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Gorkha Students JNU in support of Visva Bharati student from Sikkim who was sexually assaulted

5:07 PM
News release of protest organised  in JNU against denial of justice  of girl from Sikkim a student at Santineketan.

Gorkha Students from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi organised a protest demonstration against the continued denial of gender justice. Even one year after the heinous incident of repeated sexual harassment, justice is yet to be delivered to a B.A. first year female student from Sikkim, who had just enrolled in Kala Bhawan,Visva-Bharati University. All the three perpetrators who are students from the same university, had been arrested for a short period but have been released on bail and are now attending regular classes. The fourth perpetrator who is an outsider is yet to be arrested.
The protest demonstration was conducted by Bijay Thapa a member of the Gorkha Students, JNU who began with an introduction about the incident. In this regard, the major demand of protest demonstration was the immediate arrest of the perpetrators and their rustication from the university and also demanded strict action against the members of the faculty and administration of Visva-Bharati, involved in shielding the accused. A strong demand was also raised to make the University bear all medical and legal expenses of the complainant.
JNU protest against denial of justice for Sikkim girl in Santineketan

It was followed by a speech from Dawa Sherpa another member of Gorkha Students. He strongly condemned the indifferent and callous manner in which the issue is being handled by the University administration and by the government of Sikkim and West Bengal. He pointed out how the University added insult to injury by offering the girl’s father money to buy clothes for his daughter just because she had been stripped. Dawa strongly underscored how this incident speaks not only of violation of gender justice but also of racial discrimination meted out to citizens of particular ethnicities. He also asked leaders from GTA and Sikkim to break their long silence on this issue. lastly, he ended by saying that this kind of oppression will only strengthen our resolve to fight for a just and democratic Gorkhaland.
Protest organised in JNU against denial of justice  of girl from Sikkim a student at Santineketan.

The JNUSU President, Kanhaiya congratulated the Gorkha Students for continuing the struggle and demand for justice which had been started a year back in the same platform. He stated that this anger and outrage against patriarchal mindset which lies at the core of gender injustice must be continued the strongest fervour.

The Gender Sensitisation Committee Against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH) representative saluted the complainants courage for fighting her own battle. He emphasised the need for upholding the importance of grievance redressal cells and bodies such as GSCASH in all educational institutions.

Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association (GYASA) representative Dinesh strongly condemned the injustice and extended solidarity with the girl and expressed their continued support in this struggle.

All India Student’s Association (AISA) representative argued for the implementation of the Verma Committee and rejection of the UGC guidelines that promotes protectionist tendencies and moral policing in the campus. Both AISA and ‘Hundred Flowers’ representatives spoke about the need for resisting the patriarchial mindset under which such atrocities against women are tolerated.

Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association (BAPSA) representative highlighted the dominance of Brahmanical structure of society under which Dalits, minorities and weaker sections of the society were always oppressed and connected the incident to it.
Students’ organisation, ‘Collective’ also reiterated the same argument and emphasised on the need for a combined struggle.

Democratic Students’ Federation representative also pointed out that such form of discrimination was not a single incident but was also witnessed in the case of selection of candidates in the College Service Commission.

Democratic Student’s Union also condemned the incident in the strongest possible words and argued that justice delayed is justice denied. She expressed how this type of gender violence is mostly targeted towards minorities, dalits, adivasis and other oppressed sections and they should come together to struggle against such oppression.
 Students Federation of India (SFI) also expressed their solidarity with the struggle and condemned the incident.

Nirvan, a student from Darjeeling highlighted other such issues that are prevalent in the hills since the British rule.

The final remark was made by Manoj from Gorkha Students, JNU. He highlighted the fact that such incidents only raise outrage when the complainant belongs to the dominant communities. Only such cases are able to grasp mass attention and mobilise popular movements such as the ‘Hokkolorob’ West Bengal. Whereas, similar or even ghastly incidents experienced by ethnic minorities goes unnoticed. In the backdrop of such gross injustices, he thus questioned how the celebrated lines of the Great Poet Guru Rabindranath Tagore ‘where the mind is without fear and the head is held high...’ can ever be upheld.

The protest demonstration ended with the effigy burning of the four sexual harrassers, the Vice Chancellor, Rector, Proctor and Principal of Kala Bhawan of Visva- Bharati University and the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee.

On the same day, simultaneous protests were also held by the students of North Bengal University, Sikkim University and Jadavpur University. Over hundred students participated in a rally in North Bengal University. A candle light vigil was organised in Sikkim University. A silent rally was taken out in Jadavpur University in solidarity with the girl.

