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Oppositions reacton on Gorkha National Symposium by GJM

12:04 AM
Gorkha National Symposium, a window-dressing by GJMM: Opposition

Following the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s program in Kalimpong in associated with Lepcha and other tribal groups of the hills, GJMM has initiated two days Gorkha National Symposium, specifically making its clear stand on the Tribal status for 10 hills communities.

Meanwhile, oppositions of the hills have reacted on the 2 days seminar being held at Gorkha Rangamancha Bhavan (Bhanu Bhawan) in Darjeeling. Pratap Khati, general secretary of ABGL, severely commented as such programs are window- dressing by GJMM in the eyes of people. GJMM was never honest on the issues of the hills. If they are really honest, such program would have held in Delhi not in Darjeeling. The issue is related to Central government, therefore, the program should have included Tribal minister, central ministers and expertise on the issues.

The issue we have already raised in 2005, now GJMM is following our path, alleged Mr. MJ Subba, GNLF Darjeeling branch convener.
GJMM has initiated two days Gorkha National Symposium
GJMM has initiated two days Gorkha National Symposium
CPRM spokesperson Mr. Govind Chettri said, in relation to Tribal status for 10 communities of the hills, there is confusion whether tribal status for Gorkha community or in the region where Gorkhas residing in majority. It is also important to specify clearly that the tribal status is only for Darjeeling hills or all India as a whole. There is a constitutional provision for Tribal status set by the Central government. Meanwhile, to include all these 10 Gorkhas communities in Schedule Tribe status, amendment of constitution is required, which is depends on the Will of Government. Constitutionally it is difficult and complex issue. If it is successful, it is positive for all but it will not solve the main issue of Gorkhas.

Chettri also alleged that the GJMM is not sincere on the Gorkhaland issue, GJMM is diverting from its main issue, while Gorkha community is being divided by the so called tribal development boards.

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Mamata Banerjee not ready to give up the Darjeeling hills

Claps for Mamata in Kalimpong - Won't give up hills, says CM

Writes Rajeev Ravidas

Kalimpong, Sept. 15: Mamata Banerjee, while announcing funds for three hill communities, today told a crowd of several thousands that she "is not ready to give up the Darjeeling hills", but it did not elicit protests.

Some in the crowd of nearly 10,000 at Kalimpong's Ronaldshay Park clapped. Back in January 2013, when Mamata had said Darjeeling "is a part of us" at a rally on Chowrasta, hill people had jeered and held up Gorkhaland placards. Soon after, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha had restarted a statehood movement.

Yesterday, several hill tribal leaders who had got development bodies for their communities said they were grateful to Mamata. "The chief minister has come forward to help us preserve our culture, language and tradition by forming the Tamang development board. We are grateful to her. I don't see anything sinister in this," said Sanjay Moktan, the chairman of the Tamang development board.
Sanjay Moktan, the chairman of the Tamang Development and Cultural Board,
receives a cheque from Mamata Banerjee in Kalimpong on Tuesday.
Picture by Chinlop Fudong Lepcha
Last week, Gurung had warned hill residents of the state government's effort to divide and rule in the hills. He had appealed for unity.

Although it is tough to tell if Mamata had won the hearts of a section of hill residents by setting up the cultural development boards for them, it is clear that not all tribal community leaders in the hills are convinced by Gurung's arguments.

Mamata, speaking in Hindi, told the crowd: "I am ready to ruin my life for the hills, but I will not give up the hills. I will not let the hills break away."

Tamangs, Bhutias and Sherpas were at the event organised by the Tamang Development and Culture Board. The crowd, which included many from among the non-tribal Mangars, greeted her remark with applause.

In Darjeeling, Binay Tamang, assistant secretary of the Morcha, reminded all that the GTA agreement, signed by Mamata's government and the Centre, "clearly mentions that the Gorkhaland demand has not been dropped and we can raise it whenever we want to".

Tamang repeated what Gurung has earlier said: "We will raise the issue with the Centre as Bengal cannot give us statehood."

