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Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League to support TMC for assembly election

8:21 AM
Darjeeling 4 Apr 2016 The Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League has become the third party to extend support to the two Trinamool Congress candidates in the hills for the Assembly election. The announcement was made today by ABGL president Bharati Tamang from her residence after a hill TMC delegation met her led by Darjeeling TMC candidate Saradha Subba.

The ABGL president said, “The TMC delegation that came visiting today requested us to support the two candidates in the hills, namely in Kurseong and Darjeeling, and we have agreed to do so. The main reason why we are supporting the Trinamool is because, along with the general public of the hills, we want change.”

The TMC has fielded Subba in Darjeeling and Shanta Chhetri in Kurseong. In Kalimpong, they are supporting Jan Andolan Party candidate Harka Bahadur Chhetri. The other two political parties extending support to the TMC are the JAP and the Gorkha National Liberation Front. The TMC has also formed committees comprising representatives of the JAP and the GNLF for campaigning purposes.
Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League
Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League - a file Photo
Earlier, the ABGL had decided to field its own candidates in Darjeeling and Kurseong, but changed plans eventually, saying do so would mean division of votes. Ganesh Lama is the only candidate fielded by the ABGL for the election, and he is contesting from Nagarkatta.

Responding to the support received from the ABGL, hill TMC general secretary NB Khawas said, “We met the ABGL president today at her residence and requested her party’s support for our candidates in Kurseong and Darjeeling, and she has agreed to do so. We are now more confident of winning in the election with three parties supporting us. We will try to hold joint campaigns wherever we feel they are necessary, but these things have to be discussed first.”


GNLF to support TMC and JAP in Assembly Elections 2016

6:06 PM
GNLF (Gorkha National Liberation Front) has decided to support TMC and JAP (Jan Andolan Party) in this Assembly Elections 2016. It is stated that GNLF will support TMC in Darjeeling and Kurseong and JAP in Kalimpong.

The following is what Neeraj Zimba Tamang a senior GNLF leader had to say on the party's decisions.

Dear Green Lovers,

Elections to the Bengal Assembly will take place in April 17, 2016. The Gorkha National Liberation Front, as you all now known by now, has decided not to directly enter the electoral fray. On this occasion, I on behalf of the G.N.L.F Party, am pleased to present before you the 'PARTY’S DECISION DOCUMENT', which sets forth, although in few words, our Party's core beliefs, basic commitments to our people, realizing the dream and destiny of Gorkha Father Subash Ghishing and our priority agenda of Sixth Schedule for the coming years and beyond.

The GJM era in Gorkha politics is now almost over. The era of corruption and dadagiri …distrust and disharmony … murders and arms/land mafia …. violence and vandalism … nepotism and favoritism .. must come to an end. Godse in the mask of Gandhi has to be unveiled. The GJM has failed the Gorkha community and the Gorkha people in all aspect. It has just remained a party of few vested and agents of status quo. It has just made fake promises and zero performance. The era of the G.N.L.F has once again begun --- the era of truth, justice and equality, democracy and all round development -- will triumph. Be Proud that you will be a part of it.

For the G.N.L.F, election has always been secondary. Our vision, our political mission and our distinctive identity have always been personified by OUR GREAT LEADER SUBASH GHISHING. Since the inception of the GREEN FLAG on 5th April 1980, our leader had relentlessly worked until his last breath for the identity, destiny and survival of the Indian Gorkhas and for their homeland, guiding the Party throughout its steady march forward in over past four decades, inspiring us with his speeches, his thoughts and philosophy, poetry and policy, his books and simple looks, sometimes with his deafening silence, and above all his towering and incorruptible personality. Even in death he continues to inspire us.

I do hope that this ‘PARTY’S DECISION DOCUMENT' succeeds in persuading you to give your unflenching support to our Leader Sri. Maan Ghishing and our GNLF Party.

We are a great party, and yes we can be even better. Believe in us. Jai Gorkha. Jai Subash.

GNLF to support TMC and JAP in Assembly Elections 2016
Press release

A documentary on Subash Ghisingh "Khoji Chinhariko" released

9:00 PM
The Gorkha National Liberation Front’s (GNLF) women’s wing has launched ‘Khoji Chinhariko,’ (in search of identity) a short documentary on their party chief Subash Ghisingh.
The video was released in Mirik under the Kurseong sub-division during the 10th Sixth Schedule Accord Day the party celebrated in Mirik on 6 December.
Former GNLF MLA from Kurseong and the chief guest of the programme, NB Chettri, and the Gorkha National Women’s Organisation, Darjeeling branch president, Manjila Tamang released the CDs.
Talking to reporters here, Mrs Tamang said the CD aims at making GNLF supporters and members aware of the different work Mr Ghisingh has done for the Gorkha community.
She added that they have compiled several work and facts about Mr Ghisingh from diffrent sources and compiled them into the CD.

