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Bipul Chettri - Wildfire/Dadhelo music Video released

1:29 PM
Bipul Chettri, a Nepali music sensation well known for his Nepali folk tunes, have Published his new music video titled "Bipul Chettri - Wildfire/Dadhelo (Official Music Video)" on 21 May 2016 in YouTube. The video is an amazing work of art by Polka Studio's guys from UK. In a nutshell the music video is the combination of Great Music and the Great work of Art. Viewers in the You Tube have nothing to say but  praises for both Bipul Chettri and Polka Studio.

 Details Of the Music Video
 Music & Lyrics - Bipul Chettri
Artist/Concept - Asis Rai
Video Consultant/Advisor - Sonam Tashi

 Watch the Music Video Here

Here is what Bipul Has to say about his first Ever Music Video on FB

 "You should not miss this. In a brilliant video narrative, Bipul Chhetri's new Wildfire/Dadhelo is actually a piece of art. This song became a phenomenon three years back. Capturing the life of the artist in just three and a half minutes, the video depicts his journey of life as an artist. Congratulations Bipul Chettri - Wildfire!! You inspire us." - Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA

Maruni dance to be performed on World Culture Festival by Art of Living

11:56 AM
Writes: Prashant Acharya

A host of traditional Gorkha 'Maruni' dancers from Sikkim, the Darjeeling hills and the Dooars are set to create a world record by performing at the World Culture Festival on Saturday that is being organised by the Art of Living Foundation at Mayur Vihar in New Delhi.

Three hundred and fifty dancers and their team leaders have already reached New Delhi for performing on Saturday evening on a giant stage sprawled across 7 acres of land. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the function in the presence of officials from 155 nations.

The Maruni dancers from Sikkim and north Bengal have undergone rigorous practice over the past two months and will mesmerize an estimated audience of 35 lakh people during the three-day festival, aimed at celebrating diversity among world cultures and uniting peoples across geographical boundaries.

Ramkumar Lama, the dance coordinator from the Dooars, said, "The almost forgotten Nepali folk dance will see a grand revival and get promoted across the world. We intend to make it into the Guinness Book of world records."
Maruni dancers from Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Dooars en route to create world record
Maruni dancers from Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Dooars en route to create world record
Meanwhile, Raj Sharma, the coordinator from Sikkim, said 118 dancers from the state’s West, East and South districts are participating and a huge contingent of Art of Living volunteers from Sikkim have already reached New Delhi to be part of the extravaganza.

“In the days of yore, men used to adorn women’s attire and enact female roles while performing the Maruni dance because women were forbidden to perform in public. But this has changed now, of course,” said Karuna Pradhan, the coordinator from Darjeeling. She said the song for the Maruni folk dance is in the 'Samala' beat and has been written by Rajen Ghimire while the dance choreographer is Lhamu Sherpa.


Amir Sundas sculpts unique statute of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya at Milan More

10:16 AM
Amir Sundas is the man behind the unique statute of poet  Nepali poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya in a sitting posture installed at Milan More Siliguri. Amir is multi-talented and in addition to sculpting he is also deft at painting, music and other art forms.
Amir Sundas seen in action.
Amir Sundas seen in action - PIC via TheDC
Amir Sundas from Bagrakote in Dooars is the artist who designed and sculpt the unique statute of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya in sitting position that was unveiled at Milan More Siliguri on the 23rd Nepali Bhasha Diwas , the day when the Nepali language got recognition by the Constitution.

The statue made in a sitting position on stone with verses of the Ramayana engraved is the first one in Bengal and l cost around Rs 3 lakhs.

With inputs from TheDC

Art in Nature Exhibition cum Sell in Kalimpong

10:28 AM
The Himalayan Trust for Natural History and Art (HTNHA) will hold a three-day exhibition cum sale in Kalimpong. The event will be hosted by Brindavan School from February 6 to 8 and will showcase natural history art/paintings, drawings, pottery and jewellery created by the kids of Relli Valley.
Art in Nature Exhibition cum Sell in Kalimpong
Art in Nature Exhibition cum Sell in Kalimpong
“Over the past four years, the children have gone through trying times in terms of honing up their creativity and skills,” said trainer Hemlata Pradhan, a renowned artist from Darjeeling. “Despite attending school regularly and carrying out chores such as tending cattle, cutting grass, collecting firewood, cooking and cleaning, the kids still found time for sharpening their creative skills. I give the entire credit to them.”

