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मुख्यमन्त्री ममता व्यानर्जीले दिइन् हरियो झण्डा जीटीएले एनओसी दिए स्टेट युनिभर्सिटी स्थापना प्रक्रिया शुरू गरिने

6:03 PM
मुख्यमन्त्री ममता व्यानर्जीले दिइन् हरियो झण्डा
जीटीएले एनओसी दिए स्टेट युनिभर्सिटी स्थापना प्रक्रिया शुरू गरिने

प्रतिविम्ब न्यूज
दार्जीलिङ 24 मार्च।

जीटीएले एनओसी दिएको खण्डमा राज्य सरकारले मङपूमा स्टेट युनिभर्सिटी स्थापना अनि निर्माणकार्य शुरू गरिहाल्ने आश्वासन मुख्यमन्त्री ममता व्यानर्जीले दिएकी छिन्। हिजो विधानसभा भवनमा जीटीए क्षेत्रका तीनजना विधायकहरू अमरसिहँ राई, डा. रोहित शर्मा अनि सरिता राईले मुख्यमन्त्री ममता व्यानर्जीसित भेटवार्ता गरेका थिए। सोही भेटवार्ताको क्रममा मुख्यमन्त्री ममता व्यानर्जीले उक्त आशय व्यक्त गरेको दार्जीलिङका विधायक अमरसिहँ राईले प्रेस विज्ञप्तिमार्फत जनाएका छन्।
अमरसिहँ राई।
अमरसिहँ राई।
विधायक राईले विज्ञप्तिमा उल्लेख गरेअनुसार, मुख्यमन्त्री ममता व्यानर्जीले विशेष स्टेट युनिभर्सिटिको स्थापनाको निम्ति मङपूमा जमीन पनि चिह्नित भइसकेको जनाउँदै जीटीएलाई आपत्ति नरहेको खण्डमा निर्माणकार्य पनि चाड़ै शुरू गरिने आश्वासन प्रदान गरिन्। जीटीएको तर्फबाट यस विषयमा कुनै आपत्ति नरहेको विधायकहरूले मुख्यमन्त्रीलाई जनाएको र यथाशीघ्र पहल गरिदिने अपील पनि गरेको पनि राईको भनाइ छ।
यसबाहेक राज्यका शिक्षामन्त्री पार्थ च्याटर्जीसित पनि विधायकहरूले भेटवार्ता गरेको र उक्त भेटवार्तामा मुख्यरूपले विश्वविद्यालय स्थापना, कालेबुङ पेदोङमा बीएड कलेज स्थापना अनि जीटीएक्षेत्रमा रहेको 31 वटा विद्यालयहरू जो अहिलेसम्म सरकारी मान्यता पाएका छैनन् ती विद्यालयहरूलाई मान्यता प्रदान गरिनुपर्ने विषयमा कुराकानी भएको पनि राईले विज्ञप्तिमा जनाएका छन्।  उक्त तीनैवटा विषयमा मन्त्री पार्थ च्याटर्जीले सकरात्मक पदक्षेपको आश्वासन दिँदै आगामी केही दिनभित्रमा विश्वविद्यालय अनि बीएड कलेज निर्माणसम्बन्धि आवश्यक जानकारी लिन विभागीय प्रतिनिधिलाई निरीक्षण भ्रमणमा पठाउने भएको र सोही बेला 31 वटा विद्यालयहरूको पनि निरीक्षण भ्रमण गरी सरकारी मान्यता प्रदान गरिने दिशामा पनि पहल शुरू गरिने पनि मन्त्री पार्थ च्याटर्जीले आश्वासन दिएको राईको भनाइ छ।

हिजो ममता व्यानर्जी अनि शिक्षा मन्त्री पार्थ च्याटर्जीसित बसिएको उक्त दुईवटा भेटवार्ता दार्जीलिङ पहाड़को शैक्षिक विकास अनि व्यवस्थापनको दिशामा महत्त्वपूर्ण साबित हुने आफूहरूलाई विश्वास रहेको विधायक अमरसिहँ राईले विज्ञप्तिमा जनाएका छन्।

फोटोः अमरसिहँ राई।

Rs 26 crore for Darjeeling hill schools

7:08 AM

Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling: The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) has decided to invest around Rs 26 crore to build 56 school buildings across the Darjeeling hills.

Amar Singh Rai, Darjeeling MLA and member of the education department of the GTA's board of administrators, said: "Under the Sarva Siksha Mission, the GTA has decided to construct 20 primary school buildings and 36 upper primary school buildings. Tenders have already been floated."

