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GTA initiated Swaach Bharat Abhiyan in Darjeeling

10:12 PM
GTA (Gorkhaland Territorial Administration) initiated "Swaach Bharat Abhiyan" in Darjeeling to commemorate the 147th Birthy Anniversary of Sister Nivedita. GTA Chief Bimal Gurung, Darjeeling MP  SS Ahluwalia, Consulate General De France of Kolkata, Mr. Fabrice ETIENNE and Swami Nityasatyanda, Ramkrishna Mission Nievidta Educational & Cultutral Centre along with GTA sabha members were present in the event that was conducted at Chowrastha in Darjeeling.
Gorkhaland Territorial Administration observed Swaach Bharat Abhiyan Bimal Gurung and SS Ahluwalia
Gorkhaland Territorial Administration observed Swaach Bharat Abhiyan Bimal Gurung and SS Ahluwalia
Thousands of schoolchildren, GTA Elected Members, GTA officials and the people of GTA area picked up brooms and dustpans to clean the Queen of Hills.
GTA observed Swaach Bharat Abhiyan in Darjeeling- SS Ahluwalia and Roshan Giri
GTA observed Swaach Bharat Abhiyan in Darjeeling- SS Ahluwalia and Roshan Giri
"I along with all my elected members and GTA Officials have taken a oath that we will dedicate 100 hours every year , that is two hours every week towards cleanliness." Bimal Gurung

Bimal Gurung through his Facebook Official Page has made an appeal to all the Principals/Headmasters of the various Colleges and Schools to organize a program of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in their respective colleges and schools and to extend the program to the adjacent localities/neighbour throughout the year. He also requested all NGOs, Social Organizations and youths to spread the message of the "Swaach Bharat Abhiyan"

Pragati Sewa Sangh under Municipality ward no. 15 also initiated its cleanliness drive today at its locality along with GTA calls on PM Narendra Modi's ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’. Pragati Sewa Sangh has written letters to principals of nearby schools to teach the students about the cleanliness drive initiated by PM Modi. Members of Pragati Sewa Sangh also decided to hold such cleanliness drive every month at their vicinity.

First Gorkha Martyr Sahid Major Durga Malla's 70th Martyrs Day

9:21 PM
Dimapur Gorkha Union (DGU) Commemorates the 70th Martyrs Day of the First Indian Gorkha Martyr Major Durga Malla (INA) on 25th August 2014 at Town Hall Medziphema. DGU has organized a Blood donation camp on the occasion.
Dimapur Gorkha Union Commemorates the 70th Martyrs Day of the First Gorkha Martyr Major Durga Malla.
First Gorkha Martyr Sahid Major Durga Malla's 70th Martyrs Day
After his arrest, Sahid Durga Malla was kept in the prison at Red Fort, New Delhi as a prisoner of war. He was prosecuted by military court under section 41 of the Indian Army Law and section 121 of the Indian Penal Code. He was given death sentence by the Court Martial, the court of trial before which he was tried at Red Fort. That was the time when the imperialist British rulers were trying to suppress the Indian freedom struggle by all means. Therefore, before the death sentence was finally executed, the British authorities tried to coax Major Durga Malla into confessing the wrong and promised him grant of remission if he could do so. But it was against the wishes of Veer Durga Malla whose only objective was to get the country free. He preferred to embrace the gallows rather than accepting the proposal of the British rulers. All persuasions having failed, Durga Malla’s wife Smt. Sharda Devi was brought before him at the prison cell as the last resort. British authorities were of the opinion that she would persuade her husband to apologise. But Major Malla yielded to no devices of the British authorities. On the contrary, he gave his wife his last words by saying. Sharda, I am sacrificing my life for the freedom of my motherland. You need not be worried and distressed. Crores of Hindustanis will be with you after my death. The Sacrifice I am offering, shall not go in vain. India shall be free. I am confident, this is only a matter of time.

Supreme Sacrifice

On 15th August 1944, Veer Durga Malla, the great patriot, was taken to Delhi Central Jail from the Red Fort. After ten days, on 25th August 1944, he was sent to the gallows. Thus ended the journey of one more noble son of mother India who laid down his precious life at the altar of Freedom. Durga Malla’s Physical body is no more but he sacrificed himself after leading a meaningful life of only 31 years and became immortal.

