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No democracy in Darjeeling: NCW chief

6:09 AM
District administration denies allegation that it prevented people from meeting Rekha Sharma during her four-day visit

Observing that there was no democracy in the Darjeeling hills, National Commission for Women chairperson Rekha Sharma, who concluded her four-day visit to the hills on Wednesday, said she would send her report to the President of India, Union Home Minister and the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

“During my visit I did not feel that I am in a corner of independent India… There is an attempt to suppress people. From the very day I made plans to visit the hills I was discouraged from coming here,” Ms. Sharma told journalists at Siliguri in Darjeeling district.

Shutdown ‘excesses’

She said she met about 150 complainants from Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts who alleged police excesses during the 104 days of shutdown from June to September 2017.

“I will recommend inquiry by an independent investigation agency and will summon the SPs of Darjeeling and Kalimpong and the IG of North Bengal who served during the shutdown,” she said.

Ms. Sharma alleged that the police went house to house preventing people, particularly women, from meeting her.

The Darjeeling district administration denied the allegations made by the NCW chief. “The NCW should be responsible and specific about the allegations it makes. Why should I stop anybody from meeting her? If we wanted to prevent her from meeting people, we could have stopped her at Bagdogra. She did meet a number of people in the hills,” said Joyoshi Dasgupta, the District Magistrate of Darjeeling.

Ms. Dasgupta said she was unaware of the Ms. Sharma’s visit. “There should have been a newspaper ad announcing the NCW inquiry. Had there been wide publicity, more people would have met the NCW team,” she said.

The NCW chairperson alleged that the police are occupying the houses of people who escaped facing arrest and their names are being removed from the voters’ list.

“I have seen a woman with 45 cases, a woman picked up while going to buy vegetables… In a prison I met a woman political prisoner with 70 cases against her,” she said.

Referring to a matter where a police officer was allegedly heard threatening a resident with violence, rape and burning down the house, the NCW chairperson said that the administration has done nothing in the matter. Citing the case of a woman losing one eye in tear-gas shelling, Ms. Sharma said that many women did not receive any medical intervention from the State administration after the shutdown.

I have seen a woman with 45 cases, a woman picked up while going to buy vegetables... in a prison I met a woman political prisoner with 70 cases against her

Rekha Sharma

National Commission for Women chairperson

Via The Hindu

NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma's Darjeeling visit

7:40 AM

Darjeeling: The sudden visit of the chairperson of the National Commission of Women, New Delhi, to Darjeeling to look into alleged atrocities committed against women during the Gorkhaland agitation in 2017, has sparked controversies.

Her arrival was met with protests, with the women's wing of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) claiming that there is a conspiracy to disturb the peace and normalcy of the Hills. On the other hand, the chairperson tweeted that the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police were avoiding a meeting with her. On Monday evening, the DM had a meeting with the chairperson.

Rekha Sharma, the chairperson, arrived at Darjeeling on Sunday and will be leaving for Delhi on April 18. On Sunday evening, Gorkha Janmukti Nari Morcha leaders met the chairperson and presented a memorandum while supporters protested outside.

Placards stated that a few people with vested interests were using the Women's Rights Commission to foment trouble and disturb peace in the Hills.

"Our question to the chairperson was, where was the commission when we required them when the 104-day-long bandh was clamped in 2017? We had approached many NGOs to get a Human Rights and Women's Rights Commission to the Hills, but no one came. They left us to our sorry plight. Now that there is peace and normalcy in the Hills, why try to create unrest? A group of people from outside Darjeeling are chaperoning the chairperson around and presenting false cases. They have vested political interests," alleged Prathibha Rai, Nari Morcha leader and chairperson, Darjeeling Municipality.

Bimal Gurung, who is on the run, sent an audio clip from an undisclosed location, welcoming the visit of the chairperson and criticised the protests against her visit.

5 Nari Morcha leaders, who had submitted a memorandum to the chairperson on Sunday, lodged a complaint with her through the DM on Monday, stating that one Puran Singh of Mirik, a supporter of Bimal Gurung, had outraged their modesty on a social networking site, using filthy language. They requested prompt action against him.

On Monday, the chairperson had tweeted that the DM and SP of Darjeeling were avoiding meeting her. "The administration is working overtime to stop victims and complainants from meeting me. I can imagine what must have happened in those 104 days," tweeted Sharma.

On Monday evening, Joyoshi Das Gupta, District Magistrate, Darjeeling, met Sharma. "The chairperson has referred some cases requiring medical assistance for children of those killed during the unrest," stated the DM. She even forwarded the complaint lodged by the Nari Morcha members. "The chairperson has stated that she would also look into this issue," stated the DM.

National Commission for Women to Begin Darjeeling Investigations From 15th of April

6:29 PM

The National Commission for Women is sending a high-level team headed by Chairperson, Ms. Rekha Sharma to examine the instances of atrocities meted out against women during the phase of current Gorkhaland agitation.

The NCW has collected number of grievances, prominent among which is a threat over phone allegedly issued by Darjeeling Inspector-in-Charge Soumyajit Roy, in which one of the voices is head threatening to rape the mother and sister of one Achutyam Bhattarai.

The NCW team will also visit various jails to take stock of the women who are still in jail and will inquire about their wellbeing.

The NCW has requested any and all persons with grievances and complaints against administrative atrocities to approach them when the team visits Darjeeling region from 15th of April to the 17th of April.

You can also send in your complaints at:

Phone: (011) -26944808


Indian Gorkha Woman Jailed in Dubai with no help or support

8:47 AM

A housemaid in Dubai, who is originally from Darjeeling, Inaia, was jailed for life for allegedly strangling her employer’s baby last year.

The 29-year-old woman who has 2 children of her own, was sentenced at Dubai Court of First Instance in January of 2014 after being found guilty of murdering the infant.

Prosecutors said she strangled the baby girl with a scarf, however, the maid insisted in court that she HAD NOT KILLED the child, saying that SHE WAS A MOTHER HERSELF and would, therefore, NEVER HURT AN INFANT.

But prosecutors told the court that, on January 18, 2014 the maid had waited for her sponsors to leave home for work about 10AM before wrapping the scarf around the baby’s neck and strangling her.

They said the woman then continued with her work as normal.

The incident was reported to police by Zulekha Hospital in Dubai after the baby was taken there by a relative of the family, who live in Al Nahda.

The baby’s mother received a call about 3PM from her sister, who said the maid had called her and told her that the baby was not waking up and was having breathing difficulties.

The mother asked her sister to go around and check on her daughter.

The sister went to the house then rushed the baby to hospital after finding the infant wasn’t breathing.

Doctors pronounced the infant dead, and suspected foul play so they notified Dubai Police. Initially, the family refused to believe the maid could have killed the child.

They said the defendant was loved by their children and she was good at her job.

However, they added that the maid’s mother had recently died.

“We knew from her that her mother had passed away about a month before and we asked her to wait until her residency procedures were finished before going back,” said the father.

The Girl from Darjeeling is still languishing in Jail with no help or support... 

Can anyone help her please?

Source TheDc

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