- Gorkha Students, JNU

Father of Visva Bharati sexually harassed Sikkim girl threatens suicide

5:47 PM
Bhawani Pradhan, the father of a girl who was sexually harassed at Visva Bharati in Santiniketan in August 2014, on Saturday came down heavily on authorities concerned and threatened to commit suicide in front of the prime minister’s residence if justice is denied. Addressing the Press here, Pradhan, a private painting tutor in Gangtok in Sikkim, said: “Despite running from pillar to post, my daughter, a BA first-year student of Kala Bhawan in Santinikentan, and us, have not been given justice. My daughter is still mentally traumatized and she is undergoing treatment in a Sikkim hospital. She is in no position to continue her studies. Her life and my family are almost ruined, mentally, financially and physically.”

We had met the Bolpur SP and other authorities concerned on 9 September, and gave them a one-month deadline to take action against the accused.
Bhawani Pradhan addressing the Press meet on Saturday
Bhawani Pradhan addressing the Press meet on Saturday (Darpan pic)
“If they act, I will reconsider my decision, but if they don’t, I will commit suicide in protest in front of the residence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in

Delhi on 9 October,” Pradhan said. “Three of the four accused persons are out on bail. The fourth person is still not identified and he was never arrested. Though the three accused were charge-sheeted, the trial in the case has not started. I will meet the Bolpur SP in early October and before leaving for Delhi on 5 October,” he added.“I cannot deny Sikkim chief minister Pawan Chamling’s cooperation and help at the initial stage. But later, top officials of the Sikkim government refused to help, since I was not a Sikkimese. I was born in Kurseong in Darjeeling and settled in Sikkim,” Pradhan alleged. He pointed fingers at the West Bengal government and the “reluctant bureaucrats,” who, according to him, assured him help in getting justice, but “did not cooperate. ”Pradhan, who also contacted the Union Human Resources Development department, has demanded adequate compensation for his traumatized daughter, start of the trial in a fast-track court, transfer of the case to Sikkim, and action against the V-C and principal of Kala Bhawan.

Source :thestatesman

Army Personnel Arrested for Attempt to Rape 13 Year Old in Mirik

12:33 PM
Mirik: In a shocking incidence, Mirik police have arrested an army personnel Kundan Tamang a resident of Mirik Municipality Ward no. 1 on the charges of attempting to rape a 13 year old girl/neighbour from his own village.
Army Personnel Arrested for Attempt to Rape 13 Year Old in Mirik

According to sources, the accused Kundan Tamang had come home for his holidays and entered the 13 year old girl's house when her parents were not at home. After ensuring that there was no one around, the accused then tried to rape the child.

The most shocking aspect of this whole incidence is that the child used to call Kundan daju and he tried to rape her on Bhai Tika.

Various organizations and individuals across Mirik have demanded stringiest punishment for the accused. Police have registered a case of 354(B) IPC 18 POSCO.

Source: DC

Gorkha Students JNU against “UGC fact-finding” team in Santiniketan sexual assault case

9:13 AM
Not happy with the manner in which the so called “UGC fact-finding” team have shielded the Visva Bharati authorities in the sexual assault and blackmailing of ‘Our Sister from Sikkim,’ the Gorkha students who are currently studying at JNU have condemned the incidence and demanded action against the VB authorities.
 Sikkim Student sexual assaulted case santiniketan
In a press release the JNU Gorkha students have said that the ‘UGC fact-finding team’ are guilty and need to be prosecuted against “shielding of the deliberate act of concealing the involvement of Vishva Bharti University VC, Sushanta Dutta Gupta and other professors by the UGC fact finding team -in shielding the perpetrators and covering up the incident of sexual harassment of student from Sikkim.’

They have appealed the greater North-East students body to stand together with the ‘Student from Sikkim,’ and has appealed for wide-spread protest against the farce of an investigation undertaken by the UGC committee, which did not even meet the victim or her father, while preparing the report. In fact it may be recalled that the UGC fact-finding committee members had threatened the girl’s father of “dire consequences” when they were not allowed to meet the girl by her father, at the time desired by the UGC ‘fact finding committee’.

Questioning the “Values” that is being promoted through the VB authorities act or lack of it in this heinous s crime, Dawa Sherpa the student representative says, “our only question to Santineketan authorities-"Shantineketan is renowned in world for imparting ‘value education’ reflecting the vision of Rabindranath Tagore and it has taken great pride about it for about a century now. But shielding perpetrators of sexual violence, threatening complainant, undermining gender justice and abject indifference towards racial violence - is this the ‘new model of values’ for Santineketan?"