" Let us all come together and join our hands to pay a rich tribute to the Gallant Martyr. Let us be proud to be a Gorkha"

Source: Dipak Lama

Encephalitis awareness programme in Kalimpong

9:20 PM
Kalimpong: Amidst Encephalitis deaths Kalimpong have come up with an awareness programme on Encephalitis from 7th to14th August in Town Office of Jan Sarokar n KTV Dambar Chowk Kalimpong at  at 2pm.

 "ENCEPHALITIS" is one of the most dreadful disease taking several life today. So to discuss about the disease in detail, the joint venture of HIMALAYA DARPAN Kalimpong, KTV, JANSAROKAR and NEOTIA HEALTH CARE CENTRE is organizing a conversation with DR.PRINCE PAREKH (Child critical Care Specialist), DR.JAYDEEP DEY (Neurologist) of Neotia n other Doctors of Kalimpong. Every interested individual who are eager to know the details are heartily welcome. The programme will also be live telecast through KALIMPONG TELEVISION NETWORK for the benefit of the people.

Drishti Episode
Encephalitis awareness programme in Kalimpong
Event Details:
Date : 7th Aug 14
Venue:Town Office of Jan Sarokar n KTV Dambar Chowk Kalimpong
TIME : Sharp at 2pm..
Ajay Agarwal,
Ph no-9832094610

Source Drishti Episode Facebook

Art adda at Chowrasta Darjeeling organised by NGO Life and Leaf

10:12 AM
By Vivek Chhetri
Darjeeling, May 25: Chowrasta, Darjeeling’s promenade that has seen one too many rallies of late, had musicians, artists and poets milling around this weekend.
Pankaj Ghosh paints Mount Kanchenjungha at Chowrasta in Darjeeling on Sunday. Picture by Suman Tamang
Pankaj Ghosh paints Mount Kanchenjungha at Chowrasta in Darjeeling on Sunday. Picture by Suman Tamang
A Darjeeling-based NGO, Life and Leaf, organised the adda, or ghamghat in Nepali.

The event, held on Saturday and Sunday, was called Jamghat and attracted local people as well as tourists.

Minket Lepcha, the marketing head of Life and Leaf that promotes local artisans, said the Jamghat was aimed at fusing young minds with old crafts. “We wanted to provide a creative platform to local artistes and musicians and this is how Jamghat happened,” he said.

Chowrasta had been more of a venue for political programmes in recent years. It has been the venue to Bimal Gurung’s and Mamata Banerjee’s meetings.

Of late, the Chowrasta’s green cover seemed threatened when private contractors started marking trees to cut them down and make way for a market complex for displaced hawkers. On May 22, Darjeeling residents stopped contractors from marking trees at Chowrasta.

Today at the Jamghat, poets Manoj Bagota, Nima Sherpa and Pradip Lohagun mesmerised the crowd with their lines in Nepali, Lakit Lepcha and Deoashish Mothey surprised the audience with their performance with pontong palit and esraj. “Pontong palit is a flute like instrument of the Lepcha community and Lakit is the only female playing this instrument now,” said Minket.

Deoashish Mothey, another participant, said: “Esraj is a Persian musical instrument introduced by Rabindranath Tagore at Santiniketan.”

The long forgotten song of the Gurung community, Ghatuseri Geet, was also sung by Amir Gurung from Sikkim.

The event was supported by a group of artisans who had come up with an animation on the Nepali warnamala (alphabets) — a method to teach vowels and consonants to children.

Songs, which are part of the animation, were sung by children at the event.

As the songs were being sung at the main square of Chowrasta, six artists were seen painting in another corner. Pankaj Ghosh and Pravin Gurung were engrossed in painting the Kanchenjungha. Paul Bhutia was drawing the picture of a meditating Buddha. In another corner, 10 organic tea farmers were seen promoting hand-rolled tea. The farmers were from Chottapubung, 35km from here.

