Siliguri Gorkha Manch to Prioritize Nepali Language

On 23rd Nepali Bhasha Diwas SGM held a meeting just to celebrate the auspicious occasion and the meeting was chaired by Smt Sudha Passi.
Siliguri Gorkha Manch to Prioritize Nepali Language
Siliguri Gorkha Manch to Prioritize Nepali Language
The General Secretary Shri Suren Pradhan welcomed the members and wished them a very happy Bhasha Diwas and placed the agenda which was already passed to them. After a hot discussion the following resolutions were unanimously adopted.

1. From today onwards SGM will make all correspondence in Nepali language, no use of other language.

2. All text books of Nepali medium schools have numerous spelling mistakes and delay in supply for this reason SGM shall write to the concerned authority and will ensure that no spelling mistake in text books and timely supply of books

. 3. Once Nepali language has been recognized by the Indian constitution it should be adopted as official language not only in three hill sub divisions of Darjeeling but in SiliguriTerai and that all forms be printed in Nepali - eg voter card, ration cards, Aadhar card and all other forms should also be printed in Nepali Language too.

SGM has stated that they will start correspondence immediately with the concerned authority for implementation of the above. 

SGM saluted the agitators who were directly or indirectly involved in the Bhasha andolan. SGM will immediately submit a memorandum to D.M Darjeeling and all concerned authority very soon.

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