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Elderly Couple murdered in Kalimpong, bodies dumped in septic tank

4:44 PM
The Kalimpong district police on Friday evening recovered the bodies of an elderly couple from the septic tank of their house in Pedong that has led to panic among the residents of the small hamlet.
Sherpa Couple murdered in Pedong Kalimpong
Sherpa Couple murdered in Pedong Kalimpong

The bodies of Phurtemba Sherpa (69) and his wife Kusum (55) were recovered by police after neighbours informed them about their being missing. The two are residents of Dokyong I Sericulture, Sakyong GP of Pedong.

According to police, the couple’s elder son Sangden has called his neighbours from Malda to inquire about his parents, who did not take his calls. “The elder son called up the neighbours to inquire about his parents. The door of the house was locked and a phone and a torch light that belonged to Phurtemba were found outside,” said Atul Vishwanathan, Kalimpong additional superintendent of police in Saturday.

Sangden is employed in the police department and is presently posted in the correctional home in Malda. His younger brother is a teacher in a private school in Bihar. “I got worried and called my brother and also our neighbors in Pedong to inquire because my father and mother were not taking my calls. I has spoken with my mother just a day before and had promised them to call back again on Friday,” Sangden said.

The bodies of Phurtemba and Kusum were discovered from the septic tank in the rear of their house by police. “We found the bodies in decomposed condition. There are deep cut marks on the foreheads of the couple. When we broke open the door, we found the house ransacked. We have started a case and are looking at every possible angle,” the ASP

The police official said it was difficult to say immediately when the murder may have taken place. “They (husband and wife) were last seen on August 16. We recovered the bodies on Friday evening. Now, whether the murder took place on Friday evening or Saturday morning, we are trying to ascertain,” Vishwanathan said.

Sniffer dogs have been called from Siliguri to help in the investigation. “We have got some clues and four to five names. Hopefully, the case will be detected very soon,” the ASP said.

The bodies have been sent for postmortem in the Kalimpong district hospital and report is awaited.

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Sillery in Kalimpong entirely depends on Village Tourism

2:30 PM
Kalimpong…. Ghumako Chaw (Explored) ?

Sillery, a tiny hamet, nestled at a height of 6000 Ft used to be a home to just four families working in Cinchona plantation. Today, this village has grown big and has  around 32 families and its slowing booming as the major village tourism destination. Its name has been derived from the plant that used to grow abundantly in the region.  The plantation of Cinchona plant was started by the British in this region to derive Quinine to fight Malaria and is still cultivated today.

 This village is located 25 Km away from kalimpong town and is famous for its clean eco-friendly homestays surrounded with tall pine trees, which right away takes you to a surreal world where you can slow yourself down and be lost and relax all day long. The mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga, short trekking trails and rural lifestyle experience are some of its main attractions that brings tourist from far away.
Sillery in Kalimpong entirely depends on Village Tourism

 Even though today Sillery is entirely dependent on village-tourisim, its amazing to see how this village have adapted themselves and welcomed the change by making a conscious effort of keeping it clean and simple without disturbing their daily rural lifestyle.

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Rift between Jan Andolan Party (JAP) and the Trinamool Congress Began

11:05 AM
Trinamool magic won't work in Darjeeling hills: JAP

Darjeeling, Sept. 26:In an obvious sign of relations souring up between the Jan Andolan Party and the Trinamool Congress, the JAP today rebuffed the TMC’s attempts to make inroads in the hills, asserting no national-level party would be able to usurp power in the region.

The latest swipe comes in the wake of chief minister Mamata Banerjee recently clarifying in a public programme that it was her and her government’s decision to form a separate Kalimpong district.

“We (hills) cherish regional feelings and sentiments when it comes to politics, whatever parties we may be associated with. No national party has been able to rule in the hills as the history of the place shows,” asserted Amar Lama, senior JAP bureau member, today durig a press briefing in Darjeeling.

