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Darjeeling and North East Gorkha youths come together to rescue a girl in Delhi

9:05 AM

Big shout out to Good Samaritans Chogyal Sherpa Sherpa his sister Upasna, Karan from ‪‎Darjeeling‬ and All Assam Gorkha Student's Union Delhi Unit (AAGSU Delhi) Amit Kumar, Gopal Koirala and Prem Prasad Sharma for going all the way out and helping out Uma Magar, a lady from Margherita, Assam who was in Police station helplessly alone. A Big big Thank You always to honourable IGP Robin Hibu Sir Nodal officer of Delhi Police For North East Folks for guiding us and holding our back always and Delhi police Amar Colony PS Sub Inspector Om Prakash for the swift action and coordination. Thank you to all the generous Gorkha elders in Delhi who were more than willing to offer accomodation for our cheli.
Darjeeling and North East Gorkha youths come together to rescue a girl in Delhi
Darjeeling and North East Gorkha youths come together to rescue a girl in Delhi
Gopal Koirala writes:-
Uma Magar, a Gorkha lady from, Margherita, Assam who came to Delhi nine months back and has been living with Amit Mukhiya (who hails from Darjeeling) as married couple in Chhatarpur in Delhi. Everything was good, but on 8th April, Amit left their rented accommodation and since then his mobile has been switched off and there is no information about him. She was helpless and was crying at Amar Colony Police station for help.

Today, Chogel Sherpa and All Assam Gorkha Student Union Delhi Unit visited the police station and offer a helping hand. We can provide food and shelter for a few days, we will assist her to get a job so that she can stand on her own. We also appreciate if any Gorkha brothers, sisters or well wisher can offer suitable job for her. She is currently staying at Wazirabad at P P Sharma's house, who's wife also belongs to Margherita, Assam. I talked to her Cousin (brother) who is working at Ashoka Hotel and asked him to come to visit her.


A Tale of two stories: Finding Suraj Subba and losing Tirtha Tamang from Sikkim

4:10 PM
Writes: Dinesh Sharma

SURAJ SUBBA, FOUND on 28-03-2016 (Delhi): 
Rajen Chhetry, Delhi Police for North East representative and a Gorkha Youth activist received a phone call from another DPNE representative from Manipur, Timothy Chongthu. Timothy informed Rajen about a youth from Sikkim found sleeping in a Park at Munirka, South of Delhi.

Rajen Chhetry and Sandeep Pandey immediately swung into action and headed to Munirka to meet the boy. 23 years old Suraj Subba said he is from Manipal, Sikkim and had come down to Delhi a couple of weeks ago looking for his Lover and a ‘happy life after’. However, the story did not work out as he had idealized, and he found himself out on the streets a few days after landing in the city.
He has been sleeping in the park for three days and did not have any money to buy food or to go home. Whatever little he had in his bag, cloths and money was robbed at the ghettos near the railway station. Delhi Police Sub Inspector Ranveer from Vasant Kunj Police station had met Suraj the previous day in the park. After inquiry, the police officer had given him Rs. 600 to buy his tickets and go home. However, when the boy was seen in the same park the next day, the police inspector informed Timothy who then reached out to Rajen Chhetry.
Rajen Chhetry with Suraj Subba
Rajen Chhetry with Suraj Subba 
Rajen approached a nearby ‘Namastey Café’ run by a good hearted Gorkha, Puran Rai from Darjeeling. Upon hearing the story, he offered to provide food and shelter for Suraj for the interim few days. Meanwhile, Rajen contacted Sikkim House using the number given in Delhi Police brochures for emergency state help. After narrating the entire story to one Mr. Ganesh over the phone, he requested accommodation for Suraj and arrangements for him to go back to Sikkim. Ganesh told us that such matters are handled by the Resident Commissioner and he provided us his direct number. Unfortunately, all our calls went unanswered.

Having no other option, we asked Suraj if we can put up his information on our Facebook page and try getting some help. We then reached out to different people and online media, Voice of Sikkim, The Darjeeling Chronicles, Indian Gorkhas, and other media outlets. We received massive support on the information posted on GYASA and the associated online media channels page, with people caming back with information about his village and parents.