Source: Telegraph

Anthems of Rock - Darjeeling hosts its first ever rock concert

12:15 AM
Darjeeling:  Anthems of Rock This April Darjeeling will play host to some top international artistes for its first ever rock event- Anthems of Rock. The event, which is a benefit concert for Human Rights Watch, will feature artistes from popular rock bands including Bobby Kimball (Toto), Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), David Reece (Accept), Robert Hart (Manfred Man, Bad Company) and Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG).

While the country is not big on large scale rock shows, a benefit concert is an even rarer occurrence. But organiser Hozo revealed that the reason behind ‘Anthems of Rock’ was to do something for an organisation or NGO that is doing good work. Human Rights Watch, for instance, is protecting human rights and trying to prevent annihilation that is going on in the world.

Hozo, who is vocalist for the metal band – Grungy Morphins, and a representative for a few bands in Asian countries, said that they started planning the event last December. Asked why he chose the small, quiet town of Darjeeling to hold the event, Hozo plainly stated, "It is my hometown, and I wanted to do something for the place."

The event will be held at Gorkah Stadium, and will apparently accommodate eight to ten thousand attendees. He also added that since it is the first time something of this magnitude is happening in the town, the people are really excited and looking forward to it.

Of course, organising an event like this has not been easy, particularly because it is a rather large concert, and holding it in a town as small as Darjeeling can be difficult. However, Hozo stated, that the government of Darjeeling has been very helpful and supportive. "The place is dependent on tourism, and this show will help tourism grow," he added.

Asked if there would be any more rock festivals with other international artistes elsewhere in the country, he said that the topic arose while planning Anthems of Rock. "We actually want to do this. The reason we thought Darjeeling is a good place is because western music is in the hearts of people out here. But no international bands have ever stopped here. Our target is to bring as many international bands as possible to the country," he said.

Opening for Anthems of Rock will be Nepali rock band 1974 AD, which was formed in the mid 90's in Kathmandu. The event is set to take place on 19 April, and tickets for the concert are priced between Rs 550 to 2800. 

(Courtesy Radio and Music)

Grameen Mela 2014 in Mirik cicked off

10:14 AM
Mirik - 7 day long Grameen Mela was inaugurated by Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) sabhasad Phubi Rai which was organised by the Mirik Development Office. The event cicked of on  on 22nd Feb 2014 at the Reception Centre in Mirik.Participants were from the block agricultural department, block health department and block land reformation department, among several others.

GTA sabhasad Phubi Rai at the Grameen Krishi Mela in Mirik on Saturday
GTA sabhasad Phubi Rai at the Grameen
Krishi Mela in Mirik on Saturday
Inaugurating the fair GTA sabhasad of Mirik Mr Phubi Rai said initiatives such as these will help people of rural areas as they will be able to clarify doubts on a number of issues as the various departments passed on vital information to the visitors. The departments have set up stalls where one can gather information on agriculture, MGNREGA, health, land and other issues.

Further Joint BDO of  Mirik LT Bhutia said such events as this (Grameen Mela ) has been organised in attempt to provide information to those living in remote areas.

With inputs from EOI

Anthems Of Rock - Mr Big, Bad Company and Toto in Darjeeling on April 19

10:37 AM
Darjeeling: Anthems Of Rock: Benefit Concert For Human Rights Watch - Some of the biggest rock stars of the 1970`s and 80`s will descend upon Darjeeling, India, for one of the biggest rock shows ever to grace the sub-continent! It is also the 1st ever international rock show in the history of Darjeeling. The leading voices of three globally popular rock bands — Mr Big, Bad Company and Toto — will perform at the Gorkha Stadium in Darjeeling on April 19.

Mr Big,Bad Company,Toto to perform at Gorkha Stadium Darjeeling on April 19
Mr Big,Bad Company,Toto to perform at Gorkha Stadium Darjeeling on April 19

The show is titled Anthems of Rock and is being organised by Canada-based Spread the Metal Records, a record label, and Darjeeling-based DOM Events.

“In the show, titled Anthems of Rock, a Swedish band with the same name, will be performing as a backup band. The back-up band will include iconic guitarist, Sayit Dolen,” said Hozo, the south-east Asia representative of Anthems of Rock.

