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Gorkha community in Manipur celebrates the Nav Barsha (New Year)

Kangpokpi, April 01 2016 : The state level Nav Barsha 2073 (the Hindu New Year) was celebrated in styled at Shantipur, Kanglatongbi on Wednesday, April 13 .

Sekmai AC MLA Kh Debendro Singh graced the event jointly organized by Nepali Sanskriti Suraksha Parishad (NSSP) and Shree Shree Durga Mandir Shantipur, Kanglatongbi at Shantipur Kanglatongbi Mandir premises as the chief guest.

Bhumi Prasad Basnet, Executive Member, ADC Sadar Hills; Shiva Kumar Basnet, Pradhan, Kanglatongbi Gram Panchayat; Bishnu Bhandari, Unit President, NSSP, Arunachal Pradesh; Narayan Sharma, Patron Member, NSSP CC New Delhi; Khema Mishra, HoD, Dept of Nepali, Darang College, Assam Atwal, SO, PWD, Govt. of Manipur attended as guest of honour while Mani Kr Limbu, president, NSSP Manipur attended as functional president.

According to Vikram Samvat a traditional calendar system which follows Luni-Solar system- 2016 Nav Barsha is Vikram Samvar 2073 year while the State level event organized at Shantipur, Kanglatongbi also marked the first day of Baisakh.
Around 4000 people from across the State and delegates from Kathmandu, Sikkim, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh attended the New Year celebration at Shantipur, Kanglatongbi.

Gorkha civil bodies including Gorkha Welfare Union Manipur; All Manipur Gorkha Students' Union; Sadar Hills Gorkha Union; Manipureli Kirat Sangh; Nepali Sahitya Parishad Manipur; Bishwa-Karma Youth Association; Kanglatongbi Gorkha Youth Association; Bharatya Gorkha Parishang Manipur Unit and various clubs and women societies from different parts of the State also attended the revelry.

The Gorkha community in the State celebrates the Nav Barsha by dutifully performing the customs and traditions.

MLA Kh Debendro witnessed the Gorkha antique items put on display during the introductory function of the New Year celebration and hoisted the Nav Barsha flag after planting a tree as a mark of the beginning of New Year.

A minute condolence was also observed to pay tribute to the departed Gorkha leaders while aged persons from the community were also presented gifts to mark the occasion apart from presentation to the dignitaries.

Speaking at the occasion, the local MLA said that culture is an important right which every community need to preserve while adding that without culture development of a society is not possible.

The MLA appreciated the Gorkha community for maintaining and preserving their culture and tradition while keeping in mind the value and significance of it.

Urging the Gorkha community to maintain their culture and tradition without modification, the MLA stated that many culture and tradition has been declining due to modification.

While lauding the Pradhan of Kanglatongbi Gram Panchayat for his tireless effort in developing the Gram Panchayat of Kanglatongbi, the MLA said that during the Digital India Week celebration last year Kanglatongbi Gram Panchayat bagged the third position.

The MLA also assured that he will always keep open a big door for the Gorkha community of the State in time of their need and development.

While motivating the Gorkha community to tirelessly work for the development of Manipur, Shiva Kumar Basnet, Pradhan, Kanglatongbi Gram Panchayat said that all are born here and brought up on the soil of Manipur and all will die here too.

"So, it is our duty to wholeheartedly work for the development of the State," he added.

According to the organizing committee, literary meet was also organized during the two days event with resource persons from various States including Matrika Pokhrel, Bibas Pokhrel, LB Chhetry and Krishna Parsain from Kathmandu in attendance.

Source: The Sangai Express

Bhartiya Gorkha Parisangh pay homage and condolence to Shri Suraj Man Rai

Dehradun : On 24 January Bhartiya Gorkha Parisangh Uttarakhand held a huge congregation of Gorkha community in the Manekshaw Hall of gorkhali sudhar sabha Garhi Cantt, Dehradun to pay homage and condolence on the sad and untimely demise of Shri Suraj Man Rai that took place on the night of 18/19 Jan 16 during the return journey from Siligudi after attending the 4th triannual meeting of BHAGOP . Late Suraj Man Rai was the President of Uttarakhand unit of BHAGOP. He was a great social worker and his contribution for the just cause of Gorkha community began from the very early age of his life. He was a poet, writer and a great lover of music. He was a ever smiling person and always ready to accept any responsibility. His passing away has created a big void in the social field of Gorkha community.
Bhartiya Gorkha Parisangh pay homage and condolence to  Shri Suraj Man Rai
Bhartiya Gorkha Parisangh pay homage and condolence to  Shri Suraj Man Rai
A large number of people of the Gorkhas community paid tribute to the departed soul. Among the prominent who attended the mourning were Lt Gen Shakti Gurung, pvsm,uysm,avsm,vsm (retd), Lt Gen Ram Pradhan avsm,sm,vsm, Lt. Col B S Chhettri, Lt Col D S Khadka, Maj B P Thapa, smt Upasana Thapa, Bhupendra Adhikari, Suryabikram Shahi, Sarika Pradhan,  Prabha Shah, Sama, Durga gurung, Laxmi Thapa, all Gorkha samaj adhyaksh and many more. A central delegation of BHAGOP led by senior vice President Munish Tamang consisted of Joel Rai, and two more members came all the way from Delhi to pay condolence on their own behalf and on behalf of the central leadership. All gathered paid tribute to the departed soul and prayed to Almighty God for the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