Earlier that day, GYASA members collected had some money within themselves and handed it to Suraj. Namastey Café owner Puran Rai volunteered to accommodate Suraj till he is settled. Mr. Arun Dubey, working as a Sales Director for a UK based-firm offered to book the tickets and travel expenses for Suraj Subba. Christina and Caleb from Sikkim also called in to offer their help with tracing the family of Suraj in Sikkim.

Then, the next challenge was to get the identification papers for Suraj. Arun Dubey and Rajen Chhetry also helped in arranging identity papers for the journey. Puran Rai, the café owner safely dropped him to the auto-stand. Rajen Chhetry received a call from Suraj after he reached safely back home and reunited with his family on 1st April 2016.

TIRTHA TAMANG, LOST on 3rd April 2016: 
A newly recruited Delhi Police personal from Sikkim, Tirtha Tamang committed suicide at Police Training School, Kharoda Kalan, Delhi. Reportedly Tirtha Tamang was going through depression for some time. With the aim to facilitate integration of North East people in the city, Delhi Police had recently recruited more than 600 police personal from across all North Eastern states. The new recruits had reached Delhi for their training just two days earlier.

As the news of the death reached Robin Hibu IPS, Jt. CP and Nodal Officer for North East folks he tried reaching out to Sikkim House for help. Reportedly, the person at the reception desk informed IGP Robin Hibu IPS that ‘it is a holiday today and he cannot help’. On requesting if he could inform his official, he asked Robin Hibu IPS to do that himself. Finally, Robin Hibu IPS did manage to reach the Resident Commissioner and got someone from Sikkim House to rush to the venue.

The Undercurrent:
If you have observed a striking similarity in these two stories, it is the callousness of the Sikkim House reception desk who is not efficient for emergency response. Both times, the person manning the emergency helpline has reacted badly during emergencies. If the phone number is not meant for such emergency, then Sikkim House should not have published it officially on Delhi Police emergency helpline numbers.

In a city like Delhi, people don’t have time to spend days and night trying to help each other. The state and government machineries in Delhi should be more proactive in helping their citizens. How does it reflect on the state or the region to find its people homeless and begging for food in cities? How difficult is it for the person manning the reception desk to differentiate between a SOS call and a leisure enquiry?

As Delhi Police representatives, we all try to help best in our personal capacity. Under Delhi Police for North East People, the police force is also involving community leaders and social activist to assist the government in handling such issues. However, all these good work by the Delhi Police stops when the state houses keep their doors shut and mouth mum during such emergency. When citizens are willing to help voluntarily, what does it take for the State Houses to involve them and hear them out? The saddest day would be when such good Samaritans get fed up of the Babu culture and the Great Walls of the State Houses.


GYASA FC for wins friendly football match against HMAR FC

8:30 PM
Shout out to Gorkha Youth & Students' Association (GYASA) FC for winning a friendly weekend football match with HMAR FC. GYASA FC registered their first vistory over HMAR FC with a score of 4-0. Sanjay Rai from GYASA FC was the star of the match scoring a HATRICK. The 4th goal was scored by Rahul from GYASA FC.

GYASA FC had met with the same team on an earlier ocassion and lost 4-0 during the North East Festival tournament. The victory was a sweet reward for the team who have put in so much of effort in the last few months. Now that the scores are even, both the team are excited to play again in the future.
GYASA FC for wins friendly football match against HMAR FC
Congratulating GYASA FC on the victory, HMAR FC official James Sanate said it is really good to see GYASA team improve so much in such a short time. Speaking after the victory, Amit Sharma, Manager of the GYASA FC team said "All of us from different parts of North East Region. GYASA FC has Gorkha boys and others players from Manipur, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Dehradun, Assam, and other parts. We have come a long way as a strong Gorkha team in Delhi/NCR. We hope we continue receiving support from sports lovers. This way, we bond, have some fun and win tournaments too."

The football match was graced by Shri. Kirti Mani Khatiwoda, General Secretary, Manipur Nepali Sahitya Parishad, Manipur.

Special Thanks to Dinesh Sharma & Jeeten Basnet for bringing refreshement and water for the boys.


