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First International Nepali Poetry Festival held Successfully

6:55 PM

The first ever International Nepali Poetry Festival was held yeaterday at the South Asian  University (SAU), New  Delhi yesterday.  The one-day  festival  was organised by Nepali student community of the university, in collaboration with the university’s  Institute  of South Asian  Studies (ISAS) and book  club. The poetry festival was supported  by  the BP Koirala Foundation under  the  Nepal  Embassy  in New Delhi.

The  programme  began with  Dr.  Kavita  Sharma,  President,  SAU,  welcoming  all guest  and  participants.  She shared her  vision  of  South  Asia and underscored the  importance  of poetic  exchanges  between  countries in  the  region. The  Nepali Ambassador to India, Deep  Kumar Upadhyay applauded the efforts of the organising team for their efforts and encouraged the participants to engage themselves more in such events in future.

The  festival  proceeded  to  explore  poetic  imaginings in Nepal and  India through  a  conversation between Professor Abhi Subedhi, renowned writer  and  critic from  Nepal, with  Shri Ashok  Vajpeyi,  poet and  former  Chairman  of the  Lalit  Kala  Akademi of India. Featured were  panels  on  South-Asiaism - first  on  the  various South  Asian  translations of  Pablo  Neruda’s poems and  later  on  feminist  writings in  various languages  of  South Asia:    Bangla,  Daree,  Hindi,  Urdu, Sinhala,  Tamil,  Telugu  and  Nepali.

The session  was  followed  by  the  discussion  on  Nepali  session  which was  the  major  attraction  of the festival. The  Nepali session  began  with the  discussion  on  ‘Nepali  Poetry  outside  Nepal’ by  the  panelist which included noted  poet  Dr.  Rajendra Bhandari  from  Sikkim,  Daibaki Timilsina  from  Assam, and  Raja Puniani from  Darjeeling. The  second  session of the peotry festival focused on the discussion of various  aspects of Nepali poetry  by Bhupinder Adhikari  from  Dehradhun,  Madan Puskar recipient  Ram  Lal Joshi from  Nepal and  Sukul  Pradhan  from Delhi.

Later on, Vishnu  Gurung  from  All  India Radio,  Dr.  Naba Raj  Lamsal from  Radio  Nepal, and  Jogen Darnal from  Darjeeling  expressed  their  views on  ‘Poetry  in  Media and  Academia’. The  invited panel guests enthralled the audience with their captivating poetries that focused on different issues and themes.

Sarubhkata  Shrestha, the Chancellor of Nepal  Academy  of  Music and  Drama, delivered  the  most  awaited keynote  address  on  ‘Contemporary  issues  on  Nepali  Poetry.’

The twenty young poets who came  from  different  parts  of Nepal  and  India also entertained  the large  gatherings by  their poetry  recitation. Besides, there  were  also  video recitation from  different  parts  of the  world, including China,  USA,  Israel,  and  Norway. The  program  was streamed live through DC-Nepal and was coordinated by Ram N. Shrestha and Krishna Sharma.

Via TheDC

Gorkha youth icons felicitated in “Bharatiya Gorkha Youth Meet” in Mumbai

5:29 PM
Seetam Thakur

Mumbai 25th Sept 2016: The Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh (BGES), the frontal Gorkha organization of Indian Gorkha’s based in Mumbai jointly with its youth wing “Bharatiya Gorkha Youth Forum” (BGYF) organized a “Bharatiya Gorkha Youth Meet” on 25th Sept 2016 at Country Club Kandivali West, Mumbai.

The program was presided by Mr Dhurva Pradhan, Chairman BGES.
The meet was also attended by distinguished Gorkha youth icons:
1. Mr Adrian Pradhan (renowned singer)
2. Mr Bipin Dahal (Indian Navy “son of Gorkha who floated 12 hrs in Arabian Sea, in extreme weather conduction to rescue fisherman with his sole aim to protect his countryman)
3. Ms. Sasha Chettri (Airtel 4G icon)
4. Pratima Rasaily (Actress)
5. Mr Norden Sherpa (Fashion choreographer)
6. Mr Bobby Shah (Fashion Photographer)
Gorkha youth icons felicitated in “Bharatiya Gorkha Youth Meet” in Mumbai
The program started with felicitation of youth icons followed by some melodious Nepali Songs.

During the latter part of the program, BGYF organized an open house brainstorming session where in youths expressed their opinion on current sociocultural, socioeconomic standings of Gorkha community in Mumbai, the youths also felt the strong need of a youth task force to spearhead the noble community cause in a more organized manner.

The meet culminated with formation of 22 members youth task force and thereby declaring 25th Sept as BGYF foundation day.


8:08 PM
PRESS RELEASE: Manipur Gorkha Society, Delhi


11th June, 2016: A delegation of Manipur Gorkha Society, Delhi attended the trust building day-long People’s Convention for A United Manipur People's Forum for Hills and Valley Peace and Reconciliation Dialogue at the Deputy Speakers Hall, Constitution Club, New Delhi today.

Concerned citizens and eminent personalities from Manipur and outside including Harsh Mander, Director of the centre for Equity studies, Dr Anuradha Chenoy, Dean, JNU SIS, Mr David Boyes, Founder-Member, Northeast India Forum Against Racism, Dr Alana Golmei, General Secretary, Northeast Support Centre & helpline, Mrs Rose Mangshi Haokip, President, Kuki Women's Union, Mrs Sitara Begum, Muslim Woman Leader, Mr Lakpachui Siro, Co-founder of FUNICH (Forum for understanding the Naga-India conflict and human rights), Mr Babloo Loitongbam, Director, Human Rights Alert, Ms Lianboi Vaiphei, IP College, Delhi (TBC), Mrs Lucy Jajo, Conflict Widow, Ukhrul, Manipur, Mr Amit Luwang, Mr Jenil, Social Warriors, Mr Ghanashyam Moirangcha, Mr Nido Patra, Arunachal Pradesh, different student leaders.
Representatives of the Manipur Gorkha community Rajen Chhetry
The convention was initiated by a team of social activists and volunteers including Ms Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network/Northeast India women initiative for peace.

In a full-day discussion, various speakers cutting across ethnic tribes and communities, discussed on various aspects of the ILP stand-off the Valley people of Manipur and the Hills tribe.

While some speakers pointed out the structural flaws in the legislation, others expressed their concern at the “mass” agitation, because almost 90 percent of the mass don’t seem to understand what exactly the legislation means. Some speakers called it a ‘manufactured crisis’ and some addressed the urgent need for all stakeholders to sit down and discuss, before it creates further rift in the society.

With a very interactive and positive note of discussions, the convention also expressed concerns that the never ending agitations that threatens to engulf the state one after another, can also be part of a larger ploy to keep the public away from talking about Development and Accountability. Appealing to the students to stay focused on their studies, the gathering also requested that schools students, medical and emergency services should be kept away from any such public blockades and bandhs.

Intellectuals and leaders from other NorthEast regions, bureaucrats and senior government officials also participated in the daylong discussion. Representatives of the Manipur Gorkha community was led by Rajen Chhetry, Sangeeta Pradhan, Gautam Chhetry, and Dinesh Sharma.

