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Photos - Ranibr Kapoor, Katrina Kaif in Spain

10:18 AM
Rumoured lovers Ranibr Kapoor, Katrina Kaif always remain mum about their romance, but the couple has been caught red-handed on more occasions than one.

In Pics: Ranbir Kapoor, bikini clad Katrina Kaif's beach outing in Spain

And while pictures speak a thousand words, photographs of the duo holidaying in Spain were published in a leading magazine.

Photos - Ranibr Kapoor, Katrina Kaif in Spain

The couple, who were spotted at a music concert in Ibiza, were snapped enjoying a sunny day at the beach on their Spanish holiday, right before Katrina's birthday.

Photos - Ranibr Kapoor, Katrina Kaif in Spain
The pictures reveal a toned looking Katrina in a white and red bikini with Ranbir Kapoor cooling off in a pair of surfer shorts.

On their return from Spain, Ranbir and Katrina were spotted attending some film screenings together in Mumbai.

However, they have been photographed by fans yet again, at a coffee shop, this time in Sri Lanka.

Looks like the lovebirds have finally decided to come out in the open about their sizzling romance, which no doubt has everybody interested.

Full meal at Rs 12 in Mumbai - Raj Babbar

4:27 PM
NEW DELHI: Congress spokesperson Raj Babbar on Thursday said it was possible to have " full meal at Rs 12 in Mumbai" even today, a remark that drew sharp reaction from BJP, which dubbed it "laughable".
Full meal at Rs 12 in Mumbai - Raj Babbar

Babbar said this at the AICC briefing in response to a volley of questions as he tried to explain that poverty has come down even as prices have risen.

He was also asked about lower cutoff of expenditure limit to determine poverty and that how can the poor be able to have their full meal two times with a daily expenditure as low as Rs 28 or Rs 32 per day.

"People should have full meals two times a day. How one can have it is a very good question that you have asked. Even today in Mumbai city, I can have a full meal at Rs 12. No no not bada paav. So much of rice, daal saambhar and with that some vegetables are also mixed," he told reporters.

Babbar at the same time said that he was not saying it was fine.

Ridiculing the remark on NDTV, one of BJP's television panelists Lalita K Mangalam said it was "laughable" for the Congress spokesperson to have said it.

To a question about rising prices of vegetables mainly tomato, Babbar said, "if we assess poverty by tomato, then it will be difficult. You may not be having tomato in cities but the poor people in villages will pluck a tomato and have it. Tell me whether he is rich or poor."

He, however, clarified that he was "not giving the definition of the poor".

"We are not shying away from the issue of price rise. Prices have risen but along with that the per capita expenditure has also risen... More than the ratio of price rise, our expenditure has risen," he said.

Joining the debate, Congress leader and former Lok Sabha MP Rasheed Masood said on Thursday that one can have a meal in Delhi for rupees 5 near Jama Masjid.

Timesofindia (With inputs from PTI)

Photo - Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan shook hands

5:11 PM
Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan shook hands at Baba Siddique’s Iftar party on Saturday night. This is the first time in the last five years that both the Khans’ have acknowledged each other’s presence.

Shah Rukh Khan and Salim Khan were seated at the chief minister’s table, along with other ministers and important guests. The Dabangg actor walked around the table greeting people. When Salman reached Shah Rukh’s side, one could feel the tension in the air. Everyone waited with baited breath to see what would happen next. SRK kept a straight face and looked ahead to avoid an awkward moment. That’s when Salman tapped him on his shoulder and extended his hand for a shake. SRK got up and hugged him. 

Suddenly there was an excitement and everyone around began clicking pictures. A source present said, “They did not speak after that. If Salman had ignored only Shah Rukh at the table, it would have been very uncomfortable for everyone present at the Iftar party. It was really gracious of him to make the first move. SRK, was quick to react with a warm smile and a genuine hug.”

