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GPPK & Gorkha NGOs to organise Balidan Diwas

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DIMAPUR | 8/24/2018: Gorkha Public Panchayat Kohima (GPPK) in association with Gorkha NGOs will be organising Balidan Diwas in memory of Shaheed Major Durga Malla, captain, Neikezhakuo Kenguruse and other martyrs at the Gorkha Public Panchayat Complex, Chandmari Kohima on August 25, 8 a.m.

A press release from GPPK press & publicity secretary, Anup Rana stated that the Gorkha community including the Gorkha defence ex-service man will pay rich tribute to all the martyrs during the program. The organisers have invited one and all to the program.

Via Nagaland Post

Gorkhas observed 'Balidaan Diwas'

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25th August was  observed as 'Balidaan Diwas' by the Indian Gorkhas across the country.

Sikkim Gorkha Jagaran Sangh organised a day long 'Balidaan Diwas' of National Hero Martyr Saheed Durga Malla at Jorthang Panchasheel Bhawan today. Event was attended by many Army Ex-Servicemen who wholeheartedly donated blood to make event glorifying in name of Martyrdom. Despite the cancellation of the previously accorded permission to hold the ‘Balidan Diwas’ function on August 25 at Namchi community hall Sikkim Gorkha Jagran Sangh's  'Balidaan Diwas' observation was a grand success.
Sikkim Gorkha Jagaran Sangh organised a day long 'Balidaan Diwas'
Sikkim Gorkha Jagaran Sangh organised a day long 'Balidaan Diwas'
Kadamtala Youth Club observed Shaeed Diwas on Martyr day of Major Durga Malla 25 August 1944 first Indian Gorkha Martyr on the  'Balidaan Diwas'. Remembering his his prime sacrifice for freedom movement the organisers said India will always remember his valor, Courage, Devotion and sacrifice which he set an example to fellow country
Kadamtala Youth Club observed Shaeed Diwas on Martyr day of Major Durga Malla on the 'Balidaan Diwas'
Kadamtala Youth Club observed Shaeed Diwas on Martyr day of Major Durga Malla on the 'Balidaan Diwas'
Balidan Diwas in Delhi. 
The spot where Shaheed Major Durga Malla was hanged in 1944 is marked by a sandstone sculpture. A black pedestal nearby lists the 13 martyrs who were hanged there between 1915 and 1945.
Shaheed Park in Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi marks the location of Delhi Jail during British times
Shaheed Park in Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi marks the location of Delhi Jail during British times
The Shaheed Park in Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi marks the location of Delhi Jail during British times. The sculpture on the right marks the spot where the gallows stood beside a pond. On the left is a stone pedestal that bears the names of 14 martyrs, 13 of whom where hanged on the spot, including Shaheed Major Durga Malla on August 25, 1944
At this spot stood the gallows of Delhi Jail and a lake. Shaheed Major Durga Malla was hanged here on August 25, 1944
This stone lists the 13 martyrs hanged at Delhi Jail by the British. Shaheed Durga Malla's name has been etched as "Daroga Mall", but Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh is working to have that corrected
Gorkha Apex Committee extended its greetings on the occasion of Balidan Diwas 2015 via facebook post. "On this day in 1944, Gorkha Sahid Maj. Durga Malla sacrificed his life for the freedom of our beloved country India. Please find herewith the inspiring poem penned by him."

Inspiring poem penned by him.
Gorkhas in Nagaland conducted blood donation camp "Rakta Daan Maha Daan". Event of "BALIDAN DIWAS CUM BLOOD DONATION DRIVE" on 71st martyrs Day of Major.DurgMalla(INA) THE GORKHALI FREEDOM FIGHTER OF INDIA was observed.

Salbari Sewa Samaj Siliguri Paid homage to Saheed Durga Malla on 'Balidaan Diwas' at Shaheed Durga Malla Path.
Salbari Sewa Samaj Siliguri Paid homage to Saheed Durga Malla on 'Balidaan Diwas'
Sri Utta Singh subba , 82 yr. old , former army man- he painted the portrait
of Saheed Durga malla in water colour.pic via Rajen Moktan
Observation of Balidan Diwas at MAHUR 

72nd BALIDAN DIWAS (Death Anniversary of Freedom Fighter/I.N.A Martyr Saheed DURGA MALLA ) programme at UMRONGSO,DIMA HASAO, (ASSAM ) where Chief Executive Member,N.C Hills Autonomous Council attended as CHIEF GUEST, Sri Ram Moktan, National Spokesperson, Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh, Central Committee attended as GUEST OF HONOUR and other invitees on 25th August, 2015.

