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Gorkha youth icons felicitated in “Bharatiya Gorkha Youth Meet” in Mumbai

5:29 PM
Seetam Thakur

Mumbai 25th Sept 2016: The Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh (BGES), the frontal Gorkha organization of Indian Gorkha’s based in Mumbai jointly with its youth wing “Bharatiya Gorkha Youth Forum” (BGYF) organized a “Bharatiya Gorkha Youth Meet” on 25th Sept 2016 at Country Club Kandivali West, Mumbai.

The program was presided by Mr Dhurva Pradhan, Chairman BGES.
The meet was also attended by distinguished Gorkha youth icons:
1. Mr Adrian Pradhan (renowned singer)
2. Mr Bipin Dahal (Indian Navy “son of Gorkha who floated 12 hrs in Arabian Sea, in extreme weather conduction to rescue fisherman with his sole aim to protect his countryman)
3. Ms. Sasha Chettri (Airtel 4G icon)
4. Pratima Rasaily (Actress)
5. Mr Norden Sherpa (Fashion choreographer)
6. Mr Bobby Shah (Fashion Photographer)
Gorkha youth icons felicitated in “Bharatiya Gorkha Youth Meet” in Mumbai
The program started with felicitation of youth icons followed by some melodious Nepali Songs.

During the latter part of the program, BGYF organized an open house brainstorming session where in youths expressed their opinion on current sociocultural, socioeconomic standings of Gorkha community in Mumbai, the youths also felt the strong need of a youth task force to spearhead the noble community cause in a more organized manner.

The meet culminated with formation of 22 members youth task force and thereby declaring 25th Sept as BGYF foundation day.

Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh Protests Flipkart racist Advertisement

7:45 PM
" BHARATIYA GORKHA EKTA SANGH – An organization based in MUMBAI Protests the Flipkart racist Advertisement depicting Gorkha by sending the following official letter to Binny Bansal – CEO Flipkart: "
Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh Protests Flipkart racist Advertisement


Binny Bansal

CEO Flipkart


Subject:  Remove defamatory & racist advertisement depicting Gorkha.


·        Flipkart advertisement dated 22nd Aug 2016, front pages of National daily such as Times of India, The Hindu etc

·        Online ad :


1.     We would like to draw your attention to your latest advertisement campaign in print and electronic media. The ad portrays a Gorkha boy as a Security Guard with a Khukuri badge in his Cap “Gorkha Topi”, the Gorkha Topi and Khukuri both are significant to our identity 
as a Gorkha and a cultural artifact which we proudly wear to identify ourselves. To add to the comedy element in the advertisement, the boy is shown speaking in a highly offensive stereotypical accent, directly humiliating and making a mockery of millions of Gorkhas residing in India and abroad. The ad clearly typecast us as the community of Watchmen.

2.     Sir, we take pride in our community. The word  “Gorkha” symbolizes valor and pride and holds an esteemed reputation in the world. Like any other progressive community of the world, the Gorkhas are hard working, sincere & honest citizens of the world. There are millions of Gorkha professionals working as Doctors, engineers, scientists all over the world. The contribution of Gorkhas to the world in every field is immense and cannot be put in one space. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa made world history by conquering the peak of Mt. Everst along with Hillary for the first time. Gorkhas sports persons especially in Football, Hockey, Archery, Shooting & boxing have earned laurels for India. The State of Sikkim is one of the most progressive & developed State of India and has won many awards for developments & other achievements. The State is mostly headed by able Gorkha ministers & Chief Ministers.

3.     There is a Monument of Gorkha Soldier outside the Ministry of Defence, City of Westminster, London. There have been twenty-six Victoria Crosses awarded to members of the Gorkha regiments. In addition, since Indian independence in 1947, Gorkhas serving in the Indian Army have also been awarded three “Param Vir Chakras”. There are so far 2,730 gallant awards to Gorkhas in world history. The Gorkha soldiers are the backbone of UN Peacekeeping force responsible for maintaining peace anywhere in the world. The tune of the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” has been composed by a Gorkha, Capt Ram Singh Thakuri and the epithet is never ending and it continues…..

4.     Gorkhas are blessed with agile body & brain, simple & clean heart, speed of cheetah, Strong Character of honesty, loyalty & faithfulness, enjoys the unquestionable trust & confidence of the world. Because of trustworthiness & honesty, Gorkhas are in high demand for high profile safety & security jobs, like security of VVIP’s & Royal families across the world.

5.     So stereotyping Gorkha as a watchman through your ad is a big injustice meted to Gorkhas. Due to lack of knowledge about our Gallant History, rich tradition & culture, you have exploited and demeaned our customs and culture for your own commercial gain, which is utterly offensive and unethical.

6.     Here, we the Members of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh (BGES), appeal to you to immediately remove such racist ads as the awkward performance depicted in your ads may propagate a racist attitude towards Gorkha community in India.


Chairman, BGES

Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh have undertaken a ‘Cancer Patient Accommodation Project’

1:16 PM
The Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh is a socio - cultural organisation established in 2002 by Indian Gorkhas settled in Mumbai. The members are from different parts of India including Darjeeling, the Dooars, Assam, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. The objective of the Sangh is to showcase, preserve and promote the culture, language, literature and arts of the Indian Gorkhas by uniting them on one platform. Since its inception, the BGES has organised several social and cultural events in Mumbai. In the sphere of social welfare, it has hosted many free medical and blood donation camps in various parts of Mumbai including Navi Mumbai.