Gorkhas in Delhi Honour Our ICON - Rangu Souriya

8:13 AM

Writes: Dinesh Sharma

In an interview to TheDC Ms. Rangu Souriya who is one of the "100 Women of India" awardee, thus recognized by the Government of India had said, "As history is our witness, there is nothing that woman cannot do… we can do what any man does, and in a better way… I think the inner interest, courage, bravery and sense of responsibility towards my society is perhaps because I am a woman."

Yesterday, as our Host/MC Ms, Bhumika put it, "it was a women power day... the hands which rock the cradle rule the world..."

It felt amazing to see one of the most outstanding HEROES from North East Jt. Commissioner Robin Hibu (of DPNEF) and Ms. Rangu Souriya (anti-Trafficking crusader) together. Comm. Hibu stated that Ms, Souriya was "an ICON for all of NE," and Ms. Souriya said "it was my dream to meet the most noble hearted person, about whom I had heard so much..."

At the end of the meet and greet, Commissioner Hibu pledged his support to the cause championed by Ms Souriya and assured her of guaranteeing support not only in Delhi, but all of NE India. Comm. Hibu stated that if there was any person who evoked the feeling of saying "JAI GORKHA" it was Ms. Souriya.

The feeling that Ms. Rangu Souriya has accomplished so much, despite having to face such an ordeal was not lost on the Gorkha community in Delhi, who got together to give a rousing welcome and felicitate Ms. Souriya.

It might be recalled that Ms. Souriya is in Delhi for the Presidential Honour she is receiving at the Rastrapati Bhavan, New Delhi later today - on 22nd January 2016.

Ms. Rongu Souriya is one of the "#100 women in India" who will be felicitated by the Ministry of Women and Child Development at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Yesterday the Gorkha Foundation, India, an umbrella body comprising various Gorkha social organizations and Individuals in Delhi/NCR organized a felicitation program to honour one of our HEROES.

The Program was attended by eminent Gorkha personalities in Delhi/NCR including Jyoti Thapa Mani, author of The Khukri Braves, Ramesh Thakuri, theatre personality and grandson of legendary Ram Singh Thakuri. Local leader and Delhi MCD Councillor, Shri Dharamvir Singh also joined the program including Colonel Sukul Pradhan, Advocate Prem Chhetri, businessman Neeraj Chhetry, Mothers’ Group Delhi/NCR, and other individuals from across the city.

The event began with a recital of Vande Mataram by BIkram Khatri followed by an introduction of Rongu Souriya by Shri Prem Chhetri. Speaking at the occasion, Rongu Souriya narrated the life threatening ordeals and challenges she faces when dealing with criminals and child traffickers.

As she spoke, Ms. Rangu mentioned that even after rescuing children from traffickers and brothels, the bigger challenge is in rehabilitating the rescued girls. In most cases, the society at large refuses to accept the rescued girls which traumatizes them further, often leading to suicide and vulnerable to fall back to the same crime again. In the absence of any such children home or rehabilitation center for her girls, Rongu Souriya stated that many a times she is forced to take it on herself to normalize their lives. She sometimes even have to fight with the parents who refuse to accept their daughter back.

Listening to her, we all felt that the society needs to change its mindset if it wants to seriously tackle the issue of child trafficking and prostitution, a trade in which the Gorkha community is extremely vulnerable.

Ms. Rongu Souriya also emphasized upon the need to create awareness amongst the rural and the economically weak section of the population. There is also an urgent need to awaken the consciousness of the Gorkha community and tackle such issues and a collective resolve to stand up against any such crimes.

As she spoke of the seriousness of the situation and her failure to get any government support, she appealed to each individuals present in the gathering to do their part and support her initiative in whatever way they can. Ms. Souriya’s passionate speech had the audience spellbound, shocked, and teary at some points.

Speaking at the occasion, MCD Councillor, Shri Dharamvir Singh spoke about the need for a collective fight against such social evils. He assured his full support for any assistance required at any point of time.

