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Second Short film by Gorkha TEZ in the 69th Cannes International Film Festival 2016

5:19 PM
Another Gorkha Filmmaker's Short film TEZ selected FOR 69thCannes International Film Festival (Festival De Cannes) 2016

Guwahati , Monday, 2nd May 2016: An Eastern Green Pictures production, Assamese language short Film TEZ has been selected under the Short Film Corner section at the prestigious 69th Cannes International Film Festival (Festival de Cannes) which will be held from May 11th to May 22nd 2016 at Cannes, France.

The film has been catalogued in the official ‘Short Film Catalog’ for this year’s selection in the Short Film Corner [Details:]
Also, TEZ has received official selection in the 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival – 2016.

Adding another feather to the cap, TEZ has been selected at the 16th International Film Festivals to be held in Jaipur from May 15, the short film finds selection among 65 films selected out of 975 films received from 60 countries from 16 different subjects Tez is directed by Bhaskar Upadhyaya and Prabhat Goswami. The story and script is written by Prabhat Goswami and Producer of the film is Bhaskar Upadhyaya under the banner of Eastern Green Pictures. Chief Assistant Director is Manas Sagra. Pranab Vivek is the technical director and Amiya Ranjan Das is the Director of Photography of the film.
Second Gorkha Short film TEZ in the 69th Cannes International Film Festival 2016
Gorkha Filmmaker's Short film TEZ selected for 69thCannes International Film Festival 2016
Tez is a short film based on a father who abandons his new born girl child in the want of a boy. The story is based on the backdrop of the 90’s era, when in certain societies a male child meant prosperity and an extra earning hand, and whereas the ‘weaker sex’ was looked down upon. The father associates the birth of a girl with unending responsibilities and liabilities. However, the world turns upside down for the father when he has his moment of realization.

Produced under the banner of Eastern Green Pictures, Tez stars Prastuti Parashar, Angurlata Deka and Giridhar Roy; and Tarali Sarma is the music director of the film. Tez was shot in Guwahati and its outskirts late in 2015. Tez puts forward the message of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ (Save the Girl child, Educate the Girl child) in a very subtle yet cinematic way.

Talking to this correspondent in Guwahati Engineer turned passionate filmmaker Bhaskar Upadhyay said, ‘Selection of TEZ in film Festivals like Cannes Film Festival, International Film Festival, and Dada Saheb Phalke means creative efforts and cinematic excellence and experience of Eastern Green Pictures is rewarded. EGP congratulates people of Assam and the North East for this achievement by an regional language Short Film and we look forward for filling the void of the cinema industry of regional movies in the region in the days to come’.

It may be recalled Eastern Green Pictures recently announced its full length Assamese movie ULKA ( to be produced by Bhaskar Upahyay and Meghraj Timsina and to be directed by Pranab Vivek. This movie will be first of its kind and audience will find a completely new genre film in regional language which will dubbed in few more regional language and released nationwide among the North Easterner crowd.

via: TheDC

Airtel strikes gold with 4G girl Sasha Chettri

11:42 AM
Writes Malini Bhupta

Mumbai April 24, 2016 Sasha Chettri, Airtel’s 4G girl, is the ad world’s newest poster girl. Chettri has gone viral on social media, ever since Airtel kicked off its 4G campaign last July, and, in the process, has delivered for brand Airtel what no other campaign has - high recall value. With her unconventional and provocative approach, 21-year-old Chettri has firmly put brand Airtel on the country’s 4G landscape.

Today, 4G in India means Airtel just the way years ago Coca-Cola staked claim on the entire soft drinks category through its Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola campaign with Aamir Khan.

Given that the next generation of mobile broadband, or 4G, is about speed, the television commercial showing two girls racing their phones on a terrace in Lucknow was an unusual way to break the clutter on television. Given that other telcos have not come up with such high-decibel campaigns, Chettri has become a shorthand for 4G as a category.

In advertising parlance, the success of a campaign is measured through top-of-the-mind awareness and Chettri has helped Airtel increase this score by 13 per cent compared to other campaigns such as Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai.
Sasha Chettri
Sasha Chetri
It isn't just the brand recall value that has shot up, Airtel's revenue market-share touched a six-year high of 31.4 per cent in December 2015. In the five key data markets - Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala - Airtel increased its marketshare by 140 basis points in the nine months ending December 2015. According to CLSA, Airtel is upping the ante on data offerings. On the ground, Bharti Airtel has stepped up its 4G data offering through a slew of industry firsts on product as well as distribution. The company has deployed long-term evolution, or LTE, using carrier aggregation in Kerala, enabling speeds of up to 135mbps on its 4G network.

The campaign has many firsts to its credit. For starters, Airtel went with an unknown face to launch a big shift in broadband technology and secondly, it showed the gumption to use a young woman for this.

Explains Chettri, “In India, women are still used to endorsing soaps and shampoos but not technology as stereotypes still exist.” Agnello Dias, chairman and co-founder of Taproot, the agency behind the campaign, says: “Sasha is right and she is both loved and trolled at the same time for breaking stereotypes, but there is little doubt that the campaign has embedded Airtel's ownership of 4G in the public consciousness. While the campaign has resonated strongly right through several SECs, it has allowed the brand to own 4G like no one else.”

The success of the 4G campaigns has even given Airtel the courage to take a pot shot at its own self. The latest commercials is about the 4G girl holidaying in a remote place and is getting surprised to find the network there too. To this end, the Twitter trolls have only helped the campaign stay on top of the mind because it made it impossible to ignore either the campaign or the face of the campaign. Young Chettri, who is also a musician, is often accosted in malls and restaurants by people who either want to shake hands with her or complain to her about the state of the telecom networks in the country.

Last July, when Airtel became the first telecom operator to launch its high-speed broadband services across 350-plus cities in India, it was looking convey to consumers the arrival of not just a new technology, but a new way of life. With 70 per cent of India accesses internet through the mobile, speed and coverage are going to be big differentiators and Airtel wanted to drive home this point with its story boards. Explains Srinivasan Gopalan, director (consumer businesses) at Airtel: “What we wanted to demonstrate through our advertising was a step change in broadband experience. Therefore, we could not be rational about it. When you are rational, it does not land well with the consumer; so, we had to be provocative and fresh.”