Going a step further, Lama challenged the TMC to form the government in Tripura first. “Why, Darjeeling hills, we challenge the TMC to first form government in Tripura,” the JAP leader said.
Rift between Jan Andolan Party (JAP) and the Trinamool Congress Began
What has also irked the JAP leadership is the chief minister's reluctance to give credit to the party, the political ally of the TMC in the hills, with regard to the formation of the new district.

Coming out in defence of the party’s president, Lama reiterated that it was the strong pitch made by JAP chief Harka Bahadur Chhetri and the District Demand Committee (DDC) that made the state government decide to create Kalimpong district. “Our party president and the DDC pursued the issue of creating a Kalimpong district relentlessly. It was this untiring effort and pursuance that gave the state government the impetus to come to a decision. The chief minister cannot deny this fact,” said Lama.

The JAP has all along taken credit for the state government's decision to form a Kalimpong district, which apparently was not announced by the chief minister during her latest three-day visit to the hills,

much against popular expectations. Speaing at a programme organised by the Lepcha development board in Kalimpong, Banerjee clarified that nobody had pursued the matter with her to create Kalimpong district. Interestingly, Chhetri who is also the Kalimpong MLA, was among the invitees to the function and was seated on the dais when Banerjee uttered her statement.

The JAP president initially dabbled for a Kalimpong district as a member of the DDC after severing ties with the GJM before he went on to float the JAP to contest the assembly election riding on the Kalimpong district issue. Lama also took offence to the war of words between the state government and the GJM over allocation of funds to the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration. He said,

“Rather than indulging in making claims and allegations, the state government should ask the Comptroller Auditor General to audit the expenditure accounts of the GTA. It can be done on the basis of section 55, clause 9 of the GTA Act under the Funds and Audit section." Lama also suggested that if at all anomalies were found in the audit, the GTA Sabha should be dissolved then.

Mamata Banerjee has claimed that the state government had allocated Rs 4,000 crore to the GTA for development over a period of four years since the formation of the council in 2012. Refuting the claim,  GJM president Bimal Gurung has announced a 12 hour strike in the hills on September 28, seeking a clarification from the state government.

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JAP raps GTA & Mamata on funds
Darjeeling, Sept. 26: The Jana Andolan Party today accused both Mamata Banerjee and Bimal Gurung of indulging in politics over the GTA funds and asked the state government to conduct an audit of the hill body.

Amar Lama, a bureau member of the JAP, today said: "The chief minister had come up with a Rs 1,000 crore figure during a public meeting in Kurseong in March and after a few months, she talks about Rs 4,000 crore in Kalimpong. Instead of speaking on an issue like this at a public gathering, the chief minister should act seriously. The state government should ask the CAG to conduct an audit and if they find financial irregularities, the state should supersede the GTA as is laid out in the Act."

Lama further said the chief minister was raising the funds issue only when her relation with the Morcha was on the rocks. "Why is the issue being raised only when the relation between the two parties has hit a low? Had the relation (between the Morcha and Trinamul) been steady, it seems, the chief minister would have never raised the issue," said Lama.

In the recent Assembly elections, the JAP was in an alliance with the Trinamul Congress.

Accusing the Morcha of failing to be transparent, Lama said: "The Morcha must be transparent on the issue. The GTA, which is controlled by the Morcha, should give a proper reply to funds queries and should not hide details on money matters. However, there was no need to call a general strike on an issue related to claims and counter-claims on funds."

Late in the evening, Roshan Giri, the general secretary of the Morcha, said the Wednesday strike was also to strengthen the voice of Gorkhaland, which the state government was trying to scuttle in all possible ways. - Telegraph

Kalimpong declared as the 21st district of West Bengal by Mamata Banerjee

7:52 AM
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday declared Kalimpong in the Darjeeling hills as the 21st district of the state. So far, Kalimpong used to be a sub-division under the Darjeeling district. Mamata, who is on a three day tour to north Bengal made the announcement while addressing the locals at the Lepcha Board Foundation Day Programme in Kalimpong.