Source: The Darjeeling Chronicle

JNU Students Burn The Effigy of Visva Bharati Vice Chancellor - Sushanta Duttagupta

10:24 PM
If all of US speak with "ONE VOICE"... When one of us is hurt... then it is guaranteed no one will dare touch us ever again!!
The (Darjeeling Chronicle) DC team thanks the students from JNU who have continued their protest to seek justice for "Our Sister from Sikkim" who had to undergo such horrendous sexual assault and harassment at the hands of her seniors at Visva Bharati University, West Bengal.
JNU Students Burn The Effigy of Visva Bharati Vice Chancellor - Sushanta Duttagupta
JNU Students Burn The Effigy of Visva Bharati Vice Chancellor - Sushanta Duttagupta
In a press statement released by the JNU students, they have said that they were "particularly aggravated by the fact that the University officials led by the Vice Chancellor Sushanto Duttagupta rather than hearing her plea for justice not only belittled the serious issue but also have constantly tried to shield the three students who have been accused of molesting and physically abusing the girl."
To mark "Solidarity" with "Our Sister in Sikkim" and to protest against the blatant disregard for fairness and justice, the Gorkha Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University along with almost all student bodies like DSU, DSF, AISA, AISA, SFI and few North Eastern student forum included, organised a joint protest condemning the callous attitude of the University officials.
The JNU Gorkha students have demanded that "not only should the culprits be brought to book immediately but that the VC along with other senior University officials should also be legally be held accountable for obstructing justice, withholding evidence and colluding with the culprits to stop the crime being exposed."
Further, the Gorkha Students have demanded that the VC should immediately resign from his office so that a fair investigation can take place, for he has been using his position in the University to scuttle a fair investigation.
We have been informed that this demand was also echoed by all the other student bodies.
The protest ended with the students symbolically burning an effigy of Visva Bharati VC Sushanta Duttagupta on Teacher's day.
Corresponding with The DC a JNU student said, "No self-respecting teacher will ever want themselves to be so humiliated, but knowing that despite the Visva Bharati VC Sushanta Duttagupta earlier been convicted of sexual harassment, he has continued to be associated with such a pious institute... we don't see him resigning of his own accord... hence we request the Ministry of Human Resources Department to intervene immediately and remove the VC from his post... this rot in Visva Bharati is right at the top."
The effigy was symbolically burned to manifest the angst and despair of his misuse of his high office and his vilification of serious issue of sexual assault.

Submitted by :
Dawa Sherpa

Gorkha Students, JNU, New Delhi Condemn Sexual Assault and Blackmailing of Sikkim Girl

9:58 PM
Gorkha Students,  Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, condemn the forceful Stripping, Sexual Assault and Blackmailing of woman Student from North East at Visvabharati University in Shantiniketan, West Bengal

A first-year college student who hails from the northeastern state of Sikkim was sexually assaulted and black mailed by her seniors for continuously three days at VisvaBharati University in Shantiniketan, West Bengal. The shocking incident came to light when the girl’s father came to the University to file a complaint. According to news reports, the girl was forcefully stripped by three senior students and an outsider and they also clicked picture and videos of the heinous incident. These men then used it to blackmail the girl by threatening to post these videos and images in the internet and coerce the innocent girl into repeated sexually assault.
Gorkha Students, JNU, New Delhi Condemn Condemn Sexual Assault and Blackmailing of Sikkim Girl
Gorkha Students, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi Condemn Condemn
Sexual Assault and Blackmailing of Sikkim Girl
Again, to the utter bewilderment and disgust, for the girl’s parents, the university authorities not only tried to brush the matter under the carpet but also discouraged them from filing a police complaint. It was however, only after reports of the sexual assault started emerging in the media that the university authorities were forced to ask the sexual harassment committee to look into the matter. The father reported that her daughter was so traumatized that she had to be kept in the hospital for a day. The university authorities added insult to injury when they offered money to the father to “buy clothes” for his daughter since she was “stripped”.

This incident comes as another blow to the issue of women safety in the university and raises serious questions on the authorities’ seriousness in such cases. For already there have been allegations of sexual assault against the University Vice-Chancellor Sushanta Datta Gupta in a separate case. Continuous media and student pressure from all over Bengal has forced the University into action. Even though the three students stand expelled from the University and have been arrested, the apathy of the university officials is reflection of act of patriarchal management of sexual violence. Gender does not exist in social vacuum but is always contextualized through social fabric of class, caste and race. The sheer audacity of students who perpetuated this assault and the consequent apathy and belittling of issue on part of administration can be only understood as an act of gender violence juxtaposed with racial discrimination. Surely in casteist and feudal country like India, gender cannot be race neutral. More perplexing is the silence of larger northeastern community on this issue.