‘Balidan Diwas’ cancelled by South administration insult to Sahid Durga Malla

The Sikkim Gorkha Jagran Sangh today voiced their protest against the south district administration for cancelling the previously accorded permission to hold a function on August 25 at Namchi community hall.

The function was to observe ‘Balidan Diwas’ in memory of martyred national freedom fighter Major Durga Malla. Permission had been given earlier but later it was cancelled by the administration apprehending problems.
‘Balidan Diwas’ cancelled by South administration insult to Sahid Durga Malla
Sikkim Gorkha Jagran Sangh celebrated Balidan Diwas in a private hall
“We were initially given written permission to hold the function but we received another letter on August 21 that the permission has been cancelled. The reason cited by the district administration is that there is likelihood of tension if speech related with any specific community is delivered on the occasion,” said Sangh east district president Deo Kumar Pradhan.

 He was speaking to reporters here at Press Club of Sikkim.

“Sikkim Gorkha Jagran Samaj is an apolitical organization and has never been involved in any undesired activities. We strongly condemn this kind of treatment from the administration,” said Pradhan.

The denial of permission by the south district administration is an insult to national freedom fighter Major Malla, asserted the Sangh office-bearer.

 Major Malla had been hanged to death by the British India government on August 25, 1994. In recognition of his contributions for the national freedom movement, the Indian government installed his statue at the Parliament complex in 2004. The statue had been unveiled by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

August 25 is annually celebrated by various Gorkha associations across the country as Balidan Diwas in memory of the freedom fighter from Indian Gorkha community.

“We had a programme of unveiling a four feet tall wooden statue of Malla on the occasion. The function was supposed to be attended by around 3000 people. This act has deeply hurt us and we have also submitted a letter to the Chief Secretary in this matter,” said the Sikkim Gorkha Jagran Sangh members.

The Sangh has now decided to organize the function at a private hall in Jorethang.

When contacted, south district collector Raj Yadav said: “The organization is not registered and there is a police report that the members of the Sangh have given speeches in particular

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सिक्किम गोर्खा जागरण संघको आयोजनामा बलिदान दिवस भब्य रूपमा पालन गरियो

5:07 PM
KN Sharma

गेजिङ(जोरथाङ) २५ अगस्त सिक्किम गोर्खा जागरण संघको आयोजनामा आज सहिद मेजर दुर्गा मल्लको बलिदान दिवस भब्य रूपमा पालन गरियो । जोर्थाङ पन्चशिल भवनमा आयोजित यसै कार्यक्रमका मुख्य अतिथि संघका अध्यक्ष के बि राई बिशिस्ट अतिथ सुबेदार दावा वसि भोटिया एवं भुतपुर्व सैनिकहरु र उपस्थित सिक्किममेलि गोर्खा सन्तानले दुर्गा मल्लको स्मृतिमा श्रद्धाञ्जली अर्पण गर्दै पुस्पबृस्टीका साथ खाधामाला गरे ।पराधिनताको पराकाष्ठाबाट आफ्नो मातृभूमिको निम्ति हाँसी हाँसी बलि चड्ने भारतका महान बिभुती सहिद दुर्गा मल्लको संछिपत परिचय साहित्यकार चक्रपाणी भट्टराईले राखेका थिए रास्ट्र गानको साथमा शुरु भएको कार्यक्रममा विभिन्न देशभक्त गान साहित्यिक रचना पठा ,र युवा कबि खिलन शर्माद्वारा लिखित कविता संग्रह इतिहासका पाइलाहरुको बिमोचन गरियो ।आजको कार्यक्रममा ६० भन्दा आधिक गोर्खासन्तानहरुले रक्तदान गरे ।

मुख्य अतिथिको आसनवाट बाेल्दै अध्यक्ष के.बि.राईले महा व्याक्ति व्याक्तित्वकाे जन्म जयन्ती पालन गर्नु हामाे जिम्मेवारी एवं अधिकार रहेको जनाए ।देश राज्य एवं सन्तानको लागि सचेत हुनुपर्छ भन्दै दुर्गा मल्ल जाति सन्तानको लागि धेरै सचेत थिए।आज भारत देश धेरै विकास हुदै छ भने माहात्मा गान्धी दुर्गा मल्ल सगै वलिदान दिनेहरूकाे।कारण नै सक्क्षम भएको बताए । दुर्गा मल्ल देशको सपूत मात्र नभएर गाेर्खा सन्तान थिए भन्दै गाेर्खाली सैनिककाे कारण देश आजाद भएको दावी गरे ।भारत देशको लागि गाेर्खे सन्तान लक्क्षुमण रेखा डाल काडा भएर आज पनि खडा रहेको सङकेत दुर्गा मल्लकाे शालिकले बताइरहेकाे जनाए । जब उनलाई फासिकाे सजाय हुदा मृत्यु या जीवन राेजन लगाएको थियो तर उनलेे हासि हासि मृत्यु राेजेका थिए।

