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Himachal - Gorkha Sabha Bakloh in trouble

11:35 AM
Bakloh was the soul of 4 GR and at present is in trouble. The Executive Committee of Gorkha Sabha Bakloh came to AIGEWA Dehradun for help. Lt Gen (Retd) Ram Pradhan, Lt Col (Retd) Vk Sharma and Col (Retd) MS Thakur, VP AIGEWA made joint efforts to draft a letter for Colonel 4 GR. Uploaded for general information.

Gorkhas of Uttarakhand demand Linguistic Minority status

11:26 AM
A press conference was held between Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP), Zone IV, Uttarakhand and representatives of other Gorkha societies to demand Linguistic minority status to Gorkhali/Nepali Language in Uttarakhand on 22-03-2014 at Hindi Bhawan, Dehradun.

Copy of press release

Gorkhas of Uttarakhand demand Linguistic Minority status 2

Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh concerned over insecurity of North East Gorkhas

11:01 AM
The Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) has raised the issue of insecurity being felt constantly by the Gorkhas living in the North Eastern states. Speaking today at a press conference here, BGP national spokesperson R Moktan demanded the Centre and the governments of the NE states to ensure security of the Gorkhas residing in those areas.

He strongly condemned the recent incident in Karbi Anglong, at the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, where seven houses of Gorkha families were torched by underground Naga extremists. The incident has created an environment of terror and insecurity among the Gorkha people living in the region, said Moktan.

“The BGP is very serious on the issue. We will form a high power committee that will visit the places and the victims. After gathering necessary details, a report will be prepared on the basis of which we will meet the prime minister, home minister and other concerned ministers of the NE states to bring the matter to their notice while also demanding necessary action.”

The BGP spokesperson also welcomed the Guwahati High Court’s verdict to scrap the ‘D’ voter status clause using which the Assam government disenfranchises suspected ‘foreigners’ living in the state. He said the high court’s ruling will bring about a profound change in the social and political lives of the Gorkha community in Assam. According to Moktan, the ‘D’ status was a ploy of the Assam government to dilute the citizenship of the Gorkhas and deprive them of voting rights.

“We welcome the verdict of the Guwahati High Court. This will eradicate the biased attitude towards Gorkha voters in Assam,” he asserted.


Gunu Gharti: The ‘Idol’ of Mizoram Gorkhas

10:53 PM
Mizoram based social activist and recipient of several national awards and the first recipient of International Award from amongst the Mizoram Gorkhas, Dr. Gunu Gharti may not need introduction among the Mizos.

Dr. Gunu Gharti
Dr. Gunu Gharti
The minority Gorkhas living in Mizoram are united and bonded firmly under the umbrella of Mizoram Gorkha Youth Association (MGYA). Dr. Gharti has helped in cementing and promoting brotherhood among the Mizos and Gorkhalis and that he has made Mizoram proud through his contribution in music. He founded the ‘Bairagi Sangeet Parivaar’ on 26th July 1988. Since there was no one in Mizoram who has expertise in arranging Nepali music so in 1989, he took a team of singers comprising Ravi Tamang, Minu Tamang and Madan Pun for their first recording in Kathmandu. Many people enter the music world to make money but Dr. Gharti’s aim was that with music he would bring change in society. In the process, he made a lot of sacrifices and even had to sell his land in the pursuit of music.

Dr. VR Ralte, Director Universal Hindi Communications, Aizawl came to know about him and his missionary zeal for music in 2009. Dr. Ralte deemed him fit to be recognized and he was awarded ‘Excellent Music Achievement Award’ by the then Governor of Mizoram Lt. Gen. M. M. Lakhera. After getting this award, Dr. Gharti gained confidence and thought that he should do something for Mizoram – the land of his birth.

Dr. Gharti was Born on the 26th July 1958 at Durtlang, he is the youngest of six children of late Dal Bahadur and late Zo Maya. During the troubled years that followed 1966, his family lived for a couple of years in Assam, but later they returned to Mizoram. At present he and his family live in ‘King House’ at Thuampui.

Having limited economic means, he realized that he could not do something great and noble; this gave him many sleepless nights. Coming from a humble and modest background and despite not having much educational attainments, he, was from his childhood very interested in literature and social work. He has written four books and perhaps he is the only Nepali novelist person from Mizoram. He has also penned a number of compositions in Hindi. Besides being a composer, he is also a singer. He has released eight Nepali audio cassette albums; seven of them were released in Kathmandu and one in Aizawl.

He soon realised that his talent was God given. So, he set out to make the first ever Hindi music video album ‘Lovely Mizoram’ which would showcase Mizoram, its people and its natural beauty not only to the other parts of India but to the entire world.