Eminent Gorkhali author Ms. Jyoti Thapa Mani spoke about the need for a community oriented approach for tackling such evils that has plagued the Gorkha community. Rescuing a child is just the beginning of the ordeal, the real challenge is in rehabilitating the girl child. It is indeed a wonder that Rangu Souriya has successfully rescued and rehabilitated more than 500 kids even without a shelter home. Jyoti Thapa later presented a copy of her book The Khukri Braves to Rongu Souriya and said that “Rongu’s fight is the spirit of Gorkha that refuses to cower down in the face of any back-breaking challenge.”

Mr. Rajen Chhetry of GYASA, while assuring his whole support for Rongu Souriya’s fight against child trafficking called upon the authorities and the government to acknowledge the contribution and impact she has made to the community. He said “While the President of the country invites her for a felicitation, we as a community have never actually even supported such Gorkha bravehearts. She has been fighting this war alone and here we are clapping only when the President invites her. We must wake up soon and take a stock of the real situation.”

Several speakers at the event spoke and assured support for Rongu Souriya’s project. Some of the attendees also made financial commitment to support her cause. Neeraj Chhetry, social worker and business man called for a deeper introspection onto the root cause of the problem. He said that creating opportunities and government support for entrepreneurship will go a long way in keeping a check on the rising crime rates against girls and people from the region in general.

The evening ended with casual interaction and sumptuous dinner prepared and hosted by Mothers’ Group Delhi/NCR.

Gorkha Heart: How Indian Gorkhas Stepped in to Help a Nepali National

9:51 AM

The Gorkha Heart: How Indian Gorkhas Stepped in to Help a Nepali National, When Nepal Embassy Refused Help

Meghlal Nepali originally from Pyuthan district, Pokhari Ward # 5 Bange Gram Vikas Samity – Rapti Anchal suffered a series of misfortune since February of 2015 in Delhi. Last night he was rescued by volunteers from Gorkha Youth and Students’s Association (GYASA).

This is what happened.

Meghlal had been living in Delhi for the past 25 years, where he worked as a driver. Back home, he has a loving family with wife – 5 daughters, mother and father. He had gone to visit them in early February and came to Delhi. On February 25, 2015 while on his way to join his work, he was struck by a motorbike – Royal Enfield.

The biker took him to AIIMS where he was treated for external injuries and let off. The biker offered to pay Meghlal Rs 5000 towards his treatment, which Meghlal refused, as he was grievously injured. The biker then offered to treat him at Shiva hospital in Gurgaon, so Meghlal went with him to the hospital, however there the hospital calculated a treatment cost of Rs 2.25 Lakhs.

On hearing the sum the biker refused to pay for the treatment, and argued that his bike itself wasn’t worth that much. Following this Meghlal was left to fend for himself.

Since then Meghlal suffered apathy and indifference from his own, and things came to such a pass that he was left in front of Sikanderpur Metro station in Gurgaon, with no money and no one to turn to. The wound on his right leg had started to get infectious and he could not even move. From being a hard working driver, to being homeless, Meghlal suffered a lot in these past 4 months.

Yesterday, a social worker from Manipur Mr. Edward while passing through the Sikanderpur metro station, saw a face that could belong to someone from the North East, so he stopped and asked Meghlal his details. On coming to know that Meghlal was a Nepali, Mr. Edward called up GYASA activist Dilip Kumar, who is from Prasain village, Senapati district in Manipur.

Dilip informed other GYASA members and along with his friend Suraj Shresht and another activist Mr. Matthew went to check on Meghlal, leaving his office two hours before he was supposed to get off.

On arrival, Dilip and Suraj found that Meghlal was suffering, there was pus coming out of his infection in the right foot. Lack of treatment had made his leg unusable and Meghlal was in tremendous pain.

Mr. Dinesh Sharma a senior member of GYASA was monitoring the situation from Delhi and suggested that they could call Nepali embassy and ask for help. Ms. Ashmita picked up the phone at Nepal embassy and informed them that they could not help Meghlal. They offered to trace his family in Nepal, and that is all, Ashmita said, they could do for him.

Frustrated, but determined, GYASA members tried to find a place for Meghlal to spend the night, so that he could be taken to a hospital in the morning. A Good Samaritan Mr. Sagan Moktan who is in Delhi offered to pay for a Hotel room, however, the volunteers could not find any place to keep him, even the hotels refused to give him a room seeing his distraught condition.