Mamata also promised the allotment of six core rupees for the construction of proper infrastructure of the newly declared district. "Kalimpong will become a new district. We have allotted Rs 6 crore for building infrastructure here," she said on Thursday adding that tourism must flourish in the hills.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banejee wears a traditional headgear at the 5th founation day function of Lepcha Development and Cultural Board at Kalimpoog in Darjeeling
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banejee wears a traditional headgear at the 5th founation day function of Lepcha Development and Cultural Board at Kalimpoog in Darjeeling
Addressing the people of the hills, Mamata said, "I want to work for the development of Darjeeling Hills. I am proud of the young generation here. If the hills do not progress, Bengal cannot progress."

In December last year Banerjee had announced that Kalimpong will be turned into a new district for ease of administration. However, many see it as a way to snub the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) which has been leading a campaign demanding separate Gorkhaland state.

Mamata's announcement comes as a victory for the newly formed Jan Andolan Party (JAP) whose leader Harka Bahadur Chhetri have been lobbying hard to make Kalimpong a separate district after quitting the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha in September.

Mamata Banerjee showers sops on Kalimpong, Bimal Gurung says it’s ‘land of Gorkhaland lovers’
With Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday announcing a slew of development measures in Kalimpong — which will soon be carved into a separate district — her one-time political ally Bimal Gurung of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) claimed that the hill town was the “land of Gorkhaland lovers”.

Speaking at the foundation day programme of the Lepcha Board, Mamata said: “The Lepcha Board has already built three thousands of homes for the poor. The various development boards must promote cultural activities and make Darjeeling clean and green. We want Darjeeling to prosper and become the best. Kalimpong will become a new district. We have allotted Rs 6 crore for building infrastructure.” Mamata is currently on a three-day trip to the hills concluding on Friday.

Ahead of addressing a rally in Kalimpong, Mamata met several local leaders, including those from the Lepcha, Tamang, Newa, Bhujal, Khas, Kami, Damai, Saki, Vishwakarma and Gurung communities. She was also accorded the status of ‘Kingchuk Dermit’ — the highest award of the Lepcha community, said Trinamool leaders.

Gurung calls meet to counter Mamata - Morcha seeks to score over Trinamul chief in Kalimpong
Bimal Gurung has decided to hold a public meeting of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha's women wing in Kalimpong on Sunday, a day after Mamata Banerjee leaves the hill town, purportedly to show that Kalimpong is "a land of Gorkhaland lovers".

The chief minister reached Kalimpong today and will attend a programme of the Lepcha development board tomorrow, followed by another one of the Tamang development board the day after. She is scheduled to leave Kalimpong on Saturday.

In a written statement today, the Morcha president said Mamata was frequenting the hills, particularly Kalimpong, to "suppress the Gorkhaland voice" with the help of "some vested people who are trying to divide the Gorkha community into pieces" by forming development boards.

Gurung went on to say: "In reality, Kalimpong is a land of Gorkhaland lovers. However, some people with vested interests are belittling Kalimpong. The person who is dividing the Gorkha community is being felicitated as the chief minister who wants good of the Gorkhas."

He called on "Gorkhaland lovers" to look into the issue with all seriousness and asked them to give a befitting reply. "The issue of Gorkhaland cannot be suppressed by temporary benefits. To spread this message to Gorkhas across India, the Gorkha Janmukti Nari Morcha has decided to organise a meeting at Delo on September 25," Gurung said.

"The Nari Morcha members from Kalimpong should attend the meeting to demonstrate to chief minister Mamata Banerjee and anti-Gorkhaland forces the support for Gorkhaland," he added.

Delo is 5km from Kalimpong.

Even though Gurung had yesterday said the Morcha would win any election even if it was held now, his statement today, according to observers, suggests that he feels that the impact of Mamata's three-day visit has to be countered immediately.