Instead of using a Bollywood star or a cricket sensation, Airtel chose to go with a young girl. “This was a welcome change I felt,” says Chettri.

Chettri was both provocative and fresh with her unconventional appearance. She managed to break through the clutter and stand out. She was a step up from all existing offerings thanks to the ‘speed’ aspect. Obviously, this required an over-the-top and provocative approach, which drove home the message.

This was no accident. Given that the category is mired in scepticism, the creative team felt using a celebrity for the 4G campaign would have been a predictable advertising approach. Hence, they chose a fresh face.

Via business-standard

Gham Chhaya – Golden Times by Lt Gen (Veteran) Shakti Gurung & Mrs Madhu Gurung

11:10 PM
Writes  Lt Gen (Veteran) Shakti Gurung and Mrs. Madhu Gurung

What makes us take different roads at varying points in our lives – the choices we make in pursuance of a dream that starts as a mere idea, to become a journey of possibilities can never be fully answered. So great is the pull of the idea that it excites us to hunt high and low for ways to make it take a form, and then a life of its own.

Living as retirees in Dehradun, our story also started with an idea to unite the Gorkha community to come together in unity and pride. Initially we thought like everywhere else in India, we too should organise a Gorkha fair. But for too many years living away from the community we had had our fair share of competition, so we were more ambitious, more unafraid to trying new things, so our USP as we grew as a group, was to think not just big but bigger, an event that we could pull together on our own steam without the army cover under which we had lived all our lives. What started as possibly a one or two day event snowballed with a life of its own into a four day grand Gorkha Dwi Shatabdi Mahotsav. The website – that we created after the Mahotsav captures some of its essence. For the first time the Mahotsav brought thousands of Gorkhas living in independent warrens across Uttarakhand together to publicly demonstrate their pride in their “Gorkhaness”.
Gham Chhaya – Golden Times
Gham Chhaya – Golden Times
The immediate fall out of the Mahotsav was the creation of the Gorkha Kalyan Parishad.  It was the first official acknowledgement by the government of Uttarakhand. Headed by Lt Gen Shakti Gurung, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM, who had been appointed on popular concensus, the members of the Parishad however did not enjoy the same support. The result was it fractured the Gorkha community on party lines and made the government effort seem not serious and well meaning. However, the recent upheaval of the Uttarakhand government has caused the dissolution of the Parishad but the processes that Gen Gurung put in place, continue.

It was the formation of the Parishad that gave birth to the website: that will serve not just as our documentation center but will be an interactive stimulus for intellectual debate. We are happy with the responses of our viewers. We are constantly working on ways to improve the content and incorporating the work that we are doing.

The other equally meaningful endeavour that stemmed for the same felt need for an interactive platform to reach out to the community and continue with the gains of “Gorkhaness” the Mahotsav had created, was a kernel of an idea of starting a community radio.

While the website we had created catered for the technically savvy generation of Gorkhas, the radio on the other hand is aimed to capture the space that was empty as a “binder” embracing the community speaking in Nepali.

The radio allows us the enormous span and platform to project the untapped talent of our young musicians, poets and singers. It allowed us freedom to create, tell stories, showcase our culture, language, history and tap on to our vast plethora of music, and bring together all the local talent we found in the wake of the Mahotsav and showcase it.

The Bible says for everything under the sun there is a season – a time to sow and a time to reap.  The idea of having a Gorkhali radio station started as a small seed with tremendous potential. We realised we had a brilliant idea but little expertise to execute it. But the more we thought of the idea of a community radio we realised it would be the best tool to reach out – to inform, educate and entertain the community. The Gorkhas had never found a voice and never broadcast it. We also did not have the money to the tune of Rs 25 lakhs to get a license to broadcast and have a radio station of our own.

So the idea began to falter even before it took off, that was the time we began thinking out of the box. The idea of a community radio was too good to be abandoned so we began looking for ways to make it begin. A phone call to the head of Radio Khushi, Arjun Kaintura in Mussoorie for air time for us elicited a response that was not only encouraging but we also got him to come home and talk about how we could go about it. The next step was to introduce him to the small band of people who were sold on the idea of radio. In the hall of Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha where we invited him, he came with his team of RJ – Kiran Thapa, and his production head, Madan. The team read to him, sang for him and asked him endless questions.

The meeting was a turning point as the support of Radio Khushi was whole hearted. Radio Khushi housed in Gurunank Fifth Centenary School in Mussoorie, reaches across most of Uttarakhand and is broadcast on 90.4 FM.

We asked Arjun for a two slots every week as none of us were professionals and we felt that we had to build our capacities. The truth was none of us had any idea of what it entailed but when you take an idea and think of it day in and day out, you can create paths. A music band, “Maya,” that had played for the Mahotsav had two key players Vikas Mukhiya and Finny Joseph, both musicians with expertise in their own fields. While Vikas was the band’s lead singer, composer, Finny was the sound expert.

It was this duo that came to our rescue. Finny Joseph a young man who worked some ten years for a corporate in Delhi came back to Dehradun to pursue the love of his life – music, and raise a family. Vikas Mukhiya, a musician par excellence wrote songs, composed and played in all fancy places across the country and whose passion for life stemmed from his music. He has already got fame doing biblical albums and is the one who composed the most beautiful song for our Mahotsav titled, ‘Bir Gorkhali”. It is on our website and a must listen for all the people who question Gorkha identity.

Together these two young men wrote, composed our promos, recorded them and wowed the community. We hope that our promos in times to come will become an anthem among our people. Finny continues to record for us and his ability to fine tune flagging voices, boost confidence among a team of radio jockeys, who till a few weeks back saw themselves only as students, housewives and retired army men. The excitement of wearing a new garb is hesitant but each episode when recorded gets aired, the instant emotional response fills us with wonder of its possibility and gets us back to the grind to better ourselves.