In an open-forum panel discussion various speakers including activists, intellectuals, community elders, mothers, youths and students speakers cutting across tribe and communities while agreeing on the need for a law to protect social political demography of the ethnic minorities,

Representing the voice of the marginalized communities in the ongoing agitation, Rajen Chhetry, social activist and youth leader from Manipur started by saying that his voice represents the “fears and concerns gripping thousands of marginalized communities, who are extremely vulnerable and are often at the receiving end.”
Highlighting the plight of the Gorkha community living in Manipur, Rajen Chhtery said, “Not just in Manipur, the Gorkhas have been the favourite punching-bag for any nativity propaganda across the North East. In the 1980s, thousands were forcefully evicted from Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and across the NE region and we still live without acceptance from the state government.”

He added “As a marginalized community, we have never enjoyed any welfare benefits or priviledges of a government. After 30 year of living my life, and with an ancestral heritage of over 200 years, I am still called an “outsider” and a “foreigner” in my own Motherland.”!!!. "It Pains" he added.

The Gorkhas have also been an equal contributor in the making of Modern Manipur. The community that came along with Maharaja Gambhir Singh’s troop and British army in 1824 played an important role in liberating Manipur from the Burmese in in Manipur after the Chahi Taret Kumbaba (Seven years Devastation). We had patriots like Subedar Niranjan Chhetry who sacrificed his life fighting for the native Prince Yubraj Tikendrajit, against the British.”

Appealing for peace and requesting introspection from all quarters, Rajen added “While I am not an expert in law or an intellectual who understand what is right or wrong. But as a youth of the state, I also believe there is a better way of address this real problem that affects us all equally.”

As was expected of every speakers to provide inputs for the solution of the vexed issue, Chhetry added, “As we are headed for a new beginning after such a historic event, this offers us a unique opportunity to resolve the crisis in the most satisfactory manner. While we step onto a new beginning, a modern state calls for “Inclusive Governance where the marginalized minorities are protected, and their rights safeguarded as per national and international laws. It is also equally important to recognize the contribution and existence of even the smallest section of the population, in the process of nation-building.”

Ending his speech with a call for peace, Rajen added “I am from Manipur and a Gorkha. I am proud to be from the North-East India, and from the land called the ‘Jewel of India’."


Gorkhas daughter Seema Subedi wins Mrs Asia International 2016

8:38 PM
11th June 2016 After winning the title of Mrs India Asia International Gorkhas Daughter from Assam Mrs Seema Subedi made the Indian Gorkha community proud on a global platform by winning the title of Mrs Asia International. Seema Subedi had won the title of Mrs India Asia International along with the titles of Mrs Photogenic and Mrs Fitness Diva at the Mrs India Asia International Pageant 2016 in the event that was held at Hotel Hilton, Chennai.

Seema was representing India at the Mrs Asia International 2016 beauty pageant which was held from 6th to 11th June, 2016 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.June, 2016 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Seema Subedi’s winning moment at Mrs Asia International 2016
Seema Subedi’s winning moment at Mrs Asia International 2016
Seema Subedi after winning the title in Kuala Lumpur
Seema Subedi after winning the title in Kuala Lumpur

This was the 6th edition of Mrs. Asia International Pageant and the world Final was held in the Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia from 6th to 11th June 2016.

Mrs. Asia International Pageant, that extravaganza platform for married and senior ladies to showcase their beauty, talents and success in a more contemporary and glamorous approach. While beauty is the key element, contestants are also urged to voice their opinions about marriage and current events.
All married women, young wives, mothers and even grandmothers from Asia Countries – are eligible to participate. 30Ladies from Asia countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan,Hong Kong China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Philippines taking part in this contest.

All 30 ladies from around Asia had arrived on 6th to compete for The Mrs. Asia International 2016 world grand final. They participated in the activities in Kuala Lumpur, visited Tourism place like KLCC, enjoyed the local fruits and food, sponsors' visitation, shopping, cultural night, Pre-Judging and many more.

The Mrs. Asia International 2016 Pageant world grand final was held at grand ballroom of E-city Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 10th June, 2016.

Gorkha youth body observes 2nd foundation day in Arunachal Pradesh

8:55 AM
ITANAGAR, Nov 29: The Gorkha community residing in the Capital Complex observed the 2nd foundation day of All Arunachal Pradesh Gorkha Youth Association (AAPGYA) at Siddhartha Hall here today.

The foundation day celebration, extended to a cultural night, was graced by IMC Councillor Gora Lotak of Ward No. 18 as chief guest and Gora Rikam, president of Kra-Daadi District Students' Union as guest of honour.

In his address, Lotak while greeting the Gorkha community members reaffirmed the rights of the community to live in peace and with dignity. Calling for maintaining brotherhood, harmony and unity in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society such as the one in the Capital Complex, he urged the Gorkhas to shoulder the responsibility of making the capital a better place to live in.
Gorkha youth body observes 2nd foundation day in Arunachal Pradesh
Gorkha youth body observes 2nd foundation day in Arunachal Pradesh 
The special guest retired Sub-Major of 19th Assam Rifles K B Chetry praised the Gorkha youths for upholding the tradition and forming a united front to address the issues faced by the community. Urging them to maintain the same tempo, he added that their efforts would help sustain the culture and tradition of the Gorkha community.

In his speech, Naresh Chetry, director of Gurukul Institute and Donyi Polo Junior Science College informed that there is a provision of scholarship on 25 seats for Gorkha students in both the institutions and accordingly, urged the youths to avail the facility.

Presentation of various cultural programmes, including thrilling dance numbers - solo, duet and groups - by the Gorkha youths marked the occasion, witnessed by a large crowd.

Source - echoofarunachal

Low turnout at Ari Bahadur Gurung's felicitation by GTA

12:53 PM

Writes Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, Nov. 26: A GTA event to posthumously honour Ari Bahadur Gurung, who had represented the Gorkhas in the Constituent Assembly, turned out to be a damp squib today with many members of the GTA Sabha and officials of the hill body keeping away.

A GTA Sabha member who didn't want to be named suggested that the low turnout was on account of GTA chief executive Bimal Gurung's absence. "When Gurung is there, everyone wants to show their face but when he is not around, not many are bothered about any event irrespective of its importance. This has become a trend," he said.

Gurung is presently in New Delhi to meet the Union home minister.

Ari Bahadur, a signatory to the Constitution, is referred to by the Indian Gorkhas to rebut the allegations that they are foreigners. Udai Gurung, son of Ari, was felicitated at the event held to celebrate the Constitution Day.

By the time the celebration at the Gorkha Rangamanch Bhavan ended around 2pm, the hall was almost empty. Less than half of the auditorium with a seating capacity of 864 was filled when the celebration began around 11.30am.

"We had sent invitation to all GTA Sabha members, GTA executive directors and other officials and also to representatives of different communities. Invitation had also been sent to all councillors of Darjeeling municipality. In total, we had sent about 350 invitation letters," said an official of the GTA's information and cultural affairs department which conducted the programme.

Binay Tamang, the executive GTA Sabha member in charge of information and cultural affairs department, touched upon the low turnout in his speech. "Despite an official announcement by the GTA and invitation being sent to all, the hall, which should actually be overflowing, is not even full. It is a very sad day. We talk about our constitutional rights but we also need to honour everything related to the Constitution."

He also announced that a statue of Ari Bahadur would be installed at Lal Kothi.

Asked about his absence, GTA Sabha chairman Bhupendra Pradhan said: "Oh, really. Tomorrow I will be coming as a meeting of the GTA Sabha has been scheduled."