Upper primary schools have classes till VIII.

Sources said that primary schools building would be built at a cost of Rs 28 lakh each while construction of a upper primary school building would cost of Rs 58 lakh.

In total, Rs 5.6 crore will be spent on building primary schools and Rs 20.88 crore for upper primary school buildings.

Rai said: "Our aim has been to give a major thrust in education in the hills. We have identified those schools which are situated in far-flung areas of the hills. The GTA is holding continuous meeting with the state government on various developmental initiatives."

" Following the meetings with the state government, it has been decided that 99 school buildings will be constructed in the hills. The 56 buildings that are being constructed is part of the first phase of work," Rai added.

The minister informed that the GTA was working in tandem with the state government to ensure that the educational standard is improved in the hills.

"We are committed to improving education in the hills and regain the past glory. We will go our best and will place our progress report before the public for them to judge," he said.

In the last couple of months, the state government and the GTA has regularised jobs of 137 ad-hoc teachers.

In January, Binay Tamang, the GTA chairman of the board of administrator, had handed approval letters to 429 secondary teachers, solving a decade long problem.

The secondary teachers had been given appointment in various hill schools in 2010 by the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council but with the approval only coming from DGHC education secretary and not the district inspector of schools, the teacher's post retirement benefits were in doubt.

However, with the DI giving its approval, after the GTA pursued the issue, the secondary teachers problem have also been solved.

Via Telegraph

Pathetic construction of buildings in the Darjeeling hills

4:36 PM
Writes Vivek Chhetri
Darjeeling, July 24: The collapse of a four-storey structure in Darjeeling on Friday night, which led to seven deaths, has brought to focus the pathetic construction of buildings in the hills.

Buildings have virtually come up in thin air in Darjeeling with residents using vertical wooden stilts to create space, though in reality, there is no land for construction.

Prashant Rai, the municipal engineer of Darjeeling civic body, said: "We appeal to residents not to be careless as it concerns your own safety. People rely on the skills of masons. Although masons are skilled labourers, they are not experts on the science of construction."

The Telegraph went around in town today and found that some houses had "hanging staircase", while others had created space over streams without proper support.

Multi-storied buildings have been constructed on steep slopes and without foundation, and some houses merely sit on the ground.

"I fail to understand how people can even think of coming up with such constructions," said an architect who didn't want to be named.

Amar Singh Rai, the Darjeeling municipality chairman, said the civic body would start a survey tomorrow on illegal buildings.

Asked about the issue, he said: "It's a huge problem. There are a number of issues involved. People have to be given alternative space (for business or accommodation). Whenever we go to check structures that have come up illegally, people point at other areas where also such buildings have mushroomed. Nevertheless, we will launch a survey tomorrow and issue notices to those who own illegal structures and try our best to remove them.
Pathetic construction of buildings in the Darjeeling hills

The exact cause of the collapse of the four-storey building at Dr Zahir Hussain Busty, commonly known as Butcher Busty, has not been pinpointed.

Engineers said the Darjeeling residents must cultivate the habit of involving experts in constructions. "For most people, repair is only about applying a fresh plaster over cracks. Repair should involve identifying internal defects and strengthening the column and beams through retrofitting and jacketing of beams and columns," said Rai.

An architect said: "The most important thing during construction is to have a soil test done so that one has knowledge of the earth's capacity to bear weight. Designs can be accordingly framed. One should dig at least five feet for foundation and in some cases, it should be seven feet deep. Even then, if one does not find a firm base, techniques like combined columns should be used for weight distribution," he added.

There are various procedures and rules in place for constructions but municipality officers said hardly anyone followed them.

"The building plan has to be drawn up by an authorised surveyor who is empanelled with the municipality. Either the building owner or surveyor should submit reports to the civic body regularly on the construction process but that is hardly followed. Construction should not be undertaken on slopes steeper than 30 degrees and there should be proper ratio of materials. But no one seems to be taking these issues seriously," said Rai.

Ideally, a bag of cement should be mixed with one-and-a-half bags of sand and three bags of coarse aggregate.

"Masons have their own set formula. The ratio of water and cement mix also varies depending on constructions. The column designs have to be different for different constructions but the standard practice in the hill is to either use four 16mm or 12mm rods for a column," the architect said.
Metro went around Darjeeling to find out about precarious buildings in the hill town.

