A Matter of Honour!!

It is indeed a rare honour when the parents get to pin stars on their son. The proud parents of Chedar Subba, from Bich Gaon, Jorebunglow are one of the very few from Darjeeling, who got to do so on the 14th of June, 2014. 
Chedar Subba's proud parents get to pin stars on their son
Chedar Subba's proud parents get to pin stars on their son
Chedar Subba, completed his training from the Officers Training Academy, Gaya with flying colours, and has now been inducted into the Indian Army in the rank of Lieutenant, he will be joining the JAK Rifles. 

His success is attributed to his hard work, but it is very impressive given that his father is a farmer, and his mother is a home-maker. From amongst the four brothers in the family, three are serving in the Army and Lt. Chedar is the only one who has been inducted as an officer. His other brother Chhawang Mikmar Subba is an Asst-Prof at Dinajpur College.

Corresponding with DT Chhawang writes, “it is the proudest moment in our family history, he has made us proud, but at the same time, his achievement is also an achievement for all the Gorkhe people and the people of Darjeeling"

Congratulations!! Lt. Chedar Subba you are such an inspiration for our younger generations, and the proud Subba family.

We hope more of our parents get to enjoy the same satisfaction, and pride in the coming days.

Source: Darjeeling Times

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