Many hope Mamata will make some announcements with regard to the creation of Kalimpong district during her stay there. However, a senior Nabanna official said: "Creation of a new district involves a lot of paper work. But no file regarding creation of Kalimpong has moved yet."

According to sources, the personnel and administrative reforms department would first prepare the proposal and send it to the finance department before seeking clearance from the cabinet. "But nothing of that sort has happened," said a source.

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तीन विधायकहरूले ममता व्यानर्जीसित कालेबुङ जिल्ला गठनको घोषणाको निम्ति आभार व्यक्त गरयो

11:28 PM
दार्जीलिङ, कालेबुङ अनि खरसाङका तीनजना विधायकहरू क्रमैले श्री अमर सिहं राई, श्रीमती सरिता राई अनि डा. रोहित शर्माले आज माननीय मुख्यमन्त्री सुश्री ममता व्यानर्जीसित भेटवार्ता गरी कालेबुङ जिल्ला गठनको घोषणाको निम्ति आभार व्यक्त गर्दै दार्जीलिङ पहाड़को जनतालाई प्रशासनिक सुविधा प्रदान गर्नुको निम्ति अझै थप जिल्ला अनि महकुमाहरू निर्माण गर्नुपर्ने माग पनि पेश गरयो।

विधानसभामा आज माननीय राज्यपाल केशरीनाथ तिवारीजीको सम्बोधन कार्यक्रमको समापनपछि तीनजना विधायकले सुश्री ममता व्यानर्जीले उनकै च्याम्बरमा गएर सौहार्दमूलक भेटघाट अनि बातचीत गरेको थियो। विशेषरूपले कालेबुङलाई जिल्ला बनाउने प्रक्रिया शुरू गरिएकोमा माननीय मुख्यमन्त्री महोदयालाई समग्र पहाड़वासीको पक्षमा धन्यबाद दिइयो। यसको साथसाथमा खरसाङ महकुमालाई पनि जिल्ला बनाइनुपर्ने, मिरिकलाई महकुमा बनाइनुपर्ने तथा दार्जीलिङ पहाड़को सर्ववृहत खण्ड विकास क्षेत्र बिजनबारीलाई पनि महकुमा बनाइनुपर्ने पनि मुख्यमन्त्रीसमक्ष अपील गरियो। पहाड़का मानिसहरूले दीर्घकालदेखि विभिन्न प्रशासनिक समस्याहरू झेलिरहेको कारणले गर्दा जिल्ला अनि महकुमाहरूको विस्तार गरिन आवश्यक रहेको पनि मुख्यमन्त्रीलाई अवगत गराइयो।
तीन विधायकहरूले ममता व्यानर्जीसित कालेबुङ जिल्ला गठनको घोषणाको निम्ति आभार व्यक्त गरयो
मुख्यमन्त्री ममता व्यानर्जीले पनि पहाड़का विधायकहरूको उक्त अपीललाई सम्मान गर्दै सकरात्मक आश्वासन प्रदान गर्नुभएको छ। जिल्ला अनि महकुमा विस्तारकार्यको निम्ति थुप्रै औपचारिकता अनि पूर्वाधारहरूमाथि कार्य गर्नुपर्ने हुनाले यस विषय़मा चाड़ै कार्यान्वन गर्न नसकिने भएतापनि भविष्यमा उक्त विषयहरूमाथि राज्य सरकारले अवश्यै सकरात्मप पहल गर्ने माननीय मुख्यमन्त्री महोदयाले आश्वासन प्रदान गर्नुभएको छ।

Hill TMC proposals on new Kalimpong district, Mirik sub-division

9:55 AM
DARJEELING 10 Jun 2016 The Trinamool Congress hill unit has submitted to the Darjeeling district administration its suggestions on a new Kalimpong district and Mirik sub-division. The suggestions incorporate a wide range of proposals such as extending the existing boundaries, forming new sub-divisions and blocks, and setting up expert committees to expedite the process in a planned and systematic manner.