So the volunteers approached GJM Gurgaon leader Mr. NB Pradhan for help, and he told them, he cannot help them.

Tired and out of options the GYASA members contemplated on what they could do. Meghlal in the meanwhile could see their desperation and told them that he will spend the night outside the metro station, the way he had done for the past 4 months.

That is when Dilip realized that they had to take action themselves, and that he could take Meghlal to his place, and they did.

Once Meghlal arrived at their place, the first thing they did was helped him to shower and cleaned all his wounds. Rakesh Rai volunteered for the work, and made Mr. Meghlal look sparkling in no time.

With his wounds cleaned, and having eaten dinner, Mr. Meghlal looked entirely different than how the GYASA members had found him.

He is resting, but he will need all our help to get proper treatment done and get compensation from the biker who caused the accident.

Once again, we THANK the amazingly kind volunteers from GYASA who have time and again stepped up to help those Gorkhas who are in desperate need in Delhi, Noida, NCR and Gurgaon region, irrespective of the country or state they come from.

In particular, we thank Mr. Edward, Mr. Dilip Kumar, Mr. Suraj Shresth, Mr. Matthew, Mr. Dinesh Sharma, Mr. Sunil Bista, Mr. Raju Bhandari, Mr. Sujan Pradhan, Mr. Arjun Rai and Ms. Rakhi Pradhan for their incredible acts of kindness, and Mr. Sagan Moktan for offering to pay the hotel bill and his generosity.

All of you are our HEROES!! THANK YOU!!

Via TheDC

Delhi Book Release: Roshni Rai’s “From the Mountains to the Ocean”

12:15 PM
The book release event of Roshni’s Rai’s book “From the Mountains to the Ocean” took place at New Delhi today, 29th of November 2015. Roshni Rai, an advocate by profession is also an ultra-marathon runner and a motivational speaker from Darjeeling.

Roshni Rai is also the founder of “Run Run with Roshni” foundation through which she supports underprivileged Gorkha runners from across India to run in different nation and international marathons run in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Shillong since the year 2012. The vision of ‘Run with Roshni Foundation’ is to find and nurture talented runners from the Gorkha community to represent the country in international and Olympic Games. In every marathon they participate, the team from “Run with Roshni” wears t-shirts with slogan- “WE ARE GORKHAS PROUD TO BE INDIAN. JAI GORKHA JAI HIND!”

Delhi Book Release: Roshni Rai’s “From the Mountains to the Ocean”

Her book “From the Mountains to the Ocean” is the culmination of her journey as a little girl from a remote village in Darjeeling to Mumbai in 2004 through self-discovery and realization in the process. The book narrates the story of Rai’s passion for Running and the vision to highlight the social issues of the Gorkha community through the medium of sports. Interspersed with the history of Darjeeling and of Gorkhas, the book also talks of her struggle to get Gorkhas recognition as Indians through her initiative `Run with Roshni’, whereby she is enabling underprivileged youth from Darjeeling to run marathons across the country.

The book launch event was organized by and hosted by the Gorkha community in JNU, New Delhi. Special shout out to Bijay Thapa for organizing and coordinating the event so smoothly. The event was graced by Major DP Singh, a Kargil War Veteran and India’s first amputee marathon runner. Several eminent Gorkha personalities including Dr. Mahendra P Lama, Prof. Shrawan Kumar Acharya, Jyoti Thapa, Bikram Pandey - Resident Consul General of Greece in Nepal and the chairman of the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon, world’s highest train Running Marathon, Amber Thakuri family of Indian National Army (INA) Capt. Ram Singh Thakuri who composed the song “Kadam Kadam badaye ja, khushi ko geet jaye ja” Colonel Pradhan, Reuben Gurung, Saha Yudhister, Andrew Gurung, Sagan Moktan, and other eminent personalities from across Delhi and Gurgaon attended the event helped at the conference hall of School of International Studies, Building II, JNU Campus, New Delhi.