Source veergorkha

Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh denies support for the 6th Schedule

12:11 AM
BGP (Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh), denying that they would support GNLF if they pursued sixth Schedule, made it clear that the Parisangh remains unchanged in its view that only a separate state would solve the identity crisis of the Gorkhas scattered in India.
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) logo
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) logo
Speaking at a press conference BGP Nation Spokesperson, R. Moktan, had credited Late. Subash Ghising as being the person who was responsible for demanding ‘Gorkhaland’ statehood for the Indian Gorkhas, and thus proposed to provide documentary support to GNLF if they pursued the 6th Schedule status. Read Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh to support GNLF for 6th Schedule

However, Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh on a social network published "For those of you wondering whether Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh is supporting the 6th Schedule status for Darjeeling, we want to make it clear that the Parisangh remains unchanged in its view that only a separate state will concretise the political identity of the Indian Gorkhas. The comments that appeared in the media in the past days were the personal remarks of a Parisangh functionary and should not be taken as the Parisangh's official stand. Parisangh believes only a separate state will resolve the crisis of political identity that confronts the Gorkhas of India."

Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh to support GNLF for 6th Schedule

9:39 AM
Kalimpong, February 3: Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP)Promises Support to GNLF if They Pursue 6th Schedule Status for Darjeeling Hills
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh to support GNLF for 6th Schedule
R. Moktan
In a bizarre twist of political turn, the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh Official which projects itself as this body with pan-India presence has assured the Gorkha National Liberation Front under Mohan Ghising of porviding “documentary support” if the GNLF decides to pursue 6th Schedule status for the Darjeeling region.

Speaking at a press conference BGP Nation Spokesperson credited Late. Subash Ghising as being the person who was responsible for demanding ‘Gorkhaland’ statehood for the Indian Gorkhas, and thus proposed to provide documentary support to GNLF if they pursued the 6th Schedule status.

Source: DT

BGP Uttarakhand Dehradun seminar on "Indo-Nepal FriendshipTreaty 1950"

12:29 PM
Dehradun : BGP (Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh) Uttarakhand Dehradun organized a seminar on "Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty 1950". The event was held in the Gorkhali Sudar Sabha hall. BGP president of Uttarakhand, Lt Col (retd) Dewan Singh Kdka, said the main purpose of the seminar was to discuss  the "1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship" in details and also to discuss on the untouched aspects of the of the Indo-Nepal treaty of 1950.He said it is important for the Indian Gorkha community.
BGP Uttarakhand Dehradun seminar on "Indo-Nepal FriendshipTreaty 1950"
BGP Uttarakhand Dehradun seminar on "Indo-Nepal FriendshipTreaty 1950"
DDUDF chief and vice-chancellor of Indira Gandhi Open University Prof. Mahendra P. Lama was the chief guest of the seminar. Indian Gorkha Lt Gen Ram Singh Pradhan and Sakti Gurung were also present in the seminar.

BGP's 12 Point Action Plan for Implementation of Nepali language

5:27 PM
Bharatia Gorkha Parisangh's (BGP) 12 Point Action Plan regarding Implementation of Nepali language as evolved in an interactive session held in Kalimpong  on the occasion of Bhasha Diwas.
BGP's 12 Point Action Plan for Implementation of Nepali language
 Interactive session held in Kalimpong  on the occasion of Bhasha Diwas
1. Bharatia Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) welcomes the public declaration made by the Chief Executive of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration at various public forum regarding the use of Nepali language in all official purposes within Gorkhaland Territorial Administration and urges upon the GTA Sabha to issue a notification to this effect and make appropriate measures for its implementation.

2. BGP asks the Government of West Bengal to immediately restore the functioning of the Nepali Language Implementation Cell hitherto functioning in the office of the District Magistrate, Darjeeling.

3. BGP urge upon the Central Government and the State Government across the nation that all Government notifications, circulars and documents should be made available in all languages included in the 8th schedule of the Constitution.

4. BGP strongly oppose the move to close down the department of NEPALI at the North Eastern Regional Language Centre in Guwahati.

5. BGP will constitute a Core groups with people from all section of the society to prepare a compendium of various provisions and facilties granted to the languages included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution.

6. BGP urge upon all Gorkha Member of Parliament elected from Sikkim, Assam and Uttarakhand to speak in Nepali whenever opportunity is granted to them at the floor of the House.

7. BGP will follow up with the Information and Broadcasting Ministry regarding introduction of separate channel for Nepali speaking population of the Country. Till a separate Channel in Nepali is introduced immediate arrangement should be made to inaugurate and bring into the operation Gangtok centre of Doorsarshan.

