AAGSU on NRC issue for Gorkha in Assam


As the issue of NRC in Assam has finally begun to subside with the assurance from the CM, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal that Gorkhas will be considered as genuine citizens of the state, we (GYASA) called up to speak with Shri Prem Tamang, President All Assam Gorkha Students Union (AAGSU) on the updates.

Welcoming the move by the government to identify illegal migrants, Prem Tamang said "AAGSU welcomes the move and appreciate the government's decision to acknowledge the history and contribution of the Gorkhas in Assam."

"As a responsible organization, AAGSU will continue to cooperate and speak not just for the Gorkhas , but also for other communities and will do everything to protect the state from illegal influx. We support the proposition that all Illegal Bangladeshis must be chased out from Assam."
"Some so-called intellectuals thinks Gorkhas as Nepali of Nepal. But no, we came with the land 300-400 years ago and have our history in this land. Our language is Nepali language and hence the confusion and people make issue out of it. Many think that many migrate to India from Nepal. But the fact is many go back rather than new coming in. And AAGSU welcomes the NRC move."
AAGSU on NRC issue for Gorkha in Assam
AAGSU on NRC issue for Gorkha in Assam
"We welcome the 1971 NRC cut off date and it will include 75-80% of our population. There might be chances 25% of Gorkhas may be left out as they do not have documents, but we are saying they are indigenous. There is always a possibility of bringing a special NRC team to count their status and get it re-verified."

Acknowledging that the issue is highly political, Tamang said "some people are playing politics out of this things. But this time, it will be guaranteed that we are not foreigners. Once we have the NRC, the foreigners tag will be forever removed and we will be a permanent resident of this proud land. NRC will give us our birthright of a motherland and AAGSU supports it wholeheartedly."

There are some few few places where there are lots of program coming. We are indigenous gorkhas living since time immemorial. We are in Assam and first of all my priority is Assam, my homeland. There are many bangladeshi in Assam. And we as Gorkhas as people of the land must also ensure that NRC is our responsibility to remove illegal immigrants. We are all together in this NRC movement."

Since there are many young, old ones in social media and lot of confusion and fear factors are coming in the minds of people and so many confusion. Yet he said they are doing all the best to ensure that NRC is implemented and we as Gorkhas as son of the soil of Assam will and must be covered.
We can't oppose the system, we must work along with the system, try to reason out our stand and why. He said he became President of AAGSU in a very difficult time. Concluding our short conversation, Prem Tamang said "We drank water of Assam since birth and childhood and Assam is our land and we love our land and are equally concern of the state. Mati, Mato and Jati comes in sequential order.

Wishing GYASA the best of luck and he appealed everyone to understand the issue and not to be led by false propaganda. He says, "let us continue using social media platform to highlight Gorkhas positivity."

Also on the 19th & 20th July Gorkha Autonomous Demand Committee (GADC), a wing of AAGSU, will be taking out a a "Paidel Yatra " from Dhemagi till Dispur last gate".

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