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Close to 100,000 Gorkha Names Left Out of Assam NRC

7:56 AM
Writes: Rahul Karmakar

The complete draft of the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC) published on July 30 has made the Gorkhas of Assam feel they are paying the price for India’s treaty with Nepal almost seven decades ago.

While the focus of the NRC has been on the exclusion of Bengali Muslims and Hindus — two communities often suspected to be illegal migrants — an estimated 100,000 of some 2.5 million Gorkhas in Assam have not found their names in the updated draft.
Close to 100,000 Gorkha Names Left Out of Assam NRC

This has come as a rude shock to the Gorkhas, most of whom are descendants of soldiers recruited by the Assam Rifles that was born as Cachar Levy in 1835. A few trace their origin to Ratikanta Upadhyaya, a follower of medieval Assamese saint-reformer Srimanta Sankardeva, who had a couple of Vaishnav monasteries built in Jorhat and Nagaon in the 16th century.

“Data collected from the districts imply about 1 lakh of our people are missing from the NRC, the highest being in Baksa district followed by Sonitpur and Golaghat. They should never have been excluded because the March 24, 1971 cut-off does not apply to the Gorkhas,” Prem Tamang, president of the All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union, told The Hindu.

The 1951 NRC has been updated on the basis of the cut-off date prescribed by the Assam Accord of 1985 for detection, detention and deportation foreigners, specifically from Bangladesh. This means migrants who have documents establishing their stay in Assam up to the midnight of March 24, 1971, are eligible for inclusion in the NRC.

Mr. Tamang referred to the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship that ensures free movement of Indian and Nepalese people into each other’s territory, own property, participate in trade and commerce and enjoy other privileges.

[Via: The Hindu]

आसाममा १ लाख गोर्खाहरूको नाम मेटिएको घोर विरोध गर्दछौं -बिनय तामाङ

6:00 PM
नेशनल रेजिस्टर अफ सिटिजन मार्फत आसामका कूल ४० लाख मानिसहरूको नाम काटिएको छ भने उक्त ४० लाखमध्ये १ लाख गोर्खाहरूको नाम मेटिएको हामीलाई जानकारी प्राप्त भएको छ। गोर्खा जनमुक्ति मोर्चा आसामका ती सबा गोर्खाहरूलाई उक्त ट्राफ्ट फाइनल राफ्ट नरहेकोले फेरि पनि आफ्नो नागरिकता प्रमाणित गर्ने समय रहेको जनाउँदै पुनः आवेदन गर्ने अपील गर्दछौं।यति गरेर फाइनल ड्राफ्टमा पनि यदि कुनै वैध भारतीय गोर्खाहरूको नाम छुटिन गए प्रावधानअनुसार अन्य कानूनी प्रक्रियाहरू अप्नाउने दिशामा उनीहरूलाई गोर्खा जनमुक्ति मोर्चाले पूर्ण सहयोग गर्ने आश्वासन प्रदान गर्दछौं।

आसाममा भाजपा सरकारले शुरू गरेको एनआरसीको हामी घोर प्रतिवाद जनाउँदछौं। यो भाजपाको राजनैतिक स्वार्थप्रेरित पदक्षेप हो।

यसबाहेक पश्चिम बंगालमै पनि एनआरसी लागु गर्ने भाजपाको मनाशय रहेको छ। भाजपा पश्चिम बंगाल प्रभारी दिलीप घोषले पश्चिम बंगालमा पनि एनआरसी लागु गर्ने भाजपाको योजना रहेको बताइसकेका छन्।भाजपाले राजनैतिक स्वार्थ सिद्ध गर्न नै बंगालमा पनि एआरसी लागु गर्ने षड़यन्त्र बुनेका हुन्। यदि बंगालमा पनि एनआरसी लागु गरेको खण्डमा बंगालको उत्तरपूर्वी क्षेत्रमा बसोबासो गर्ने गोर्खाहरूलाई पनि आसामबाट झैं उच्छेद गर्ने षड़यन्त्र भाजपाद्वारा शुरू गर्ने हामीलाई शङ्का रहेको छ।बंगालका अल्पसंख्यक समुदायहरूको नाम मेटाएर बंगालको सत्ता हत्याउने ताकमा भाजपाले बंगालका अल्पसंख्यक समुदायको पनि नागरिक अधिकार हनन गर्ने सोच बनाइरहेको हामीलाई शङ्का भइरहेको छ।

