CPRM - exclusion of Gorkhaland BJP’s election manifesto was on cards

Kalimpong : The exclusion of the Gorkhaland statehood issue in the BJP’s election manifesto is in consonance with the expectation of the Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists or CPRM, which is campaigning for independent candidate Mahendra P Lama.

Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist (CPRM) Vice President, JB Rai
Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist
 (CPRM) Vice President, JB Rai
When asked for his comments on the saffron front’s manifesto, CPRM vice president JB Rai said, “We knew about it in advance. The GJM delegation that had gone to Delhi to select a candidate had returned empty-handed, as the BJP declined to include the Gorkhaland issue in its election manifesto.” According to Rai, the BJP has sidelined the statehood agenda concerning Darjeeling due to pressure from the state government.

Further, he said the CPRM decided to support Lama as BJP candidate SS Ahluwalia had admitted the Gorkhaland issue cannot be specifically mentioned in the manifesto when he met with CPRM president RB Rai.

The CPRM vice-president accused the GJM-BJP nexus of deluding the people by claiming to pursue the Gorkhaland issue. At the same time, he also derided the CPM’s manifesto alleging it of being against the statehood issue. Rai said the CPM manifesto (for Darjeeling constituency) does not outright oppose the Gorkhaland issue, the one released at the national level says the state government’s approval is essential for the creation of a new state.

“There is no issue of division in Kerala. In Tripura the forces aspiring for statehood are negligible. This point has been highlighted just to suppress the demand for Gorkhaland,” pointed out Rai.

He said the CPM is merely engaging in vote-politics by promising to bring in the Sixth Schedule and stronger autonomy to Darjeeling.

“The CPM has already exhibited its temperament by not backing the bill on an autonomous administrative setup tabled by then MP Anand Pathak,” said Rai, adding the CPM is “least concerned about our problems”.

Speaking on GNLF supremo Subash Ghising’s decision to support the TMC, the CPRM leader termed the development “unfortunate” and described Ghising as a “political bankrupt” individual.

“Like a starving tiger that can eat up its own cub, Ghising has demonstrated his anti-community character for short-term political gain,” said Rai. “We strongly condemn his selfish decision as it has inflicted a heavy blow to the aspirations of the entire Gorkha community.”

Source: EOI

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