Speaking at the occasion, Prof Mahendra P Lama emphasized on the need for the community to focus on Education. Citing examples of the contribution of upcoming writers like Roshni Rai and Jyoti Thapa to highlight the different aspects and aspirations of the Gorkha community in various subjects and fields. Roshni Rai also answered questions from the audience on the subject and theme of the book, the challenges and here experiences while publishing her maiden book “From the Mountains to the Ocean.” Roshni Rai was also extended an invitation to the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 2016 in Nepal. The event ended with an informal interaction with Roshni Rai and the audience over some light refreshment. Roshni Rai also signed copies of her book and readily agreed to selfied and pictures with the fans.
Prof Mahendra P Lama 
Extending heartiest congratulations to Roshni Rai for her achievements, Gorkha Youth and Students’ Association (GYASA) wishes Roshni Rai much more success in the coming future. We will continue support in her endeavor and vision for the question of an Olympic medal from the community.


Gorkha community must reorient its focus towards education and entrepreneurship: CM Pawan Chamling

8:34 AM

(A report on the speech made by Shri Pawan Chamling during Gorkha Mahotav 2015, Dehradun )

Shri Pawan Chamling congratulated the people of Uttarakhand and the Gorkha community across the nation for the Mahotsav to mark the glorious 200 years of the Gorkha history in Dehradun. Highlighting the contribution of the Gorkha community towards nation building of India, the Chief Minister pointed out the role Gorkhas have played in shaping the history of India from the days when Buddha marked his journey seeking and spreading knowledge from Nepal to India. Citing the example of the Khalanga he said that the Gorkha community have been natives of the land for time immemorial and are spread across the country like Sikkim, Darjeeling, Assam, and across the North Eastern region.

Reading out a list of Gorkha freedom fighters and martyrs, Shri Pawan Chamling added that right from the Independence struggle of the country, to the currently serving Lieutenant Generals from the community Lieutenant General (Retired) Shakti Gurung PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM (Previously Military Secretary of the Indian Army) and Lieutenant General (Retired) Ram Pradhan AVSM, SM, VSM, the commitment shown by the Gorkhas towards the security and defense of the nation remains unparalleled. The list of people he read out consisted of Gorkha people from different parts of the country driving home the point that the community has been spread across the country, and no matter where we are we have always given our best towards nation building.

People often ask me ‘were you born in India, are you from Nepal, Your family migrated to India’?

I tell them “Yeah, perhaps they came along with Lord Buddha.”

While congratulating the people from Uttarakhand for the glorious 200 years, he also highlighted the fact that the Nepali speaking Gorkha community in India is also an example of peace in the country. Citing the example of the peaceful Sikkim merger, he added that the Gorkha community had been committed to peace in the nation and have worked with the government towards solution of issues facing the community within the constitutional framework of India. He also added that the identity of the Indian Gorkha is pan-India as the community is spread across the country.

While every Gorkha community settled in different states of India must work with their state government seeking the welfare of the community, the Identity of the Indian Gorkhas must be worked in close collaboration with the central government. The community is today facing identity issue due to the similarities of Gorkha ethnic identity of the Nepali speaking population across India and Nepal. We are often mistaken for citizens of Nepal. Thus, he emphasized that we need seek center’s intervention and urge the government to recognize the Gorkhas as an ethnic minority community and seek support under ethnic minority provisions of the central Government. He stated that there is a bigger need for us to work for the welfare of the community as a whole and beyond states and territories in India.

Even in changing times and economy, the Gorkha community continues to bring in innovation and quickly adapting to the changing needs of the nation. Citing the example of Sikkim as the first state in India to introduce and promote 100 percent Organic farming, he urged upon the Gorkha students to wake up to the rising call of the nation. He accentuated the point that India and the Gorkha community needs highly educated students in service oriented professional studies and Information Technology, top Central Government bureaucrats, IAS, Foreign services, and other top decision-making positions.

"We must explore entrepreneurship in different fields and create jobs for the people, encourage students for higher studies, aim for the top level decision-making positions of the government bureaucracy, research on history of the people, culture, and art. The youths need to be ‘producers’ and not just ‘consumers’."

The Chief Minister called upon the youth to acquire and develop entrepreneurship skills and venture into promoting tourism, and become producers and not just consumers. He suggested the youths to venture into business and market tourism, handicrafts, art, culture and create jobs and ideas in the society. While our regions have huge tourism potentials, our youths must excel in service sector and find innovative ideas to market the places.