Roshan Giri, executive GTA Sabha member, was absent as he had to go to Siliguri as his father took ill. Jyoti Kumar Rai, a GTA executive sabha member, too, was away in Siliguri for an eye check-up.

Ari Bahadur, a lawyer, breathed his last on July 4, 1980. Bimal Gurung had visited Bahadur's home in Kalimpong during his ongoing padayatra.

Source Telegraph

Gorkha Bi-Centenary Mahotsav kicks off

8:32 AM

DEHRADUN 18 Nov 2015: The much awaited bicentenary celebrationa of the Gorkha community in Uttarakhand, are all set to start today with the Khalanga run, a running event that is spearheaded by international runner Roshni Rai. Speaking to TOI, Rai, a Mumbai-based lawyer turned marathon runner, said that the 8.7 km run will take the runners through a challenging terrain to the actual site of the Khalanga battle where 200 years ago, the Gorkhas and the British East India Company fought a decisive battle. 

According to Madhu Gurung, one of the organizers of the celebrations, the run, which will have teenagers as well as 50-year-olds, may go on to become an annual feature, with the distance being increased to 10 km so that it becomes a half marathon. Elaborating about the significance of Khalanga for the Gorkhas, she said," The British, after the Khalanga battle, went on to build the Khalanga War Memorial in honour of their valiant enemy, the Gorkhas. It is the only memorial built by the British for their enemy anywhere in the world. For the Gorkhas celebrating their bi-centenary, it is a proud history and legacy they are determined to preserve." 

The Gorkha community has planned a series of activities spanning the next four days, which includes a laser show depicting Gorkha history, a community parade, mela, musical concert and a lot of other activities. Brig PS Gurung, president of the Gorkha Bi-Centenary Mahotsav Committee, said that the cultural parade which will be held on Friday morning from Bindal bridge to Parade Ground will "give people an idea of who we really are, our clothes, dances and our history." For the first time, people of Dehradun will witness Gorkhas dressed in traditional clothes, doing traditional dances and showing tableaus of their heroes and legends," he said. 

In the evening on Friday, chief minister Harish Rawat will inaugurate the Gorkha Mahotsav with a band concert at the Mahender Ground in Garhi Cantt. Besides Gorkha bands putting up what the organizers term the ''Battle of the Bands', the other attraction at the concert would be Kapil Thapa, runner up of a popular TV singing reality show. A light and sound show showcasing the 200 years of Gorkhas will round off the evening. On Saturday and Sunday, visitors can sample Gorkha delicacies and buy souvenirs at the Gorkha mela at Mahender Ground.

Source: TOI

“Ramailo with Gorkhas” - Run with Roshni charity event

5:57 PM
Date-12th Sept, 2015
Venue- Cidco Auditorium, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
Supported by Gorkha Territorial Administration, Darjeeling.
Project ‘Run with Roshni’ is started by a Gorkha Girl from a village known as Pedong in the sub-division of Kalimpong, District Darjeeling. Roshni is an Advocate, the ultra marathon runner and a motivational speaker. She is based in Mumbai. Now ‘Run with Roshni Foundation’ is registered as a Public Trust.

Marathon running is Roshni’s hobby and she has run several marathons, which includes four international marathons viz.
1.Prague International Marathon 2010 (42km),
2.Comrades Marathon 2012 (89km) in South Africa,
3. Maidenhead Half marathon 2013 (21km) in UK and
4. 10km Race- ‘ London Run to the Beat 2014.
“Ramailo with Gorkhas” - Run with Roshni charity event
Ramailo with Gorkhas
The longest distance run by Roshni is the Comrades Marathon of 89km in South Africa in 2012, which she had dedicated as a tribute to all the Gorkha martyrs, who have sacrificed their lives for mother India and also for the cause of Gorkhaland.

From 2012, Roshni has started a project by name ‘Run with Roshni’ and till now, she has supported more than 30 runners from Darjeeling to run eight different Marathons and Tiranga Relay 2015.
Following are the details of the marathons participated by team ‘Run with Roshni’.
1. Mumbai Marathon in January 2012,
2. Mumbai Marathon in January 2013
3. Hyderabad marathon in August 2013
4. Chennai Marathon in December 2013.
5. Mumbai Marathon in January 2014.
6. Hyderabad Marathon in August 2014
7. Mumbai Marathon in January 2015.
8. Tiranga Relay 2015- Five runners ran with India’s flag from Mumbai to Delhi in 20 days.
9. Cherrapunji Marathon 2015 (Meghalaya) in July 2015.

Future Events
1. Bangalore Half Marathon 2015 in October- Two runners areregistered.
2. Nashik Half Marathon 2015 in December- Six runners will go.
3. Mumbai Marathon 2016- thirteen runners are registered.
VISION of the project ‘Run with Roshni’ are;
• To empower and enlighten Gorkhas in India.
• To eliminate the identity crisis faced by Nepali speaking Indian in their own motherland.
• Bringing awareness among Indians, how the Nepali speaking people are Indians.
• To bring awareness all over India that Nepali is a recognized language under the Constitution of India and it is one of the languages mentioned in the Indian currency.

We are Gorkhas and proud to be Indian. Jai Gorkha, Jai Hind.

• To support strong runners from economically backward class in Darjeeling to run national and international marathons.
• To make India proud by winning International and Olympic Marathons by Indian Gorkha runners.
• To let the world know, who the Gorkhas are by getting media mentions through running and winning marathons.

Best timings of the runners;
1. Runesh Tamang ran Mumbai Marathon 2013 (42km) in 2hrs 51km and he came third in Amateur Category.
2. Prabal Chettri ran Mumbai Half Marathon 2012 (21km) 1hr 17mins.
3. Binod Tamang ran Mumbai Half Marathon 2014 (21km) 1hr 18mins.
4. Uttam Bhujel ran Mumbai Half Marathon 2015(21km) 1hr 15mins.

If the runners of team ‘Run with Roshni’ get proper support and enough encouragement, in another 3-4 years, they will start competing with Kenyans / Ethiopians and start making India proud by winning International Marathons. All the runners, whom we are supporting, can run 21km in between 1hr 10mins to 1hr 30 mins, without proper coach and guidance. Many times these runners do not have proper running shoes as well.

Ramailo with Gorkhas
‘Run with Roshni Foundation’ organized its first charity event ‘Ramailo with Gorkhas’ on 12th Sept, 2015 in CIDCO Auditorium, Vashi, Navi Mumai. Mr. AdilleSumariwalla, Indian Olympian and the President of Athletics Federation of India graced the event as a Chief Guest along with the distinguished guests like Dr. Malav Shroff, the Indian Olympian and Mr. Atul Kulkarni, Consultant to Ministry of Petroleum.

The aims of the event were to provide an awareness about all the Indian Gorkhas, our unsung contribution and to showcase our rich cultural heritage that contributes to making mother India, awesome and to raise the fund to sponsor 13 runners from Darjeeling to run Mumbai Marathon in January, 2016.

Gorkha Territorial Administration (GTA) supported the event by sponsoring the travel tickets of thirteen dancers from Darjeeling to Mumbai. Their food and accommodations were supported by Mr. Krishna Tamang, the owner of China Gate. The Dancers from Darjeeling performed the following dances;
1. Sarothi Dance
2. Maruni Dance
3. PachemeliChutke
4. TamangCelo and
5. Gorkha Folk Dance.

