New disease named Scrub Typhus in Mirik

Amidst rising scare of encephalitis across North Bengal, a new type of disease named Scrub Typhus has gripped Mirik following a reported infection on an adult man. The disease can even kill if not cured on time. CB Rai (49) from Malikthung Chota Kothi was admitted to Mirik hospital today with the disease.
A Scrub Tifus patient at Mirik Hospital.
A Scrub Typhus patient at Mirik Hospital.

Scrub Typhus initially starts with severe itching and then develops into a wound in the second phase, causing immense pain and fever. The disease, if not taken care on time with proper medical intervention, can kill a person. It is spread by touching or coming in contact with dead and rotten wooden planks near a person’s house or in forest, while it also has the tendency to spread through cats and mouse.


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