Legendary Milkha Singh,running very fast again, this time at the box office

10:26 AM
India's fastest runner, the legendary Milkha Singh, is running very fast again, this time at the box office. The bio-pic on his life Bhaag Milkha Bhaag has created a global stir and the sprinter is bowled over by Farhan Akhtar's depiction of him in the movie.
Legendary  Milkha Singh,running very fast again, this time at the box office
Legendary  Milkha Singh,running very fast again, this time at the box office

The simple-hearted legendary athlete cannot hide his glee at the turn of events.

Milkha Singh said: "My phone has not stopped ringing ever since the film released. I am getting hundreds of calls from all over the world. I am on the phone all day receiving congratulatory calls. 'Badhaai pe badhaai aaye jaa rahi hai'."

The most surprising call that Milkha Singh got was from former American sprinter Carl Lewis. "Yes, Carl Lewis called me. He saw my film and was very moved. He couldn't follow the Hindi dialogues, but he saw it with an Indian friend who explained the dialogues to him. He is a world-acknowledged runner and has won gold medals in the Olympics. He is one of the greatest sprinters in the world. He wants to send me a gift of appreciation. I told him there was no need for that. I am just too overwhelmed. There are long queues at cinema halls to see my film. "

The jubilant runner said: "The entire credit for the film's success must go to director Rakeysh Mehra, writer Prasoon Joshi, editor P.S. Bharathi and to Farhan Akhtar for portraying me with such conviction, and to Divya Dutta for bringing my sister's role alive. And to Viacom 18 for co-producing the film with Rakeysh. If it wasn't for the entire team and their belief in the project, my story would not have been told so persuasively. So many athletes have come and gone unsung. I think I am very fortunate."

The fact that "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" is serving an inspirational purpose among the youth is what is most heartening to Milkha Singh. "The message that if you try you, can be another Milkha is very strongly put across in the film. I wanted youngsters to be so moved by my story of struggle that they are inspired into doing something worthwhile. And that's exactly what's happening. All those who have seen the film have come out weeping. It's not just sportsmen who are connecting with my story, even businessmen and professionals are... they are getting the message that the only route to success is hard work and willpower. When I saw the film for the first time, I couldn't believe they had done such a fine job of putting my life into a three-hour film."

Milkha Singh is bowled over by Farhan Akhtar's performance. "He is exactly how I wanted to see myself on screen. Full credit to Rakeysh Mehra for seeing me in Farhan. Many actors, including Akshay Kumar, wanted to play Milkha Singh. But the boy (Farhan) has done 'kamaal'. He has replicated me on screen. He even resembles me. The body language and the discipline Farhan adopted to play me... yeh koi maamooli baat nahin hai (it was not easy)."

He admits that the entire story of his life is not represented in "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag". "If they had taken all the incidents from my life the film would have been at least 10 hours long," he said.

He credits his son ace-golfer Jeev Singh for encouraging the project. "I have no idea about movies and the film industry. I haven't seen any film since 1960. My son, who watches a film every day, was impressed by Rakeysh Mehra's 'Rang De Basanti'. Jeev told me if I have to let my story go on film it must be done by Rakeysh Mehra. Before Rakeysh, three to four directors had approached me. They even offered me substantial amounts of money. But I opted to let Rakeysh Mehra tell my story."

Milkha Singh took just a token fee of Re.1 for "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag". However, it was decided that if the film makes profits, some of it would go into the Milkha Singh Charity Trust.

"We distribute medicines to the poor, encourage promising athletes and help retired sportsmen. In our country, sportspersons are given no financial succour. I have seen so much poverty and hardship. Believe me, the film shows only 20 percent of my suffering. They couldn't show all my pain. Prasoon Joshi has suggested another film. I've told him to wait and see how far 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' goes."

Milkha Singh now has one unfulfilled wish. "The gold medal that slipped out of my hand in the Rome Olympics must come to us. Before I leave this world I want one Indian youngster to go get that medal for our country. That's the my last wish."

Priyanka Chopra's Exotic on Apple’s online iTunes Store

4:08 PM
Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is creating waves with her music career. Her second single, Exotic, from her album In My City, is now available on Apple’s online iTunes Store.