The tickets can be bought on

“Three world famous vocalists — Eric Martin of Mr Big, Robert Hart, a former vocalist of Bad Company, and Bobby Kimball, the original vocalist of Toto, which is a multi-Grammy winning band — will perform live in Darjeeling,” said Hozo.

“The gates for the show will open at 1pm and the concert will start from 4pm. It is expected to go on for three to four hours,” said Dipendra Dikshit, a representative of DOM Events.

The early-bird price, according to the event’s poster, are for Rs 550, regular tickets for Rs 700 and the VIP tickets are for Rs 2,800. “We are looking at keeping the VIP tickets at Rs 2,800. Those with the VIP pass will be allowed to meet the artistes after the event and food will also be served to them at the venue,” said Hozo.

The poster also says that the proceeds of the show will go to Human Rights Watch, a non-profit rights organisation.

The news of the concert is making a buzz among music lovers in the hills.

Deep Arora, a member of Forbidden Fruit, a known band in Darjeeling, said: “This is definitely a big moment for Darjeeling. This place is known for its music, but in the past we were unable to bring supergroup (popular) bands to Darjeeling. Shillong has been attracting good bands and if this show turns out to be a success, Darjeeling, too, would definitely be an attractive venue.”

Dikshit said: “We all have grown up with the music of Mr Big, Bad Company and Toto and it’s a dream come true for many music lovers of Darjeeling. The event will also help promote tourism.”

“The organisers will be recording the entire event and the video would be released worldwide later,” said Hozo.

Music lovers from Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal are also expected to attend the concert.

Binay Tamang, executive GTA Sabha member in charge of information and cultural affairs department said that the hill body would extend all possible help to organise the show.(TT)

Clickl to Buy - Tickets:

Himalayan Drive-2 kicked off from City Centre in Siliguri

1:07 PM
The Himalayan Drive-2, organised by Just Sportz Management Pvt Limited in association with Bengal tourism department, started from City Centre in Siliguri on Wednesday.Seventy-two participants in the Himalayan Drive-2 drove off on a four-day journey from City Centre in Siliguri on Wednesday bearing banners of “End Polio Now”.

The rally was flagged off from City Centre around 2pm.

There are 28 four-wheelers and eight two-wheelers, each with a driver and a navigator who will cover a distance of 800km in four legs.

Jag Mohan, the commissioner of police, Siliguri, and Sunil Agarwal, joint director (north) of state tourism department, were present at the flag-off.

The first leg of the journey is from Siliguri to Lataguri, the second from Lataguri to Gangtok. From Gangtok, the rally will head to Darjeeling in the third leg before coming back to Siliguri from Darjeeling in the fourth leg.

“The rally is conducted in a time-speed-distance format which means the participants should cover a particular distance in a stipulated time. There are two participants in each vehicle. One will navigate the route, the other will drive. Today (Wednesday), the rallyists will halt at Murti, 60km from here for the night. They will start off for Lataguri tomorrow (Thursday) and reach Gangtok from there by evening. On Friday, they will leave Gangtok for Darjeeling. On Saturday, the rally will reach Siliguri from Darjeeling,” said Tamal Ghosal, director of Just Sportz.

There will be separate winners and runners-up for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. While the winners in each segment will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, the runners-up will get Rs, 75,000 each. A participant from north Bengal who arrives first at the final destination will be awarded a trophy.

Organisers said the rally was being organised for a social cause.

“Rotary International is our social partner and we are championing the cause of ending polio through the rally. All our banners and posters have the slogan ‘End Polio Now’,”said Subhasish Chatterjee, local co-ordinator of the rally, at Siliguri.

The flagging-off was conducted with much fanfare with a band playing every time a car or a bike set off.

There was an excited crowd of around 500 people to cheer the rallyists when they embarked on their journey.

“I am an adventure enthusiast myself but I could not participate in the rally for some personal reasons. I have come here to encourage the rallyists and cheer them when they take off from here,” said 30-year-old Saurav Chatterjee from Siliguri.

The participants were excited to start the journey.

Sarbari Bhattacharjee, the only female participant, was there with her husband Bibhas.