आसाम अनि पश्चिम बंगालमामात्रै नभएर देशका अन्य कतिपय राज्यहरूमा पनि एनआरसी लागु गर्ने भाजपाको योजना रहेको छ। यदि भाजपाले यसो गरेको खण्डमा सम्पूर्ण देशमा नै साम्प्रदायिक हिँसा अनि दङ्गा- फसाद फैलिएर जाने पनि निश्चित रहेको छ। यसरी राजनैतिक स्वार्थसिद्ध गर्नुको निम्ति राष्ट्रको साम्प्रदायिक सद्भावना भत्काउनु तथा राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षामाथि प्रश्नचिह्न खड़ा गर्नु अति निन्दनीय कुरा हो। हामी यसको घोर विरोध गर्दछौं।

विनय तामाङ
गोर्खा जनमुक्ति मोर्चा।

204th Bhanu Jayanti observed in Dimapur by Gorkha students

9:31 AM

To celebrate the 204th Bhanu Jayanti, Gorkha Students’ Union Dimapur (GSUD) organized a program on Friday, at Dimapur Town Hall under the theme, “Our culture our identity”, in which 22 Gorkha units from different parts of Dimapur participated.

Speaking at the program, PDA minister of state Nagaland, Sashank Ghatraj lauded GSUD for their contribution to the community.
He asked the community to encourage the youth saying that the youth should be encouraged and guided since they were the pillars and the future of society. He also encouraged the students to be responsible in their duties and to work hard with determination. He also spoke about the importance of the Nepali language, which is also one of the official languages, saying that it should be learned by the community to be used verbally and in writing.
He asked them to stay in unity with the Nagas and also asked the gathering to learn to live in peace and harmony.
DGU chairman Kumar Subba highlighted the contributions of Bhanu Bhakt Acharya. A short speech was also delivered by Mirmire Kanchanjung Sikkim, editor, Heman Giri who was the guest speaker of the program. Renowned poet, writer & social engineer Chakrapani Bhattarai and founding member of Dimapur Gorkha union, Tikaram Dhakal were the special invitees.
Among the program highlights were the lightning of the lamp, felicitation of HSLC and HSSLC successful candidates 2018, poem recitation and cultural shows etc.
Further, the program also featured a second session where an extempore speech competition, solo dance, group dance and duet dance were presented by various individuals and groups that enthralled the gathering.   
Earlier, an invocation prayer was pronounced by NBF, Razhaphe pastor Suresh Sundas and later vote of thanks was delivered by GSUD general secretary Anand Gurung.

Kashyap Smriti Puraskar 2018 Goes to Loknath Upadhaya Chapagain

8:06 AM

CONGRATS: Kashyap Smriti Puraskar 2018 Goes to Loknath Upadhaya Chapagain

Loknath Upadhaya Chapagain from Assam, who is settled in Siliguri has won the Tulshiram Sharma 'Kashyap' award in Sikkim for his book "Kina Royaou Ppama "

He was felicitatiedted yesterday at Sikkim Sahitya Parishad with a citation and 51k cash award.

This award has been instituted by Shri. Tulshiram Sharma 'Kashyap  Pratishthan of Sikkim for books published in Nepali in the last three years

TR Sharma Kashyap happens to be the first Sahitya award winner in Nepali from Sikkim.

We congratulate Loknath sir and wish him more success in the coming days.

Via The DC

Bishal Sharma wins Super Dancer Season 2

12:09 AM
After a live voting, Bishal Sharma was announced as the champion by judges Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur on Saturday night. He beat three other finalists Ritik Diwaker, Vaishnavi Prajapati and Akash Thapa to take home the trophy.

Super Dancer Chapter 2, which made history for being the longest-running single season of a dance reality show, has finally found its winner. After a live voting, Bishal Sharma was announced as the champion by judges Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur on Saturday night. He beat three other finalists Ritik Diwaker, Vaishnavi Prajapati and Akash Thapa to take home the trophy. The 12-year-old, who hails from Assam, mesmerised the judges and had the maximum number of votes from the audience coming his way. The live voting turned out to be quite a record breaking one with million votes being registered. Along with a lot of goodies from sponsors, Bishal received a prize money of 15 lakh and a dazzling trophy, while his mentor received a cheque of Rs 5 lakh.
Bishal Sharma took home Rs 15 lakh and winners trophy.
Bishal Sharma took home Rs 15 lakh and winners trophy.
12-year-old Bishal Sharma from Assam had been an adorable livewire in the show. Whenever the dynamic dancer took the stage, the judges and audience were enthralled. Bishal is an inquisitive young boy, always smiling and chattering away with his friends. Guided by Super Guru Vaibhav Ghuge, the super kid impressed all with his contemporary, hip-hop styles.

The finale episode also saw the presence of Bollywood youth sensation Varun Dhawan, who was there to promote his upcoming film October. The Student of the Year actor also shook a leg with judge Shilpa, that got the audience cheering for them. While the gala episode also saw Shilpa grooving to some peppy numbers and showing off her belly dance moves, Geeta in a breathtaking act paid a special tribute to yesteryear heroines.