Priyanka Chopra's Exotic on Apple’s online iTunes Store
American rapper and songwriter Pitbull has collaborated with Priyanka on her second number.

“Finally…and now officially ‘Exotic‘ featuring Mr. Worldwide Pitbull is now available on iTunes. Buy now,” tweeted Priyanka, 30.

The song is catchy, and a few Hindi lyrics add a bit of a ‘desi’ flavour to it as well.

Her first song “In my city” featured guest vocals from and 130,000 copies of it are said to have been sold in India.

Sunny Deol to be back with Border 2

10:41 AM
After a gap of 16 years, director J P Dutta has decided to bring out the sequel of his hit war film Border and actor Sunny Deol is returning for the second movie.

Sunny Deol to be back with Border 2
Sunny Deol to be back with Border 2

"We are happy to announce that Sunny Deol will be part of starcast. Other names are in the deliberation stage. However, for now Sunny has been roped in for a pivotal role, since he was an integral part of Border," a statement said.

Border, a 1997 film, was based on the real occurrences of the 1971 war.

Though Sunny Deol essayed the role of a Sikh commanding officer in Border, in the sequel, he would not play a Sikh, but would again be seen in a commanding officer's role.

The film will be an adaptation from real life events, the statement said.

Details of the rest of the starcast are under wraps. Border 2 will go on floors by the end of October.

Box office : Farhan Akhtar's Bhaag Milkha Bhaag makes Rs 39.10 cr

11:14 PM
Farhan Akhtar's Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, which was not received well by the critics, is racing ahead at the box office and has earned a total of.
Farhan Akhtar's Bhaag Milkha Bhaag makes Rs 39.10 cr
Farhan Akhtar's Bhaag Milkha Bhaag makes Rs 39.10 cr

In its first weekend, Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra's biopic on the Flying Sikh, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag had already earned over 33 crores till Monday.

Taran Adarsh tweeted the film's weekend collection:

#BhaagMilkhaBhaag *actuals* Thu previews 1.05 cr, Fri 8.50 cr, Sat 11 cr, Sun 12.80 cr, Mon 5.75 cr. Total: Rs 39.10 cr. FANTASTIC!

— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) July 16, 2013
In Pics: Sonam Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar promote Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

While its overseas opening weekend stands at Rs 8.40 cr, tweeted Taran Adarsh:

#BhaagMilkhaBhaag Overseas total *opening weekend* stands at approx. $ 1.4 million [Rs 8.40 cr]. Excellent!

— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) July 16, 2013
Indian Express' reviewer Shubhra Gupta had also given a mere 2.5 stars to the movie and said it could have been made better.

Farhan Akhtar's alluring performance as Milkha Singh has impressed both critics and audiences alike. But the movie sas panned fir being too lengthy.

Sonam Kapoor has done a cameo in the movie.

Happy 29th birthday, Katrina Kaif

10:42 AM
In an industry, where star kids succeed in bagging plum projects and roles, Katrina Kaif has succeeded in carving her niche. Having proved her detractors wrong who took digs at her for flawed Hindi accent and acting skills, Katrina Kaif has become one of the dependable stars in Bollywood. As she turns a year older, we tell you about the films which helped Katrina achieve stardom and popularity. 
Happy 29th birthday, Katrina Kaif
Happy 29th birthday, Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif's first film 'Boom' may have failed to be a hit. But the failure didn't deter Katrina from converting her dreams into reality. With her determined efforts, she has managed to be a part of several popular and successful projects. 

Even though she didn't win any adulations for 'Boom', she decided to move to Mumbai and joined several models who come to the city to be a star. After being in the city as a model, she bagged a role in Ram Gopal Verma's flick 'Sarkar' which helped her become conspicuous as an actor. But 'Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya' opposite Salman Khan helped her attain popularity. Everybody in the industry know that she got her second chance in Bollywood because of Salman Khan. 

'Namastey London', a film which featured her opposite Akshay Kumar, who already had a huge fan base, too proved lucky. The film saw her essaying the role of a British-Indian girl who was caught in the tentacles of cultural predicament. 