“We are from Siliguri and got to know about the event from friends. As we have not undertaken such a rally before, we decided to participate in this one for thrill and adventure. I am excited because I happen to be the only female participant in the rally. I will navigate while my husband will drive,” she said.

Vishal Das, a 30-year old entrepreneur from Calcutta, has been participating in the rallies for the past 14 years. He is with friend Sabatullah Khan.

“We are really excited about this trip and plan on winning it,” Das said.


Himalayan Drive-2 rally motor rally event

1:12 PM
Some heat is set to be generated in the cool terrains of eastern Himalayas when 36 competitors from different parts of the country vie for top honours in the Himalayan Drive-2 motor rally event that will be flagged off on Wednesday.

Himalayan Drive-2 rally
Himalayan Drive-2 rally
A total of 24 cars and 8 two-wheelers will travel around 600 km over the next four days. The vehicles will cover 90 km on the first day, when they drive from Siliguri to Lataguri.

On the second day, they will start off from Lataguri and retire for the day in Gangtok after driving around 180 km. The third day's journey, covering 175 km, will stretch from Gangtok to Darjeeling.

The vehicles will return to Siliguri from Darjeeling on the last day after traversing around 110 km.

Himalayan Drive-2 rally, whose print partner is The Telegraph,lined up at Uttarayon in Siliguri on Tuesday. The rally organised by Just Sportz Management Pvt Ltd will be flagged off from City
Centre in Siliguri at 3pm on Wednesday. The event is conducted in a time-speed-distance format in which cars need to cover a specific distance within a stipulated time. 

Organisers said 75 drivers and navigators, including 20 from north Bengal, would participate.The rally would have four segments and cover 800km in four days. From Siliguri, the cars will head for Lataguri in the Dooars. In the second leg, the vehicles would travel to Gangtok from Lataguri. In the next leg, the cars will reach Darjeeling and finally Siliguri on February 1.“The first rally had unlocked great prospect of adventure sports in the eastern Himalayas. The second edition will boost it further,” Tamal Ghosal, directo of Just Sportz, said. 

Source : TOI

Sadak Kavit congregation of Nepali poets from Nepal and India in Kalimpong

11:31 AM
Kalimpong - “Sadak Kavita” a Kalimpong based literary group today organized a literary function “Kavya Sambad” here at the premises of Saptashree Gyanpith, which saw  a congregation of Nepali poets from Nepal and India. The core attraction of the function was poetry recitation by renowned Nepal-based poet Bimala Tumkhewa.

Sanumati Rai handing over commendation certificate to Bimala Tumkhewa in Kalimpong on Saturday.
Sanumati Rai handing over commendation certificate to
 Bimala Tumkhewa in Kalimpong on Saturday.
Expressing gladness over the keen interest of Indian Nepali poets on the poems of those from Nepal, Tumkhewa began reciting her poems and left all in the audience awestruck. She recited over a dozen of her poems including, “Manmaya ra Hazar Sapana”,“Jetti Subbini”, “Simal ko Nango Haga” and “Saharma Badnam Katha” to mention a few. Expressing her poems Tumkhewa said, “These days, love and rebellion are simultaneously appearing in my poems. May be this is what we call ‘time writing’.”

Moved by Tumkhewa’s recitation Kalimpong based popular poet Manoj Bogati commented, “Many actually entitled Tumkhewa as a poet of love. Several portrayed her as a poet of softness and humbleness, while others saw her as poet of pain. But she in fact is a poet of a lay man.” Tumkhewa earned a bulk of praise from several other poets present in the function.

Praising her poet Samsher Ali said, “We rarely had had an opportunity to witness poems addressing with love the aspects of life.”

Another emerging poet and program coordinator Pradip Lohagun opined the field of poem in Nepali literature has achieved a new height after the mass movement in Nepal.  He said Tumkhewa’s poems have stirred the Indian Nepali poets to strive for higher levels.

While Tumkhewa recited poems in the first segment of the function today, the second segment saw recitations by emergent poets of Darjeeling. Darjeeling based emerging poets Nima Sherpa, Bhupendra Subba, Pradip Lohagun, Lekhnath Chettri, Tika Bhai, Chewang Yonzon and many others recited their poems to the audience. Prominent poet from Kalimpong Sanumati Rai and Saptashree Gyanpith Director Tapan Pradhan jointly honoured poet Tumkhewa by handing over a memento and a commendation certificate.