More recently, the Sangh has undertaken a ‘Cancer Patient Accommodation Project’ for cancer patients who come to Mumbai seeking treatment. Funds for the project are raised both on the local and national levels and there have been significant contributions by members. BGES chairman DhruvPradhan and joint secretary RohitPradhan recently visited Dehradun to promote the objective of the Sangh and the Cancer Patient Accommodation Project. People come to Mumbai from all over the country for treatment of cancer and they have to wait for weeks and months for an appointment. The treatment period takes even longer. Moreover, Mumbai is a very expensive city and most patients and their families cannot afford hotel and guesthouse charges. Keeping this in mind, BGES members initially hosted cancer patients at their own residences and even helped them financially. As many cancer patients do not survive, Sangh members also made arrangements to send their mortal remains home by air.
Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh undertaks a ‘Cancer Patient Accommodation Project’
Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh undertaks a ‘Cancer Patient Accommodation Project’
The CPAP came into being to help such needy cancer patients. Currently, accommodation for six patients and one companion has been made available at a very nominal cost. A kitchen with all cooking provisions has also been provided for guests to cook their own food. Further, there is a caretaker 24x7 to guide the patients during treatment. The number of beds will increase over time. The accommodation facility at Kurla was inaugurated in Kamgar Colony, Kurla on December 13 by Krishna Tamang from Kurseong, now a hotelier based in Mumbai. MGM Hospital in Vashi has donated five beds with bedding and side tables. The Sangh has started the project on a small scale, but the plan is to provide accommodation to poor and helpless patients on a much larger scale.


Annual General Meeting of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh, ( BGES)

10:17 AM
Roshni Rai

Annual General Meeting of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh, ( BGES) held on 14th June, 2015 in Andheri Recreation Club, Andheri West Mumbai.
Annual General Meeting of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh, ( BGES)
Annual General Meeting of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh, ( BGES)
The meeting was attended by all the Managing Committee Members, Members of the Sangh and many enthusiastic Gorkha Youths of Mumbai. The Venue was arranged by Mr. Lalit Dutraj (Retd), ACP, Mumbai Police one of the founding members of BGES.

The AGM was attended by Prof. Jagdish Thapa, probably the first Gorkha to Graduate in 1958, with Master Degree from Premium Institute of India, IIT Kharagpur & Powai. Prof. Thapa was felicitated by Mr. Lalit Dutraj. Mr. Dhruva Pradhan, the Chairman of BGES presided the meeting.

Mr. P. Shasankar, Vice President of BGES read out the minutes of last year’s AGM. In pursuance to objective of Social & Welfare Scheme of the Sangh, the Chairman informed about the accommodation problems faced by Gorkha Cancer Patients and proposed to make an arrangement of accommodation for them by renting a place. He has appealed all the Gorkha to come forward and support him in this cause.

Mrs. Poonam Lama, General Secretary gave the details of sixteen activities carried out by BGES in last year, some of which are as follows;

• Workshop for Gorkha youth of Mumbai (GYOM) to know and connect with other Gorkhas in Mumbai. 
• Football match of GYOM.
• Medical and blood donation Camp in association with MGM Hospital Vashi.
• ‘Run for Jyotika’ to raise fund for the treatment of Late Jyotika’s cancer. 
• Sending relief materials to Nepal in association with Giants Group, Rotary Club, Siddhivinayak Logistic Ltd and many other organisation of Mumbai. 
• Organized “GORKHA SOCIAL MEET” in Mira Road, with “Preeti Bhoj”

Mr. P. Shasankar, who is the Administrative Head in MGM Hospital Vashi informed that underprivileged Gorkhas will get medical support in his hospital and also he has managed to RESERVE SOME QUOTA for Gorkha students in MGM Nursing College.

For any query regarding the same one can write email to

Mr. Bharat Darnal and his son Mr. Arpan Darnal presented the history of BGES and future course of action of BGES along with Gorkha Youths of Mumbai. Some of the future course of actions are as below :

• Gorkha Food festivals, 
• Youth Workshop, 
• Holding Nepali Sahitya Academy Annual Conference in Mumbai, 
• Providing Shelter to Cancer Patient, 
• Free Medical Checkup & Blood Donation Camp, 
• Celebrating Mass Gorkha Festivals etc.

BGES also felicitated some achievers, who were present in the AGM. Miss. Roshni Rai, the marathon runner hosted the felicitation program [to know who were felicitated click on the pics]

After the felicitation, under open interaction program floor was opened for all to share the experiences. Mr. Kesav Sapkota, Mr. Passang Goley , Mr. Seetam Thakuri & Tapan Naubagh shared their experience and volunteered to take part in activities of BGES to serve the cause of Gorkha community.

Despite Mumbai Rain, more than sixty committed Gorkhas from different walks of life were present for the AGM of BGES, for the development of the Gorkha Community. The AGM was concluded with the positive note & thanks giving by The Chair, followed by refreshment and personal interactions.


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