Post the reverberating success of 'Singh is Kingg', Katrina Kaif become the most sought-after actress in Bollywood. 

String of movies like 'Partner', 'Welcome', 'Race' strengthened her position as an actress. By the time she reached this phase, the filmmakers were absolutely sure of casting her for commercial projects. 

The critical acclaim that she won for the film 'New York', which also starred John Abraham and Neil Nitin Mukesh, made her new hot property in Indian showbiz industry. She started becoming a part of movies as her presence would pull huge crowds to the cinema halls. 

It was the onscreen chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in 'Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani' which made them one of the most sought-after onscreen jodis in Bollywood. The film was about how Prem (Ranbir) falls for Jenny (Katrina) and resorts to varied ways to woo her. 

It was 'Rajneeti', one her most popular and winning film hitherto, which spawned rumours about her growing relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. The political thriller, which was directed by Prakash Jha, was about how Samar (Ranbir) gets Prithvi's (Arjun) tie the knot with to their childhood pal Indu (Katrina). Since Indu's father is a powerful entrepreneur, this new bond would help raise money for the new party.

With the two hottest stars of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan, being cast in the multi-starrer film 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara', success was predictable. Zoya Akhtar's film became an instant hit for its songs, impressive locales and the intense chemistry of Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan. The film was about how Laila (Katrina), an American Indian helps Arun (Hrithik) conquer his fears and complete deep sea diving effectively. Laila and Arun fall for each other and get married.

Reports of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif parting ways left their fans shocked. But those who were aware of her camaraderie with Ranbir Kapoor were expecting the split. And the actors showed no qualms in agreeing to news items suggesting their breakup. Despite this, the duo continued to share a amiable relationship, which also translated to their onscreen chemistry in Kabir Khan's 'Ek Tha Tiger'. 

The key factor which worked for Yash Chopra's last directorial venture 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' was the sizzling chemistry between SRK and Katrina. Going by what Katrina had said, working with Shah Rukh Khan helped her learn a lot. Many thought the actress looked ethereally stunning in the film.

Half-Brazilian-half-Arabic actress Bruna Abdalah is being groomed to do a role in Mental

10:01 PM
The half-Brazilian-half-Arabic actress Bruna Abdalah, who was seen in a cameo in I Hate Luv Storys (and in the Subah Hone Na De song in Desi Boyz) is being groomed to do a role in Mental, starring Salman Khan.
Half-Brazilian-half-Arabic actress Bruna Abdalah
Half-Brazilian-half-Arabic actress Bruna Abdalah 

Says a source, “Bruna is playing a small role in Mental. She got a call from Sohail Khan Productions offering her a part in the film being directed by him.

Though the role wasn’t too big, Bruna felt it was a privilege to work with the Khans and she said yes immediately. Working with Salman has been a learning experience for her. Apparently, he helped her learn Hindi, faster than her current language teacher Ujjwala.”

Bruna says, “Every time we are ready to shoot, Salman will have an idea and some scenes will be improvised and everyone’s lines will change. It’s good preparation for me as I have to rehearse the lines every time we improvise. It was hard for me in the beginning but Salman somehow makes it easier. I’m more confident now from what I was before. I can dub my own lines. And I am getting to see actors like Tabu and Salman.”

She adds that she has been learning Hindi from a lady professor Ujjwala (proficient in German) for the past six months, “I had a few Hindi teachers before her but I found it too complicated to understand the grammar. German is a very logical and specific language and Ujjwala is using the same methods to teach me Hindi. I can’t converse fluently in Hindi yet but I am able to dub, read and understand it.”

London Milkha Singh break into tears at premier of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

10:54 PM
Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, the director of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, has revealed that Milkha Singh broke down twice during the screening of the film in London.