We salute the fighting spirit of the women student and condemn this gory incident and effort of patriarchal administration to shield the perpetrator in strongest possible words and demand immediate strict action against the students involved in this heinous crime.
Gorkha Students, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Submitted by :
Dawa Sherpa

Life imprisonment for Sunil Rai found guilty in Teesta Rape Case

4:28 PM
Darjeeling, September 10: This is a brutal case of rape of a three year old child hailing from a remote village "Gafur Busty" Teesta. On the 18th Day of April 2014 at around 6pm this child was playing with some children at the courtyard of one Dil Kumar Darjee who runs a small restaurant. The accused Sunil Rai was present at the shop and taking chance of the children playing and on the pretext of buying sweets to the child picked up the child and took her towards the ground side a secluded area where he committed rape. The mother of the Victim girl was on the look out of the child as it was getting dark and could not see in the companion of the children who were seen in the courtyard of the Dil Kr Darjees shop. The shop owner and another vital witness one Smt Reshma Darjee had seen the accused Sunil Rai take away the victim child towards the ground side and on the basis of the said information they followed towards the ground side. After search for quite a long time they heard a sound of cry and in agony from the bush side and to an utter dismay they found the said victim child in semi conscious condition with blood stains from the lower side of her body. By this moment many villagers had gathered and on the eastern side of the hill amongst the bamboo groves they could see the accused Sunil Rai running away seeing the crowd gather. Some people started following the accused person who had taken the footpath road on the northern side of the bamboo grooves leading towards a cluster of houses. They all chased and by this time the accused entered the house of another co accused Prabal Pradhan who gave him shelter. In the mean time the accused was seen talking to one Sambhu Subba. Around 9 pm the police also came to the place of Prabal Pradhan but the accused could not be found. The said Prabal Pradhan and Sambhu was arrested. Sunil Rai was arrested from a hotel at Kalimpong the very next day.
Lime imprisonment for Teesta Rape Case guilty Sunil Rai
Lime imprisonment for Teesta Rape Case guilty Sunil Rai
The case was charge sheeted u/s 376(2)(1)/ 212 Indian Penal Code read with Section 6 of the Prevention of Children from Sexual offence act, 2012.
In total 17 witnesses were examined.
The Court gave an observation that the accused Sambhu Subba was acquitted as he had no role to play with respect to rape or harbouring (giving shelter to accused) BUT Sunil Rai was found guilty of the offences u/s 376 (2)(1)/ 212 I.P.C. read with 6 of POCSO Act 2012 and Prabal Pradhan u/s 212 for harbouring, on the 8th Day Of September 2014.
Additional Sessions Judge, Mr Santanu Mishra, Court II, pronounced the judgement in final form on the 9th Day of September 2014. The public prosecutor was Mr Pranay Rai.
Judgement in final form: Sunil Rai, found guilty u/s 376 (2)(1) /212 of the Indian Penal Code read with Sec 6 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012, sentenced to Rigorous Imprisonment for life and a fine of Rs 50,000/-. Prabal Pradhan is found guilty under Section 212 of the I.P.C. for harbouring the said accused and an addition fine of Rs 1000 in default an addition imprisonment for three months. The victim girl is entitled to get compensation from the state Government u/s 357 Cr.P.C. and from the State Government and District Legal Service Authority, Darjeeling u/s 357 A of the Criminal Procedure Code.
The uniqueness of the case: This is the first case in the district where such speedy trials within four months have ended in life imprisonment under POCSO Act 2012 in the absence of Fast Track Court in Darjeeling.
Following the Court verdict the father of victim said, “We are very happy with the verdict and coming from a very poor family never believed such justice would be delivered. This judgement must be published everywhere such that no such incidents like against our daughter can happen or will be attempted. I thank Mr Pranay Rai, Public Prosecutor who selflessly and sincerely helped and supported us in fighting the case and also extend my thankfulness to the I.O. Mr Saurav Ghosh and the S.P. Mr Akhilesh Chaturbedi for rendering all help.
Meanwhile, Darjeeling chief public prosecutor Mr. Pranay Rai expressed satisfaction over the verdict and said, "Rape is not only a Crime against the opposite sex but a crime against the entire society. It destroys not only the physicality but also the psychology of women and in this case a girl child who has not even seen the path of life. Rape is an offence against the basic human rights and also a violation of ones fundamental right guaranteed under Article 21, of the Indian Constitution. It is only through the Judiciary and conviction that can deter such crimes and can play a pivotal role as an instrument of social change. Darjeeling Court has set an axiomatic example that- law prevails".
Remarkably, this is the third case of life imprisonment after swearing in office by Pranay Rai as a chief public prosecutor since December 20, 2013.