8. BGP strongly opposes the discriminatory action of the West Bengal Government in making Bengali language compulsory in the College Service Examination which has violated the fundamental rights of the Citizens of this Country.

9. BGP gratefully acknowledges the leadership role played by the Government of Sikkim in getting Nepali language recognized under eighth schedule of the Constitution during 1990-92 and BGP hopes that the Government of Sikkim will continue to provide leadership in ensuring the full implementation.

10. BGP notes with serious concern that there has been attempt over the years by the Government of West Bengal to create distance between various caste groups in Gorkha community by alluring them with some privileges and facilities. BGP therefore cautions the caste-groups within the Gorkha community to be conscious of this ulterior motive of the Government and BGP has decided to work towards reducing the gap.

11. BGP strongly believes that the language movement from 1956 to 1992 must be documented and a proper account must be produced and shared with the present student community.

12. BGP requests the Nepali Advisory Committee of the Sahitya Akademy to arrange translation and publication of all Sahitya Akademy award winning titles in English and Hindi languages.

Rev. Dr. Enos Das Pradhan

‘GJM did not make inroads,’ says GTF, will take statehood demand to Delhi

11:39 AM
The Gorkhaland Task Force, which had been lying low following the formation of Gorkhaland Joint Action Force last year, has sprung into action yet again. The GTF, formed under the aegis of Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh and constituting of various political and apolitical organizations, conducted a meeting on Monday in Kalimpong. The meeting attended by Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh, Gorkha Rastriya Nirman Morcha and Darjeeling Dooars United Development Forum leaders decided to unify and take ahead the statehood movement.
 GTF, will take statehood demand to Delhi
 GTF, will take statehood demand to Delhi
BGP president Dr. Anos Das Pradhan, GTF Chairman Sukhman Moktan, DDUDF founder and president Dr. Mahindra P Lama and GRNM representatives attended the meeting.  The GTF member organizations have decided to prepare a delegation to visit Delhi and meet the BJP-led Central leaders to put pressure on them on the statehood demand.

Dr. Pradhan informed the task force would take the plan ahead only after the national level working committee meeting of the Gorkha Rastriya Parisangh in Delhi. “During the meeting the prepared dossier will be discussed and the plan ahead will be formulated. The meeting is also expected to discuss about a new approach to the statehood demand and for restarting the movement afresh,” he added. After the working committee meeting, the GTF delegation will meet Central leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh separately and inform them about the task force’s plan.

“We waited for the GJM to take the Gorkhaland talks ahead with the Centre for three months, yet the party did not make any inroads. Therefore, we have decided to take the initiative on our own,” Dr. Pradhan declared. The GTF has decided to hold the meeting with the Prime Minister and home minister in the presence of Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia. “Ahluwalia is an elected representative of the people of the hills. Therefore, he has to help us in this initiative,” the BGP president stated. He further informed the GTF has already written an email to the MP seeking his help in getting the appointment with the central big-wigs. Further the task force will also approach the GJM leadership to take part in the initiative.

Citing the recently initiated talks between India and Nepal on the Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty, Dr. Pradhan urged the Centre to work for the uplift and welfare of Indian Gorkhas as well. He said the commission set up by the Indian government to hold the talks should also include an Indian Gorkha representative. “We will discuss all these issues during our meeting with the prime minister,” Dr. Pradhan claimed.

Source: EOI

GTA agreement confirmed Seeds of Bifurcation of Darjeeling - Enos Das Pradhan

11:25 AM
The BGP ( Bharatia Gorkha Parisangh)  president Enos Das Pradhan on the bifurcation Siliguri from Darjeeling district said that with the GTA  (Gorkhaland Territorial Administration) settlement the separation was on the card.

The seed of separation was not shown in 1988, it was rather confirmed in 1988 and reconfirmed when GTA agreement was signed in 2011. GJM further fueled this exercise by demanding only Gorkha dominated areas in Siliguri, Dooars and Terai. Darjeeling District, Terai and Doors are the integral part of our proposed separate state of Gorkhaland. The process of separating Siliguri from the mainline of Darjeeling District was initiated long back by late Siddartha Shankar Ray, who created an useless body like Hill Development Council in connivance with the local leaders, then. 

When Gorkha chelis were dancing with Alluwalia the other day in Chowrasta it reminded me of the scene when our chellis were dancing with Siddartha and Maya. Since then all District level offices were shifted to Siliguri. Darjeeling slowly lost the character of the district headquarter and there was no voice raised. The process of formation of the separate state of Gorkhaland must therefore begin now and we cannot afford to wait till 2017. Separation of Siliguri from Darjeeling District is an hidden agenda of the BJP to say no to Gorkhaland. We must ask BJP and the party who supported BJP during the last Lok Sabha election to explain their intention. Are they serious and sincere about our demand of separate state of Gorkhaland?

Source:  Enos Das Pradhan

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