We are for a professional radio, the most unlikely team to produce radio programmes, but our USP is our heart. We know what makes us tick, we know our stories and together we are learning to say them in a way very much like the last frame of a beautiful movie that stays with you long after the images have faded. We have realised that in a way we are all story tellers as we only have the listeners’ ears so we paint with colours of our past, pride in our present, and hope for our future.

We have been asked why radio – it’s a medium that can reach out across the board to a community, as friend, adviser and a fellow Gorkha. It’s a platform for Gorkhas to interact, put forth their word and find a common solution. The forthcoming elections, 2017 may just get their Gorkha MLA, making history happen through a medium we have only just started.

The possibilities are endless.

Where do we go from here, the roadmap leads us all the way to having our own Gorkha broadcasting radio station. As we learn the ropes as tug boats hooked on to the big armada, Radio Khushi, we know we will find our own patch of land where the sky carries our name very soon.

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Gorkha youth's film to be screened at the Cannes film festival

9:38 AM
Writes Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, April 18: A 28-minute short film made by a Darjeeling youth who studied at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in Calcutta is set to be screened at the Cannes film festival.

Saurav Rai, who is from Bara Mangwa near Darjeeling, has named his film Gudh (Nest). Till now, it is the only film from India to be accepted by the cinefondation section of the Cannes festival that encourages budding filmmakers to showcase their work.

Gudh is based on Rai's childhood experiences.

"The film is the recollection of my childhood memories and my confusions," Rai said.

Rai, 30, is now based in Delhi and is working on a travelogue.

"When the hills were witnessing the statehood agitation in 1986, my family and I had to leave Bara Mangwa, about 40km from Darjeeling, first for Dharan and then for Kathmandu in Nepal. I grew up with my grandfather in Kathmandu and was away from my parents, who returned to the hills. Living away from my parents sowed the seeds of confusion in my life then," Rai said.

Saurav Rai
"I attended Mount Valley School in Kathmandu. Later, I studied in a school in Kalimpong where I failed thrice. I was then sent back to my village and from there, I went to Teesta Bridge High School," Rai added.

Rai joined St. Joseph's College (North Point) in Darjeeling as a student of mass communication and journalism and started making films.

"My experiences and observations from my village days helped me make my film," he said.

Till date, Rai has made eight short films, seven documentaries and three music videos.

In 2013, he was invited to Beijing to make documentaries on specific topics. In 2014, he was invited to the Munich Film Festival where his short film Barkhay Jhari (Monsoon Rain) was screened.

"I completed my film-making course this year. I will be leaving for Cannes on May 10," said Rai.

The film festival will be held in France from May 11 to May 22.

Via Telegraph

Saurav Rai's 'Gudh' only Indian entry in 69th Cannes Film Festival

12:56 PM
"Shout Out" to Mr. Saurav Rai whose film "Gudh" is the ONLY INDIAN FILM to be Officially Selected for the Prestigious 69th Cannes Film Festival.

Mr. Rai is from Mangwa village near Kalimpong and was brought up in Kathmandu in 1986. "That's the year when the Gorkhaland agitation began," he said. The son of a cardamom businessman, Rai moved to his grandparents' residence. "It was during vacations that I came to my village. I often had problems co-relating my memories with my surroundings," the 29-year-old said.

Describing his Kathmandu days, Rai said he was a "naughty and terrible" student. "If I was promoted, it was only as a favour. Finally, my grandfather sent me to a village school. I had to walk down four hours daily to go there. It was as bad as chicken poop. That's when I understood that things would need to be changed," he recalled.

A drastic transformation happened when he was in Class VIII. His grades improved. It was during this time he was smitten by the film bug. "Cinema was my escape route," he confessed.
Saurav Rai's  'Gudh' only Indian entry in 69th Cannes Film Festival
Saurav Rai

Little did he then realise that some years later, movies would offer him a ticket to limelight. His Nepali language film - 'Gudh' - is based on his childhood memories with his mother in Mangwa. "The political demand for a separate state had affected me. There is a hint of that in my film too. But 'Gudh' isn't a narrative-based film. It has a lot of long shots and surreal elements. I was even told that I had defied the grammar of film-making while making it," he recalled.

Back in Mangwa, his family members are ecstatic. "My grandfather used to say that as a child, Einstein was a stupid guy. That was to give an assurance to all those who used to write me off because I was very bad student," he said. Today, Rai wants to thank 'this 76-year-old man' for his achievements. "He now wants to offer a goat to treat the villagers!" Rai said with a smile.

However, international acclaim isn't new to Rai. In 2014, his short film titled 'Monsoon Rain' was officially selected at the Munich film festival. Having watched a lot of cinema at SRFTI and during his Munich trip, what is his opinion about Bengali cinema? "I watched Ray and Sen's classics during my graduation at Darjeeling's St Joseph College," he said. From the next generation of directors, he likes Rituparno Ghosh's movies. "Among contemporary makers, I find Arghya Basu's works very interesting," Rai pointed out.

Along with his sound designer Ankita Purkayastha, Rai will be off to Cannes on May 10. Before that, he is writing a script for a feature film that will narrate untold stories and taboos of rural India.

brought up in Kathmandu in 1986. "That's the year when the Gorkhaland agitation began," he said. The son of a cardamom businessman, Rai moved to his grandparents' residence. "It was during vacations that I came to my village. I often had problems co-relating my memories with my surroundings," the 29-year-old said.

Saurav is completing his schooling from Satyajit Ray Institute for Film and Television.

We wish Saurav GOOD LUCK for Cannes and are hopeful he will bring Laurels not only to our community, but also our country.

Take a bow Saurav!! You have earned it!!

Source TheDC With inputs from Times of India

Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama to host an exhibition on April 20 – May 10

8:55 PM
Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama (born 1991) is an Indian Gorkha fashion designer from Darjeeling based in Bangalore. She launched her debut Prêt collection under the label "P.E.L.L.A" - also an acronym for her name, at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 as a Gen Next Designer.