Source: DT

Sikkim girl sexually assaulted, stripped, photographed by male seniors in Shantiniketan

10:24 PM
A girl from Sikkim, student of Visva-Bharati University in West Bengal's Shantiniketan, has alleged ragging (sexually assaulted) by her seniors.
Sikkim girl stripped, photographed by male seniors in Shantiniketan
The girl, a first year Arts student from Sikkim, has accused three students of stripping her. One of the accused is a second year student, while the other two are third year students. They also took her photographs and threatened to circulate it if the incident was disclosed, she said.

No official police complaint has yet been made.

On Friday, the girl and her father were first taken to the Vice-Chancellor Susanta Datta Gupta's office where they spent close to two hours and then taken to another building for discussion.

It was not immediately known what transpired at the discussion. After the discussion, the girl and her father were taken to Bolpur railway station in a university car from where they left for Kolkata by the Saraighat Express.

The girl's father has alleged that the varsity officials discouraged them from reaching out to police or the media.

Meanwhile, Mousumi Bhattacharya, Chairperson of the Internal Complaint Committee Against Sexual Harassment, said, "We have received a complaint through the principal of Kala Bhavan. We have summoned a meeting immediately and have already started our proceedings to probe the complaint."

"We have talked to the girl and her father. We shall complete the investigation and submit report to the concerned authority as early as possible," she said late on Thursday night.

"We have taken cognisance on the basis of media reports. This is not the first such incident, in fact there have been several incidents where students, staff, teachers... all have to face sexual harassment," West Bengal Commission for Women chairperson Sunanda Mukherjee said.

"What can you expect when the vice chancellor is himself accused of such an offence? We are writing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the chancellor to immediately intervene for the sake of this world famous institute," she added.

Vice-Chancellor Sushanta Datta Gupta, as the then director of the Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, in 2005 was accused of sexually harassing a female scientist. He has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Source: Indiatoday and IBN

Manipur Gorkha girl rape case hearing postponed till August 23

11:16 PM
Manipur : The District and Sessions Judge, Manipur East deferred the charge hearing for the alleged rape case of a Gorkha girl till August 23 as the defence counsel pleaded the Court to give some more days to prepare for the hearing.
Manipur Gorkha girl rape case hearing postponed till August 23
Manipur Gorkha girl rape case hearing postponed
 till August 23
As the accused S Ngaopuni (65) of Liyai Khullen could not produce his defense counsel in the last hearing held on July 31 last, the Court fixed today as the date for case hearing after the Police Station concerned submitted charge sheet against him on July 10 last under Section 376/420/4 POSCO Act.

When Ngaopuni was brought inside the Court complex from Sajiwa Central Jail, womenfolk from victim's locality tried to attack him.

However, police prevented them from reaching the accused and guided him inside the Courtroom.

Ngaopuni allegedly raped the minor girl at a secluded place at Kamei Ching on NH-2 on April 17 last.

It is said that Ngaopuni brought the girl there on the pretext of letting her cast vote in the Parliamentary election.

Source: e-pao

3 Gorkha Regiment jawans arrested for sexually harassing Darjeeling girl

9:43 PM
25-year-old student from Darjeeling allegedly sexually harassed in a train by three Gorkha Regiment jawans travelling in the same compartment.

According to the GRP, the victim — a 25-year-old student from Darjeeling, West Bengal was travelling to New Jalpaiguri from New Delhi on the Mahananda express train when the incident occurred. Three army jawans travelling in the same compartment passed lewd comments at the victim and tried to physically abuse her.
3 Gorkha Regiment jawans arrested for sexually harassing Darjeeling girl
3 Gorkha Regiment jawans arrested for sexually harassing Darjeeling girl
Khagaria government railway police (GRP) on Tuesday arrested three army personnel who sexually harassed a girl on the New Delhi-Sikkim Mahananada express train on Monday night.

Some passengers tried to intervene but were forced to remain quiet by one of the accused wielding a khukri (traditional weapon).

Police said that the accused Deep Chandra Roy, Pradeep Thapa, and H K Gurung, who hail from Darjeeling, were attached with the Gorkha Regiment and posted in Srinagar. “The train had left for Khagaria by the time the GRP received the information,” said Barauni rail DSP Lal Babu Yadav. “The GRP caught the men in a drunken state,” said Yadav.