Milkha Singh
Milkha Singh

The movie talks about the life of the “Flying Sikh,” as Singh was known, from troubled childhood during the partition of India to his record-breaking races in the ’50s and ’60s.
During the London premiere last week, Mehra claimed that it is difficult to understand what you would feel emotionally when you see your own life unfold, but the legendary Indian track star did hold his hand twice during the screening, the New York Daily News reported.
He said that his main concern regarding the film was not about its box office collection but about doing justice to Singh.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag does Rs.8.5 crores business on its opening day

9:57 AM
Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, deemed a moving and inspirational tale of life of Indian sprinter Milkha Singh, managed an impressive Rs.8.5 crore business on its opening day.
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The movie, which released Friday, features Farhan Akhtar as the Flying Sikh, and he is said to have got as real as it gets for the role.

A paid preview of the movie on Thursday minted Rs1.5 crore, and the buzz for the movie only ended up getting a boost.

On its opening day, the movie made Rs. 8.5 crores across India, where it opened in 1,500 screens.

According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, "'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' had an amazing pick up in evening shows on Friday".

Confirming the same, Piyush Raizada, director, Delight Cinemas, told IANS: “It had a good occupancy on Friday, and it will do well this weekend.”

Co-produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures, the movie was much-awaited ever since it was announced, and then its powerful and clean-cut trailer opened to viewers.

Farhan's performance, which is a result of several personal sessions with the man himself - Milkha Singh, has been immensely appreciated, while actresses Sonam Kapoor and Divya Dutta also make their mark with small, but meaningful performances.

Members of the film fraternity have been heaping praises on the project, with some saying, it will "go down in history". Until then, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag on Bollywood's box office!

Bollywood actor Pran passed away

10:29 PM
Mumbai: Veteran Bollywood actor Pran, who made a mark for himself portraying strong negative and supporting roles, passed away at the age of 93 on Friday evening after prolonged illness.

 Pran  passed away
 Pran  passed away

The actor passed away at the Lilavati hospital in Mumbai, where he was undergoing treatment.
According to reports, the last rites of the actor will be conducted at 12 noon at the Shivaji Park crematorium in Mumbai on Saturday.
Pran has been known for remarkable roles in Bollywood hits like Zanjeer, Don, Amar Akbar Anthony, among hundreds others.

Lootera makes a first weekend business of 19 crores

11:35 PM
‘Lootera’ is a period Hindi movie which was released on 5th July. The movie is based on the story ‘The Last Leaf’ by O Henry. The movie is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and is jointly produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Vikas Behl and Anurag Kashyap. The film shows an intense love story between Varun (Ranveer Singh) and Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha). 'Lootera' makes a decent first weekend business of 19 crores.
'Lootera' makes a decent first weekend business of 19 crores.
'Lootera' makes a decent first weekend business of 19 crores.

The movie went for enormous and huge promotions. Even one week before the actual release, the movie was previewed by Bollywood fraternity. The movie received welcome response from Bollywood people. They appreciated the story line, the antic look of 50’s, the cinematography and the acting of both the actors.

Film maker Karan Johar watched the movie and tweeted, “the superbly crafted and performed 'Lootera'... Sonakshi Sinha is a revelation! All accolades for Phantom and team Balaji!(sic).

Konkana tweeted, “'Udaan' director Vikramaditya comes back with a glorious second film 'Lootera'. Can't wait to see what he will make next. Ranveer exceptional.”

Makers of ‘Lootera’ were upbeat with these responses.

Contrary to this ‘Lootera’ opened up on Friday with a cold response from audiences. Multi screens in metro cities did bag some decent business but single screens in smaller cities had pathetic opening at the ticket counters. On the first day the occupancy at the theaters was only 30-35%. It collected only Rs.5.15 crores on day one of its opening.

But the business for ‘Lootera’ showed some signs of revival and it escalated to 20-25 % from the first day. On Saturday ‘Lootera’ did a business of Rs. 6 crores which further rose to Rs. 7.45 crores on Sunday.

“For a film that’s not hardcore commercial fare, the collections of ‘Lootera’ are more than justified! The numbers on Saturday was a significant jump from Friday and similarly, Sunday saw a significant jump from Saturday – which only proves that the word of mouth has got increasing number of people flocking the cinemas by the day!” says exhibitor-distributor Akshaye Rathi.

Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Policegiri’ was released on the same day and the business for this movie was even worse. ‘Policegiri’ did not go for grand promotions as Sanjay Dutt was facing his punishment term in Pune jail.

Since the business for ‘Lootera’ started picking up gradually, trade analysts believe that the movie will gross Rs.20 crores in the first week unless the collection drips dramatically. Trade analysts are still optimistic for the movie. According to them, this movie was backed by heavy marketing gimmicks.  Also, one of the producers is Balaji, who are known to have a very good network in the industry. Lootera Movie On The Location - On The Sets

Shah Rukh Khan confirmed surrogate baby named him 'AbRam'

8:59 PM
CNN-IBN: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has confirmed the birth of his and his wife Gauri Khan's surrogate baby boy and has named him 'AbRam'. The actor has also denied all reports of sex determination tests on the child.
Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

In a press release on Tuesday, Shah Rukh said AbRam was having health issues as he was prematurely born by several months. "Amidst all the noise that has been going around, the sweetest is the one made by our newborn baby, AbRam. He was born prematurely by several months, but has finally come home," said Shah Rukh. "Gauri and our whole family have been dealing with his health issues for a long time now," he added.
"As a family, our silence on this subject has been because of the personal nature of emotional strife that we have been going through due to his health," Shah Rukh said. The superstar also put the record straight that "there was no sex determination for our child".

"The baby was born much before the speculations of 'sex determination' and other 'issues' pertaining to the same were being raised in the media by some organisations. Suffice to say his coming home puts to rest completely false and at times insensitive claims of sex determination and alleged illegalities," he added.
On his part, the actor-producer has also apologised to "all those other doctors and hospitals who had to face unwanted scrutiny and questioning by some parties", and he has thanked the doctor concerned, Jatin Shah, for his expertise and contribution to make the surrogacy successful.
"We also wish to thank all the other doctors, nurses and medical staff who have made his life possible," added Shah Rukh, who also said the entire surrogacy process is bound by "strict confidentiality". He has appealed to all "to allow us to cherish this private moment as a family".
Shah Rukh, who began his tryst with showbiz through the small screen in 1988, married Gauri in 1991. They have two children together - son Aryan,16, and daughter Suhana, 13.

Shraddha Kapoor the industry's blue-eyed new Item girl

10:52 AM
The Box Office blockbuster Aashiqui 2 has made Shraddha Kapoor the industry's blue-eyed girl. And the movie honcho Karan Johar knew fully well how to cash in on the actress' new-found glory.
 Shraddha Kapoor the industry's blue-eyed girl
 Shraddha Kapoor the industry's blue-eyed girl

Shraddha will be shaking a leg in the filmmaker's Ungli, directed by Rensil D'Silva. Add to that, the lovely lady has also been signed by Dharma Productions for one more film – Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, which has Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan as the leads.

Shraddha's item number in Ungli is yet to be shot, and the gorgeous girl will sizzle in the song with the film's hero, Emraan Hashmi. Scheduled to hit the big screens by the year-end, the film also stars Sanjay Dutt, Kangana Ranaut, Randeep Hooda and Neha Dhupia.

Seems Shraddha has got her kitty quite full with amazing offers. Her next as the solo leading lady is Mohit Suri's The Villain, which will have her romance Sidharth Malhotra.

Hrithik Roshan brain surgery was successful

8:54 AM
Hrithik Roshan underwent a brain surgery for removal of a clot at the Hinduja Hospital here Sunday. The surgery was successful and his wife Sussanne Roshan shows “gratitude” to everyone for their “good wishes and prayers” for the star.
Hrithik Roshan brain surgery was successful

Hrithik, who was diagonised with chronic subdural haematoma and was admitted Saturday evening at the Hinduja Hospital in Khar, was operated upon in the afternoon and came out of the operation theatre around 3 pm.
The 50-minute neuro-surgery has been successful and Sussanne said she was relieved.
"Thank you for all your love and concern, Hrithik has come out of the surgery stronger than ever before. Gratitude and love to all of you for all your good wishes and prayers for him,” Sussanne said in a statement.
Hrithik’s family is overwhelmed by the response of fans and well-wishers and thank all their friends for their love, support and prayers.
In the morning, Hrithik, 39, had informed about the surgery through his Facebook post as well as his tweet.
"Minor brain surgery to remove blood clot. Should be rock n rolling by evening! U guys have a great day too! Supersonic!!" tweeted Hrithik.
According to his father and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik will be discharged in the next 48 hours.