Source: EOI

Kalimpong Sadak Kavita - Cross-border literary interaction Programme

10:54 AM
Kalimpong-based literary group Sadak Kavita will host a literary function on January 25 at Saptashree Gyanpith School. Programme coordinator Pradip Lohagun said the event called ‘Kavya Samvad’ is being organised to promote literary interaction between Nepali poets of Nepal and India. The event will also see poetry recitation by popular Nepalese poet Bimala Tumkhewa.
Poetess Bimala Tumkhewa.
Poetess Bimala Tumkhewa.

Lohagun said a literary interaction between emerging poets takes poetry as a genre to new heights. He said the programme is being hosted to develop an environment congenial for the advancement of Nepali poetry. “The event will facilitate exchange of ideas and thoughts among poets across the border,” he noted.

Hill Congress will take part in national conference on January

11:40 AM
Mirik: The Darjeeling District Hill Congress will take part in the All India Congress Committee’s national conference on January 17 that will be held in New Delhi. Hill Congress committee convener Saroj Khatri said the committee will seek permanent political solution for Darjeeling hills in the conference. Among the other issues the hill committee will also place the demands for implementation of centre’s 52 schemes here, initiation of Balasan water project, establishment of central university, resolving of unemployment problem.

Darjeeling district hill Congress committee convener Saroj Khatri in Mirik on Sunday.
Darjeeling district hill Congress
 committee convener Saroj Khatri
in Mirik on Sunday.

Speaking to the journalists in Mirik, Khatri said candidates from the hills should be appointed to over 600 vacant seats in railway along with the vacant posts lying at All India Radio. He said the committee will adopt a resolution on permanent solution to the political questions of the hills in its meeting during early February. However, he denied clarifying what the permanent solution will be, saying it is unripe to disclose the matter. In the mean time it has been informed the Mirik unit of the party was also formed today.


GNLF to organize Banbo Utsav to press for Sixth Schedule status.

11:35 AM
MIRIK 12 Jan 2014:Gorkha Nationa Liberation Front will organize a program named “Banbo Utsav” on January 15 at Namsu Gammon Bridge near Bunkulung Busty as a party policy to press for Sixth Schedule status. The responsibility to host the festival has been shouldered by the Kurseong branch committee of GNLF.

GNLF to organize Banbo Utsav to press for Sixth Schedule status.
GNLF to organize Banbo Utsav to
press for  Sixth Schedule status.
Kurseong committee convener Nima Lama said, “We belong to a tribal community and the function is being held to prove this fact.” He said currently the politics of dividing Gorkha community into sub-communities is dominating the hills. “Under this situation we must unite to prove ourselves as tribals. Only sixth schedule status can free us from current problems” he observed.


Kirat Khambu Rai gathering on January 13 in Kalimpong

11:25 PM
Kalimpong: The Kirat Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan will hold a mass community gathering on January 13 at the Mela Ground here to celebrate the Kirati New Year ‘Yeldong’.

Event Details

"Calling all Khambu (rai) brothers n sisters to show their solidarity and support with zealous intentions for one common goal to reach that one common destination. We request you to participate in this event."

Date: 16th January
Time: 9 a.m onwards
Venue; Mela Ground, Kalimpong.

 Kirat Khambu Rai gathering on January 13 in Kalimpong
Youths putting up Kirat Khambu Rai organisation posters

The youths of the organisation were seen today in town putting up posters wishing New Year greetings and inviting community members to the Kirat Khambu Rai gathering on January 13 in Kalimpong..

Kirati New Year ‘Yeldong’.
 Kirat Khambu Rai gathering on January 13 in Kalimpong

The organisation has been demanding tribal status for the Rai community since the past several years. The function on January 13 is part of the demand for tribal status.


Kalimpong BSNL to hold Telephone Adala

10:46 AM
The Kalimpong  branch of BSNL has come up with a novel idea of holding a ‘Telephone Adalat’ in town to address consumer grievances and issues related to non-payment of phone bills.