सम्मान दृष्टि राखन सिकिक्मा गैरसरकारी संस्था गाेर्खा जागरण संघ खाेलिएकाे बताए ।भाेटिया,लेप्चा र भारत सिकिक्ममा वसाे वासाे गर्ने गाेर्खाली व्यापारकाे सुरक्षामा अन्याय भएको खण्डमा न्याय काे लागि सदभावना रूपमा काम गर्ने अघि आउने जानकारी दिए।प्रत्येक साल श्रद्धाञ्जली अर्पण गर्नुपर्छ भन्दै दुई ओक्टुबरमा गान्धी जयन्ती भव्य रूपमा पालन गरिने जनाए ।देशमा अन्याय अत्यचार हुन्छ त्यसमा सामुहिक आवज उठाउन यो संस्था हाे,भन्दै के.बि.राईले आलोचना गर्नेलाई माया गर्नुपर्छ तबमात्र लक्ष्यमा पुगने बताए । अहिसक रूपमा काम गर्दा मासन चाहे दुर्गा मल्लकाे सपना पुरा गर्ने तयार रहेको चेतावनी दिए।उनलेे सिकिक्मा दुर्गा मल्लका सन्तानलाई आँच आउने काम हुदै छ भने भारत सरकार माैन बस्नु नहुनु बताए ।देशका प्रधान मन्त्रीले गाेर्खा भन्दा जातिवाद भएन तर हामी कसरी जातिवादी हुन सक्छु भनी प्रशन राखे ।आजको बलिदान दिवसमा राज्यका चारै जिल्ला वाट उपस्थिति सबैले दुर्गा मल्लकाे शलिकमा श्रद्धाञ्जली अर्पण गरेका थिए।


'Balidan Diwas' - remembering supreme sacrifice made by the Indian Gorkhas

1:00 PM
Sanjog Chamling

'Balidan Diwas' literally meaning 'Sacrifice Day' is celebrated August 25th  all over India by the Gorkha community in remembrace of the supreme sacrifice made by Gorkha freedom fighter Major Durga Malla.
'Balidan Diwas' Indian Gorkhas
From the right Saheed Maj. Durga Malla and Saheed Subedar Niranjan Singh Chhetri
On this day in 1944, Durga Malla was hanged to death by the British at Red Fort Delhi.

Hence on August 25th we, the Indian Gorkhas, pay our homage to Saheed Durga Malla and several others who laid down their lives for securing freedom to our country.

Indian Gorkha political and apolitical organisations like Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP), Gorkha Public Panchayat (GPP),  AAGSU, All Manipur Gorkha Students’ Union (AMGSU) observes 'Balidan Diwas' throughout India in honour of those brave freedom fighters who sacrificed their life for the sake of the country.

He joined 2/1 Gorkha Rifles at the age of 18 .

Indian National Army (INA) was formed under the leadership of Subhash Chandra Bose, Durga Malla left the British Army and joined the INA,

He was captured by the British at Ukhrul in Manipur on March 27, 1944 and hanged on August 25, 1944 .

His statue was installed within the premises of Parliament which was unveiled by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in September 17, 2004 .

We should also pay due homage to the following Indian Gorkha Freedom Fighters on this day.

Niranjan Singh Chhetri who was hanged by the Colonial British on 8th June in the year 1891.

Krishna Bahadur Mukhia  was the personal body guard of Netaji and used to gather intelligence, comb areas that he would visit and fought in the front lines.Later wounded in Burma , captured by the British on January 31, 1944 and taken to a prison in Bangladesh . He was kept in a prison in Burma for 6 months, faced a military tribunal and dismissed from the Gorkha Regiment under the British.

Saheed Indreni Thapa and Saheed Sabitri Thapa were teenagers when they joined the ‘Bal Sena’ or ‘Janbaz Dal’of the Indian National Army led by Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. One of the main functions of the “Janbaz Dal” was akin to modem day suicide squads or human bombs. Indreni Thapa and Sabitri Thapa, the two Gorkha teenagers of ‘Janbaz Dal’ attained martyrdom by blowing up British tanks. They did this by virtually making themselves human bombs by strapping mines on their bodies and crawling under the British tanks camouflaged as bushes, and blowing up the British tanks.

Bhagat Bir Lama (Martyr)

Bhim Singh Rana (Martyr)

Captain Dal Bahadur Thapa (Martyr)

Man Bahadur Thapa (Martyr)

Mohan Singh Thapa (Martyr)

Prem Singh Bista (Martyr)

Shyam Bahadur Thapa (Martyr)

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