Darjeeling mourns the death of Puran Gongba - Rest in Music

We deeply regret to announce the death of the legendary Puran Gongba a musician from Darjeeling who was admired then, still and will be admired forever.The legend was part of Darjeeling's first Rock and Roll band "The HILLIANS". Puran Gongba, the owner of a famous western style pub none other than Joey's Pub in Darjeeling,

According to social media post he suffered from a massive stroke last night and was rushed to Planters hospital, but sadly he could not be revived.

About Puran Gongba 
Puran Gongba was amazing guitar player and generations of guitar players in the hills looked up to him, what set him apart from others was his simplicity and down to earth attitude. He started playing the guitar out of interest, and learnt it the hard way. He used to tirelessly listen to the radio, watch movies and teach himself to place fingers and strum the strings.he played the guitar with many bands like Extreme Moderation and Hillians.
Puran Gongba
Puran Gongba
In between he went to the United Kingdom for a few years. Here he worked and took guitar lessons. That was when he learnt to read music.He is fondly called "Joey" by the Darjeeling crowd and the foreigners, who visit his pub called "Joey's Pub"

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According to him Darjeeling was a happening place back in the sixties. He cherishes the Jazz,Samba,Ramba dances that used to be held at the Gymkhana Club. People from the North-East used to come to Darjeeling to buy the latest gadgets and ask him about the latest in music.

Inspite of his love for music he stopped playing after his last stage appearance in 1985.When asked for the reason, he stated that guys in Darjeeling have lots of talent but there is one to promote them.So they have to give up their love for music soon and start finding other alternate ways to earn their daily bread and butter.

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