For many years, there was a clear boundary between fashion designers and visual artists.However designer Priyanka Ella Lorena has made her young emerging fashion journey an artistic experience. Her designs, her fabric, her photographs and her sets are forming a practice that floats somewhere between art and artisanat. This April she will host a promising exhibition where she will be showcasing miniature versions of her creations which would be mounted into frames as a 3D installation as part of Alliance Française’s Young Talent Program.

“My designs are a form of visual arts to me. I love my designs and I got an opportunity where garments can be showcased as art. I proposed the idea though I have not done anything like this before,” says 25-year-old Lorena further adding that the show will be like a fashion diary which will showcase the process of bringing out a single garment. “For most of my garments I use single block of fabric, and this exhibition will have installations that will seem like a learning diary. I will be covering my past two collections called Utopia and Abstinence,” she says.

A student of fashion from Bengaluru’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, Lorena has established her own label, P.E.L.L.A., an acronym of her name. When asked to describe, Utopia, the collection she conceived while at the fashion school and will now be showing its miniature version, Lorena says, “It’s an existence of an ideal state of mind through enlightenment.”

And, that’s when you know she’s different. A believer in the Wabi-Sabi outlook towards art, Lorena’s collection transcends the present. “Much of my work brings together what I stand for. I am sure people will be quite intrigued with this exhibition as they would not have seen anything like this before,” she concludes.

April 20 – May 10. At Alliance Française Atrium. Entry free.

— NK

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Gorkhali programme GHAM-CHHAYA on FM radio KHUSHI

Writes Lt Col D S Khadka

It is a matter of great pride that FM radio KHUSHI has whole heartedly given a  schedule of one hour on Sundays and Wednesdays to air the Gorkhali programme GHAM-CHHAYA from their FM channel. The first programme was aired on 03 Apr 16 (Sunday) from 9 to 10 AM. This day is also marked as inaugural day of GHAM-CHHAYA by performing pooja in the complex of multi purpose home, Naya Gaon, Dehra Dun at 10 AM.

This programme is designed and executed under the aegis of Gorkha Kalyan Board Uttarakhand headed by Lt Gen Shakti Gurung, PVSM,UYSM,AVSM,VSM with untiring efforts of the General , Mrs Madhu Gurung, Lt Gen Ram Pradhan, AVSM,SM,VSM, Brig C B Thapa, Brig P S Gurung and a very dedicated team from Gorkha community.

We are thankful to FM radio Khushi who supported and encouraged us to launch this programme. We convey our thanks to AEIGWA to provide a sufficient place in their complex to launch this programme.

Via gorkhaparisanghuttarakhand

Airtel 4G Girl Sasha Chettri Joins Reliance Jio

8:14 AM
Sasha Chettri, the unexpected villain of Airtel 4G campaign has decided to leave Airtel, and join Reliance Jio’s 4G campaign from now on. She took this major decision after a user from remote Umiam Lake of Shillong is taking her to court as he was not able to watch India vs West Indies World T20 Semi final clash on his mobile phone using Airtel 4G.

As per reports emerging, Sasha decided to take this extreme step after she was fed up of the trolling she received due to her Airtel 4G campaign; and when it became serious due to this legal angle.

In an exclusive e-interview via Twitter, she said, “Paka daala yaar! (Bugged me off dude!) Don’t these trolls have any other task?!”

This controversy reached it’s crescendo during the World T20 semi final clash where West Indies defeated India. The user, who was so impressed/influenced with Sasha’s advertisement for Airtel 4G in Shillong, that he purchased an Airtel connection for watching the crucial India-West Indies T20 match on his mobile. But unfortunately, the mobile was not able to get the desired bandwidth, and live streaming couldn’t happen.

In his petition, the man who refused to be identified, said, “India has never lost whenever I watch the match. Due to this strange Airtel 4G girl’s advertisement, I took Airtel SIM, and then it was all blank. The match couldn’t be streamed, and I couldn’t watch the match and India lost. Sasha now must pay the price..”

In that particular advertisement shot at Umiam Lake in Shillong, Sasha’s friends actually say to her: “Famous on TV, non-stop, loud speaker..”; and in reply, Sasha admits, “Thoda over ho gaya…Glad we are here, 4G se bhi break, public se bhi break!”.

But suddenly, she is stunned to notice that a girl is playing songs on mobile using Airtel 4G. This ‘miracle’ is what must have inspired that unnamed user who later sued Sasha.

Sasha Ditching Airtel – The Real Reason

As per insider reports, Sasha is tired of watching trolls demolish her self-confidence and belief in the fact that she is a great actor. The biggest issue is that Airtel’s 4G isn’t working as smoothly as she had expected, and this is resulting in intolerance among users.

But why Reliance 4G of all the telecom companies?

She says, “See, first of all, Reliance Jio is really dicey – nobody knows when it will be launched. I am estimating that it will take another year or so before Reliance Jio 4G SIM cards are actually available. On the other hand, Airtel is everywhere, and it’s simply not working!”

It seems that either she received a bigger contract or her visibility has been massively planned (or both), even surpassing Airtel’s campaign.

Just for records, Sasha officially became the face of India’s most hated brand earlier this year; and several analysts had directly blamed Sasha for the same.

As per official data from Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC), between September 19 and November 20, 2015, 54,406 times, Sasha Chettri was aired 54,406 times, which resulted in her capturing the small screen for 1,708,586 seconds. In short, she was on TV screen for almost 475 hours, or some 20 days!

Ad-pundits have even started calling her ‘Lalitaji’ of 2015-16.

In a question related to her future plans, the trained copyrighter and passionate singer who accidentally landed up Airtel’s huge, massive ad-campaign, said, “First of all, let me handle these legal issue; and the emotional distress which I am going through. And then, I will plan a comeback by planning more torture for the Indian audience using Reliance 4G advertisements. Just wait and watch..”

Rumors are in that she has proposed a tagline: “4G Liyo To Jio!”, which is being examined by Reliance’s corporate communication experts.

