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Hill students suffer as Madhyamik examinations rescheduled

9:36 AM
Vidhyarthi Morcha Demands Heaters and Stoves in Madhyamik Centers

The Gorkha Janmukti Vidhyarthi Morcha has reminded the District Administration and the Bengal government that it is still very cold in Darjeeling, and since Bengal government pushed forward the date of Madhyamik examinations without considering the discomfort that hill students have to face, they should provide for room heaters and stoves (angeti) in those schools that are in the higher altitude.

The WBSSC had assured hill students that proper warming equipments aill be provided to all the schools that require heating, however nothing has been done till date and the examinations begin from February 1st.
Vidhyarthi Morcha Demands Heaters and Stoves in Madhyamik Centers
We hope that our politicians will kindly highlight this act of discrimination against our hill students.

Via TheDC

N D Lama Junior High School under GTA about to Shut Down

8:06 PM
While the rest of the country is moving towards providing better education facilities for our children, other than a selective few schools, majority of the schools in the Darjeeling hills region are providing below-par education, or are on the verge of closing their doors for ever.
 N D Lama Junior High School under GTA about to Shut Down
 N D Lama Junior High School under GTA about to Shut Down
One such school – N D Lama Junior High School at Sepoydhura is on the verge of closing its doors, after the school failing to pay salary to the teachers for the past 3 years.

According to sources, the school which was inaugurated with much fanfare by Kurseong MLA Dr. Rohit Sharma in 2012, employed one teacher each from Tindharey and Chunbhatti, and two teachers each from Sepoydhura and Chunbhatti, however none of the teachers have been paid any salary.

Lack of income has forced some teachers to seek work elsewhere, while four teachers are teaching the students by spending money from their own pockets.

When asked why they would teach for free for the past 3 years, one of the teacher responds, “look at these children, where are they going to go? Their parents cannot afford to send them to schools in Tindharey, or Sukuna or Siliguri… if we stop coming to school what will happen to them?”

What is more shocking is the fact that the teachers, who were appointed after clearing due exams, in addition to not getting any salary have to contribute money themselves to run the school. Imagine having to buy chalk, attendance register, examination papers and so on.

"Shame on GTA Education department which has failed to provide even basic facilities to these teachers and jeopardized the future of the students. " writes DC

Will the Sabhasad concerned take responsibility and expali why these teachers are yet to be paid?

[Source: DC With inputs from Himalaya Darpan]

St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling to celebrate 150 years

9:34 AM
St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling will celebrate 150 years of existence this year and to mark the occasion, old Paulites from different eras from across the globe will be gathering in Darjeeling for a three- day celebration.
St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling to celebrate 150 years
St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling 
Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, School Rector Joy Haldar said, “Our past students known as Old Paulites have acknowledged the need to demonstrate their appreciation and rally themselves in solidarity with their Alma Mater. To do this, the Old Paulites from within the country and also from abroad will gather in the school for a three-day celebration- named Paulite Forever- from October 30 to November 1 to mark the occasion”.

The school is expecting more than 250 Paulites with their families from different eras beginning from the late 1940’s onwards, to converge in Darjeeling, from Europe, U.S.A, France, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan among others, for the three day programme.

The year 2014 marks the school completing 191 years of existence since its founding as The Parental Academic institution in Kolkata in 1823. However, the school was shifted to the present location near Jalapahar in Darjeeling in 1864 by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton, who also founded the Bishop Cotton School in Shimla.

According to the Rector, the get together had also become necessary to tell people not only in the country but also abroad that Darjeeling continues to be the educational hub in-spite of all the ups and downs the region has faced. “Our intention is also to encourage others that Darjeeling with its various heritage schools still is the centre of education in the country. Also the three day event is one of the many ways of the alumni to promote and take the school forward,” Haldar said.

The attending alumnus will participate in various activities like cricket, football and squash matches, exhibition and photography session, concert, and matins with the present students. Two plays-Alladin and From Kabir to Kavi and award winning play created by Prannay Gupta, a former student will also be staged. “We have a host of alumni who have now become prominent people in their country. Gupta is also one of them and will stage a play with his troop. However, keeping various logistical issues in mind we have not invited ‘very distinguished Paulites’ from our school for the three day event,” said the Rector.

Haldar refused to be drawn into the recent spate of disturbances due to political activities in the Hills which affected education institutes here. “See, some political realities of this area do have a role to play. We did fear the worst when the latest rounds of agitation happened but speaking for ourselves, we have not been heavily affected. We have a steady enrolment of 480 students which is

good,” the Rector said, adding that parent’s mindset and mushrooming of schools in the country was more the challenge the institute was facing.

The location of the school has mesmerized not only the students and their parents but has also held a fascination for the creators of various Hindi movies from Bollywood. ‘We feel proud to say that many of our legendary Bollywood movies have been shot in our school premises over the years. This profile not many educational institutes can boast of,” Haldar observed. Popular old Bollywood films like Amitabh Bachchan starrer Do Anjane, Mera Naam Joker with Raj Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan’s Main Hoo Na and Ranbir Kapoor’s Barfi from the present lot have been filmed in the school.