BSNL Kalimpong junior accountant Amar Singh said the ‘Telephone Adalat’ will be conducted on January 13 at the exchange office’s premises. The department will hear out the problems being faced by consumers during the ‘adalat’.

Kalimpong BSNL to hold Telephone Adala
Kalimpong BSNL to hold Telephone Adala
Singh added those consumers who have not made payments till date will be granted subsidy as per the norms of the department. He urged the people to collect entry forms before January 11 and participate in the ‘adalat’.

Notably, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha had directed the hills residents to refrain from paying their telephone bills during the statehood movement. Following this, huge bills had stacked up by the time the movement ended, making it difficult for the consumers to clear their dues.

The excessive outstanding amounts had even forced many consumers to disconnect their connections. The department has decided to provide some discount on the pending bills in order to ease pressure on consumers. The ‘Adalat’ will be attended by branch manager Dhakwa Shah, Internal Finance Advisor Shree Bonik and other officials of the department. 


Kalimpong - Krishi Mela from January 13 in Relitar

10:42 AM
Bijay Sundas, president of the Kalimpong Krishi Mela Organising Committee, today held a press conference at the local office of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. The agenda was to discuss the four-day Krishi Mela starting from January 13 in Relitar.

Kalimpong - Krishi Mela from January 13 in Relitar
Kalimpong - Krishi Mela

Sundas urged representatives of all political parties of the hills including the general public to attend the Mela.

Addressing farmers and agricultural department officials, Sundas appealed to them to conduct awareness programmes on agriculture. He also directed the department to make necessary arrangements to hold exhibition and skits during the mela to spread awareness on health. Organising committee secretary Subh Pradhan said GJM chief Bimal Gurung is expected to attend the inaugural function. He added organising committee convener Norden Lama, local GJM leaders such as Prem Chettri and Dipen Chettri will also be present.

Source :(EOIC)

Bimal Gurung opens Janta Durbar / public forum, will meet public every Thursday

10:00 AM
Darjeeling, Jan. 9: Bimal Gurung today announced he would hold a janta durbar or a people’s court in the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha office at the Darjeeling Motor Stand every Thursday from 10am to 5pm.

His announcement coincidentally came on a day Arvind Kejriwal, whose Aam Aadmi Party has positioned itself as the torch-bearer for the common man, also announced he would hold a similar meetings outside the Delhi chief minister’s office every Saturday from 9.30am to 11am. Kejriwal’s six cabinet ministers will join him on Saturdays.

Gurung at the janta durbar in the Morcha office at the Darjeeling Motor Stand on Thursday
Gurung at the janta durbar in the Morcha office at the Darjeeling Motor Stand
on Thursday. Picture by Suman Tamang

It is not known if the GTA chief executive took inspiration from Kejriwal’s idea. The Delhi chief minister has held similar meetings at his home earlier, though the idea of holding such hearings is not his idea.

After he arrived at the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha office in the New Super Market building around noon today, Gurung said: “I will be meeting the public every Thursday in this office from today onwards. People can come to me and share their problems.”

About 300 hill residents came to the Morcha office today to air their grievances.

Among them was Joymala Chhetri from Sukna, 70km from Darjeeling town.

She was in the queue to meet the Morcha chief, as were other people from her locality. “We have basically come here to tell him about our local problems. People of Sukna have sacrificed a lot for the party, but no development work has happened in our area. We will request the chief to look into our grievances,” she said.

Joymala would not be disappointed after hearing the plans Gurung has spelt out for Sukna. Most of the queries put to Gurung were about development issues. The GTA chief executive himself spoke about several projects but also made it clear “we will give priority to education”.

Gurung said schools in Sukna, Barbottey, on the outskirts of Darjeeling town, Neupani in the foothills, and the Pokhriabong and Dhajia tea gardens, which are between 30km and 40km from Darjeeling, would be upgraded. The schools that are primary would be made secondary, and the secondary schools will be made higher secondary. The Morcha chief said the B.B. Gurung High School in Sukna would be turned into a model school.

Gurung also spoke about increasing connectivity in some remote areas of the hills by constructing bridges. He said the bridges would be made at Poobong tea estate in the Teesta valley that is 24km from Darjeeling, as well as Ghoomti estate, Jangapana, Lodhama and Pokhriabiong-Malat. These places are between 40km and 60km from Darjeeling town.

