Siliguri Gorkha Manch Interactive Session Held

SGM (Siliguri Gorkha Manch) held an interactive meeting at Himali Sahid Nagar yesterday and the meeting was presided over by Shri Bhim Yonjan, a renowned social worker.
Siliguri Gorkha Manch Interactive Session Held
Siliguri Gorkha Manch Interactive Session 
Distinguished persons of Sahid Nagar, Bhanu Nagar,Prakash Nagar and Gandhi nagar were present in the meeting.

SGM General Secretary Suren Pradhan addressed the gathering and told that "SGM is a non-political organization having equal distance among all political party and under no circumstances it comes under influence of any political party."

Smt. Sudha Passi, SGM President told the gathering that "we must be united and join hands for improvement of our community and alround development of Siliguri, as well."

Shri Dilip Tiwari told that vision of SGM is very good and we must join hands to make it strong.
Shri S K Lama, Smt Shanti Lama and Smt Radhika Sinha also addressed and told to make SGM strong and must keep it away from politics.

Shri Bhim Yonzon informed that, "Bhanu Jayanti was celebrated at a large scale in Darjeeling, Siliguri, Dooars and Sikkim but no news was there in leading English dailies which hurt our sentiments, secondly this year Dinabandhu Manch was only allowed to be used from 12 noon to 3 P.M and not pernitted to run the program till evening."

He stated that these two issues must be highlighted by SGM and it should reach Govt through SGM.
At last Suren Pradhan informed that a meeting will be held on 26 Jul 2015 at 10 P.M at Mangal Maity Bhawan, on that day ad hoc committee will be dissolved and a new and permanant body will be formed on that date, all are cordially invited.

Today at 10 A.M there is a meeting of all convenors at Gorkha Kalyan Sangathan Salugara so please do come and attend the meeting.

Other members of SGM present were Smt T D Bhutia, Shri N L Chhetri, Shri Rajesh Chhetri and Shri N L Sharma.

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