Academics and Social Leaders Against Non-Inclusion of Nepali in WBCS

FINALLY: Academics and Social Leaders Speak Out Against Non-Inclusion of Nepali as an Optional Subject in WBCS

The issue of non-inclusion of Nepali as an optional subject in WBCS has finally seemed to woken up academics and social leaders in the Hills, with people from various strata of the society speaking out against this blatant act of discrimination against our language.

Speaking to the Press, Prof. Sanjay Bista of Kalimpong college said, “this is politics of the most foul kind that despite Nepali being recognized as a National language of India, West Bengal government has continued to deprive Nepali students from writing the highest examination in the state in our language.”

He further said, “If they can include a dead language like Pali or even Arabic, why can’t they include Nepali as an optional paper? This is not only discrimination; it is also injustice towards thousands of our youth who study Nepali as honours or elective subjects in their graduate courses. The Bengal government has deliberately left out Nepali in order to keep the Nepali speaking people subjugated.”

Mr. Bal Bhadra Sharma of Nepali Sahitya Adhayan Samity also protested against the non-Inclusion and stated, “this is a conspiracy by the Bengal government to undermine our language and our people... what is happening is not right and all our people need to speak out against this discrimination.”
Prof. Sanjay Bista of Kalimpong
Prof. Sanjay Bista of Kalimpong
Registering his protest, Bhasa Andolan stalwart Mr. J B Rai stated, “Incidents such as this reflect the true nature of Bengal government. It is the right of any community whose language is recognized to be able to appear for that paper, in not allowing Nepali speaking students from writing an optional paper in our language betrays the inherent racism that Bengal feels towards Nepali people from the hills.”

Mr. Rai also rued the fact that Hill politicians were not taking up this issue seriously, and said, “Language is important, but politicians don’t see merit in raking up issues that is not going to get them mass support, so they have conveniently skirted this issue and have failed to speak out against this discrimination... In fact our politicians have never spoken out against these important issues.”

Highlighting the good rapport that current Kalimpong MLA Dr. Harka Bahadur Chettri shares with Bengal government, Mr. Rai said, “The Kalmlong MLA is very close to the Bengal government he needs to place this issue with them and get this resolved at the earliest... We cannot continue to allow the Bengal government to impose Linguistic discrimination and imperialism anymore.”

Kalimpong Lawyer Mr. DN Pandey suggested taking the legal route and said, “to be able to appear for Nepali as an optional paper is our Fundamental right, as Nepali is recognized under the VIIIth Scheduled of our constitution... and non-inclusion of Nepali till date shows the government apathy towards us... we cannot remain quiet anymore we have to speak... But the lead in this case needs to be taken up by the students and student organizations... we have to hit the streets in protest if necessary... and if all of that doesn’t work, then we have to go to the courts and demand that Bengal uphold our rights.... Under Article 266 of our Constitution, this is one of our basic rights and we can go to the Supreme Court if need arises.”

Once again, we request all our readers, politicians, social elders and students to kindly speak out and protest against this discrimination.

Source : TheDC

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