GJM threatened to drag WB government to court for replacing "Gorkhaland" to "Gorkha' Territorial Administration

Writes: Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, March 28: Bimal Gurung today threatened to drag the state government to court for “wilfully changing the nomenclature” of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration to the Gorkha Territorial Administration in official documents.

The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has cited at least one gazette notification where “Gorkha Territorial Administration” was mentioned three times.

“The recognition of the word ‘Gorkhaland’ is of utmost importance to us. The word ‘Gorkhaland’ was recognized by the President, governor and the Bengal Assembly when the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration Act was passed by the Bengal Assembly and the assent given by the President,” Gurung, president of the Morcha as well as the GTA chief executive, said today.

“From the time we have started telling our supporters about the official recognition that Gorkhaland has received from the government, the administration has been discreetly working to change the nomenclature of the hill body. We will not tolerate this and will drag the state government to court,” he added.
GJM chief Bimal Gurung
GJM chief Bimal Gurung
“Look at the TMC’s manifesto and some of the government documents. They are replacing the word ‘Gorkhaland’ with ‘Gorkha’,” said Gurung.

The Trinamul manifesto for the Assembly election states: “Under the TMC government’s judicious rule, peace has been re-established in the hills. Our hill brethren have also joined the government in its developmental works. We have already initiated a number of progressive policies. Gorkha Territorial Administration (GTA) has been established for their welfare. Developmental work in the hills is under process.”

Gurung could not immediately recollect the government documents where the “Gorkha Territorial Administration” was mentioned, instead of “Gorkhaland Territorial Administration”. But a Morcha leader said there were at least three or four correspondences from the state government with “Gorkha Territorial Administration”.

“For example, a gazette notification of the Backward Classes Welfare department, issued on February 19, 2015 has repeatedly used ‘Gorkha Territorial Administration’,” he saud.

According to the leader, a paragraph in the notification states: “In respect of area under Gorkha Territorial Administration (GTA) in the district of Darjeeling, the Principal Secretary of Gorkha Territorial Administration and in absence of this office, the official performing the duties of this officer or any other officer of Gorkha Territorial Administration to be nominated by the state government.”

However, a senior official in Nabanna said: “The state government cannot change the name of the GTA unilaterally when the accord mentions Gorkhaland Territorial Administration. This must be a mistake.”

Via: The Telegraph

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