Produced by Frames Productions, Super Dancer 2 launched on September 30 and aired on Sony Entertainment Television. While Rithvik Dhanjani and Paritosh Tripathi hosted the show when it launched, with it getting an extension, Jay Bhanushali came in place of Rithvik, who had to quit the show owing to prior commitments. Even before the premiere, the show faced a major roadblock, when its set located at RK Studio was destroyed after a fire broke out.

Here’s wishing the young winner Bishal congratulations.

Source indianexpress

Gorkha Cultural Research Centre in Assam

1:38 PM
Assam Govt To Set Up Cultural Research Centre For Gorkhas - Statues of 3 Legendary Gorkhas from Assam to be Installed

GUWAHATI: Assam government will set up a cultural research centre for Gorkha the city and a plot of land will be provided where in statues of three legendary figures of Gorkha community will be installed. It was announced by chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Wednesday.

Meeting a delegation, representing three Gorkha community in Assam Legislative Assembly here Sonowal said, “Gorkhas are an integral part of the larger demographic profile of Assam and together they have contributed immensely to strengthen socio-cultural fabric of the state”.
Cultural Research Centre For Gorkha in Assam

In recognition to immense role of the people belonging to Gorkha community, Government of Assam will set up Cultural Research Centre for Gorkha. Moreover, steps will be taken to install the statues of three Gorkha legendary personalities namely Chabilal Upadhaya, Bhakta Bahadur Pradhan and Dalbir Singh Lohar in recognition to role in strengthening the demographic diversities of the state.

Members of three organisations representing Gorkha community namely Asom Nepali Sahitya Sabha, Gorkha Students’ Union and Asom Gorkha Sammelan held a meeting with the Chief Minister and apprised him of different problems that the people of Gorkha community are confronting with. Chief Minister Sonowal while lending a patient hearing, assured the delegation of taking tangible steps to solve the problems of Gorkha people who are approximately 25 lakh in the state.

Sonowal also met a delegation of All Assam Bengali Youth Students’ Federation in Assam Legislative Assembly and assured the delegation of taking appropriate steps for resolving various issues raised by the delegation. He also said that the state government will extend best possible steps to the people belonging to Bengali community for their socio-economic and cultural development. With regard to the alleged encumbrances related to NRC issue, Sonowal assured the delegation to take up the matter to NRC Coordinator to remove all bottlenecks. The seven-member delegation led by its advisor Sukumar Biswas also submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister. Sonowal while acknowledging the role played by the people belonging to Bengali community for the socio-cultural-economic and educational development of Assam vowed to do everything possible for the development of all sections of the people of the state belonging to Barak, Brahmaputra, hills and plains.

Source -, File Pic

गोर्खे छोरी छिरिङ वाइबा बनिन् असमकी मुख्य सचिव

2:45 PM

असममा पहिलोपल्ट कुनै गोर्खा राज्यको प्रमुख प्रशासनिक पदमा अधिष्टित भएकी छन्। वर्ष 1982 की भारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवाकी क्याडर छिरिंग वाइबाले असमको मुख्य सचिवको पद सम्हालेकी हुन्। यही महिनादेखि उनले यस्तो गरिमामय पद सम्हालेर असमको गोर्खाका सॅंगै समग्र गोर्खाहरूकै मान गरिमालाई उच्च पारेकी छन्। उनी मूलरूपमा दार्जीलिंग निवासी रहेको बताइएको छ भने उनको विवाह असममा भएको हो। यस भन्दाअघि उनी असम सरकारको विभिन्न पदमा अधिष्टित भएकी थिइन् भने अतिरिक्त मुख्य सचिवको पददेखि उनी मुख्य सचिवको पदमा पुगेकी हुन्। उनलाई अहिले भारतभरिबाटै विभिन्न संघ संस्थाहरूले बधाई दिने क्रम जारी छ भने सामाजिक संजालमा यो समाचार प्रकाशित भएपछि उनलाई चारैतिरबाट बधाई आइरहेको छ। सिक्किमदेखि बाहिर अन्ध्राप्रदेशमा त्रिलोक कुमार देवान मुख्य सचिव बनेर गोर्खाहरूको नामलाई उच्च पारेका थिए भने कुनै गोर्खा महिला यो पदमा पुग्ने उनी पहिलो हुन्। असम गोर्खा सम्मेलन, अखिल असम गोर्खा छात्र संघ र अखिल असम नेपाली साहित्य सभाले पनि वाइबालाई भेट गरि बधाई तथा शुभकामना व्यक्त गरेको छ भने असमका गोर्खाहरूको हितमा थॉंतीमा रहेका विभिन्न मागहरू पनि चडाएको छ। उनको कार्यकाल प्राय: एक वर्ष लामो रहेको थाहा लागेको छ।

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