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Gorkhas to be included as Original inhabitant in Assam NRC - CM Sarbananda Sonowal

11:29 PM

16th July 2016 Gorkha Joint Action Committee on NRC - Gorkha civil society organisation coordination committee member and Chairman of Gorkha Autonomous Council Demand Committe (socio-political wing of decade old basic demand of Gorkhas of Assam raised by AAGSU ) formerly 3 times AAGSU president Shri. Harkha Bahadur Chetri spoke to media persons regarding meeting held with Honble Chief Minister Shri. Sarbananda Sonowal regarding NRC upgradation and giving Original inhabitant (OI)status to the Gorkhas community in line to other communities of Assam.

H B Chetri said to CM "Any Nepalese or Nepali nationals found to be applying NRC with forged documents and linkages if proven may be booked and treated as legal foreigner in the state of Assam but if any genuine Gorkha is harassed by any officer across the state or left out in the process of NRC upgradation or recorded as NOI after CM's instructions and advice to GJAC, it will not be tolerated and violent democratic protest will begin till indefinite period across the state.'
Gorkha Joint Action Committee on NRC meeting with Honble Chief Minister Shri. Sarbananda Sonowal 
He also requested CM to undertake anthropological study of Gorkhas as Gorkhas are known to settle in Assam since 1800 AD with records and mythologically since time immemorial with respect to Gorkhss with lesser document / improper or incomplete document and make special provisions to include them in NRC.

He made an appeal to CM that No Genuine Gorkhas of the state should be left out in NRC upgradation.

Honble CM gave patient hearing to the delegation and affirmed that Gorkhas are integral part of Greater Assamese society since time immemorial. We will ensure Gorkhas are not marginalized anywhere and at any level in NRC upgradation process.

Replying to a query raised by Retired IAS officer D B Chetri chairman of GJAC regarding Nepali in Assam and India process of NRC, CM categorically told Nepali nationals are legal foreigner in India as per Indo Nepal Friendship Treaty of 1950 and will enjoy all rights as per the clauses of treaty. Bangladeshi or any other national other than Nepali are illegal foreigner in India.

Any foreign nationals will not be included in NRC and we are keeping a strong check in verification of individuals to ensure our state and NRC is absolutely free from foreigners at any cost that is why lots of time is invested in verification process and making draft NRC.

असम मा नेपालीवाद गर्दै छ -GJAC
गोर्खा दर्पण, असम : असम मा नेपालीवाद गर्दै असमेली गोर्खा हरुको आवेग संग खेल्दै छ — GJAC भन्ने प्रंसग अवतारित भयेको छ अहिले गोर्खावादी संघ संगठन को माज मा, हामीले थाहा पाये अनुसार GJAC ले NRC संदर्भ मा तैयार गरेको नेपाली/गोर्खा उल्लेखित स्मारक पत्रको कारण ले गोर्खा नाम धारी संघ संगठन हरु असंतुष्ट छन,वाहा हरुको भनाई छ गोर्खा र नेपाली एउटै वस्तु हैन र हामीहरुले जब भारतीय परिप्रेक्ष्य मा गोर्खा भनि मान्यता पायेका छुम, हामिले नेपाली शब्द प्रयोग गर्नु हुदैन,
यही विषय लियेर नेपाल मन्दिर गुवाहाटी मा नेपाली /गोर्खा माथी आह्वान गरियेको संयुक्त सभा ले पनि नेपाली शब्द हाटाउनु पर्छ भन्ने प्रस्ताव पारित गरेपछि पनि GJAC ले आफ्नो स्मारक मा नेपाली/गोर्खा शब्द लाई नै वाहाल राखछ ।
आग्सु ,गोजम ले विरोध गरेपछि र संयुक्त सभाले पनि नेपाली शब्द माथी असहमति प्रकट गर्दा पनि GJAC ले नेपाली शब्द लाई प्रधान्य दियेको कार्य निन्दनीय छ र याही कार्यकलाप मार्फत थाहा लागछ कि हाम्रो बुद्धिजीवी हरुको बुद्धि अजै पलायेकै छैन ।

GJAC को यो कार्यपन्था देख्दा दुई एक प्रश्न पनि हाम्रो मन मा जाग्नु र आफै उत्तर खोजने प्रयास गर्नु जरूरी छ कि-
के गोर्खा र नेपाली एउटै वस्तु हो?
के कुनै राष्ट्रीयता कहिले जातीयता हुन सकछर ?

Ctsy: Gorkha Darpan
Source:- Nanda Kirati Dewan


9:31 PM
Writes Munish Tamang

This afternoon I (Munish Tamang), along with ShrI Nityanand Upadhyay (BGP Assam state president & member of Joint Action Committee on NRC), Shri Guman Limbu (Convenor, BGP Delhi), met the Additional Registrar General of India at the RGI office in New Delhi

We presented a detailed case on the problem faced by Gorkhas, particularly those in Jagun area under Margherita Constituency in Tinsukia, Assam.

The authorities have failed to provide legacy data to people of this area thus seriously compromising their status in the ongoing National Register of Citizens (NRC) exercise in Assam.

We had a detailed discussion and have been assured that immediate attention will be given to this important issue. We were also assured that the matter would be placed before the Supreme Court-appointed Judges Committee and also before Shri Hajela, the Supreme Court-appointed coordinator for NRC.

A memorandum jointly signed by Shri Nityanand Upadhyay and Shri D B Chhetry, IAS (retd), chief coordinator, Gorkha Joint Acton Committee on NRC, was submitted to the government officer.

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