On Friday night, a four-storeyed building collapsed, killing seven people in an area known as Butcher Busty in Darjeeling
In the picture above, a green house standing on Robertson Road has a narrow base because of lack of land, but a much wider terrace.

An engineer said this was a sure recipe for disaster as the upper floors had no support of a base.


Building Collapse in Darjeeling, 3 Deaths, 7 Rescued, 7 Missing

9:52 AM
TRAGEDY STRIKES DARJEELING: Building Collapse Causes 3 Deaths, 7 Rescued, 7 Missing

Darjeeling 22nd July 2016 Around 10:30 PM last night, people in Dr. Zakir Hussain Busty (locally known as Butcher Busty) below Lower Masjid, were jolted by a tremor. They assumed it was an earthquake. On coming out of their houses, they were left in a state of confusion and shock to see one of the buildings in their neighbourhood turned into rubble.

As the truth dawned on them, that a building had collapsed, local people rushed to rescue those who were trapped.
The building owned by Mr. Ashok Chettri was said to be old, and the owner had been residing in Siliguri for quite some time now and had rented it to others.

The building - a 4 storey one – housed 3 families.

Frantic efforts by locals ensured that three people, two women and an elderly men were rescued within 30 minutes of the collapse.
However, they would have to dig in deep to rescue others.
Building Collapse in Darjeeling, 3 Deaths, 7 Rescued, 7 Missing
Photo - Building Collapse in Darjeeling, 3 Deaths, 7 Rescued, 7 Missing
As the night proceeded, Darjeeling MLA Mr. Amar Rai arrived on the scene and after seeing the extent of devastation he called Darjeeling DM and Army officials requesting rescue teams. Along with Firebrigade, Police and local civil defense volunteers the rescue efforts was mounted, resulting in safe recovery of four more individuals.

In about two hours Army rescue team also arrived, sadly due to the congestion of the road their heavy equipments could not be brought to the disaster site. As the army took charge hope ensued, but sadly they so far they have only been able to recover four dead bodies, all of the Pariyar family.
The rescue efforts are being undertaken with Army, Firebrigade, Police, Civil Defense, Municipal Engineers and local volunteers, and we hope that the rest of the people are rescued soon.

Please keep the missing in your prayers.

Dead: Rajesh Pariyar, Anita Pariyar, Amrita Pariyar
Missing: Naseem Kashmiri, Allaudin, Zamila, Sabina Kashmira + two guests (name unknown at this point)

Rescued so far: Salam Saha, Ghulam Saha , Sabina Khatoon, Sabana Khatoon she is expecting too , Anjali 9yrs, Ifa 2 yrs, Faiz 7 years

Sriju Bal Tamang for TheDC

Roshan Giri's peal to state education minister Partha Chatterjee

1:25 PM
DARJEELING 5 July 2016 Gorkhaland Territorial Administration sabhasad Roshan Giri today said the state government has given a positive response to the demand for regularising teachers serving on voluntary basis in various high schools and higher secondary schools in the hills.

Today, Giri and the three MLAs from the hills called on state education minister Partha Chatterjee in Kolkata and served a memorandum of demand following which they got the assurance. Speaking from Kolkata, Giri said, “We met the state education minister today and submitted a memorandum of our demands regarding regularising the voluntary teachers. The minister gave us a patient hearing and positive assurance.”

At present, 519 teachers are serving voluntarily in 129 junior, high and higher secondary schools in the hills. However, these teachers now want to be regularised and have started various forms of agitation under the aegis of the Janmukti Insecure Secondary Teachers’ Organisation (JISTO) to pressurise the state government.
Roshan Giri accompanied by hill MLAs Amar Singh Rai, Sarita Rai and Rohit Sharma met state education minister Partha Chatterjee
Roshan Giri accompanied by hill MLAs Amar Singh Rai, Sarita Rai and Rohit Sharma
met state education minister Partha Chatterjee
Besides regularisation, the GTA also wants the state government to form an ad-hoc selection board, giving permanent status to the headmasters of various schools currently holding temporary posts and a raise in salary of the voluntary teachers.

“There are schools in the hills that have headmasters who have been given temporary charge. We want permanent status for them for the smooth functioning of the schools. We also raised the issue of enhancement of salary of the voluntary teachers as assured by the state government in 2014,” Giri said.

According to the GTA sabhasad, the education minister assured the delegation that the process to regularise the voluntary teachers would start on receiving the green signal from the state chief secretary. “We have been assured that the minister would start the process to absorb the voluntary teachers, form an ad-hoc selection board and enhance salary once the state chief secretary gives the directions,” said Giri.