Mrs. Hira Rasaily was the guest performer all the way from Darjeeling on her own expense. Gorkha Youths of Mumbai also performed in the event under the leadership of Mr. Vivek Khati.
‘Ramailo with Gorkhas’ was inaugurated with the lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest, which was followed by the signing of National Anthem by all the guests.

Mrs. Poonam Lama, one of the Trustee of the Foundation gave the welcome speech.
Trustees of the foundation acknowledged the following supporters of the ‘Run with Roshni
1. Mr. Daniel Vaz- Marathon Coach for the Team Run with Roshni.
2. Mr. Prakash Wani, ACP Mumbai Police (Retd)- For the support to get the registration done for Run with Roshni Foundation as a Public Trust.
3. Mr. Mehra for buying 13 pairs of Nike shoes worth Rs. 70000/- (Seventy Thousand) for the team.
4. Mrs. Mala Sherpa and Ms. Premika Rai, the Co coordinators of team Run with Roshni in Darjeeling.

In March 2015, Foundation had raised Rs. 3 lacs for the treatment of a blood cancer patient Jyotika Khati from Darjeeling with the support of the runners from Mumbai. On this charity event, Foundation acknowledged the following supporters of the 'Run for Jyotika';
1. Mr. Vivek Sagar- Main supporter to organize the run.
2. Mr. Hari Nair- Coach of the runners club, Runestic-Dilse, who helped to raise Rs. 1lakh 10 thousand for Jyotika.
3. Mr. Samuel Chattair, a cancer survivor, who donated Rs.35000/- for Jyotika
4. Mrs. Mala Sachdev
5. Mr. Sunil Gwalani
6. Mr. Dinesh Lungani.
7. Dr. Sudarshan Singh & Mr. Vivek Soni from Joint and motion.
8. Mrs. Sonia Kulkarni & Mrs. Sharmila Munj- Pinkathon Ambassador for supporting to make the Run for Jyotika big.
9. Mrs. Vani Arora- For always helping team Run with Roshni, when they are in Mumbai.

Acknowledging program was in batches. The foundation acknowledged the following distinguished Gorkhas of Mumbai;
1. Prof. Jagdish Thapa – The first Gorkha to graduate from IIT in 1958.
2. Mr. Ranjeet Gajmer- Composer, who introduced madal in Bollywood.
3. Mr. LB Subba–First Gorkha scientist with BARC (Retd).
4. Mr. Lalit Dutraj, ACP Mumbai Police (Retd)- He is a Gorkhas Pride in Mumbai and the founder member of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh (BGES).
5. Mr. C.B Chettri- MDRT and COT in LIC. He is a guardian to every Gorkha in Mumbai.
6. Mr. P Shashankar – Admin head of MGM hospital, Vashi. He is the Vice President of Bharatiya Gorkha Ekta Sangh(BGES).
7. Mr. Durva Pradhan- Nepali Industrialist and the President of BGES.
8. Mr. Rohit Pradhan- He is working with Times of India. He is the Secretary of BGES
9. Mrs. Indu Gajmer President of Sunakhari Nepali Mahila Samaj. In her absence, Mrs. Vishnu Singh and Mrs. Jyotsna were called upon the stage.
10. Major Habi Gurung, who is from Dehradun and socially very active.
11. Colonel Tilak Thapa.
12. Mr. Mahesh Powrel, Deputy Commandant, CISF.

Mr. Dhruva Pradhan, the president of BGES announced the launch of the website of BGES during his presentation.

The cultural program was followed by the Launch of the book ‘FROM THE MOUNTAIN TO THE OCEAN RUN WITH ROSHNI’ written by Ms. RoshniRaithe founder of the Run with Roshni Foundation. After the book Launch Chief Guest appreciated the effort of the foundation and he praised the Gorkhas for their contribution towards India. He also acknowledged the Bravery, Loyalty and Integrity of the Gorkhas.

Roshni read the first chapter of her book, after which her father Mr. Nardhoj Rai gave his speech. The publisher of the book, Mr. Venkat Pichumani also spoke about the book. As an ambassador of Puma, Mr. Pichumani presented the running kits to Roshni, which is meant for the entire team, who are going to participate in Mumbai Marathon 2016.

The event was concluded with the Thank you message from Mrs. Jaya Chhetri, the trustee of the foundation. We handed over the seal of appreciation to the dancers from GTA, Darjeeling.
Many Gorkha parents in Mumbai were happy for being able to show Gorkha cultural program to their kids. Founding Trustee, Roshni Rai says though the event’s aim was to raise funds for the foundation, they could not manage to raise even Rs. 3lakhs. However the intention of the event, which was to connect with all the Gorkhas in Mumbai and to bring awareness about Gorkha Culture to non Gorkhas were fulfilled.

We are very thankful to the following volunteers, who helped us to raise funds for this event by distributing donor passes to the people from all over Mumbai;-
Mr. Prakash Wani, Mr. Hari Nair, Mr. Suraj Chettri, Mrs. Sai Jyoti Chettri, Mr. Kesav Sapkota, Ms. Shristee Gurung, Ms. Sabina Lama, Mrs. Reshmi Karma, Mr. Mani Tamang, Mr. Shadeep Tamang, Mrs. Vani Arora, Mrs. Rajani Subba.

Gorkha Cultural Program in Mumbai University.
On 14th September, 2015, Foundation arranged for a Gorkha Cultural Event in the Student’s welfare Department of Mumbai University with the support of Mr. AtulKulkarni. Event was graced by the presence Dr. Manali Londhe, Director of Students’ Welfare Department, Mumbai University, Mr. Nilesh Sawe, Cultural Coordinator, Mumbai University, Dr. Terence D’souza, Foreign Advisor, Mumbai University and Prof. NishaDeodher, Manjunatha College, Dombivelli.

In Mumbai University, program started with the presentation of ‘Run with Roshni’ by Roshni Rai. She shared with the students the vision of ‘Run with Roshni’, which is to create a team of Gorkha runners, who will win Olympic Marathon for India, which will ultimately help to eliminate the identity crisis faced by Indian Gorkhas. In every marathon, they participate, her team, wears t-shirts with slogan- WE ARE GORKHAS PROUD TO BE INDIAN. JAI GORKHA JAI HIND!

The program was anchored by Roshni herself, while sharing the experience of her identity crisis, she became emotional. Later in the concluding speech, Mr. NileshSawe made his students promise that they will make sure that the Indian Gorkha feel emotionally integrated with India. All the students enjoyed the dances performed by the Dancers from Darjeeling. Mrs. Hira Rasaily presented one Nepali song and two Hindi songs of Lata Mangeskar, which was very well received by all. After the program was over, all the students present were seeking blessings from Mrs. Rasaily by touching her feet.

‘Run with Roshni Foundation’ is very thankful to Mr. Dawa Lepcha, Sabhasad of Pedong, who connected us with Mr. Bimal Gurung, Chief Executive of GTA and Mr. Binay Tamang, Sabhasad of Cultural Department, GTA, who sent thirteen dancers from Darjeeling to Mumbai. Special thanks to Mr. Krishna Tamang for all local support to the dancers in Mumbai.

Via Roshni Rai 

Gorkha National Symposium (Sangoshti) – Day 2 Update

11:06 PM
The second day of the Gorkha National Symposium (sangoshti) on the inclusion of the non-tribal Gorkha communities within the perview of Schedule Tribes provisions under the constitution of India began with the brief welcoming of the dignitaries by the Master of the Ceremony, Shri. Diwakar Gurung and Shri. Shuba Pradhan.