*More updates awaited…


Gorkha Radio Programme ‘Gham Chhaya’ launching in Mussorie on April 03, 2016

8:51 AM
The Gorkha community in Uttarakhand constitutes 12-15  lakhs of the population. In the year 2015, the community came together for the first time to celebrate 200 years of Gorkhas in India from where began their legacy of bravery and debt to the salt. The two hundred year celebrations (Gorkha Dwi Shatabdi Mahotsav) which was aimed to bring unity and a resurgence of Gorkha history and culture to the fore, was a huge success. It was also the only kind of such a celebration conducted by the Gorkha community themselves anywhere in the world. Organised over four days, the events saw more than 10-12,000 people everyday, brought to one platform Uttarakhand’s Governor, the Chief Minister, as well as the Chief Minister of Sikkim.

The biggest gains of all from the Mahotsav was to showcase the enormous untapped talent of young Gorkhas who were singers, musicians, poets, historians and commentators. After the Dwi Shatabdi Mahotsav, the Government of Uttarakhand set up the Gorkha Kalyan Parishad for the Gorkhas and appointed Lt. Gen Shakti Gurung, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM, as its Chairman with a Cabinet rank. It was the first acknowlegment by the government of the aspirations of the community which had for long felt marginalised in every way.

The dual success of the Mahotsav and the setting up of the Gorkha Kalyan Parishad  gave rise to the felt need to take forward the gains of the Mahotsav and resurgence of pride of being a Gorkha through a radio programme. The aim was to continue to inform, educate and entertain the community to know their culture, history, folklore and songs. Elsewhere across India and the world a more dominant culture was slowly overpowering Gorkha culture and language, and it was felt that through a radio station the young as well as the community at large could connect with their culture, ways and history.
Gorkha Radio Programme ‘Gham Chhaya’ launching in Mussorie on April 03, 2016
This is how community radios across the world have become the mouth piece of the community as well as the repository of their culture. It is known that the Government of India through its I&B Ministry, will allow the setting up of 400 community radios all over India. Currently there are only 160 community radios which are running very successfully. The aim of the Gorkha Kalyan Parishad is to ultimately have a Gorkha community radio station which will broadcast all programmes in Nepali, the language of the Gorkhas.

While having a community radio is a long term goal for which the community intends to raise money over a period of time, The Gorkha Kalyan Parishad has already set up a recording studio and tied up with Radio Khushi, a community radio, to broadcast our programmes. Radio Khushi broadcasts from Mussoorie and has a wide reach, covering the whole of Dehradun, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Haridwar, parts of Saharanpur, Rorkee, Ponta Sahib, Narendernagar, parts of Tehri, Pauri and Bijnor.

Our Nepali radio Programme is called “Gham Chhaya” which means “Sun and Shade.” Already the promos are running every hour on Radio Khushi. The initial tie up is to broadcast an hour long programme two days of week – Sunday from 6-7 PM and Wednesday 9-10 AM.  Both these are prime time slots. The first programme gets aired on Sunday, 3rd April, 2016. Over a period of time we intend taking up more airtime so as to broadcast more days in a week.

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Naseeb Tamang bags Mr. India Continent 2016

8:51 AM
Indian Gorkha, Naseeb Tamang from Nimtar, 32 no. village of East Sikkim under Sang-Martam Rumtek Constituency bags the Mr. India Continent 2016 at New Delhi, India. Naseeb Tamang by profession is a Gym Owner & a trainer an a well known Disc Jockey in Sikkim.

Mr and Miss India Continent 2016 held in Delhi YWCA organised by Aman Gandhi Film Production
Mr India Continent 2016 Organised by Aman Gandhi Film Production the competition was international level the contestants from Nepal Bhutan Pakistan was their for the competition
"I'm very much happy that I have won the title Mr India continent (Fight For World Peace and Stop Terrorism), I will be working on world peace and I have an agreement of one year with the production house.
Naseeb Tamang bags Mr. India Continent 2016
Naseeb Tamang bags Mr. India Continent 2016

Source: VOS

Video - Maruni dance in World Culture Festival

10:42 AM
Gorkha cultural traditional Maruni  is a dance from Sikkim and Darjeeling usually performed by the males in female costumes, whose body movements are extremely graceful. 370 performers dance to the Samala beat , a rhythm expressing celebration with a touch of romance , on the second day of World Culture Festival organized by The Art Of Living.

About 370 participants between 15 to 45 years, from various districts of Sikkim, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Dooars, and some remote villages falling under the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration will congregate in New Delhi to bring to the world the scintillating folk dance with its own folklore. Sikkim alone counts for 118 young dancers; most of them hailing from West District. Others are from Namchi in South Sikkim and Kokaley and Khesey in East Sikkim. Hon’ble Minister for Cultural Affairs & Heritage Department Government of Sikkim Shri. G.M. Gurung is likely to attend the three-day festival. A huge contingent of Art of Living volunteers from Sikkim will be travelling to New Delhi to be part of this extravaganza.

Watch the video

Bipul Chhetri sweeps 19th Hits FM Music Awards.

12:17 PM
KATHMANDU, March 11: Folk rock singer Bipul Chettri and 'Zindagile Hisaab Maagchha' dominated the 19th Hits FM Music Awards. At the grand finale of the awards show held in Army Officers' Club in Sundhara on Friday, 'Zindagile Hisaab Maagchha', sung by Ajar Jangam, won four awards including Record of the Year.

Chettri received three awards—his popular song 'Syndicate' won the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance award and the Best Pop/Rock Composition award. Chettri also won the award for Pop/Rock Album of the Year for his debut album 'Sketches of Darjeeling.'

Pushkar Parajuli's 'Kewal Saasle Bhanyau' was presented with the Song of the Year award while 'Rumani Bataas' won Robin Sharma the award for Album of the Year. Anjaan Babu's 'Farka Daajai' was the Folk Record of the Year.