Anand Pradhan receives National Best Teacher Award-2014

9:14 AM
Anand Pradhan an Indian Gorkha– a mathematics teacher from Saint Alphonsus HS School in Kurseong, has been awarded the National Best Teacher Award-2014. (Laurels)
Anand Pradhan awarded National Best Teacher Award-2014
Anand Pradhan awarded National Best Teacher Award-2014
The award which contained a a gold medal, a plaque/memento, and a citation was handed over to him by the Chhattisgarh State Education Minister Shri. Brijmohan Agrawal during the 9th National Mathematics Convention on 11 and 12 October at Raipur in Chhattisgarh, organised by the All India Ramanujan Mathematics Club (AIRMC) in association with Raipur Engineering Club RITEE.

Mr. Anand Pradhan was one of the 7 recipients of the prestigious award this year, which seeks to recognize those teachers who find innovative means of teaching mathematics to school students.

The organization awarded Mr. Pradhan in recognition of “the effort put while experimenting on his ‘Mathematics Work’ to uplift the standard of the subject in schools of Darjeeling Hills.”

We have come to learn that Mr. Pradhan has also been invited to attend an international conference in Mauritius.

Mr. Pradhan has completed his MSc from Calcutta University, and is currently in the process of completing his Doctoral degree in mathematics from North Bengal University.

Young and dedicated teachers like Mr. Pradhan, will inspire the upcoming geniuses from Indian Gorkha community. Mathematics is a very difficult subject if taught wrong, but if taught right, it is one of the easiest.

We THANK YOU for your efforts and applaud your dedication and commitment towards improving the standard of Mathematics teaching in our beloved hills.

We also hope your innovative teaching methods are also emulated by other teachers across our hills, Terai and Dooars and the rest of India.

Source: DC

Following is what SNS Reported:
A mathematics teacher from Saint Alphonsus HS School in Kurseong, Anand Pradhan, has been honoured with the National Best Teacher Award-2014. The award was handed over to him during the 9th National Mathematics Convention on 11 and 12 October at Raipur in Chhattisgarh, organised by the All India Ramanujan Mathematics Club (AIRMC) in association with Raipur Engineering Club RITEE.

The Chhattisgarh state education minister handed Mr Anand Pradhan a gold medal, a plaque/memento, and a citation.

It is learnt that the All India Ramanujan Mathematics Club is a government-approved national club that caters to the needs of school children and helps them understand the subject with ease or aim to remove the fear of mathematics from the minds of the people. Seven persons, including Mr Pradhan, had been selected for the prestigious award among the 100 other entries.

According to the AIRMC, MR Pradhan has put in a lot of effort while experimenting on his ‘Mathematics Work’ to uplift the standard of the subject in schools of Darjeeling Hills.

According to Mr Pradhan, the AIRMC had organised a seminar with PHD scholars in January this year, in which 21 scholars, including himself, had participated. His presentation during the seminar was adjudged the best. “I have also been invited to participate in the upcoming international mathematics convention slated to be held next year in Mauritius,” he said.

According to him, he completed his MSC from Calcutta University, but when he was studying at North Bengal University, the then department head Prof Karanjai inspired him to do research work on mathematics.

“Professor Karanjai had told me that in his career he noticed that many students from Darjeeling have been avoiding or not completing their studies on mathematics. Since then, I decided to find out the reasons,” Mr Pradhan said.

He said his thesis on mathematics will be completed next year under the guidance of professor Karanjai, who is now retired.

Asked about the reasons for Hill students’ disinterest in the subject, he said there are many. “But the main ones are that Mathematics needs a lot of practice, which the students here do not do. The second is that parents do not seriously involve themselves in the studies of their children,” he said.

School for Special children in Kalimpong - Parvarish

1:09 PM
After being discarded by many schools citing umpteen reasons, a few differently-abled children in Kalimpong have found a refuge for learning and development in a special school called Parvarish. At Parvarish, these special students have found new and innovative ways to learn giving their parents the long-sought relief that had been eluding them.

Students and teachers of Parvarish with guardians.
Students and teachers of Parvarish with guardians.
Situated just 3km away from town along East Main Road, the school was established by Kalpana Prasad in 2011. An artist by profession, Kalpana said she did not open the school just to fill the void for a special school for disadvantaged children, but also to develop the potential within an individual and bring the person into mainstream society as a normal human being. The school has adopted special ways to teach these differently-abled students on how to live life through education.

Parvarish takes students who have difficulty in understanding what they study even after attaining a certain age and ones who are not accepted by society due to their physical and mental conditions. The school believes the students may not be able to pass board examinations, but they do have the potential to be someone worthwhile in life and be part of society as normal human beings.

The school currently has seven students who have various forms of disabilities. “These students have different types of abnormalities, which make them look or behave in a different manner, but by no means are they incompetent or inefficient,” says Kalpana.

According to her, some of the students take a while to register things with their brains, while some take a lot of time to understand simple things.

“These children are not mentally ill; the problem is the slow development of their brains, which can been taken care of with special teaching methods,” stressed Kalpana.

She informed the students in Parvarish are taught in a different way, with teachers focusing more on visual and self-assessment tools for imparting lessons. The school uses many techniques, including drawing, handicraft, songs and dances, sports and oral techniques to teach the students. “They need constant guidance and each student is taken care of by a teacher during an entire session, as sometimes they get too excited and even violent,” Kalpana informed.

Parvarish was established by Kalpana Prasad without any external assistance and is run by the fees collected from the students. Kalpana and one of her colleagues named Priyanka Lepcha take care of the students and teach them from 9am to 2pm in the presence of the guardians. The guardians said they are extremely happy with the education their children are getting at Parvarish and hope it continues the good work for many more special children.

Source: EOI
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