This was followed by the lighting of the lamps by the Chief Guest of the seminar – Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling, the Chief Minister of Sikkim; Shri. Bimal Gurung – Chief Executive, GTA; Shri. P.D. Rai – Member of Parliament, Sikkim; and Shri. R.P.Sharma – Member of Parliament, Tejpur, Assam. Dr Chamling was accompanied by his team of Ministers -Mr U.T. Gyatso, Mr A.K. Ghatani, Smt. Tulsi Devi, Shri. T. Wangdi Lepcha, among others, who were all extended greetings with khadas and momentos.

The seminar was also marked with the release of the report by Dr. Chamling titled - “Gorkha ko Sapana: Gorkhaland” that was based on the National Seminar on Gorkhaland held in April, 2015; complied by the Study Forum, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. The seminar was made lively by the glittering traditional performances by different communities such as the Mangar dance, Gurung dance, Yaka Dewan dance, Newar dance, Khas Hitkari dance, and Khambu Rai dance.
Gorkha National Symposium (Sangoshti) – Day 2 Chief Guest of the seminar – Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling
Gorkha National Symposium (Sangoshti) – Day 2 Chief Guest of the seminar – Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling
Here is an excerpt of the main points made by the speakers:

Shri. P. D. Rai, MP Sikkim: He specifically pointed out that the Sikkim Government under the leadership Dr. Chamling have already initiated the process of taking the issue concerning the inclusion of the ten non-tribal Gorkha communities under the Schedule Tribe category. He also passed on the message from the Rajya Sabha member from Sikkim, Shri. Yissey Lachungpa who have extended his full support for the quest of tribal status by the ten non-tribal Gorkhas across India.

R. P. Sharma, MP Assam: Referring to Dr. Chamling as the “evergreen Gorkha hero of India”, he stated that the two day seminar was a historic event, where Gorkhas from various parts of India have come together in Darjeeling – their “maiti-ghar”. He stressed on the success of the 6% Gorkhas in Assam in terms of literacy and proudly claimed that the Gorkhas as the “bhumi putras” of India. He called for the creation of a team under the leadership of Dr. Chamling, Shri. B. Gurung, Shri. P.D. Rai, Shri. R.P.Sharma and few other ministers from Sikkim to look and deliberate into the numerous issues that Gorkha communities face across India.

Shri Pawan Chamling, CM Sikkim: Claiming himself to be one of the representative of the Gorkhas and not just the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Dr. Chamling stressed on the need to reclaim the lost space of the Gorkhas in India. Zealously wanting to contribute towards the wellbeing of the Gorkhas across India, he assured the support of Sikkim in all the endeavours of the Gorkhas including in securing the tribal status for the non-tribal Gorkhas. However, he expressed his reservation about the inclusion of “ten jatis”- he was of the opinion that there could evidently be more than “ten jatis”. He appealed the audience to express foremost their national identity without losing sight of their matriarchal bonds. He pointed out the right to tribal status as well as the right to Gorkhaland is every Gorkha’s “jaivik adkhikar, janma siddha adhikar, prakritik adhikar” he called upon Shri. Bimal Gurung and himself to ponder over the issues confronting the Gorkhas, particularly the Section 7 of the Indo Nepal Treaty (1950), education, capacity building and skill development of the present generation Gorkhas among others. He passionately asserted the historical, cultural, traditional, linguistic and religious relationship that Sikkim and Darjeeling shares. He expressed his desire to hold similar seminars across India and take up and deliberate on different issues of the Gorkhas. In concluding his inspiring speech, he applauded and appreciated the leadership of Shri. Bimal Gurung in taking up development initiatives besides advocating the rights of Gorkhas and the demand for Gorkhaland.

Shri. Bimal Gurung, GTA Chief: Shri. Bimal Gurung started his speech by expressing the significance of such seminars wherein the representatives of Gorkha’s assembled at one place to discuss the issues pertaining to them. He, however, expressed his displeasure about the non-performance of successive governments in Bengal to give Darjeeling its due share of respect and development. He expressed that such seminars be undertaken in bigger ways, in bigger platforms – in Sikkim and other states of India. He called for a united front of the Gorkhas across India in the struggle for Gorkhaland as well as for the inclusion of the tribal status of the non-tribal Gorkhas. He reiterated his commitment to Gorkhaland and reminded the audience that only the central government is entitled to form new states within the federation of India. He stated that the responsibilities of learning and undertaking research activities concerning issues, histories, and contributions of the Gorkhas in India, as suggested by Dr. Chamling, should be a collective endeavours among the Gorkha communities.

Shri. Roshan Giri concluded the seminar by extending his vote of thanks to all the dignitaries, speakers, the organisers, volunteers, performers, media and the audiences.

Source; TheDC

Also Read Gorkha Rashtriya Sangoshti / Gorkha‬ National Symposium – Day 1

Gorkha Rashtriya Sangoshti / Gorkha‬ National Symposium – Day 1

12:19 PM
The program started at 11:40 A.M with the lighting of the lamps by a few dignitaries such as Col. Alley, Roshan Giri, Jyoti Kumar Rai, Amar Singh Rai and Binay Tamang. 

This was followed by a warm welcome of all the other dignitaries, especially those who had travelled from other parts of India with traditional Nepali topi and khada. Mr. Diwakar Gurung was the Master of the Ceremony. The program was marked by numerous traditional and cultural dance performances by the Mangar sangh troupe, Khas Hitkari troup, Kirati Khambu Rai troupe among others. 
Some of the main points raised by the guest speakers are as follows:

Ajay Mangar, Mangar Sangh: On behalf of the Janjati Mahasangh, Mr. A. Mangar pointed out that except for a few communities in post independent India, the majority of the Gorkha communities are yet to get the tribal recognition, despite repeated attempts to secure one. The lacunae was in their unilateral approach, which, according to him needs to be rectified through a unity and collaboration among the different non-tribal Gorkha communities.

Binay Tamang: Mr. Tamang briefly spoke about the plight of the Gorkha communities not only in the hills but more importantly all over India and called for “chattis jati, chattis varna” unity amongst the Gorkhas diaspora in India. He specifically said “phutera hoina, jutera afno astitwa ko ladai larnu parcha.” He mentioned that the report on the seminary of Gorkhaland Statehood that had taken place a few months ago will be released tomorrow.
Gorkha Rashtriya Sangoshti
Roshan Giri: Mr. R. Giri pointed out that the demand for tribal status for the ten non-tribal Gorkha communities, excluding the schedule caste was to bring “unity” and eventually “uniformity” amongst the diverse Gorkha communities across India. He was critical of the 6th schedule demand by the GNLF, and called upon the people not to confuse the demand for tribal status with 6th schedule.
Prem Tamang, President of All Assam Gorkha Student Union Assam: Mr. Tamang, acknowledged and thanked Bimal Gurung for “bringing Gorkhas together” and uniting them across India. Pointing out the “identity crisis” that the Gorkhas cross India face and the need for “Gorkha Identity”, he assured the support of more than 35 lac Gorkhas living across Assam – for Gorkhaland as well as for the tribal status of all the non-tribal Gorkhas in India.

Nabin Tamang, President, Nagaland Gorkha Association: Stating that the cause of Gorkhaland as an “emotional issue”, and morally supporting the demand for the tribal status for the non-tribal Gorkhas in India, Mr. N. Tamang, however cautioned the audience and the dignitaries about the unintended repercussions such demand on the Gorkhas living in various parts of India, specially Nagaland. Giving a brief background of the Nagaland, he pointed out the danger of potential conflicts that such status of the Gorkhas across India could entail. 