She added, “The pictures are for sale and 50 per cent of the proceeds will go for the welfare of the children of Relli Valley.”

What: Art Exhibition cum Sell
Where: Vrindavan School, Kalimpong, (12th Mile ), Kalimpong
When: Feb 6th to 8th, 2015 from 10 A.M Onwards

Why: Please attend to see the fascinating Natural History artworks created by children of the Himalayan Trust for Natural History Art (HTNHA), Kalimpong.

Trained under the tutelage of Darjeeling Icon Ms. Hemlata Pradhan in this past four years the children have gone through a lot of phases where their creativity, skills (and patience) were tested many times. Despite attending regular schools and carrying out daily chores like tending to their cattle, cutting grass, collecting firewood, cooking, cleaning etc. and looking after their homes, they still found time for creativity, stuck by it and loved it, "and this I believe has been their victory" says Ms. Pradhan.

The works that will be exhibited between 6th and 8h of February at Vrindavan School, Kalimpong, (12th Mile )and is a culmination of artworks created over these four years. Your presence will mean a definite encouragement, support and motivation for everyone associated with the HTNHA.
Note: For those coming from far, Vrindavan School bus will be made available to pick-up and drop-off visitors.
Pick-point will be in front of Kanchan cinema hall.
Time: First trip-10:00 am, 2nd trip- 12:00 Noon and 3rd trip- 2:00 pm

Source: EOI and DC

Nepali literature more expressive than English, feels Bipul Chhetri

9:57 PM
His songs from the recently-launched debut album has sketches from Darjeeling, explores everything that every Hill folk can relate to. Be it the toy train, the wildfire, the bustling wind, cow bells, mountains, the humming of the monks at the monastery, he sums up everything in his songs, lending them a folk flavour, while also giving them a western touch.
Bipul Chhetri
Bipul Chhetri
Bipul Chhetri took the Gangtok people to a high with his simple yet elegant music at Cafe Live and Loud as part of his ‘Lai Bari Lai’ tour.  After thrilling the Kathmandu crowd, people here could not resist themselves from tapping their feet right from ‘Asar’ to ‘Mountain High.’

Thirty-three-year-old Chhetri from Kalimpong sent the crowd here down memory lane with his amalgamation of Nepali folk-rock genre that explores the beauty and uniqueness of the Hills. Maintaining a low profile as of now, music seems to come to him as a passion, though he ceases to contemplate himself as a celebrity.

“Folk music completed me as a person and I am deeply rooted in the culture, because folk music has a sense of originality and it is who I am,” he shared. He, however does not confine himself to mere folk music and strives to explore other genres as well.

“Our culture has a lot more potential in terms of expression. Nepali literature and culture can capture a lot more than what English can do, and our rich culture has been the original source of motivation for me,” Chhetri said here on Saturday.

Kalimpong’s very own musician, Chhetri also holds a diploma in classical guitar from Trinity College, London. Right from his first song ‘Dhadelo’ that created a sensation online to recent hits like ‘Mountain High’, ‘Asar’ and ‘Ram Saile’, an ode to his father, his songs have been on everyone’s playlist, confined not only to the Hills but beyond it.

Chhetri, who claims music to be have been in his blood said “music was always there in my life since childhood. And good music teachers at my school, St Augustine’s in Kalimpong, helped me explore more.”

Chhetri, whose Darjeeling-related songs are a hit on Sound Cloud, added: “The overwhelming response from music lovers all over the world was more than expected.”

Chhetri also heads the Arts Department at the Vasant Valley School in New Delhi, suggests young and aspiring artists to come out of the confinement and explore, meet different people so that something or the other comes up.

His next stop will be Delhi, followed by a tour outside India.


‘Focus’ in Kalimpong organising the 4 days photo-exhibition

11:02 AM
Kalimpong town has been basking under the warmth of literature and art for some time now. Recently, writer Ramesh Ali launched his new book ‘Soldati Gorkha Monto Byoni’ and simultaneously, the artists of Kalimpong held a three-day long art exhibition in the town. Following the same trend, the esteemed photographers association ‘Focus’ of Kalimpong has been organising a four-day long photo-exhibition since Saturday.
Photographers association ‘Focus’ of Kalimpong
organising a four-day long photo-exhibition since Saturday. 
‘Focus’ is the brain-child of renowned local photographers Samten Kabo, Chinlop Fudong, Ganesh Mani Pradhan, Pravin Chettri, Dipen Ghatani, Bimal Kumar Diyali, Laden Lepcha, and Lawang Tshering Lepcha who have contributed their work to online media and various national/international magazines. The organisation has been organising such exhibition since 2010 every year and have featured many prominent photographers from the region and surrounding places.