“The victim stated that she was travelling alone and the jawans tried to tear her clothes. The accused have been charged under sections 354,323,504 of IPC,” said the DSP, adding that medical reports confirmed the accused were under the influence of liquor.

Source: hindustantimes.

Siliguri Police busted a sex racket operated through a website

10:08 AM
 The Siliguri Metropolitan Police (SMP) has busted a sex racket, which was being operated through a website in Siliguri and in an apartment in a township here.

Siliguri Police busted a sex racket operated through a website
Siliguri Police busted a sex racket operated through a website
After receiving information that the racket was being operated, officials from the detective department conducted raids at some places in Siliguri last night and arrested 10 persons, including five women, who were allegedly involved in the trade. "We had been receiving reports from different sources that a website- had been luring women to jobs. Accordingly, we conducted raids and arrested 10 persons, including five women. Among the males, one student used to supply the girls, and two of them are clients. Two women hail from Dum Dum in North 24 Pargana district, another hail from Habra in the same district and two from Cooch Behar district," said SMP commissioner Jag Mohan here today. 

According to him, police first arrested the student from Tin Batti area and they nabbed the others after his interrogation. 

"The trade was going on in a flat at Uttarayan Township for the past two years.  Action will also be taken against the website," he said.

Source: thestatesman

Rape accused father and neighbor sent to 14 days judicial custody

8:40 AM
Kalimpong: Forty-year-old Ranbahadur Rai, accused of sexually assaulting his daughter along with neighbor Subash Rai (37), were today sent to 14 days judicial custody by the additional chief judicial magistrate of Kalimpong.  
Rape accused Ran Bahadur Rai and Subash Rai.
Rape accused Ran Bahadur Rai and Subash Rai.
The accused were arrested from the 12.5 Mile area of town after the victim’s teacher lodged a complaint against Ranbahadur. They have been charged under Section 37 D and sub-section 2 of the Child Protection Act of the IPC. After the victim reportedly narrated her agony of being sexually exploited by her father since the past two years, her teacher had informed a child helpline working for the protection of children.

An FIR was subsequently submitted on the basis of the verbal statement of the victim, who is presently under the care of a child protection home after being treated at the sub-divisional hospital. Bal Suraksha Abhiyan chief Sister Subesna Thapa condemned the heinous crime and appealed to all to step forward to curb such incidents.

Also readFather & Neighbor arrested for raping a 14 year old girl for the past two years

Source: EOI

A woman from Darjeeling abducted, assaulted

10:34 AM
A 25-year-old woman from Darjeeling, who works as a beautician, was kidnapped and assaulted by her former employer on Monday night. She was dropped back home a few hours later.
A woman from Darjeeling abducted, assaulted
A woman from Darjeeling abducted, assaulted
The woman and her husband are residents of New BEL Road for the past five years. She was working for Diva, a beauty parlour owned by Kavitha Gowda.

According to the victim, Kavitha had employed several women from Northeast. She was allegedly ill-treating the workers and not paying them on time. She would also threaten and harass them if they quit their jobs. Several women working in the parlour, unable to bear the torture, left the City, she alleged.

Accused of theft, beaten up

The victim claimed that she quit Diva Beauty Parlour last month and joined another parlour. She was constantly ‘threatened’ by Kavitha and some men would beat her up. 

Around 10 pm on Monday, Kavitha and five men allegedly barged into her house, dragged her out and bundled her into a car. They drove for more than an hour and she was beaten up all along the way. She was also asked to sign on a blank paper, which she refused. Kavitha later charged the victim with stealing Rs 1.5 lakh.

She was later dropped back at her house at around 11.30 pm by which time her husband had returned home. The couple rushed to Sadashivanagar police station where the police allegedly refused to register their complaint.

There was high drama at the police station where activists from a human rights’ organisation and people from Darjeeling gathered, demanding that the police register their complaint. It was only after DCP (Central) B R Ravikanthegowda intervened, that the victim was sent for medical examination and a complaint registered, they alleged. 

A volunteer from North-East Solidarity told Deccan Herald: “The way police treated the couple was horrifying. They were already traumatised and the police, instead of coming to their rescue, started driving them away.”

Father & Neighbor arrested for raping a 14 year old girl for the past two years

8:40 AM
Kalimpong: Another incidence of shockingly shameful nature has emerged from Kalimpong. The police have arrested 12 and 1/2 mile (sadey barha mile) resident 40 year old Ranbahadur Rai and his neighbour Subash Rai on the charges of repeatedly raping a 14 year old child for the past two years.

