Pawan Chamling and SDF Govt Completes 21 Years in ‪Sikkim‬

The state government headed by the Sikkim Democratic Front today completed its 21 years of governance. Chief Minister PawanChamling thanked the people of the state for “toiling and suffering” with him and standing resolutely by his party for all these years.

He said, “The vision and philosophy of our government has always been service to the people, with PawanChamling as the number one servant of the people of Sikkim. The endeavour of my government has been to restore the dignity of the people of Sikkim, as Nobel Laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had envisioned - ‘Where the head is held high and the mind is without fear’.”

The chief minister said the situation faced by his government 21 years ago was grim and formidable. Resources for development were meagre and the state had incurred financial liabilities of nearly Rs 500 crore. According to Chamling, his government has been largely successful in transforming Sikkim by sheer dint of perseverance and arduous and self-confident efforts.
Pawan Chamling and SDF Govt Completes 21 Years in ‪Sikkim‬
Pawan Chamling a file photo
Today, Sikkim’s economy is one of the fastest growing ones in the country and it lists among the highest per capita income states. The percentage of the population below the poverty line has also fallen at one of the fastest rates ever seen in the country. He said tourist footfalls have increased exponentially, and today, Sikkim attracts more foreign tourists than the entire North Eastern region put together.

Further, Chamling said Sikkim will soon be declared as the first completely organic state of the country. “The ‘green’ policies being pursued over the last two decades have resulted in total forest cover increasing. Nearly one third of the land area has been directly conserved by establishing an extensive protected area network of sanctuaries and national parks. This is the highest in the country in percentage terms, with the national average being less than 5 per cent,” said the chief minister.

Over the past two decades, Sikkim has been conferred with numerous awards and distinctions, by both national and international institutions, in terms of governance and environment protection, among others.

The chief minister concluded by saying, “My government and I will continue to labour relentlessly, and without a break. Let us all work together, hand in hand, in taking Sikkim to further heights of glory.”

Source: EOIC

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