Harka Bahadur Protests Against Tea Gardens Strike on communal basis

Harka Bahadur Protests Against Strike for Tea Gardens - Tries to Communalize Yesterday's Strike

In a not so shocking move, former GJM leader and current favorite of the Bengal government, Kalimpong MLA Dr. Harka Bahadur Chettri has decried the 12 hour strike called by the Tea Garden Workers.

Speaking against the strike, Dr. Harka Bahadur stated, "the strike will only harm the hills and won't affect Kolkata at all... they have to please Kolkata and shouldn't trouble the hill people."

Speaking to the Press, Dr. Chettri stated that "Kalimpong District Formation Committee is against the strike, as it won't effect Bengal in any way.."

What we honestly found really disgusting was the fact that Dr. Harka tried to communalize the strike, he stated "The Lepcha and Bhutia community have started to celebrate Loosung-Namsung festival, and those calling for strike has caused harassment to these communities." 

Perhaps Dr. Harka forgets that there are people from Lepcha and Bhutia communities too who are starving to death in the tea gardens.

Politics is one thing Dr. Harka, playing with communal fire quiet another.

Via TheDC

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