The Morcha perceives the NDA government at the Centre to be more receptive to the Gorkhaland demand, although nowhere in the general election manifesto had the NDA mentioned that it would support the creation of a separate Gorkhaland state.

Morcha chief Bimal Gurung yesterday announced a renewed agitation for Gorkhaland, irked by the alleged interference of the state government in the functioning of the GTA.

The Tamangs today organised the programme to mark the first anniversary of their development board.

The board gave Mamata the title of Narsang Dolma or the goddess of light.

The Lepchas, the first to be given a development board by Mamata in 2013, had given Mamata the title of bestower of good fortune.

The chief minister said she was committed to working for the development of the hills. In return, she said, she sought nothing other than the love and affection of the people. "Till the time I live, I will continue visiting the hills," she said.

Tamang, the Morcha assistant secretary, said in Darjeeling that the chief minister need bother about development in the hills. "All she needs to do is to transfer all the 57 subjects to the GTA and ensure that there is no dual administration in the hills. If this is done, development will take place in the hills," he said.

The chief minister also announced funds for the Tamang, Bhutia and Lepcha boards. The funds, ranging from Rs 3.75 crore to Rs 10 crore, will be used to construct houses and toilets for poor residents among the three tribes. She indicated that she would also announce something for the Mangars at a programme of the Lepchas she is scheduled to attend at the Mela Ground in Kalimpong tomorrow.

The Mangars, too, have been demanding a development board for themselves, but Mamata during her last visit to Darjeeling in August had said no more such bodies would be formed.

ABGL vice-president Pratap Khati, who attended the programme at the invitation of the Tamang board, said what he witnessed at the programme was a superficial division of the Gorkhas brought about by the vision-less leadership of Gurung.

Source Telegraph

Surrender notice to Democratic Front leaders

Vivek Chhetri

Ten Democratic Front leaders hill leaders opposed to the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, including Bharati Tamang, have been served police notices to surrender in a case of blocking a national highway, which they will appeal in high court.
Democratic Front leaders - Bharati Tamang  fast on to death
Democratic Front leaders / Bharati Tamang  fast on to death
The notice, which was issued on June 28, refers to a June 14 incident when Bharati and other leaders of the Democratic Front, a conglomeration of four hill outfits, started a march from the Gorkha Dukha Niwarak Sammelan Hall down NH55 to Chowrasta where the widow of Madan Tamang sat on a hunger strike.

Bharati was demanding the arrest of 23 Morcha supporters and top leaders, including Bimal Gurung, in the case of her husband's murder.

The CBI has chargesheeted the 23 after investigating the 2010 murder. The police notice sought their surrender within seven days of receiving the order. According to sources, different leaders got the order on different days.

At a meeting today, the Front said it had decided to file a writ petition in Calcutta High Court, challenging Darjeeling police's notice.

Darjeeling police on their own registered a case against 10 Front leaders for unlawful assembly, wrongfully restraining a person, obstructing a public servant from discharging his duty, which are bailable. They have also been charged under Section 8 (B) of the National Highway Act, which is non-bailable.

Apart from ABGL chief Bharati, the notice was sent to party leaders Pratap Khati and Laxman Pradhan, Democratic Front convenor Shankar Hang Subba, CPRM president and former Darjeeling MP R.B. Rai, spokesman for the CPRM Govind Chhetri, and GNLF president Mann Ghisingh. Three other GNLF leaders, Manikamal Chhetri, Biren Lama and Pravin Zimba, were also served the notices.

The Democratic Front is conglomeration of the ABGL, CPRM, GNLF and the Sikkim-Darjeeling Ekikaran Manch.

The decision to challenge the notice was taken at a meeting of Front leaders held in the ABGL office here today.

After the meeting, Subba said: "The voice of the people is being snatched but we will take this as a challenge. We will go to Calcutta High Court this week against the police's decision to slap cases on us."

Khati alleged that a police officer misbehaved with Bharati.