The Best Female Pop Vocal Performance went to Chrisma Abigail for 'Meri Aama' while the Best New Artist award went to Rohit John Chettri. What The Funk's 'Gaijatra' won them the award for Best Performance by a Group or Duo with Vocal. The group also received the Best Rock Vocal Performance award.
Bipul Chhetri sweeps 19th Hits FM Music Awards.
Bipul Chhetri sweeps 19th Hits FM Music Awards.
The Lifetime Achievement award was presented to lyricist and poet Bhairavnath Rimal 'Kadam' for his contribution to Nepali music and literature. Rimal has worked with legends of the Nepali music scene such as Narayan Gopal, Phatteman, Aruna Lama, Arun Thapa, and Deep Shrestha, among others.

Hits FM Music Awards also paid tribute to folk legend Dharmaraj Thapa who is best known for his song 'Hariyo Danda Maathi.' Singer Kumar Basnet performed Thapa's popular song 'Nepalile Maya Maaryo Barilai' onstage.

Those attending the event were entertained by performances from Kali Prasad Baskota and Sakchyam band, Trishna Gurung, Rohit John Chettri, Baanika Pradhan, Deep Shrestha, What The Funk, Karna Das, and Monkey Temple.


Maruni dance to be performed on World Culture Festival by Art of Living

11:56 AM
Writes: Prashant Acharya

A host of traditional Gorkha 'Maruni' dancers from Sikkim, the Darjeeling hills and the Dooars are set to create a world record by performing at the World Culture Festival on Saturday that is being organised by the Art of Living Foundation at Mayur Vihar in New Delhi.

Three hundred and fifty dancers and their team leaders have already reached New Delhi for performing on Saturday evening on a giant stage sprawled across 7 acres of land. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the function in the presence of officials from 155 nations.

The Maruni dancers from Sikkim and north Bengal have undergone rigorous practice over the past two months and will mesmerize an estimated audience of 35 lakh people during the three-day festival, aimed at celebrating diversity among world cultures and uniting peoples across geographical boundaries.

Ramkumar Lama, the dance coordinator from the Dooars, said, "The almost forgotten Nepali folk dance will see a grand revival and get promoted across the world. We intend to make it into the Guinness Book of world records."
Maruni dancers from Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Dooars en route to create world record
Maruni dancers from Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Dooars en route to create world record
Meanwhile, Raj Sharma, the coordinator from Sikkim, said 118 dancers from the state’s West, East and South districts are participating and a huge contingent of Art of Living volunteers from Sikkim have already reached New Delhi to be part of the extravaganza.

“In the days of yore, men used to adorn women’s attire and enact female roles while performing the Maruni dance because women were forbidden to perform in public. But this has changed now, of course,” said Karuna Pradhan, the coordinator from Darjeeling. She said the song for the Maruni folk dance is in the 'Samala' beat and has been written by Rajen Ghimire while the dance choreographer is Lhamu Sherpa.


MTV Roadies accident in Darjeeling Pesok

7:56 PM

MTV Roadies Meet With an Accident
An accident took place near Pesok view point in Darjeeling. A mini bus carrying crew of roadies fell down the road. They were shooting in Mirik and Darjeeling hills  recently. According to the report there has been several incidents of accidents in the same spot in the past. The Roadies crew made a mistake by not taking the local driver said one of the locals.

Details of the injured persons:
Magen Basu Matary (36) Ashis Ansari(24) Akash Patel (25) Surendra Pràdhàn (35) Sidarth Soni(24) John Britto(33) Sandeep Bamkar(29) Bijoy kumar Panday(32) Rabi Rajan kumar(24) Santosh Jaiswal(35) Gawrab Pazoz(32) and the vehicle no is AS 01FC9100.
All assistance have been provided to the injured, who have been taken to Kalimpong and Siliguri hospital.

Thank God, there have been no casualties and we are hopeful it remains that way.

Via TheDC

New Movie 'Hawaghar' on Gorkhaland‬ Agitation

8:22 PM
New Movie 'Hawaghar' - Seeks to Tell the ‪‎Gorkhaland‬ Tale

We too have our stories to tell, like every society has its own.

These stories stand tall, deeply rooted with the hills and valleys, joys and sorrows, soils and flowers as a foundation to the way of life for generations to come. Realising the fact that our stories are not documented enough, through popular and efficient medium and feeling that the responsibility now rests over the shoulders of this generation, the youths from Mirik, Kurseong and Darjeeling are coming up with a feature film 'Hawaghar'.

The film has its plot in a typical village of Darjeeling while the time period goes back to 1980s, when the hill was burning with Gorkhaland Andolan. The sole intention is to recreate, reflect and dramatically document the social, cultural, and economic impact of the revolution among the Gorkha lives and livelihood. 'Hawaghar' is not aligned politcally or ideologically towards any group or party that existed during that time, not out of fear or indifference but realising the need for neutrality to tell the story as accurately as possible. Rather, the viewers can expect a raw and rooted love story at its core, that had no time for love, due to chaos and struggle.

The film is directed by Kushal Ghimiray, who has already acted in a feature film 'Dhurva Taara' which was released last year. He is a lecturer in Southfield College, Darjeeling and has left his mark as a Nepali writer and dramatist with numerous works at his credit.

Hawaghar is co-directed and editing and cinmatography as well is done by Pallawib Rai. He has already worked as cinematographer, editor and associate director for music albums of 2015 Grammy Award winners Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman one of which was recently launched at United Nations COP21 (Paris) by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President of France François Hollande. He was previously working for startups and in Mumbai and this is his third feature film as a part of cinematography team.

The lead role of the film is played by Kushal Ghimiray himself and Mansha Gurung, who have already rocked the screens as a lead couple around the hills with their film 'Dhurva Taara'. The other roles are being played by Dalleybhai Lepcha, Nasir Gurung, Bhawesh Lama, Naumta Pradhan, Hanak Thapa, Pushkar Singer, Sahil Lepcha, Pradeep Subba and Subeksha Rasaili some of whom have already acted in stage plays while some are freshers.

