with no one genre in particular to fit the musical style of the band, they have coined themselves as a band that plays "Pavitra Gorkha Metal".The band has currently recorded their debut album "Sycotherapy" which is slated to release this August. According to Reverbnation the band has performed in Marine Winter Metal Fest Kolkata, Wacken Metal Battle 2013 Guwahati ASSAM.
SYCORAX‬ band from ‪‎Darjeeling‬ performing at W.O.A. in Germany.
SYCORAX‬ band from ‪‎Darjeeling‬ performing at W.O.A. in Germany.
Ever since the bands inception in 2011 the band has been playing gigs in and around India and has opened for some of the international bands that have hit the Indian shores for the past few years

Band Members :
Trivinesh Subba - Vocals
Gautam Singh - Guitars
Ravi Singh - Bass
Ribesh Gurung - Drums

SYCORAX have already done us, Gorkhas, proud and they've already done themselves  proud. ... If  they do this just one more time they'll give us a day that all of us back home will never forget. Go win the Wacken Metal Battle open air metal fest.

Indian Idol Prashant Tamang Funds drive for landslide victims

1:04 PM
Siliguri, July 17: Singer Prashant Tamang, the 2007 winner of the reality show Indian Idol, will perform here tomorrow to raise funds for the Mirik landslides victims and their families.
Prashant Tamang, the 2007 winner of the reality show Indian Idol,
Prashant Tamang, the 2007 winner of the reality show Indian Idol
Amit Paul, who was the first runners-up at the show in 2007, will also perform at the show with Tamang. Parleen Singh Giri, Abhishek Kumar and Emon Chatterjee, three more artistes, will also join them at the event, which will be held in a hotel in Matigaratomorrow evening.
Entry to the event is through invitation only.

The invitees can donate any amount for the cause at the programme.
"I plan to visit Darjeeling with my friends onJuly 19. But before that, we heard about the disaster that took place in the hills. Our friend Amit, who was in Siliguri, first contacted me and said we should do something for the victims, and we could raise money for the affected residents of the hills," Tamang said.

Tamang hails from the Darjeeling hills, but is based in Mumbai at present.

Paul, who was also present at a news conference today, said: "After I spoke to my friends in Mumbai, I contacted a local person who is running an NGO. We requested him to organise an event so that we can hold a musical programme and raise some funds for the slide victims of the hills."

Binny Sharma, a Trinamul leader who is organising the event, said: "We have collected around Rs 3.51 lakh and will hand it over to the district magistrate of Darjeeling for the chief minister's relief fund. Whatever additional funds are collected during the event tomorrow will also be given to the relief fund."


In Conversation With Bipul Chettri | Syndicate | The Two Room Apartment

8:56 AM
In Conversation With Bipul Chettri | Syndicate | The Two Room Apartment, a video, was Published in Youtube on 14 Feb 2015.

In Conversation With Bipul Chettri is an interview, where Bipul talks about his early days, and the story behind his latest single "Syndicate".

Watch the Video

"In conversation with The Two Room Apartment, introducing my new Single 'Syndicate', which will be releasing very soon. Enjoy this small snippet from the new tune. Cheers!
Thank you Donny, Sehran & Monga." - Bipul Chettri on FB

"In Coversation with Bipul" is a short story where Bipul Chettri talks about his early days and the story behind his Latest Single "Syndicate" - The Two Room Apartment on Social Media

In Conversation With Bipul Chettri | Syndicate | The Two Room Apartment

Adrian Pradhan in Darjeeling Winter Fest-2015

10:06 AM
As the much-awaited Darjeeling Winter Festival-2015 kicked off to a flying start at Chowrastha here yesterday, the crowd jumped in joy, even as noted singer of the popular band, 1974 AD, Adrian Pradhan, kept the excited revelers on their toes as he belted out his popular numbers, one after the other.
Adrian Pradhan in Darjeeling Winter Festival-2015
Adrian Pradhan in Darjeeling Winter Festival-2015 
Though it was a cold winter’s evening in Darjeeling, Mr Pradhan’s fans said they could not afford to miss the golden opportunity to see him performing on stage, live.

“It’s cold and I am not keeping well, but how could I miss Adrian’s performance?” said Pragya Rai, a 19-year-old-girl from Darjeeling, when asked how excited she was to see the singer, songwriter and composer in her hometown.

Rahul Lama, another fan of Mr Pradhan, said: “I was sleeping at home, but when I heard Adrian was performing, I rushed to the fest. He has been my inspiration since long.”
Not only his fans, but the star himself was seemingly excited. “I feel lucky to be able to perform at the winter fest here, and I am really looking forward to the show,” he said as he was about to hit the stage.

“This is my first solo performance in Darjeeling,” he added.

Mr Pradhan said he is presently working on a Nepali album, which will be his 6th solo album, and it will include almost all his hits.

“The album is releasing on 18 August,” he said. He further said that he has plans to release an album of Hindi songs, as “the Hindi song I had recently released on Radio Misti in Siliguri has gained popularity.”

Organised by the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) in collaboration with the state government, the winter festival is the fourth one in Darjeeling.

People from all walks of life said they always look forward to the festival in the town.
“The winter fest adds charm to Darjeeling and it is a source of entertainment for people who don’t go anywhere during the biting cold winter days,” a shopkeeper at Dr Zakir Hussain Road here, meanwhile, said.

Fabian and his friends from Germany said they have just arrived in Darjeeling, “and to be welcomed by a fest like this, it feels great.”

Darjeeling as a popular tourist destination is also attracting celebrities, of late. Noted Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya and his family were here for three days very recently. He roamed around Mall Road and was seen enjoying a cuppa at the Golden Tips tea boutique at Chowrastha.
“The beauty of Darjeeling is so enchanting that I have decided to visit Darjeeling every year from now onwards. This is my first visit here,” Mr Bhattacharya told reporters.

Ashish Vidyarthi, a popular actor known for his work in Bollywood, Tollywood and Telugu films, also visited Darjeeling this week with his family.

Source: sns

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