Kaag Tihar or Kaag Puja (काग तिहार)

About Kaag Tihar or Kaag Puja
Tihar (Nepali: तिहार) (Diwali) is the 5 days Gorkha festival which starts with the Kaag Tihar (Nepali: काग तिहार) or Kaag Puja (worshipping of the Crow). On this day the Gorkhas follow Kag Puja (worship of the crows) by offering sweets and dishes to the crows on the roof of their houses.
Kaag Tihar or Kaag Puja  (काग तिहार)
Kaag Tihar or Kaag Puja  (काग तिहार)
Why do We Worship Crows.
Tihar in Gorkha community represents the divine attachment between Human and other animals. Crow is considered as the messenger of hindu God Yamaraj.The cawing of the crows symbolizes sadness and grief in the Hindu mythology, so the devotees offer the crows food to avert grief and deaths in their homes.

Kaag Tihar or Kaag Puja is celebrated by the Gorkhas in India and around the globe.

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