When asked for his comment on the development, JISTO coordinator Amit Gurung said, “We have not received any information yet about the meeting between the GTA and the state education minister. We will first wait for the details of the proposed ad-hoc selection board to see if it benefits us and comment only then.”

A discrepancy to be noted here is that on May 20 last month, the joint secretary of the state school education department had written to the home and hill affairs department stating that regularisation, absorption and appointment of voluntary teachers in the GTA could not be entertained until they secure their candidature through the West Bengal School Service Commission, which ironically, has remained defunct in the hills since 2003.

Telegraph - The GTA Sabha member in charge of education, Roshan Giri, met state education minister Partha Chatterjee today and demanded that an ad hoc selection board be formed to make the 500-odd voluntary teachers in the hills permanent.

Giri, who was accompanied by hill MLAs Amar Singh Rai, Sarita Rai and Rohit Sharma, said: "We have demanded that an ad hoc selection board be formed to absorb the 519 voluntary teachers in the hills. Since 2003, the SSC (School Service Commission) has been lying defunct and that is why the managing committees of the schools have had to recruit voluntary teachers. After having served for so long, it is justified that their (the teachers') services are regularised."

Chatterjee, however, said there would be no separate system for recruiting hill teachers. "The system followed in the plains will have to be followed in the hills as well," he said after meeting Giri at Bikash Bhavan in Calcutta.

Via   EOI and Telegraph

Darjeeling MLA Amar Rai on the debate on the Governor's address

9:53 PM
Writes Amar Singh Rai

I was allotted 5 minutes to make a presentation on the debate on the Governor's address.
I thanked the Speaker for giving me the opportunity to address the august House.
I started my speech on the " charm" of Democracy. It's this" charm" that gives us the opportunity to express our views, to discuss and debate, to raise issues, to interact, to develop friendship and know members, to share and care.

I took up 3 issues mentioned in the Address
1. An " inclusive" approach for development which would be pro- people and cater to the marginalised sections.
2. The plight of Tea Garden labours.
3. Scope of Education.
Darjeeling MLA Amar Rai
The inclusive approach is welcomed and hope the Govt. applies it without disparity.
I pointed out the decent instance of the Govt decision to raise the pay of Group C and D casual workers in GTA. This has led to an agitation by the Group A and B Staff which is affecting the work of the GTA. These should also be included in the decision of the Govt immediately.
On the issue of the plight of Tea garden labourers I made a mention of the long standing problems faced by them. The immediate one being the problem faced by the Gardens owned by the Alchemist Group. I Appealed to the Govt. to look into this immediately.

Regarding the scope of Education I made my point that school education is in doldrums in the Hills due to the non establishment of the School Service Commission. Requested the Govt. to take immediate steps to establish the School Service Commission, College Service Commission and the Subordinate Staff Selection Commission as all these were agreed to upon in the MOA and included in the GTA Act.

I also raised the important issues of Land Rights and Minimum Wages but time did not permit.However these issues were raised by Dr. Rohit yesterday.

विधानसभामा आफ्नो सम्बोधनको क्रममा दार्जीलिङ विधानसभा समष्टिक्षेत्रका विधायक अमरसिहँ राईले दार्जीलिङ पहाड़सम्बन्धित तीनवटा मुद्दाहरू क्रमैले सबै वर्गका मानिसहरूको समान विकास, उत्तर बगांलसितै दार्जीलिङ पहाड़का चियाकमानहरूको आर्थिक उत्थान अनि पहाड़को शैक्षिक विकासको पक्षमा राज्य सरकारको ध्यानाकर्षण गराएका छन्।

गत 17 जूनको दिन राज्यपाल केशरीनाथ तिवारीले समग्र राज्यवासीहरूको पक्षमा राज्यवासीहरूलाई समान विकासतिर अग्रसर गरिनुपर्ने, उत्तर बंगालक्षेत्रका चियाकमान अनि चियाश्रमिकहरूको उत्थान गरिनुपर्ने तथा राज्यमा सर्वाङ्गीन शिक्षा विकास गरिनुपर्ने विषयहरूमाथि आफ्नो वक्तव्य पेश गरेका थिए भने उक्त प्रस्तावहरूमाथि प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त गर्नको निम्ति विधायक राईले आज 5 मिनटको समय पाएका थिए। सोही अवधिमा राज्यपालको उक्त वक्तव्यको स्वागत गर्दै उनले यी तीनवटा विषयहरूमा दार्जीलिङ पहाड़को निम्ति पनि राज्य सरकारले यी विषयहरूमाथि ध्यान दिन आवश्यक रहेको विचार व्यक्त गर्दै उक्त कुराहरू राखेका हुन्।