Gharti said that he hoped that the album will help strengthen the relationship between the Mizos and the Gorkhalis besides bringing different communities closer. He further added that if these are accomplished the aim of making Lovely Mizoram would be fulfilled. Gharti showcased the natural beauty of Mizoram through his Hindi Music Video ‘Lovely Mizoram’, which was released by Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla on the September 5, 2012. ‘Lovely Mizoram’ album earned him the prestigious 22nd Lelte Award in the category “Best Hindi Music Video Album of the Year” on 19th April 2013, and he is the first Gorkha to receive Lelte Award.

On September 14, 2012, on the auspicious occasion of the 63rd National Hindi Day, the Mizo Hindi Zirlai Pawl (MHZP) & Rashtrabhasa Vidyarthi Sangh, Mizoram, awarded Gharti “Foremost Mizo-Gorkha Unity Devotee Award”.

Miseries and hardships in life hurts, but sometimes the tough people overcame it and they left exemplary footprints for others. Gharti is also one of such tough people struggling through all those miseries and hardships. But due to his untiring efforts and courage, some anthropologists came to know about him. Gharti’s biography ‘Anmol Ratna’ (Precious Pearl) has been published in three languages namely Nepali, Hindi and English. It is reported that publishing the biography of a Gorkha man in three languages is a world record.

Gharti is humble and gentle in nature, he always shows respect to others. In the meantime, he hates injustice and bad governance as he is fair and honest. He wants to have good governance and justice in the society. Even though he did not pursue higher education, no one could argue that he got a talent from God as hehad composed many songs that contributed a lot for better society. He has another major project ahead of him. He is now busy preparing Hindi Gospel Song Audio Album. He said he will donate the album to Masihi Sangati for the glory of God. “Just as a tree sheds its leaves to bring forth new buds, I hoped people will remember me for my contribution in music and literature,” he said.

Dr. Gunu Gharti came in the limelight after being recognised by YUVA MANCH (a Nepali magazine published from Siliguri) in 2010, Recognition by Rang Bhang Samawaya Sahitya Sadan, Darjeeling in 2010. He has received almost 30 awards from various quarters. The awards he received include Akhil Bhartiya Nepali Bhasha Samiti (28/8/1995), ‘Best Lyricist Award’ by Aizawl Gorkha Chess Club (6/2/1998), ‘Pioneer Award’ by Apek(Nepali literature magazine) Nepal Kathmandu (14/12/2009), Certificate of Appreciation by Mizoram Gorkha Youth Association (Central) on 22/8/2004 and again on 24/1/2010; ‘First Late Khem Shore Subha Memorial Award’, Darjeeling on 4/3/2012, the ‘Vishist Academy Award’ (Distinguished Academy Award) by Punjab Kala Sahitya Academy, Jalandhar on 25/11/2012. In the INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT, Bangkok, Thailand on 11th May 2013 organised by GLOBAL ACHIEVERS FOUNDATION (GAF), New Delhi, Dr. Gunu Gharti was honoured with the “Global Achievers Award for Social/Public Services”; he received the Certificate from the hands of His Excellency, Ambassador (Dr.) Anil Wadhwa, Ambassador of India, Kingdom of Thailand; and received the Trophy from the hands of Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Korn Dabbaransi. National Organisation VIKRAMSHEELA HINDI VIDYAPEETH, Bhagalpur, Bihar conferred two (2) Honourary Doctorate Degrees to Dr. Gharti namely Honourary Hindi Doctoral Degree ‘VIDYAVACHASPATI’ on the 14th December 2012, and Hindi Honourary Degree “VIDYA SAAGAR” (D.Litt.) on 13th December 2013 in the Convocation held at Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh due to his “Remarkable Contributions to the Community and Society through Literature and Music”. The Delhi based ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH ON NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION & VOLUNTARY ACTIVITIES (known as “ARNOVA”) honoured Dr. Gharti with “ARNOVA AWARD” on the 10th December 2013 at Gorkha Bhavan, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. Dr. Gharti received this Award from the hands of Shree Manoj Shankar, President of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, Darjeeling at the TALENT AWARD CELEBRATION. Dr. Gharti is the first Mizoram Gorkha who has been conferred Honourary Degree “VIDYA SAAGAR” (D.Litt.). Due to all these achievements, Dr. Gharti was honoured by ‘Thuampui Local Council’ (his locality) on the Silver Jubilee of BAIRAGI SANGEET PARIVAAR (founded by him) on the 26th July 2013. After the All India Radio, Aizawl Station broadcasted “An Interview with Dr. Gunu Gharti”, Exclusive Interview with him has been broadcasted from various Radio Stations and TV Channels like AIR Kurseong Darjeeling, BBC LONDON Nepali Service, Kanchanjungha FM Radio Birtamod Nepal, and TV NEPAL CHANNEL 1.

By James Ramdinmawia
Source: mizonews

Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) to Support Dr. Mahendra P Lama in LS Polls 2014

10:08 AM
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) national president Dr. Enos Das Pradhan today announced the organisation’s decision to support Dr. Mahendra P Lama in the general election in keeping with the BGP’s strategy of supporting a local candidate.