“We will take up all this work by next month with the Rs 200 crore central fund,” Gurung said.

Gurung said the GTA was also looking for land either in Sukna or in Dudhia, which is near Sukna, to set up a super-speciality hospital.

The GTA chief also mentioned that the foundation stone of a ropeway between Giddey Pahar and Rohini in Kurseong would be laid on January 22.

Asked if he would be meeting chief minister Mamata Banerjee during her visit to the hills on January 22, Gurung said he would attend a government event in Darjeeling where she would be present.

“I was also invited to her programme in Siliguri, but I will not be going. Instead, some of our sabhasads (GTA executive members) will attend the programme,” he said.


3rd Siliguri Mahakuma Book Fair starts from December 29 at Baghajatin Park

10:07 AM
The 3rd Siliguri Mahakuma Book Fair is scheduled to commence on December 29 onwards at the Baghajatin Park ground. The fair will continue till January 4, 2014.
North Bengal Book Fair 2013
Sources said Mass Education Extension and Library Services Minister Abdul Karim Khan Choudhury and North Bengal Development Minister Gautam Dev will inaugurate the book fair. The fair is jointly initiated by the State Library department and the local libraries that fall in the area under the Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad. 
The organisers said the fair will remain open in between 2 pm to 8 pm every day while the entry will be free. Besides, several cultural programmes will be staged to pull in more visitors, added the organisers.


First Saheed Gold Cup Football Tournament organised by Kurseong Gorkha Hill Sports Association

9:56 AM
Kurseong Gorkha Hill Sports Association with the help of Sports and Youth Affairs Department GTA is organizing the first Saheed Gold Cup Invitational Knock out Football Tournament from 12 January 2014 at Goethals Memorial School Ground.
First Saheed Gold Cup Football Tournament organised by Kurseong Gorkha Hill Sports Association
Saheed Gold Cup Football Tournament from Jan 2014
The winner and runner up of the tournament will be awarded with cash prizes of Rs.1 Lakh and Rs.50,000 respectively, with citations and trophies.
 As per the organizing committee, national teams like BSF Jalandhar, Gorkha Brigade Lucknow, 58 GTC Shillong, Africa XI, Kolkata, North Bengal Armed Police, Kanchanjunga FC Siliguri, Sinalchi FC Namchi Sikkim, Super Star Darjeeling, UKFC Kurseong and Kurseong super league Champion Trishuli Football Club and Share football xlub Kalimpong and the football teams from Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh are expected to participate in the tournament.
Notably, Kurseong Gorkha Hill Sports Association had been organizing various sports activities on a yearly basis including Kurseong League Championship, Women’s Football tournaments, Men’s Veteran Tournament, Cricket Tournament, Cricket Coaching Camps for under 14 boys under the guidance of Cricket Association of Bengal, Independence Day Football and Marathon. Besides Badminton, Carrom, Volleyball and Chess tournaments for the boys and girls are also held for the development of sports in the region and benefit for the people of Kurseong and sports lover. (EOIC)

Sikkim State Agri-Horti Show 2014 to be held on January at Saramsa Garden

9:42 AM
Sikkim - The preparations for State Agri-Horti Show 2014 to be held on January 18 and 19, 2014 at Saramsa Garden is going on in full swing. The event is being organized to encash the benefits of the February 2013 International Flower Show. The inaugural function is expected to be attended by several dignitaries of the Indian Government. The organisers are expecting farmers, entrepreneurs, various stake holders linked with agriculture and horticulture trade, traders, agriculture scientists, officials and tourists during the show.

2013 International Flower Show in sikkim
2013 International Flower Show

The event will comprise of exhibitions, competitions, seminars and conferences including Kisan Gostis. The event will also showcase different kinds of horticultural products such as fruits, vegetables, spice crops, flowers, organic products and others for the benefit of the visitors. The farmers will be vying for awards in different categories of competition and the winners will be subsequently rewarded. The event will also felicitate around 10 progressive farmers with citations and cash prizes. (IPR)
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