Arun Upadhyaya, President, Assam Gorkha Sammelan (ASG): Mr. A. Upadhyaya spoke of the support of the AGS to GJM under the leadership of Bimal Gurung. He spoke of the various technicalities for the recognition tribal status, and stressed upon the need to undergo Sociological, Anthropological, and Ethnographic (SAE) study.

Buddhi Singh Rana, President, Gorkha Samaj Kalyan Samiti, Roorki, Uttarakhand: Mr. Rana was saddened by the fragmentation within the Gorkha communities, particular by the (state) government, but was happy that the demand for the tribal status has been resurrected, particularly under the leadership of Bimal Gurung. He pointed that that till date we have resorted to the Gandhi an principles but can resort to the ways of Subash Chandra Bose as well.

Sanu Tamang, Secretary General, All Arunachal Gorkha Welfare Society: Mr. S. Tamang gave his full support to the cause of Gorkhaland – “practically, physically and financiall.” He expressed his concern about the looming threat of the Gorkhas being driven out from AP because of the change in status of the Permanent Residence Certificate to Residence Certificate. He forcefully requested the formation of North East Gorkha Federation.

B.R. Joshi, Meghalaya Gorkha Welfare Union: Mr. Joshi briefly spoke about the numerous issues that the Gorkhas in the North East region experience. Talking about the valour and bravery of the Gorkhas during the Indo-Burmese war, he lamented that despite such acts of bravery that the world recognizes, the Gorkhs’s do not have “hamro afnu swaraj(ya).” He further gave his full support to the demand for the tribal status for the non-tribal Gorkhas in India.

Trilok Raj Jaisi, Organising Secretary, GJMM, Mizoram and Mizoram Gorkha Youth Association: Mr. Jaisi gave his support to the Gorkhland Movement as well as the demand for the tribal status for the non-tribal Gorkhas across India. He acknowledged that being from Mizoram, despite being fine socially, the Gorkhas in Mizoram lack political voice. He further called for the Gorkhas to unite.
Vikas Basnet, Executive member Sadar Hills, Automonous District Council, Manipur: Mr. Basnet stated that the Gorkhas in Manpur are “not secure” and are treated as “foreginers” in the absence of Gorkhaland. Because of the lack of political voice, he pointed out that Darjeeling and the Gorkhaland movement here has provided the Gorkhas across India, particularly Manipur the platform – the voice. He also feared the repercussions of anything that happened in Darjeeling but wholeheartedly supported the Gorkhaland movement as well as the demand for tribal status for the non-tribal Gorkhas across India.

N.B. Pradhan, Gorkha representative from Haryana: Mr. Pradhan was cautious of the attempts to divide the Gorkha unity and called upon the current leadership to take the struggle to Delhi. He also called for a “non-violent, non-khukure” and deliberative solution to achieving Gorkhaland. 
Rustam Chettri, GJM representative from Delhi: Mr. R. Chetri expressed his severe disappointment for overlooking the unit in Delhi and keeping it in suspension for the past four years. He asserted and recognized the significance of having a functioning units in places like Delhi, where there are numerous cases of discriminations and harassments.

R.P. Waiba, Ceremony Chairperson: Mr. Waiba pointed out that unless we get Gorkhaland, no Gorkha is secure. He summarized the observations of the speakers for a greater unity among the Gorkha communities across India.

Finally, Mr. M.S. Rai, Secretary, Gorkha Janjati Sangarsh Sangoshti Committee: Mr. Rai concluded the program.

One of the common traits that emerged very distinctly among all the guest speakers was the appeal amongst the Gorkha’s all over India to “come together and work in unity” towards the cause of Gorkhaland and the vocal consent, particularly from the dignitaries coming across India in securing the tribal status of the ten non-tribal Gorkha janajati communities in India.

Dimapur Gorkhas organize blood donation camp at Dist hospital

10:17 AM
Dimapur, August 29: Dimapur Gorkha Union and Gorkha Students Union Dimapur in collaboration with Dimapur Municipal Council, Dimapur District Hospital and Dimul Private Limited today organized a blood donation campaign here in the premise of Dimapur District Hospital in commemoration of the 71st Martyr's day of the 'first Gorkha martyr' Major Durga Malla.
Dimapur Gorkha Union and Gorkha Students Union Dimapur organize blood donation camp at Dist hospital
Dimapur Gorkha Union and Gorkha Students Union Dimapur organize blood donation camp at Dist hospital
Blood Bank Dimapur in-charge Dr. Temsu, while appreciating the campaign said the blood bank belongs to the public and people should know that, and if it happens to be closed down, there will be suffering, and thus people should come ahead and play their part to keep it available.

He also explained to the donors, who could be seen sitting in school uniforms that they should at least be 18 years and weigh 45 kilograms to be eligible to donate blood, and remarked in a lighter mood that donating blood will make them immune of every disease while the donors laughed at the possible metaphor.

He also read out the number of units collected by such blood donation campaigns carried out by Gorkha Union since last 4 years, which stood at 684 (120 units in 2011, 210 units in 2012, 189 units in 2013 and 165 units in 2014).

This was the fifth consecutive year that the union was involved in such a blood donation campaign. The number of units donated this year at the end of the day was 101 units.

Source - Nagaland Page

A Reflection on the eve of 24th Nepali Bhasa Manayata Diwas

9:18 AM
Twenty three years ago on 20th August, 1992 after years of struggle, the lingua franca of the Gorkha community i.e. Nepali language was officially recognised and included in Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. It was a major step forward in the struggle of the Gorkhas in India to demolish the arguments/doubts which were trying to obstruct and eliminate the aspirations for a separate state of Gorkhaland. The Indian state has time and again patronised the community as a martial race but when the same community demanded their democratic right to have a separate state, the nationality and patriotism of community was put on serious doubts. In order to delegitimize the genuine democratic demand for separate state, all vitriolic arguments of Gorkhas being foreigner, and illegal migrants were raised by the national leaders in both the centre and the state. Since the lingua franca of the Gorkha community is the same language as spoken in Nepal, it was argued that we were foreigners. The Nepali language is spoken by more than 20 million people in India, mostly in West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. The State Legislative Assemblies of Sikkim, West Bengal, Tripura and Himachal Pradesh have passed resolutions for inclusion of the Nepali language in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India. Overcoming all odds of discrimination and humiliation, leaders like Anang Singh Thapa, Ratanlal Bramin, Dil Kumari Bhandari mobilised the Gorkhas scattered around India, and fought the arduous battle for the constitutional recognition of the Nepali language.
 24th Nepali Bhasa Manayata Diwas

Despite getting constitutional recognition, the unbroken chain of exploitative moves of West Bengal Government against the Gorkha community based on its linguistic identity has not changed rather worsened overtime. The Nepali language is still not included as an optional language paper in the West Bengal Civil Service Examination (WBCS). While all other optional language/subjects like Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Santhal and even Pali are included but only Nepali language has been excluded for years without giving any explanation. This is at a time when Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has already allowed candidates to choose Nepali as an optional language paper after the inclusion.