He said the Front would mention this in the plea.

Source: Telegraph

Even God cannot save Bimal Gurung - Pratap Khati

11:33 AM
Vivek Chhetri
Darjeeling, June 18: The Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League today told Mamata Banerjee that a judicial investigation should be conducted to find out lapses of the previous government and the district administration that could have led to the murder of the party's chief Madan Tamang in 2010.
Pratap Khati Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League  general secretary
Pratap Khati Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League  general secretary
Party general secretary Pratap Khati said: "We have told the chief minister that Bimal Gurung cannot be trusted. Following the chargesheet even God cannot save Bimal Gurung."

He said: "We requested the chief minister for a judicial inquiry. The role of the then government and the district administration has to be looked into as there were many lapses. We have learnt that the instruction given by then IG of north Bengal, K.L. Tamta, on issues regarding security arrangements at the public meeting which was to be addressed by Madan Tamang was not followed by the district police superintendent."

He said the escape of Nickole Tamang, one of the accused, from CID custody should also be probed.

"As per norms he should have been kept at a police lock-up for an overnight stay and should not have been with the CID. Also, we do not know why the CID's investigating officer, K.S. Paharia, was not brought to book. We have requested for a judicial inquiry so that the real facts and the involvement of the government can come to light," Khati said.

Khati was part of an ABGL delegation which met Mamata Banerjee at Richmond Hill here around 1.30pm today and submitted a memorandum.

The ABGL also raised the issue of the recent arms case in Darjeeling.

"We have told the chief minister that one of the elected GTA Sabha members, whose name had figured in a case related to seizure of arms in Assam is untraceable. There were reports of the involvement of NSCN (Khaplang) in the case. These groups were involved in the recent ambush in Manipur. We have told the chief minister that Bimal Gurung and Roshan Giri used to frequently visit the north-eastern states and they cannot be trusted," said Khati.

"Nothing happens in the Morcha without Bimal Gurung's knowledge," he said.

Told about the bonhomie shown by Mamata and Gurung yesterday, Khati said: "There can always be political compulsions."

Khati today also claimed that the chief minister had instructed her officials to send a bouquet and good wishes message to Bharati Tamang, the widow of Madan Tamang.

"The chief minister gave us a patient hearing today and also promised to meet us when she returns to the hills in September this year," said Khati.

Source; Telegraph

GJM case to be heard on Monday, judge threats the lawyer

8:10 AM
A Calcutta High Court judge today persuaded some of the lawyers who have gone on a three-day ceasework because of the "heat wave" to attend his court, threatening to strike the cases off the cause list if they did not appear.
 Calcutta High Court
 Calcutta High Court 
Justice Ashim Kumar Roy's decision to remove the cases from the list if they were not heard today forced three lawyers pleading for anticipatory bail of their clients to take part in the proceedings. The lawyers, who were on the court compound, included the one appearing for Gorkha Janmukti Morcha chief Bimal Gurung and other party leaders. The Morcha leaders have sought anticipatory bail in the Madan Tamang murder case.

Morcha president Bimal Gurung and 22 other party leaders have been chargesheeted by the CBI in connection with the murder of the ABGL chief in Darjeeling on May 21, 2010. The hearing of the anticipatory bail plea will continue on Monday.

If a case is struck off the cause list, it takes at least 14 days to make its way back to the queue, a crucial time period in cases of anticipatory bail pleas.

Yesterday, Justice Roy had slammed lawyers, particularly the state-empanelled ones, for going on leave. He had asked a lawyer who had kept the case diary with himself to appear before him today.
Justice Roy told the three state-empanelled lawyers who attended his court today: "The government you are representing in court is not supporting your ceasework. Then why are you abstaining from work? Why are you keeping case diaries with you? It should be kept either in the court's custody or with police."

At 2pm, Justice Roy summoned public prosecutor Manjit Singh and told him: "You should not allow the state-empanelled lawyers to take away case diaries with them." Singh assured the judge that such a thing would not be repeated.