राज्यवासीको हितमा सरकारद्वारा शुरू गरिने विकासकार्यहरूमा दार्जीलिङ पहाड़लाई पनि समावेश गरिनुपर्ने माग राख्दै विधायक राईले राज्यवासीहरूलाई समान विकासमा दोहोराउने राज्यपालको योजनालाई स्वागत पनि गरे। गत फरवरी महीनामा सी अनि डी वर्गका कर्मचारीहरूको वेतन वृद्धि गरिएको प्रसङ्ग झिक्दै विधायक राईले उक्त दुई वर्गको मात्रै वेतन वृद्धि गरिदाँ ए अनि बी वर्गका कर्मचारीहरूले असन्तुष्ट रहेको बताउँदै दार्जीलिङ पहाड़मा पनि ए अनि बी वर्गका कर्मचारीहरू असन्तुष्ट भएर विरोध गरिरहेकोले जीटीएलाई प्रशासनिक तौरमा धेरै प्रभाव परिरहेको पनि विधायक राईले विधानसभालाई बताए। यसरी एक वर्गको हितमामात्रै कार्य नगरी सबै जनतालाई समानरूपमा विकासकार्यमा अग्रसर गराए राज्यको विकास संगसंगै शान्ति अनि सद्भावनापूर्ण माहौल पनि सृजना हुने पनि राईले आफ्नो सम्बोधनको क्रममा भने।

यसबाहेक दार्जीलिङ पहाड़का चियाश्रमिकहरूको उत्थानको निम्ति पनि राज्य सरकारले सोच्न अनि पदक्षेप लिन आवश्यक रहेको पनि राईले विचार व्यक्त गरे। दार्जीलिङ पहाड़का चियाकमानहरूमा धेरै प्रकारको समस्याहरू रहिआएको र कतिपय चियाकमानहरू बन्दावस्थामा रहेको पनि उल्लेख गर्दै यसलाई व्यवस्थित गर्नको निम्ति राज्य सरकारको हस्तक्षेप आवश्यक रहेको पनि उनले बताए।

यसै सन्दर्भमा अल्कामिस्ट ग्रुप अधिनस्थ रहेका दार्जीलिङ पहाड़ अनि समतलक्षेत्रका यिचाकमानहरूको समस्या समाधानको निम्ति पनि राज्य सरकारले यथाशीघ्र ठोस पदक्षेप लिन आवश्यक रहेको पनि विधायक राईले विधानसभामा माग उठाए।

यसपछि दार्जीलिङको शिक्षा व्यवस्थालाई व्यवस्थित बनाउनुको निम्ति पनि राज्य सरकारको पहल आवश्यक रहेको पनि राईले बताए। जीटीए सम्झौता अनि जीटीएको कानूनमा पनि जीटीएक्षेत्रको शैक्षिक विकासको निम्ति स्कूल सर्भिस कमिशन(एस.एस.सी), कलेज सर्भिस कमिशन(सी.एस.सी) अनि सब अर्डिनेट सेलेक्सन बोर्डहरू स्थापना गरिने कुराको उल्लेख रहेको भएतापनि हालसम्म यस दिशामा कुनै पहल नभएको उल्लेख गर्दै पहाड़को शिक्षा व्यवस्था ठीक गर्न राज्य सरकारले यी विषयहरूमा अविलम्ब पहल शुरू गरिनुपर्ने पनि विधायक राईले आफ्नो सम्बोधनको क्रममा भने।

यसरी नै अब राज्यपालको सोही प्रस्तावहरूमाथि भोलि कालेबुङका विधायिका सरिता राईले पनि विधानसभामा प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त गर्नेछिन्।
श्री अमर सिहँ राई
दार्जीलिङ विधानसभा समष्टि।

Amar Singh Rai Official

तीन विधायकहरूले ममता व्यानर्जीसित कालेबुङ जिल्ला गठनको घोषणाको निम्ति आभार व्यक्त गरयो