Again, the recent recruitment process for the post of Assistant Professor in different subjects by the West Bengal College Service Commission showed abysmally low number of Nepali speaking candidates from the hill district of Darjeeling on the merit panel. The majority of the Nepali speaking candidates who fall under ST category have been outrightly excluded by empanelling only 1 candidate (non-Nepali speaking) against 14 ST vacancies in one subject. Several Nepali speaking candidates who got through the final selection interview for Political Science were denied Jobs because they did not possess adequate knowledge of Bengali language for teaching in Colleges whose medium of instruction is usually English.

Be it the denial of eligible candidates in WBCSC for not knowing Bengali language or the issuing of Panchayat forms and scholarship exclusively in Bengali or the faulty edition of Nepali text books of Class XI and XII, the discriminatory policies of Bengal towards Gorkhas on the basis of language has not ended. One of the recent glaring examples was that of the West Bengal Police’s poster in Chowrastha, Darjeeling. Very strangely the poster’s message was in Bengali and written in Nepali script.

It is one of the small examples of how the ruling class of Bengal are imposing their culture on us. Huge advertisement hoardings written in Bengali are coming up in places like Kurseong, where majority of the population cannot even read Bengali. Even from market logic, it does not make any sense. This is an attempt by the ruling class of Bengal to normalize the “Bengalisation” process of our imaginations and thoughts.

These are some manifestation among many that has come to notice most recently. It cannot be seen as a minor aberration rather as a reflection of the deep rooted colonial practices of the ruling class that has continuously ensured to maintain this exploitative relation to dominate the Gorkhas and curb all possibility of their development and selfassertion. The deliberate political domination of Gorkhas historically has been operationalised through different forms of ‘othering’ of the community- culturally, administratively and economically. It is the sheer insecurity and arrogance of the political masters of Bengal that has led to denial of opportunities to eligible Nepali speaking candidates. Not to mention the spell of discouragement, despair and insecurity that has gripped other Nepali speaking students in higher education who hold similar ambitions. This racial and linguistic discrimination has most obnoxiously trampled upon the aspiration of Nepali speaking population. These colonial expropriation polices of the Bengal government must be exposed and condemned.

It is in this context we take inspiration from the struggle and sacrifice of our people who fought vehemently for the recognition of Nepali language in the Indian constitution. We harden our resolve to fight against this cultural imperialism of Bengali ruling class. Their oppression will only strengthen our fight for a democratic Gorkhaland.

Commemorating the spirit, struggle and sacrifice for the recognition of Nepali language, the lingua franca of the Gorkhas, in the Indian Constitution.We are organising 24th Nepali Bhasa Manyata Diwas in JNU. All are invited. Please spread the words. 

Dawa Sherpa
Gorkha Students, JNU

Charity Event - Ramailo with Gorkha by Run with Roshni

10:11 PM
Run with Roshni Foundation’ cordially invites you to come and enjoy ‘Ramailo With Gorkhas’, an evening filled with rich Gorkhali culture, delicious cuisine and a room filled with warm & friendly Gorkha smiles.
Charity Event - Ramailo with Gorkha by Run with Roshni

Run with Roshni -a Mission- a Vision- a Dream ! Run with Roshni is a Brainchild of Roshni Rai, a Gorkha girl from a village known as Pedong in the District of Darjeeling, West Bengal. Roshni is Advocate by profession and she is based in Mumbai.

‘Ramailo’ translates as entertainment in Nepali language and since life is short we believe to seek happiness in everything we do. The key objective of this initiative ‘Ramailo with Gorkha’ is to raise funds to sponsor 12 passionate but under privileged runners from Darjeeling looking forward to run the Mumbai Marathon.

This platform aims to provides an awareness about all the Indian Gorkhas, their unsung contribution and showcase their rich cultural heritage that contributes to making mother India, awesome!

So come, engage in conversation with the talented Gorkhas and witness the culture come alive through a short Cultural Program which will be followed by the launch of the book ‘Mountain to the Ocean- Run with Roshni’ written by budding author, Roshni Rai.

We are extremely obliged to have Mr. Adille Sumariwall, President of Atletics Federation of India who will grace the event, as Chief Guest.

With the support of GTA, we are getting some dancers from Darjeeling to perform in ‘Ramailo with Gorkhas’.

You have always supported us with wishes and prayers, this day we look forward to meeting you in person.

Please grace our event with your presence & support us to bring the emotional integrity & Unity in Diversity of India with Gorkha Community.

So Come celebrate with Gorkhas, Celebrate being Indian.

Date: 12 Sept, 2015

Time: 6pm to 8:30pm

Venue: Cidco Auditorium, Vashi, Next to Rajasthan Bhavan

For further information contact Mrs. Poonam Lama- 9819318894 and Mrs. Jaya Chhetri- 9930535126

Indian Idol Prashant Tamang Funds drive for landslide victims

1:04 PM
Siliguri, July 17: Singer Prashant Tamang, the 2007 winner of the reality show Indian Idol, will perform here tomorrow to raise funds for the Mirik landslides victims and their families.
Prashant Tamang, the 2007 winner of the reality show Indian Idol,
Prashant Tamang, the 2007 winner of the reality show Indian Idol
Amit Paul, who was the first runners-up at the show in 2007, will also perform at the show with Tamang. Parleen Singh Giri, Abhishek Kumar and Emon Chatterjee, three more artistes, will also join them at the event, which will be held in a hotel in Matigaratomorrow evening.
Entry to the event is through invitation only.

The invitees can donate any amount for the cause at the programme.
"I plan to visit Darjeeling with my friends onJuly 19. But before that, we heard about the disaster that took place in the hills. Our friend Amit, who was in Siliguri, first contacted me and said we should do something for the victims, and we could raise money for the affected residents of the hills," Tamang said.

Tamang hails from the Darjeeling hills, but is based in Mumbai at present.

Paul, who was also present at a news conference today, said: "After I spoke to my friends in Mumbai, I contacted a local person who is running an NGO. We requested him to organise an event so that we can hold a musical programme and raise some funds for the slide victims of the hills."

Binny Sharma, a Trinamul leader who is organising the event, said: "We have collected around Rs 3.51 lakh and will hand it over to the district magistrate of Darjeeling for the chief minister's relief fund. Whatever additional funds are collected during the event tomorrow will also be given to the relief fund."


Gorkha community in Nagaland observed 201st Bhanu Jayanti

11:38 AM
Gorkha community in Nagaland was urged to come together and support each other to progress in unity during 201st Bhanu Jayanti celebration, Sunday at town hall, Dimapur.
DGC chairman Kumar Subba speaking at the 201st Bhanu Jayanti celebration cum cultural programme
at town hall, Dimapur.

Addressing hundreds of Gorkhas in the celebration, chief guest Dimapur Gorkha Union (DGU) chairman Kumar Subba said it was imperative for the community to maintain their identity and cooperate so that they could grow along with the rest of the communities in Nagaland.

Stressing on promoting and retaining the culture and traditions of Gorkha community, Subba urged the Gorkhas to interact with each other in their own mother tongue. He also briefed the gathering about the life of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya.

Also speaking at the programme as guest honour, Gorkha Mothers Association (GMA) general secretary Gayatri Devi encouraged the students to learn and read about Bhanu Bhakti Acharya.
Naga People’s Front (NPF) minority wing president Bishnu Bhattyacharya, in his speech as guest of honour, also briefed about the works of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya in literature.

He also encouraged the participants to take part in all social, cultural and religious activities in-order to contribute towards nation building.