The latest exhibition features 72 different pictures covering various aspects of live in the hills. The pictures include portraits, nature and other attractive shots in a number of print and colour fonts. Samten Kabo said this year’s exhibition focuses on life in and around Kalimpong to promote tourism in a larger scale and features many in-home and guest photographers.

Source: EOI

Sharad Dipesh Diyali wins the Great Indian Guitar Solo Competition

11:04 AM
Sharad Dipesh Diyali an Indian Gorkha from Kalimpong wins the Great Indian Guitar Solo Competition.

Sharad a Kalimpong lad is an alumnus of St. Augustine's School, Kalimpong and he completed his ISC from Rockvale Academy,and Graduated from Asutosh College, Kolkata..

 Sharad Dipesh Diyali  wins the Great Indian Guitar Solo Competition
 Sharad Dipesh Diyali  playing his solo Vande Mataram
He is currently the Lead Guitarist in a Professional Kolkata based band, "PRITHIBI"
Currently Sharad is in the news, because he is amongst the Top Five contestants in the Great Indian Guitar Solo competition held by a very renowned Guitarist of India Sir. Baiju Dharmajan.

His never give up attitude can be judged from the fact that this is the 3rd time that Sharad is participating in this contest. His first two entries landed him FOURTH place, when asked,  he said, he is not giving up till he lands the 1st place. This year he he has done it , after entering the final round ,  Sharad Dipesh Diyali wins the title.

You can watch his entry here: Vande Mataram by Sharad Diyali

Ever humble Sharad attributes his success so far to his parents, his elder brother and the lead vocalist from his Band Mr. Kaushik Chakraborty for continued support and encouragement.

He has a request to the established musicians from Darjeeling, he says, “I've personally experienced, seen and also heard from people around, that the Hill people are really skilled in the Art of Music, but despite that people from Hills doesn't get a proper platform for themselves to showcase their talent. It would be great to hear if Musicians get some kind of a Platform in the Hills too and get the recognition for their talent. I will be happy if senior musicians and friends from hills who are reading this will help new musicians to and provide them with some good opportunities in the coming days.”

With inputs from The Darjeeling Chronicle

Kalimpong Arts Association began its four-day art exhibition

8:39 AM
The Kalimpong Arts Association on Tuesday started a four-day art exhibition in town as part of the 68th Independence Day celebrations. The KAA as an association provides platform to seasoned as well as budding artists in the region to showcase their talent and has been organising such exhibition every year. People can not only enjoy the colourful art made by various artists in the region, they can also purchase an art piece of their choice.
KAA begins 4-day art exhibition in Kalimpong
KAA begins 4-day art exhibition in Kalimpong
The exhibition held at Kalimpong Sub-divisional Library has works by more than 24 different artists from various places including Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Kurseong, Dooars and Sikkim among others. Kalimpong-based renowned artist IB subba inaugurated the exhibition today. The inaugural day of the event saw works from Kalimpong-based artist Shamsher Ali, HARAK president Sanjogita Subba, Darjeeling-based artist Harish Subba and Sikkim-based artist Diwakar Lamichanay among others.

Thefour-day exhibition will showcase various forms of arts including, oil, portrait, sand art, nature related and Nepali folk life arts. Darjeeling’s Harish Subba has represented the beauty of Darjeeling hills on his canvas through water colours. He said the artistic works from the hills should be given special preference and the regional administration should provide all the support needed for the initiative. “There should be an art school in the hills, so that future generation of artists can be moulded in a proper way,” Subba suggested. Meanwhile, IB Subba said the budding artists have been given a boost due to such exhibition as it provides valuable lesson to them.

Sikkim-based artist Diwakar Lamichany said he is extremely happy to display his work at the event and thanked KAA for inviting him. “Sikkim government has also been working hard towards art and culture. The government has be helpful to us and have provided us similar platform through art competitions and exhibitions,” he informed.

Source: EOI

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