11:28 PM
दार्जीलिङ, कालेबुङ अनि खरसाङका तीनजना विधायकहरू क्रमैले श्री अमर सिहं राई, श्रीमती सरिता राई अनि डा. रोहित शर्माले आज माननीय मुख्यमन्त्री सुश्री ममता व्यानर्जीसित भेटवार्ता गरी कालेबुङ जिल्ला गठनको घोषणाको निम्ति आभार व्यक्त गर्दै दार्जीलिङ पहाड़को जनतालाई प्रशासनिक सुविधा प्रदान गर्नुको निम्ति अझै थप जिल्ला अनि महकुमाहरू निर्माण गर्नुपर्ने माग पनि पेश गरयो।

विधानसभामा आज माननीय राज्यपाल केशरीनाथ तिवारीजीको सम्बोधन कार्यक्रमको समापनपछि तीनजना विधायकले सुश्री ममता व्यानर्जीले उनकै च्याम्बरमा गएर सौहार्दमूलक भेटघाट अनि बातचीत गरेको थियो। विशेषरूपले कालेबुङलाई जिल्ला बनाउने प्रक्रिया शुरू गरिएकोमा माननीय मुख्यमन्त्री महोदयालाई समग्र पहाड़वासीको पक्षमा धन्यबाद दिइयो। यसको साथसाथमा खरसाङ महकुमालाई पनि जिल्ला बनाइनुपर्ने, मिरिकलाई महकुमा बनाइनुपर्ने तथा दार्जीलिङ पहाड़को सर्ववृहत खण्ड विकास क्षेत्र बिजनबारीलाई पनि महकुमा बनाइनुपर्ने पनि मुख्यमन्त्रीसमक्ष अपील गरियो। पहाड़का मानिसहरूले दीर्घकालदेखि विभिन्न प्रशासनिक समस्याहरू झेलिरहेको कारणले गर्दा जिल्ला अनि महकुमाहरूको विस्तार गरिन आवश्यक रहेको पनि मुख्यमन्त्रीलाई अवगत गराइयो।
तीन विधायकहरूले ममता व्यानर्जीसित कालेबुङ जिल्ला गठनको घोषणाको निम्ति आभार व्यक्त गरयो
मुख्यमन्त्री ममता व्यानर्जीले पनि पहाड़का विधायकहरूको उक्त अपीललाई सम्मान गर्दै सकरात्मक आश्वासन प्रदान गर्नुभएको छ। जिल्ला अनि महकुमा विस्तारकार्यको निम्ति थुप्रै औपचारिकता अनि पूर्वाधारहरूमाथि कार्य गर्नुपर्ने हुनाले यस विषय़मा चाड़ै कार्यान्वन गर्न नसकिने भएतापनि भविष्यमा उक्त विषयहरूमाथि राज्य सरकारले अवश्यै सकरात्मप पहल गर्ने माननीय मुख्यमन्त्री महोदयाले आश्वासन प्रदान गर्नुभएको छ।

JISTO continues fight for volunteer teachers

10:21 AM
Writes Swareena Gurung

DARJEELING 8 Jun 2016 The Janmukti Insecure Secondary Teachers’ Organisation (JISTO) today held a press conference to draw attention on the deprivation of rights volunteer teachers in government schools are facing.

Formed in 2009, the JISTO comprises volunteer teachers from secondary and higher secondary schools. There are 129 secondary and higher secondary schools in Darjeeling district and according to figures from 2013, almost 528 vacancies for permanent teaching positions were available then. This number has only increased since, and the JISTO has been agitating for permanent positions for the last nine years but to no avail. Some volunteer workers have devoted almost 18 years of service, and still have not been granted permanent status.
Janmukti Insecure Secondary Teachers’ Organisation (JISTO)
Janmukti Insecure Secondary Teachers’ Organisation (JISTO) -  file photo
In two memorandums submitted to the Headmaster Association of Darjeeling and to the Darjeeling MLA, Amar Rai, JISTO coordinator Amrit Gurung said, “We have devoted our valuable time and efforts to the education sector and our services can be each year when new batches of students pass out. Many of us have moved beyond our youthful years, but we are still being forced to agitate for our rights. What sort of a situation is this??

“The educated people of the hills are receiving a wrong message upon witnessing the helpless condition of the voluntary teachers. Due to non-receipt of adequate provisions from the state government and the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, the teachers are not making any progress. We cannot overlook the fact that if things are not mended in time, the students of the hills will face a bleak future.”

The GJM’s poll manifesto ahead of the Vidhan Sabha elections included a clause to make JISTO members permanent. The organisation seeks support from the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and hopes their prolonged agitation reaches a favourable conclusion soon.

Source EOI

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