Justice Roy then took up the list of cases and decided to hear some of them. When the case relating to the anticipatory bail pleas of the Morcha leaders came up, the judge asked an advocate to locate Sayan Dey, the lawyer of the bail applicants.

When Dey arrived, Justice Roy told him: "Either you start the hearing of your case today or I will strike the matter off the list."

The lawyer requested the judge to hear the case on Monday. But Justice Roy said: "For the 23 accused in the case, you have filed at least six anticipatory bail applications. The last one was filed on June 10, the first day of your ceasework. When you can file a case in the midst of a ceasework, why can't you start your arguments now?"

Dey then started the submission, narrating to the judge his version of how and when Tamang was murdered.

According to court sources, around a dozen cases were disposed of today.

Source: Telegraph

"Democratic Front" Leaders Meet Governor to Demand Bimal Gurung Arrest

9:47 AM
 Vivek Chhetri

The Democratic Front, an alliance of five anti-Gorkha Janmukti Morcha parties, yesterday demanded the arrest of Bimal Gurung in the Madan Tamang murder case and requested the governor to ask the state to "use its wisdom" regarding providing security and a red beacon to the GTA chief executive.
Democratic Front Leaders Meet Governor to Demand Bimal Gurung Arrest
Democratic Front Leaders Meet Governor to Demand Bimal Gurung Arrest
A seven-member delegation of the front led by convenor Pratap Khati met governor Keshari Nath Tripathi at the Raj Bhavan here this morning.

According to Khati, they told the governor that the CBI should not wait for the court's order. "Why should Bimal Gurung be treated differently? Because he is the chief of the GTA? He should be treated as any other murder accused as his name figures in the chargesheet. He should be arrested immediately and the CBI should not wait for the court's direction. There is a possibility of him influencing witnesses," Khati said . "We want the state to use its wisdom on the issue of providing security cover and a vehicle fitted with a red beacon to Bimal Gurung."

Tamang's wife Bharati was also part of the delegation.

Gurung, who has been named in the CBI chargesheet as an accused in the Madan Tamang murder case, enjoys a rank equivalent to a cabinet minister. He is entitled to a police convoy and allowed to have a red beacon on his official car.

The CID and the CBI have named 54 people in their chargesheets. Of them, 23 were named in the CBI chargesheet in Calcutta on Friday. The list included almost all the top rung leaders of the Morcha.

Khati, the general secretary of the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League of which Madan Tamang was the chief said: "We fear that few of the witnesses might have been bought over."

On Monday, the city sessions court of Calcutta had directed the CBI not to proceed against any of the accused. The investigating officer has been asked to appear on June 6.

The Raj Bhavan has not issued any statement regarding today's meeting.

Tamang was hacked to death in Darjeeling on May 21, 2010.

Today, the Democratic Front, which was formed yesterday by the ABGL, GNLF, CPRM, CPM and Sikkim-Darjeeling Ekikaran Manch, submitted a memorandum to the governor regarding the matter.

"The murderers, starting with the top echelon of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, have now been identified and arraigned by the investigation that culminated with the submission of the supplementary chargesheet by the CBI to the concerned court. However, we regret to note that the state has permitted them to roam around with impunity after their indictment and even today, we are yet to see a single warrant issued for their arrest," the memorandum reads.

Khati said after the meeting: "The governor gave us a patient hearing and said the memorandum would be forwarded to the home ministry."

The front also demanded that the Morcha should not be allowed to hold public meetings and rallies, "until the disposal of the trial for the murder" as it feared that the leadership would issue threats in public.