Hrithik Roshan undergo a brain surgery

2:16 PM
Hrithik Roshan, one of the reigning stars of the Hindi film industry, will undergo a brain surgery Sunday at Hinduja Hospital.
Reportedly the actor's surgery will take place around 2 p.m. or 3 p.m.
Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik's father, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, told IANS: "It's a clot between brain and skull. So, basically it's a clot in brain. He will undergo the surgery around 2 p.m. or 2.30 p.m. In the medical term, it's called chronic subdural hematoma. Me and my entire family is with him."
Hrithik, the star of films like "Krrish" and "Agneepath", informed everyone about the surgery through his tweet on the microblogging site.
The 39-year-old's tweet reads: "We all know that we create a life of joy using the power of our mind. I've had the privilege of creating wonders with this amazing gift given to us called the brain. Occasionally one must look within and realize its value. It gives us the power to see, hear, touch, smell and taste, it allows us to conquer fear and create courage to do things we never imagined. Maybe it's time for me to feel the power literally."
"I am going to go through brain surgery today and want you to know that I am going in with absolute power to recover fast. My thanks to all of you for using the power of your mind to contribute to my life. Love you all."
On June 27, Hrithik unveiled the first look of his superhero film "Krrish 3" on Facebook. The much anticipated sci-fi thriller is set to hit the screens Nov 4, a day after Diwali this year.

Barfi wins best director, best actor and best story 14th (IIFA) awards

1:36 PM
The film Barfi scooped top honours in India's version of the Oscars at a ceremony in the Chinese gambling haven of Macau on Saturday that also celebrated a century of Bollywood, which makes up a big chunk of a multi-billion-dollar film industry.
Barfi is a romantic comedy about a mute and deaf man and his relationship with two women. The movie was praised by critics for its positive portrayal of physically disabled people, a somewhat unusual theme for Bollywood screenplays.
Barfi wins best director, best actor and best story 14th (IIFA) awards
Barfi wins best director, best actor and best story 14th (IIFA) awards 

India, the world's biggest film producer, makes more than double the number of Hollywood movies on an annual basis. Already popular in countries with sizable Indian populations, Indian films are also a growing hit with Chinese audiences as well as in Russia and Germany.
Hosted by Bollywood heartthrobs Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor, the four-hour ceremony of pulsating dance routines and colourful costume changes was attended by an audience of over seven thousand screaming fans.
Some of Indian cinema's biggest names including Deepika Padukone set the Macau arena alight with high octane performances, while older generation actors like Boman Irani and modern pin ups such as Vidya Balan graced the green carpet. Known for catchy songs, whimsical backdrops and raven-tressed actresses, Bollywood films typically transport viewers away from reality to a world where good triumphs over evil and love reunites everyone, themes that resonate well in China. "We make musicals.
I think every film is a musical. Every film has at least six to seven songs," said Ayushmann Khurrana, nominated for best actor after his debut in "Vicky Donor", a romantic comedy about sperm donation. "So that is how Bollywood is completely different from Hollywood."
Best actress was won by Vidya Balan for Kahani while, Ranbir Kabir for Barfi took home the award for best actor. Barfi also won the award for best film. India's film entertainment sector is booming and estimated to generate revenue of close to $5 billion by 2015.
The choice of Macau to host the annual event comes as the gambling hub is pushing to diversify its customer base beyond the traditional casino punter who spends only on the baccarat tables rather than on entertainment, dining and hospitality. Indian customers are increasingly targeted by the casino operators due to their tendency to stay longer than the average Chinese punter and their heavy spending on non-gaming pastimes.

From: dnaindia
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