The documentary shows the Hill leader’s fight against governments while he spearheaded an agitation for a separate state of Gorkhaland in Darjeeling Hills, the birth of the autonomous Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, and his demand for the Sixth Schedule status for the Hills.
Mrs Tamang said there is no price tag for the 31-minute film and that only limited number of copies has been distributed among GNLF supporters only.
The CD cover has a picture of Mr Ghisingh from the time he led the Gorkhaland agitation in the 1980s, the GNLF party symbol, khukuri, and three stars, and a lotus flower, the symbol of the GNLF’s women wing. sns

GNLF Seeks to Strengthen as GJM losing its hold in the hills

10:41 AM
GNLF bid to regain grip - Members inactive since 2008 attend party meet as Morcha 'loses' hold in hills
Writes Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, Sept. 27: Several leaders of the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) who had been inactive since 2008 attended a party meeting today, giving a fillip to the organisation at a time the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM)is facing rebellion with the resignation of two leaders.

The GNLF leaders who addressed around 700-800 people said today if the party could not take advantage of the situation now when the Morcha seems to be losing its hold in the hills, it would be a "great loss".

For the past one month, the GNLF has been holding such meetings in Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong every Sunday but this is the first time that so many former senior leaders attended it.

Eight former councillors of the erstwhile Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, who were inactive after GNLF founder Subash Ghisingh left the hills in 2008, were present at the Gorkha Dukha Niwarak Sammelan hall here today.
Maan Ghisingh pays respect to Subash Ghisingh on Sunday. (Suman Tamang)
Maan Ghisingh pays respect to Subash Ghisingh on Sunday. (Suman Tamang)
"The Morcha is losing its grip in the hills. This is becoming clear from those who are leaving the Morcha. If we cannot take advantage of this situation now, it will be a great loss for the hill community and the cause we are espousing," said N.B. Chhetri, former Kurseong MLA, referring to Harkha Bahadur Chhetri and Trilok Dewan who left the Morcha recently.

Maan Ghisingh, president of the GNLF and Subash Ghisingh's son, said: "In the present situation, the Sixth Schedule status is the best alternative. If this agreement is not honoured, the situation in the hills could get worse. We invite intellectuals to point out if there is anything wrong in the Sixth Schedule pact. If there are mistakes, we will try to rectify them. Apart from Gorkhaland, if anyone can suggest any other set-up better than the Sixth Schedule, we are ready to look into it."

The memorandum for implementing the Sixth Schedule was signed on December 6, 2005. But with the change in the political situation, nothing proceeded after that.

Bhanu Lama, one of Bimal Gurung's close friends when the present Morcha chief was with the GNLF, was given the charge of organising the party. He said the GNLF would hold a meeting at Tukvar and Lebong constituencies soon. Tukvar is Gurung's constituency.

Morcha assistant secretary Binay Tamang said: "Those who are saying we are losing grip should comment after our meeting organised by youth in Kalimpong on September 30."

Source: Telegraph

Sahid Diwas observed in Mirik

11:28 AM
GTA remember martyrs, felicitates families…..Sahid Diwas observed in Mirik

Writes Yowan Gurung

The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration observed Sahid Diwas  to honour those who laid down their lives in the 1986 and 2007 movements.

Family members of the martyrs were invited at the programmes held at "Sahid Vedi" here in Mirik Krishnanagar and Soureni.Family members of the martyrs were felicitated with ‘khadas’ and mementos by GTA officials in Mirik in an elaborate programme held at sahid bedi premises.
Martyrs from the Mirik region who had sacrificed their lives for the statehood cause during the 1987 agitation spearheaded by the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) were remembered and honored during the programme.
Sahid Diwas observed in Mirik on July 27th 2015
Sahid Diwas observed in Mirik on July 27th 2015
The names of Sahid Ram kumar Pradhan, 9th Mile
Sahid Govind Ghising, Murmah
Sahid Dilip Chhetri, Thana Line.
Sahid Ajit Bharati, Mirik Bazaar,
Rudra prasad Dewan Murmah,
Sahid Hem Chandra Pradhan, Mirik Bazaar,
Sahid Ravi Gajmer, Gopal Dhara Tea Garden were remembered while their families were presented with mementos.

Meanwhile, Sabhasad Arun Ghising stressed on the necessity of coming together for the statehood cause. A number of cultural programme were performed during the programme by GTA cultural department members. Poet such as Arpan Rai recited poems in honor of the departed souls.