After the speech, the Chief Minister humbly placed himself in the service of the community. He said “Malai Kaam Araunu hous, ke garnu parney bhannu hous, mo jailey pani taiyar chhu.”

Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA (represented by Rajen Chhetry and Dinesh Sharma) and Run with Roshni , VK Kunwor (6th Generation descendant of Capt. Balbhadra Kunwor along with other Gorkhas being honoured during Gorkha DWI Shatapdi Mahotsav 2015 and felicitated by Honourable Shri Pawan Chamling , Chief Minister of Sikkim.

By, Dinesh Sharma
Source GYASA

Game of Blame: Gorkha as Compared to “Aarka”

6:04 AM

Writes Anmol Mukhia

Why are Gorkha compared with “Aarka”? Many have compared Gorkha internationally with the brave soldiers of Germany for their superiority, while in India- Gorkha are compared with the X for its vulnerability. Sometimes this comparison with “Aarka” (‘Aarko’ or others words in Nepali) have psychologically weaken the Gorkha.
There has been a game of blame or comparison with “Aarka” in Gorkha’s life in different ways- comparison of Sikkim and Darjeeling for one being rich state and one district under the victimization of West Bengal government. Darjeeling hills parent blaming their own children by comparing with the sons and daughters of Bengali for their educational devotion. Various leaders proclaiming that I’ is the only right person; I can only do this… I… I… “I” has become the illusion of their hypocrisy. This game of blame has always leads to accusation of their own people, as you are the wrong person to do this or that. Thus, knowingly or unknowingly the game of definition by individuals/groups has played the crucial role in weakening the status quo of Gorkha. There is a need of reform for someone to rise up for this purpose. Example, organization such as GYASA, have played an important role in the past, in unifying the Gorkha in Delhi- whose aims and objectives are towards the philosophy of upliftment of the Gorkhas as identified. Instead of blame to “Aarka”- there is a need to live for “Aarka”. Because of the bounded rationality individual/groups think that they are rational; that is, they are goal oriented and adaptive, but because of human cognitive and emotional architecture, they sometimes fail, occasionally in important decisions. Therefore it is important to identify the proper information of what they are doing and with what they are dealing with.
Again the intension, action and each statement have to be a goal-oriented or problem-oriented. Not every time accusing the individual or groups will help in changing its position, which will sometimes lead to misperception- but the healthy criticism have to be problem-oriented. The teaching of no one is enemy but everyone is friends was taught by no leaders till the date in the slogan of politician political campaign. Gorkha cannot be taught with the lesson of deception to achieve its goal. The Gorkhali saying “Afu Bhalo Tah Jagat Bhalo” teaches Gorkha to deconstruct the “Kautilyan model” of Arthasastra, which is based on treachery and deception. Moreover if Kautilya model would have been successful, India would have been adopted in their state foreign policy as China did with the Sun Tzu “Art of War”.
Lesson can be learnt from China, as Chinese people do not criticise Chinese, which are sometimes seen from their Confucius culture of maintaining hierarchical order for growth and peace. This model has been used in their political life to personal life, which have also been psychologically supported each other in rising globally. China have used the term “Peaceful rise”, “Harmonious World”, “China Dream”, all for the psychological support for their people. So what does Gorkha need?
Psychological backup have played an important role in the history of histories. Every soldier is supported with psychological backup of State to win the War, students are supported by their parents/teachers to succeed their exams, and leaders are supported by the psychological backup of the followers to run the revolution. Similarly Gorkha needs the psychological back up from every well-wisher to achieve their goals. Histories have proved that during war women were raped, children were killed for the humiliation or psychological weakening the enemy states. Therefore psychological backup is vital to achieve goals. The seminar/conferences/programmes has to be goal oriented of what can be done in next five/ten years, with both short term and long term goals based not only with financial backup but also with psychological backup, which would be wrong to use interchangeably. Most importantly strategy and tactics (higher and lower politics) have to be clear with its vision. In addition political leaders have to use the slogan of Gorkha as brave instead of Gorkha was or being subjugation to “Aarka,” which will lead only towards emotional rise rather than rational. Successful politics are fought rationally rather than emotionally.

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