BGP president Dr. Enos Pradhan at the press meet in Kalimpong on Monday.
BGP president Dr. Enos Pradhan at the press meet
in Kalimpong on Monday.
He said, “Lama is the only capable candidate from the hills. He is not a puppet in the hands of the state and central governments at least and we have decided to support his candidature.”

Talking to reporters today, Pradhan said the BGP’s policy determination committee recently met in Siliguri and held extensive discussions on the upcoming polls following which the leadership officially approved support to Dr. Lama.

The BGP chief also said, “Gorkhaland is not impossible. We need to unite and work together. We will form a platform in the national level after the elections to take the demand ahead,” while adding the GTA and even the Sixth Schedule status will never fulfill the long-sought aspiration of the Gorkhas.

Talking about the planned BGP national level platform, Pradhan said Sukman Moktan will be appointed its convener. Meanwhile, there has been a reshuffle in the policy determination committee and Bhupendra Adhikari has replaced Prabhakar Dewan as its general secretary, while R Moktan has become the national convener.

Further, Pradhan condemned purported attempts by certain forces to disintegrate the BGP and said members have also discussed ways to fight such divisive forces.

The BGP president also did not spare dramatist CK Shrestha and accused him of trying to divert the people’s attention by proposing a Gorkha National Satellite Council.

He claimed, “The Gorkha National Satellite Council is but a brainchild of the central government to suppress the Gorkhaland agitation. He (Shrestha) has been making false claims that the North-East people are supporting such a council.”


Enos Das Pradhan BGP President Condemns National Gorkha Council

8:04 PM
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BGP) condemns the formation of the National Gorkha Council an alternative to Gorkhaland proposed by CK Shrestha a noted intellectual and dramatist. Shrestha has come with an idea of National Gorkha Council a national organization to find an enduring solution to the identity problem of the Gorkha community.His statement had come up while addressing a function held in Guwahati by Gorkha Bharati Bichar Mancha.BGP President insisted only and only Gorkhaland would be an apt solution to the crisis , which on historical basis, dates back to more than 108 years.

Enos Das Pradhan BGP President Condemns National Gorkha Council
Enos Das Pradhan BGP President 
Enos Das Pradhan National President at Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh came up with the Facebook update -

"Only separate state is the solution of all century old problems faced by the Gorkhas across the nation and the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh is committed to this cause and consistently leading this movement since 2006. When there is a need for all pro-separate state (Gorkhaland) groups to come under one platform the proposed formation of the national Gorkha Council as an alternative to the demand of Gorkhaland must be condemned from all quarters as this is an attempt by those anti-Gorkhaland forces engineered by the external sources to weaken the movement. The proposal has sent a wrong message accross the nation and I urge all Gorkha brethren in the Country to be careful of such divisive activities of such individuals."

National Gorkha Council for Gorkha community - CK Shrestha

7:47 AM
CK Shrestha a noted intellectual and dramatist has come with an idea of  National Gorkha Council a national organization to find an enduring solution to the identity problem of the Gorkha community. Addressing a function held in Guwahati by Gorkha Bharati Bichar Mancha yesterday, Shrestha shared his vision of forming of such an organisation.

Among other dignitaries present in the occasion were Assam’s Gorkha Development Council president Lekhnath Upadhayay, former minister PB Chauhan, Bharatia Gorkha Parisangh working president CP Giri, national vice president Arun Upadhayay and BB Chettri from Meghalaya.

Noted intellectual and dramatist CK Shrestha
Noted intellectual and dramatist CK Shrestha
Shrestha, who is also the founder of Gorkha Bharati Bichar Mancha, said Darjeeling centric Gorkhaland movements and their outcomes have frustrated the statehood aspirants and as such, a national council will be a best option in their general interest. Stating his analysis of Gorkhaland movements till date along with the unstable character of the regional and national parties and the stubborn notion of the state government towards the demand, he concluded it would be impractical to keep on carrying ahead the demand for Gorkhaland. 

Shrestha said even though he has no opposition to the pro-Gorkhaland parties and organizations, the initiative of forming National Gorkha Council is to ensure identity protection of Gorkhas all across the country.

Shrestha’s proposal was unanimously welcomed by the people present at the function. Dignitaries who came to represent Gorkha people from the Norrth Eastern states accepted the proposal and suggested to begin the activities soon. 

Source - EOI

Pratiman Singh Lama unsung Indian ‪Gorkha Freedom Fighter

4:32 PM
Pratiman Singh Lama 1890-1944.was an Indian ‪‎Gorkha‬ who was not only a freedom fighter but also a linguist, writer author and a private correspondent of English daily Amrita Bazar patrika. He wrote many books, articles, political thoughts, etc.We have very limited information about him, however, if anyone could throw some light on this yet another unsung Indian ‪Gorkha Freedom Fighter kindly click here and write to us. 

Pratiman Singh Lama 1890-1944
Pratiman Singh Lama 1890-1944

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