The story, screenplay and dialoue of film is created by Kushal Ghimiray and Pallawib Rai. Towards the technical side, the role of Chief Assistant Director is carried out by Utsav Pradhan while the cinematography team has extremely talented Abimanu Chettri and Benjamin Rai as associate Cinematographers with their rich experience of working for various production companies in Mumbai.

Fingers crossed!!! Hope they will be able to tell us our story.

Via TheDC

Gorkhey Film "Ek Dhakar Jiwan" makes to 20th International Short Film Festival

6:54 PM
After  bagging The Best Short Film Peace Award in the just concluded Gothenburg Independent Film Festival in Sweden Phurba Tshering Lama, a young filmmaker from Darjeeling, has made us all proud as his film "Ek Dhakar Jiwan" has been selected for the 20th edition of the International Short Film Festival. His film has been selected in the Indian Panorama Section. The festival will take place in Canada in march. It is a big honour for the Indian Gorkha community and country as a whole.

For Phurba who owns a production house in Darjeeling "FerryTale Pictures" this is like a dream come true. Phurba was born on 21st January, 1982 in Kurseong. He studied Literature from St. Joseph's College, Darjeeling and pursued Direction in Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. His debut short film ‘Ek Dhakar Jiwan / The Beaten Path’ won the Best Short Film Peace Award at Gothenburg Independent Film Festival and a Special Mention Jury at the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival. He is currently working on his debut feature film titled as Macqee, in Darjeeling.
Gorkhey Film The Beaten Path (Ek Dhakar Jiwan) in 20th International Short Film Festival
Gorkhey Film The Beaten Path (Ek Dhakar Jiwan) in 20th International Short Film Festival
About the Film The Beaten Path (Ek Dhakar Jiwan)

India 2014; 27 min
Original version: Nepali
Genre: Drama, Short

Synopsis: In the face of an apparently meaningful world Balvir lives and coexists in the grand mosaic of nature like any other entity. However, his human spirit yearns to understand life especially from a sense of disorientation and confusion as a result of the material world.

Director: Phurba Tshering Lama
Writers: Phurba Tshering Lama, Gupta Pradhan (story)
Star: Man Bahadur Tamang
Cinematography: Ayan Saxena

His short film "Grey and Matter" went on to be project in Nepal Cine-Symposium, 2012 and SIGNS Film Festival / Kerela (India) 2013

Ek Dhakar Jiwan (The Beaten Path) has gone all the way to many festivals. Some of them are;
  • - Gothenburg Independent International Film Festival, 2014 / Sweden (Best Short Film Peace Award) 
  • - SIGNS International Film Festival, 2014 / India (National Competition Section)
  • - XX Film Festival Della Lessinia, 2014 / Italy (International Competition Section)
  • - IDFL Film Festival, 2014 /India (National Competition Section)
  • - Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2015 / France (Special Mention Jury)
  • - JAGRAN International Film Festival / India (Top Shorts Section)
  • - WIZ-ART International Film Festival, 2015 / Ukraine (Special Screening) 
  • - Ajyal Youth Film Festival, 2015 / Doha (International Competition Section)
  • - International Short Film Festival, 2016 / Canada (International Competition Section)
Watch the Trailor of The Beaten Path (Ek Dhakar Jiwan)

His vast Experiences includes:-
  • - Visa Girl (Nepali Feature Film): Position: Chief AD / Casting Director / Supporting Role
  • - Sikkim University (Documentary): Chief AD / Post-production Supervisor
  • - Have made social documentaries for CARE International (in Nepal and Lucknow) and for 
  • - Himalayan Climate.
  • -Worked as a Chief AD for an IndiaMART Advertisement in Mumbai.
We wish him success in future.


Rewati Chetri crowned Miss Asia at the World Miss University 2016 pageant in China. 

8:09 PM
Writes Nanda Kirati Dewan

Rewati Chetri crowned Miss Asia (Best in Asia Continent) at the World Miss University 2016 pageant in China.

Beijing, China 29th Jan 2016: Rewati Chetri Miss India Miss Popular and Miss Multimedia, Femina Miss India 2015 Finalist pride of Assam and the North East who India at the World Miss University 2016 pageant in China was crowned Miss Asia (Best in Asia Continent) at the World Miss University 2016 pageant in China. She also made it to Top Super Six Finalist through online voted. The 22 year old fashion diva student of a city law college from Guwahati Assam under Gauhati University was selected to represent India at the prestigious World Miss University 2016 pageant.

Talking to the mediapersons in Beijing last evening the Indian diva now World Miss University - Miss Asia Rewati Chetri said, ‘I must thank all the wonderful people back home for their wonderful support and continued blessings. I must sincerely acknowledge efforts of my friends and family members who have been my source of inspiration. My journey from a small town girl , city model to Miss India platform and today Miss Asia at World Miss University wouldnot have been possible with the professional help and guidance from my managing agency Mantraa Media & Events, grooming salon Kurls & Spykes in Guwahati. Entry to WMU2016 paegent was possible only after meeting Janaranjana Pathirana of Shades Mirror the organizer of Interantaional Fashion Fest, Colombo Srilanka where I walked as Show Stopper. 
Rewati Chetri crowned Miss Asia at the World Miss University 2016 pageant in China. 
Kelin Rivera Kroll from Peru was crowned with the title of Miss World University 2016 in Beijing, China by the outgoing titleholder, Karina Stephania Martin Jiménez from Mexico after beating about 70 other crown contenders. 

The World Miss University pageant is held annually since 1986, with an average of about 70 contestants joining the competition every year. The event is specifically designed to select World Miss University Peace Corp Representatives. The organizing committee dispatches peace missions to regions in conflict like Kosovo and Rwanda. Currently, the event is organized by World Miss University Organizing Committee which has headquarters in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Another good news is that Rewati who is landing in New Delhi on 30th Jan 2016 after her successful stint and Miss Asia title at WMU2016 in China has made it into Top 50 of Times Most Desirable Women 2015 along with Top Bollywood actresses likes of Anushka Sharma and Kangkana Ranaut. People can follow and vote her in this link

World Wide Release by Mantraa Media & Events

For More information Please Contact
Nanda Kirati Dewan, Managing Partner, +91-9864077700

Rewati Chetri represents India in 27th World Miss University

6:20 PM
Writes Sanjog Chamling

Rewati Chettri / Chetri , Femina Miss India 2015 Miss Popular & Miss Multimedia, Gorkha girl from Assam's 'Ant Hill' Haflong is representing India in the 27th World Miss University which is held in Beijing, China in 2016.

