Darjeeling Crisis - Who should be blamed?

PERSPECTIVE: Who should be blamed?

Writes: Norbu Bhutia Angu

Blaming CM Smt. Mamta Bannerjee is fair for the unrest in the hills but it's unfair to over look the contribution of our leaders towards the cause too? I am not affiliated to any party in the hills. As all Gorkhas even I want a separate state and a identity. But at what cost???? Absolutely not by stepping over the corpses of my people and over the corpses of our security personnel who are one of us just performing their duties.

It's understandable why people are resonating. But the actual reason for resonating is within our family. Why did we accepted different boards? How did TMC formed a board in Mirik? Why there were independent candidates contesting elections. All this would not have taken place if the ruling party and the leaders were committed towards the cause which they have once stood for and stayed committed towards it.

I think it's foolish and absurd just to blame Mamta for all the unrest and commotion because at the end of the day deep beneath our heart we know that we have been betrayed by our own leaders whom we have trusted and entrusted with all devotion n support,for a dream that was never so far only if our leaders were committed. Our dream our aspirations our Gorkhaland.

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