Via- VOM

Now GNLF to demand Gorkhaland statehood

8:16 AM
Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) will now move from demanding 6th Scheduled to Gorkhaland statehood. This decision was taken at a high level meeting of GNLF central committee members.
Mann Ghising addressing a GNLF rally
Mann Ghising addressing a GNLF rally
According to sources GNLF was forced to re-raise the Gorkhaland demand after the Central and the state government failed to live upto their promise of inducting the GTA [earlier DGHC] region into Schedule VI area of the Indian constitution.

The meeting was chaired by Mann Ghising the son of Late. Subash Ghising and was attended by all the high ranking members of GNLF.

Source: TheDC

Was Pradip Pradhan a Victim of Internal Feud in Morcha (GJM)? asks GNLF

9:30 AM
The Kurseong sub-division unit of the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) has raised questions over the arrest of GJM leader Pradip Pradhan who happens to be from Kurseong, and pointed fingers towards possible internal Morcha strife as the main reason behind his arrest.
Mr Daya Dewan GNLF Spokesperson
Mr Daya Dewan GNLF Spokesperson

Speaking to the press, GNLF spokesperson Daya Dewan said, "the arrest of GTA Chairman and GJM vice-President is an attempt to malign him have a very personal level... his arrest reeks of political victimization at its worst..."

Mr.Dewan added, "earlier GJM Sabhasad Sanjay Thulung was implicated in arms case, and he has gone missing... now Pradip Pradhan has been similarly implicated, but in a fake coin racket... everyone in Kurseong knows that Mr. Pradhan could never do any such thing... he is a person of integrity... but we all know he had been given very less responsibility these days... was he victimized due to political rivalry within GJM?" he wondered.

Mr. Dewan further said, "when a party vice-President is arrested by police and the Party Chief [Bimal Gurung] remain quiet and does not show any outrage or even speak a word against such an act... it is telling... "

Mr. Dewan said, for justice to prevail and for the truth to come to light, Pradip Pradhan should resign from his post and let the police investigate the matter without any interference.

Source: The Darjeeling Chronicle

Mohan Ghisingh officially took charge as the president of GNLF

8:46 AM
Mohan Ghisingh, the younger son of Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) founder Subash Ghisingh who died on January 29, on Monday took formal charge of office as the new party president by issuing his first press statement thanking everyone for extending their support in this hour of bereavement.
Mohan Ghisingh youngest son of Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) founder Subash Ghisingh
Mohan Ghisingh youngest son of Gorkha National
Liberation Front (GNLF) founder Subash Ghisingh 
Mann, who is erroneously called ‘Mohan’, was anointed the party president on January 30, the day after his father expired, by the GNLF central committee. However, he chose not to speak about his elevation saying it would be decided later, and this was announced today through a written statement issued to the media in Darjeeling.

The GNLF chief’s first statement, written in the party’s official letter-head, thanked supporters, people and business establishments for observing spontaneous bandhs on two days (January 31 and February 1) as a mark of respect for his father. The statement in Nepali also thanked regional and national parties for showing respect to his father by sending their representatives including Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling who personally went to Ghisingh’s house on Sunday morning to pay his last respects.

The new GNLF president’s first public statement is in stark contrast to the

zeal and enthusiasm shown by party supporters in Darjeeling who gave a political undertone to Ghisingh’s funeral procession. They chanted: “Sixth Schedule lai saath deu…GTA lai laat deu” (Support Sixth Schedule and

kick out GTA). “Pahar ko bhagya bigarnu paudaina…hamilai jhattai DGHC pharkai deu” (no one can ruin the future of the hills…reinstate the DGHC immediately). The slogans hardly concealed the fact that they were meant for the ruling Gorkha Janmukti Morcha which runs the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.

However, senior GNLF leaders brushed aside any speculation that their new president had no political ambitions. “He (Mann) is yet to get over the loss of his father. Besides, the family is in mourning and special religious rituals will continue for some more days. Once the mourning period is over, we are sure he will be motivated politically,” said a senior GNLF leader from Darjeeling not wanting to be named.

The GNLF’s key demand is to revive the defunct Darjeeling Gorkha Hill

Council as it has constitutional guarantee until the Sixth Schedule status is granted to the Darjeeling hills. In 2001, Ghisingh had demanded the Centre to grant Sixth Schedule status to the Darjeeling hills. And in December 2005, a Memorandum of Settlement was signed between the state and central governments and the GNLF.

The Sixth Schedule bill was placed in Parliament in November 2007

by then Union home minister Shivraj Patil. However, it had to be referred to

the parliamentary standing committee after the GJM opposed the bill and started an agitation. The bill was eventually shelved in February 2008.


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