Father & Neighbor arrested for raping a 14 year old girl for the past two years
The survivor who is a student of Class - 8 finally managed to gather enough courage to inform her school teacher, who in turn informed an NGO which works in the field of child welfare.

The NGO informed the police and finally the police arrested Ranbahadur and Subash Rai from 12 and 1/2 miles, where both the accused live on rent.

Ranbahadur apparently is married to three woman and the rape survivor is his daughter from his first marriage. The survivor was taken to the Kalimpong sub-divisional hospital for medical treatment and examination.

Both the accused Ranbahadur and Subash will be produced to the court later today.

This is such a heartbreaking news, and we at The DC are at a loss of word on the increasing incidences of such brutally savage and inhuman treatment of our children. We request all of our readers to kindly keep your eyes and ears open - least such acts are being committed near you.

We pray to God to give the Survivor all the strength she needs to overcome this terrible tragedy.

We request the courts that nothing less than Death or life in prison should be given to these two animals.
" - Darjeeling Chronicle

Source: The Darjeeling Chronicle

Shyam Babu Roy accused of raping his minor daughter in Harsingh Hatta

10:08 AM
The Darjeeling police today arrested and produced in court a man accused of raping his minor daughter in Harsingh Hatta near Lebong. Shyam Babu Roy (36) was arrested from his house after neighbours filed a complaint with the police accusing him of raping his minor daughter.

Shyam Babu Roy accused of raping his minor daughter in Harsingh Hatta
Shyam Babu Roy accused of raping his
minor daughter in Harsingh Hatta 
According to the complaint, Roy, who scavenges for a living, first raped his daughter on May 18, taking advantage of his wife’s absence who had gone to visit her parents in Bihar’s Chapra district.

The victim at first did not divulge her ordeal to anyone, but when her father made another attempt Tuesday, she ran out of her house crying and narrated her harrowing tale to her neighbors.

“It seems the accused took advantage of his wife’s absence as she has gone to her parents’ house. The victim has also complaint her father assaulted her and threatened her against saying anything to anyone. We have arrested the accused and produced him before court,” said a police official.

The victim is presently admitted in hospital and is undergoing medical while her mother has been informed, said police sources.


21-year-old girl gang raped in Tiger Hill, three youths arrested

9:49 AM
Darjeeling: The court of the Darjeeling Chief Judicial Magistrate today pronounced 14 days of judicial custody to 22-year-old Suraj Chettri and 28-year-old Sanjay Rai, while the Juvenile Justice Board sent to 14 days remand at the Korak House in Jalpaiguri an under-16 youth for raping a 21-year-old girl as well as assaulting and looting the victim and her 23-year-old boyfriend in the Tiger Hill in area Darjeeling on Saturday.

21-year-old girl gang raped in Tiger Hill, three youths arrested
21-year-old girl gang raped in Tiger Hill, three youths arrested 
Darjeeling APP Pankaj Prasad said, “The three accused were arrested last evening following a complaint filed by a resident of Lodhama stating he and the girl were confronted by the trio at Tiger Hill around three in the afternoon yesterday. According to the complaint lodged with the Jorebungalow police outpost, the girl was raped following which both the victim and her boyfriend were asked to strip and their photographs taken. The complainant further said the two of them were assaulted by the three accused and their money and mobile phones taken away.”

The APP further said, “The complainant said he and his girlfriend fled from the area and sought the help of some peoples who accompanied them to the Jorebungalow police station. The two victims have been admitted to the Darjeeling Sadar Hospital.”

Prasad added the next hearing is scheduled after 14 days. Rai and Chettri are from Ghoom while the juvenile is from the Darjeeling town area.

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8:10 PM
The Gorkhas have been talking of guarding the country. They raised their heads high when the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi described them as “Brave Gorkhas” and “trusted more than the police” recently.  The two incidents of rape on a 3 year old and 4 year old both in the Kalimpong subdivision recently is a shameful act to counter the comments from BJP bigwig.
Enough is Enough Stop Rape...
The rape on minors, apart being a shameful one would send a wrong signal to those who has been tagging the Indian originated Gorkhas often as citizens of Nepal. Two minors one from Teesta, 16 km from Kalimpong and the other from near Sikkim-Bengal border were allegedly raped and the culprits arrested. Ofcourse, cases of rape in both sensitive Darjeeling hills and Sikkim are on the rise which needs immediate check.

Irrespective of political colour, rising above the conducive atmosphere, people and the law makers should deal with these cases in a strict manner without any favour so that such incident does not put the Gorkhas in an awkward position. Because, no matter what to some extent the community despite fighting for identity crises is only respected in India for their honesty in guarding the country.  

