Sikkim urges Centre to protect Gorkha of Manipur

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has requested the Union government to ensure the safety and security of Indian Nepali speaking people (Gorkhas) in Manipur. He also condemned the ongoing situation in Manipur following the passage of the controversial Inner Line Permit bill.
Sikkim CM Pawan Chamling urges Centre to protect Gorkha of Manipur
“I am extremely sad to know about the situation in Manipur. Unrest and chaos do not benefit anyone. It is neither right nor constitutional to inflict injustice to anyone on the lines of caste, community or language. Our civilized society should not take such issues lying down. We must speak out against any act of atrocity,” posted the Chief Minister in his official Facebook page.

“As a responsible citizen of India and as a Chief Minister, I request the Government of India to ensure the safety and security of Indian Nepali speaking people,” said Chamling.

The Manipur Assembly had passed three bills on Monday with one bill particularly affecting the fate of Gorkha and other communities settled in Manipur for generations.

Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) president Bimal Gurung has already petitioned the Union Home Ministry to intervene in the bill, particularly on the clause that keeps 1951 as the cut-off year to determine Manipuri citizenship in Manipur. This will embolden those who want to chase Gorkhas out from Manipur, he said requesting the Manipur Governor not to give his assent to the controversial bill.

The passage of the bills sparked unrest in many parts of Manipur with the government imposing curfew in the riot-hit areas of Churachandpur district since Monday. The curfew was relaxed for seven hours today to enable people to buy essential commodities.

Meanwhile, Sikkim TMC general secretary Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha has demanded urgent action from the Union government to prevent further violence in Manipur.

“Migration is a fact. Nobody can stop this phenomenon. The violence in Manipur targeting Gorkhas settled there since time immemorial is a wrong act in the name of humanity and naked curse to progress and development of the region,” said the Sikkim TMC general secretary.

“Centre should act immediately to prevent further violence in Manipur as this situation might lead to mass disturbance in the entire North Eastern region. If this inhumane act continues, it might inject fuel progressing it to civil war,” said Tshering Wangchuk. He urged the Union government to protect the dignity and property of Indian Gorkhas settled in Manipur.

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