World Miss University is an international beauty contest held annually in Seoul, South Korea since 1986, with an average of about 70 contestants every year.The event is to select World Miss University Peace Corp Representatives.

As an event was organized by the International Association of University Presidents after the United Nations named 1986 the Year of Peace, the organizing committee dispatches peace missions to regions in conflict like Kosovo and Rwanda. These days, the event is organized by World Miss University Organizing Committee which has headquarter in Manhattan, New York, USA.

The current titleholder is Michelle Lucas of the Philippines who was crowned on December 19, 2015.
Rewati Chetri represents India in 27th World Miss University
Danced for Pinga song from Bajirao Mastani for Talent round in 27th World Miss University
Rewati has already made the Indian Gorkhas proud several occasions in the past and we hope she'll make us proud this time around too. However, one cannot deny the fact that by representing nation in the event such as World Miss University she has already made the community, rather the whole of North East proud of her.

What can you do?
Vote for Rewati to win Miss Popular at World Miss University 2016. Follow the below link.

Bibechana Gurung one of the finalist of India's Best Dramebaaz Season Two

1:20 PM
Indian Gorkha, Miss Bibechana (Gungun), one of the finalists of India's Best Dramebaaz Season Two is the pride of gorkhas in India. 12 years old Bibechana Gurung hails from Kurseong and also studies in Dow Hill School in Kurseong.  Her mother is from Bharnabari Tea Garden, Hasimara in ‪‎Dooars.

What is India's Best Dramebaaz?
India's Best Dramebaaz is a Indian reality show. A talent show for children where they will be judged for their acting capabilities. They will also undergo through a series of tasks and challenges which will groom them as actors.

Channel : Zee TV
Days : Sat-Sun
Timings - 09.30pm Onwards

Bibechana Gurung one of the finalist of India's Best Dramebaaz Season Two
About Bibechna Gurung
She lives with her father who is in the police, her mother a homemaker and her elder sister. She started dancing when she was 3 years old and learnt learnt kathak from her mother. She learnt Bharatnatayam and Hip-Hop and considers Madhuri Dixit to be her inspiration. .

Gorkhas daughter DJ - Ekta Subba (DJ Rachel) interview by TheDC

9:00 AM

OUR DAUGHTERS, OUR PRIDE: Darjeeling's 1st and One of India's Finest Professional Female DJ - Ekta Subba (DJ Rachel)

Darjeeling is the land of music, every street corner you turn to, every house you go into, every restaurant you head to you will feel a unique rhythm in these gorgeous hills of ours. Today we are glad to introduce the story of a girl, who refused to take up a secure job in the State Bank of India to pursue her passion in Music.

Introducing Darjeeling's 1st female DJ and one of India's finest till date.

We sat down for a short interview with her.

Name: Ekta Subba (DJ Rachel)
Mother: Keshu Subba
Fathers: Lt. M Subba
School: St. Joseph's School (Kurseong)

TheDC: What got you into Djing?
DJ Rachel: From the shy girl to a lady who now is brimming with confidence, I had an extreme change of positivity towards my career ever since I started doing what I love-(Djing).

Music is perhaps one language which can bring together all the people in the world, and I always wanted to put my creativity and give back something from my side to the society. I choose my career as a Dj and made myself an epitome of change and I strongly wanted to prove for the sake of women out there, that nothing is impossible if your goals are visionary and that your dreams are practical as well.

TheDC: Did your family object or support your decision?
DJ Rachel: My Family did object and support as well, because after my dad expired I got a job offer in the State Bank of India in place of my dad. I refused it and stuck to what I wanted to be in life. Now everone is proud of what am doing.

TheDC: Can you tell us some of the shows you have performed at? 
DJ Rachel: I have done a lot of Club gigs, corporate gigs, private gigs ,etc in places like Kolkata, Bangalore, Bhutan, Gangtok, Kalimpong, Assam, Patna, Bhuwaneshwar, Bodhgaya…etc

Including Decible, Kstars, Harley Davidson.

TheDC: Who are some of the Artist you have performed with?
DJ Rachel: Cod , Gxsoul, Nepsydaz , Laure.

TheDC: What are the challenges in your field?
DJ Rachel: Coming across various people with different taste of music, trying to set the vibe right and getting the crowd involved and engaged.

TheDC: How do you overcome these challenges?
DJ Rachel: I watch their body language, movement towards the music flow and then I drop a track that doesn’t give them a chance to stop dancing and am very flexible regarding the music genre.

TheDC: Does being a woman help or hinder?
DJ Rachel: It helps and hinder at the same time.

TheDC: How do people react to a female DJ?
DJ Rachel: Depends on individuality,but till now I have come across a lot of positive reaction from people.

TheDC: What msg you want to share with youngsters,who want to follow you?
DJ Rachel: The youngsters who are studying or pursuing some course, I wouldn’t be so theoretical regarding future aspects and ambitions. Just few things that are more necessary than any of the above, I would love to tell them no matter what phase you go through life, no matter how successful you become, you shouldn’t be forgetting your real roots, your inner passion and most importantly the world needs “real you”.

The youth should follow music, art and literature but at the same time should learn to respect the cultural aspects of their family too and never ruin them. Its good to be modernized. Its even better to have your mentality broader, wide but all that matters at the end of the day is - do not have regrets with what decisions you make.

TheDC: Final question, what are your future plans?
DJ Rachel: I don’t know about the future but till the time I can do this… I will keep entertaining people with my music.

We wish DJ Rachel GOOD LUCK in her career and hope that she will inspire thousands of our youngsters to follow their heart!!

Source TheDC

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