The shameful act like this will make things ugly for the community. The community had walked through the streets with candles in their hands protesting against the December 16, 2012 Delhi gang rape case. But today neither nearby Sikkim bothered to even hold a protest rally against the incident even when such heinous act occurred near them. 

The literary lot, presently in deep sleep, in both the regions has a work for themselves to do. Coming out from the honorary level is the need of the hour. Writing stories in Nepali and waiting for the award is not only the mantra to be in the list of literary figures. The society needs your education to multiply more literacy rate in the hills of both Darjeeling and Sikkim.     

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Four-year-old girl raped in Rangpo, alleged Suraj Biswakarma 26 thrashed up by public

1:33 PM
Kalimpong: While the wounds of the ghastly rape of a three year old child in Teesta Bazaar is yet to heal, another similar incident has rocked the hills. The victim this time was a four-year-old and she was sexually assaulted by her neighbour Suraj Biswakarma (26) in Rangpo. 

Four-year-old girl raped in Rangpo
Alleged Suraj Biswakarma 26 thrashed up by public
A resident of the check post area here, the accused reportedly took the minor inside his house and raped her around 8:30 yesterday morning. As word of this repulsive incident spread, Biswakarma was thrashed up by the infuriated public before the police managed to take him into custody. The locals even argued with the police accusing the latter of trying to protect the accused. Biswakarma was later admitted at Kalimpong hospital.

The police were at the spot upon hearing Biswakarma getting a public thrashing, but it was a tough task for them to separate the accused from the enraged people. Biswakarma is reportedly a resident of Pedong, but had been living in Rangpo since the last one year with his second wife.The victim, a kindergarten student, was playing with her sisters when Biswakarma reportedly lured her into his house. On hearing her daughter’s cries, the victim’s mother sent her elder daughter to fetch her. The mother found the victimised daughter walking in an awkward manner but she didn’t give much thought to it. The crime came to light when the child narrated the incident and the area was suddenly transformed into an inferno.Biswakarma was not produced before court today since he is undergoing treatment in hospital. Police sources said he will be presented before court once his physical condition improves. The incident has shocked and angered the public. They have expressed concern about the security of women and minor girls. Two terrible crimes taking place in Kalimpong, within a span of 11 days, has raised strong questions on the issues of child and women security.

Rape and sexual assaults continue despite people’s voice in the hills

12:29 PM
Mirik: While the ghastly Teesta rape incident is still afresh, police have arrested 75 year old Hasta Bahadur Subba from MM Terai, allegedly for raping a minor. Reportedly Subba had been raping a 16 year old local girl since past six months, taking advantage of the financial plight of the victim’s family.Despite people’s voice against sexual assaults echoing throughout the country, the crime rate seemingly is not taking a down turn. Incidents of rapes are now gaining frequency even in the Darjeeling hills. 

75 year old accused of raping minor for last 6 months
Tension gripped the MM Terai region on Saturday evening, when the word of incident spread. Following the turmoil, victim’s brother filed a complaint to the police about Subba’s crime. Mirik police OC Sanjay Das said the arrest was made on Saturday evening, after a complaint was lodged. He informed the accused is an ex-army and had been sexually exploiting the victim, a milk seller, since past six months.

Police sources said the victim has been sent for medical examination and the accused has been taken into police remand under IPC section 376 and section 4 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offence act 2012.


Student molested in Teesta by a Truck Driver

11:50 PM
Molestation, sexual abuses and rapes in the hills seems to have gradually taken its toll in the recent past. 

Mukesh Sharma, Kalimpong,23rd April: An incident of molestation has come in focus at Teesta this evening just after 6 days of Rape incident at the same place. According to the sources some student of a local school in Teesta after their classes usuallly gather in Teesta Bridge and wait for a vehicle to go to their respective homes. Such a group of 4 student got lift in a Truck. These students were from Gelkhola 5 kms away from Teesta in N.H 31 A . The incident is said to have taken place in this period. 

Student molested in Teesta by a Truck Driver

The driver of the truck is said to have physically molested one of the child who is a student of class 4 and of 9 yrs age. Soon the vehicle dropped all the children at Gelkhola after which the girl child narrated the incident to her parents. Then the process of chasing the vehicle started and finally after informing police of NH thana the vehicle was caught by Sevoke police along with the driver Ramesh Chettri of Fagu Gorbuthan. The victim has identified the Driver meanwhile the parents of the child has filed a complaint against the driver at Teesta Out post late evening.The Locals of Teesta demonstrated around the police station and block the National Highway 31 A for about half and hour, later CRPF were deployed to maintain Law and order.

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