Delivering a speech, GYCD president Shiva Kumar B.K. asked the students to stay united, work hard and support one another and set an example for other communities to emulate.

Other invitees including Muslim Council Dimapur (MCD) president, Jain Samaj president and Bhojpuri president also spoke at the programme and extended their support towards GYCD.
The programme followed lighting of the lamp and cultural programme where songs and dances were presented from various bands and artists enthralling the crowds.

Earlier, the programme which was organized by Gorkha Youth Club Dimapur (GYCD) was chaired by Gorkha Hindu Milan Sewa Sangh (GHMSS) joint secretary Gyan Bhadur Ghataney and vote of thanks was delivered by GYCD general secretary Roshan Biswakarma.

Source: Nagaland Post

Siliguri Gorkha Manch organizing a free medical camp & blood donation camp

Siliguri Gorkha Manch in collaboration with Hariyali Club of Kholachand Fapri is organizing a free medical camp & blood donation camp. Keeping in mind scarcity of blood in Siliguri we are organizing blood donation camps at various places.
Siliguri Gorkha Manch organizing a free  medical camp & blood donation camp

We are providing blood to the needy in Siliguri. Within 2 months SGM helped more than 40 poor people for free cataract operation through such medical camps. Interested persons are requested to please come forward and donate blood as your one unit of blood can save someone's precious life further blood donation is the most valuable social work so let's join hands. Next camp of SGM is at Dhimal Chant on 12 Jul 2015 where blood donation camp will also be organized. Any social organization interested in organizing free medical camp and blood donation camp may contact SGM for the same.


Date of medical camp. 4 Jul 2015
Time. 10 A.M to 1.30 P.M
Venue : Polio Centre, Kholachand Fapri

For more Details contact:
President Smt Sudha Pasi 9749303339
General Secy Suren Pradhan 9851260369
Treasurer S D Tamang 9593846380

Source:Times Dooars

AMGSU Peace Rally on death anniversary of Tilak Poudel

10:41 PM
The AMGSU, All Manipur Gorkha Students' Union,  has organised  the Peace Rally on 18th of April 2015 to mark the 1st death anniversary of Tilak Poudel, who lost his life in police firing during an protest demonstration against the rape of an 13 year old Gorkha Girl on 17 of April 2014.
Gorkha Tilak Poudel
Gorkha Tilak Poudel

Victims of Police firing during an protest demonstration against the rape of an 13 year old Gorkha Girl on 17 of April 2014
Victims of Police firing during an protest demonstration against
the rape of an 13 year old Gorkha Girl on 17 of April 2014
The rally will start from Kanglatongbi Football ground at 12:00 p.m after paying Floral tributes to the departed soul and end at Charhajare. All the Gorkha Youths, Students, Elders, Clubs, women Societies of Manipur shall join the peace rally and pay fitting tribute to Tilak Poudel, who has laid down his life while seeking Justice for an Gorkha Girl and he shall be always an inspiration for the Gorkhas of Manipur and his sacrifice would be always remembered and respected by all.

Prateet Pradhan for IG

Ramailo Bhet Ghat With All Manipur Gorkha Student Union Ncr Team

8:40 AM
Ramilo Bhet Ghat Aagsu New Delhi Team With All Manipur Gorkha Student Union
AMGSU Delhi-NCR Invited To GBM cum Ramailo Bhet Ghat with All Assam Gorkha Student Union New Delhi (AAGSU)
Notice is hereby given for the Amgsu Delhi Ncr , General Body Meeting (GBM) to be held on 25th January (Sunday) at Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave (nearest metro Station - Green Park) at 03:00 pm ,
Ramailo Bhet Ghat With All Manipur Gorkha Student Union Ncr Team
Ramailo Bhet Ghat With All Manipur Gorkha Student Union Ncr Team
We would also like to warmly Thankfull to our All Manipur Gorkha Students Union Delhi Ncr Team (AMGSU) . We shall all together have a wonderful experience, sharing best practices and chalking out plans towards unified Gorkhalism.
Thanking You
All Assam Gorkha Student Union( New Delhi )
Aagsu New Delh

DGU to host North East Nepali Symposium cum felicitation programme

2:31 AM
The Mir Mirey Kanchenchunga, a Gangtok based weekly journal in collaboration with the North Eastern Nepali Writers, Poets & Journalist, has decided to organise "North East Nepali Symposium cum felicitation programme in Dimapur, to be hosted by the Dimapur Gorkha Union (DGU), apex body of the Gorkhas in Dimapur district, on February 1 at Dimapur Town Hall from 10 AM onwards. Delegates from Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Arunananchal Pradesh, Tripura, Mizoram, Sikkim and Darjeeling would attend the programme.

Dimapur Gorkha Union
Dimapur Gorkha Union
The proposed programme was scheduled on January 25 but due to the threat perception during the Republic Day, the programme was postponed. The organizing committee is headed by Ganesh Biswakarma as convener, and Dipak Lama as programme director cum PRO, while Kumar Subba would be the overall in-charge of the programme. The Monitoring Cell Office is located at the Old Industrial Estate Colony, Near CRPF Camp, Diphu Road, Dimapur, Nagaland.

Interested individuals could contact the officials on phone nos. 09436012825, 09774746509, 09402889272 or emails:,, for further information.

Nagaland Post

Art in Nature Exhibition cum Sell in Kalimpong

10:28 AM
The Himalayan Trust for Natural History and Art (HTNHA) will hold a three-day exhibition cum sale in Kalimpong. The event will be hosted by Brindavan School from February 6 to 8 and will showcase natural history art/paintings, drawings, pottery and jewellery created by the kids of Relli Valley.
Art in Nature Exhibition cum Sell in Kalimpong
Art in Nature Exhibition cum Sell in Kalimpong
“Over the past four years, the children have gone through trying times in terms of honing up their creativity and skills,” said trainer Hemlata Pradhan, a renowned artist from Darjeeling. “Despite attending school regularly and carrying out chores such as tending cattle, cutting grass, collecting firewood, cooking and cleaning, the kids still found time for sharpening their creative skills. I give the entire credit to them.”

She added, “The pictures are for sale and 50 per cent of the proceeds will go for the welfare of the children of Relli Valley.”

What: Art Exhibition cum Sell
Where: Vrindavan School, Kalimpong, (12th Mile ), Kalimpong
When: Feb 6th to 8th, 2015 from 10 A.M Onwards

Why: Please attend to see the fascinating Natural History artworks created by children of the Himalayan Trust for Natural History Art (HTNHA), Kalimpong.

Trained under the tutelage of Darjeeling Icon Ms. Hemlata Pradhan in this past four years the children have gone through a lot of phases where their creativity, skills (and patience) were tested many times. Despite attending regular schools and carrying out daily chores like tending to their cattle, cutting grass, collecting firewood, cooking, cleaning etc. and looking after their homes, they still found time for creativity, stuck by it and loved it, "and this I believe has been their victory" says Ms. Pradhan.

The works that will be exhibited between 6th and 8h of February at Vrindavan School, Kalimpong, (12th Mile )and is a culmination of artworks created over these four years. Your presence will mean a definite encouragement, support and motivation for everyone associated with the HTNHA.
Note: For those coming from far, Vrindavan School bus will be made available to pick-up and drop-off visitors.
Pick-point will be in front of Kanchan cinema hall.
Time: First trip-10:00 am, 2nd trip- 12:00 Noon and 3rd trip- 2:00 pm

Source: EOI and DC

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