Source: : Telegraph

Opposition React to MP Ahluwalia's speech raising the Gorkhaland issue in the Parliament

8:01 PM
Suspicion, Hope, Solidarity - Opposition React to MP Speech

Call it political prudence, or a matter of habit, the opposition are finding reasons to question the speech made by Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia in the Parliament, demanding a committee to study the Gorkhaland statehood issue.
Opposition React to MP Ahluwalia's speech raising the Gorkhaland issue in the Parliament
Opposition React to MP Ahluwalia's speech raising the Gorkhaland issue in the Parliament
Leading the opposition is Dr. Mahendra P Lama, who many see as the panacea of all our problems. Dr. Lama said, "the BJP is in majority in the Centre... what sense does it make for a BJP MP to raise Gorkhaland issue... if they are sincere, they should bring the bill for Gorkhaland in the Parliament and approve it."

Doubting the sincerity behind BJP MP raising the Gorkhaland issue, Dr. Lama said, "The Morcha dharna was ending and they would have been embarrassed to have returned empty handed, hence they pressured the MP into making that empty statement..."

He even decried the fact that Morcha dharna had not been covered in the press, while Cooach Behar dharna had found priority amongst national media. He said, "Morcha had lied about the Home Minister giving assurance on forming a committee to study the Gorkhaland demand... they were also unable to get the BJP to endorse their demand for a Central University..."

Similarly, CPRM Spokesperson Mr. Govind Chettri also saw the MP's speech as a mere rhetoric, and he said, "what is the point in making speeches, if they are not sincere about the issue? if BJP state committee and Central committee supported the demand, then Gorkhaland can be formed in a matter of two-three days... this is a mere ploy to muddy the water... "

However he added, "if this was a genuine attempt to raise the voice in favour of Gorkhaland, we welcome it, and we are hopeful that the MP will now coordinate with other like minded MPs to pressure the Government into constituting Gorkhaland."

Mr. Pratap Khati of the ABGL welcomed the move, and he said, "since the MP spoke for uplifting the Gorkha community, we thank him and offer our gratitude to him." He further added, "if BJP forms Gorkhaland, then they will be the saviour for Gorkhalis all over India"

However, he had his doubts too, he said, "the MP was not clear in his speech... why did not raise the issue of Gorkhaland statehood... if the state is formed the medical college, central university etc can all be formed.... did he really ask for a committee to examine the Gorkhaland demand, or was he asking for a committee to be formed to examine our demand for various developmental projects?"
Congress leader and former Darjeeling MP Dawa Norbula was measured in his assessment, he said, "it is a welcome move, but to turn it into a reality a lot of ground work needs to be done... and if we can all work together towards this goal, it will be more fruitful."

We hope that Bimal Gurung and rest of the GJM will pay heed to what the former MP has to say and call for a collective effort to ensure the formation of Gorkhaland statehood.

Source: TheDC

CPM, ABGL and GNLF have virtually vanished from the hills - Bimal Gurung

10:14 AM
Hitting out hard at the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF), Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) chief Bimal Gurung on Thursday said its era is long over and the handful of supporters still clinging on in hope must realise this fact at the earliest.
Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) chief Bimal Gurung
Bimal Gurung
Speaking during the opening ceremony of the GTA’s three-day Krishi Mela at Damphe Thar in Dudhay, Gurung said hill parties such as the CPM, ABGL and GNLF have now virtually vanished from the public stage. “All political parties enjoy their prime time and they should learn to deal with this fact,” he said.

The GTA chief added, “A day will also come when the people of the Darjeeling hills will turn towards a new political party by sidelining the GJM, but at present the mandate is with us.”

According to Gurung, there will only be chaos and mayhem if a political party tries to flex its muscles despite being well aware that its heydays are over. “Our rivals tried to coax GJM supporters into joining their fold and a number of them did leave us temporarily, but now they are all returning back,” claimed the GJM chief.

Putting in a word of praise for ally BJP, he said, “During the Kargil War, many Gorkha soldiers were martyred, but no leader from Kolkata or Delhi visited their families as a mark of respect. Only the BJP respects the contribution of the Gorkhas to the nation.”

Gurung cautioned the people not to view the Krishi Mela as an entertainment event, but as one being held to promote new farming techniques. “Once this mela is over, Dudhay will soon find a place in the tourism map of Darjeeling,” he concluded.

Source: EOI

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