The hill TMC has proposed the creation of three sub-divisions under the new Kalimpong district for better administrative functioning. However, the areas to be incorporated in the sub-divisions have not been identified or specified by the party.

The TMC also wants the number of community development blocks to be increased to eight and the formation of a Teesta Highway development block. At present, Kalimpong sub-division has three blocks, Kalimpong I, Kalimpong II and Gorubathan.
Hill TMC proposals on new Kalimpong district, Mirik sub-division
Hill TMC proposals on new Kalimpong district, Mirik sub-division
The proposals also include increasing gram panchayat members to at least 7-10 in each GP for better representation. The Kalimpong sub-division comprises 42 gram panchayats at present. Further, the TMC also wants areas adjacent to Gorubathan block and Kalijhora under Kurseong to be included in the new district, although specifications have not been proposed.

“These are important factors that need to be looked into while forming the new district of Kalimpong. It must be remembered that Kalimpong is a vast area touching some areas of the Dooars in the plains. Administratively too, we want Kalimpong district to be viable to the people, hence the suggestions,” said NB Khawas, the hill TMC general secretary.

Regarding upgrading Mirik to a sub-division, presently one of the eight blocks in the hills, the TMC wants the area of Gopal Dhara tea estate that falls under Sukhaypokhari block in Darjeeling sub-division, and Seyok tea garden under Kurseong sub-division, to be added to the new sub-division.

It has also proposed the formation of three blocks in the new Mirik sub-division, Mirik at present being one of the blocks under Kurseong sub-division. The party also wants gram panchayat members in Mirik to be increased to 10 from the present six.

Another proposal is the bifurcation of the Jorebungalow-Sukhaypokhari development block and creation of a Sonada-Rungbull block with seven existing gram panchayats of Rungbull and Sonada areas. “We have already placed our suggestions before the Panchayat and Rural Development department through the Darjeeling district magistrate,” said Khawas.

The bifurcation of the Kurseong development block with 14 GPs and up-gradation of the Darjeeling-Pulbazar block with 23 gram panchayats to a sub-division is one another proposal of the hill TMC. The party has suggested the formation of a committee comprising experts and political and social organisation representatives to avoid any controversies which could delay the process of creating a Kalimpong district and Mrik sub-division.

Source EOIC

After Kalimpong district demand to upgrade more hill areas

9:37 AM
Writes Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, June 10: The state government's decision to create Kalimpong district and Mirik subdivision has triggered demands to upgrade Bijanbari block to a subdivision and carve out Sonada-Rangbull block out of Sukhiapokhari.

The demand is being raised not only by political parties like the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and the Trinamul Congress (Hills) but also by local people who have formed organisations like the Bijanbari Subdivision Demand Committee and Block Establishment Co-ordination Committee (of Sonada-Rangbull).

The convener of the Bijanbari committee, L.M. Lama, said: "Bijanbari is one of the biggest blocks in the region. While we welcome the state government's decision to upgrade Mirik to a subdivision, we request the government to look into our demand to make Bijanbari a subdivision."
Darjeeling Map 
The committee wants the government to create three blocks - Bijanbari, Rimbick-Lodhama and Rangneet-Lebong - in the proposed Bijanbari subdivision.

Currently, Bijanbari block is in Darjeeling (Sadar) subdivision.

The Block Establishment Co-ordination Committee has raised a similar demand for Sonada Rangbull.

Committee general secretary Rajesh Chauhan said: "Since 2009, residents of Sonada-Rangbull area have been demanding a separate block. People of areas like Namsu, Balasun and Margaret Hope have to take three vehicles to reach Sukhiapokhri (for administrative work). This causes great hardships to them."

The Morcha and Trinamul (Hills) have backed both the demands.

N.B. Khawash, general secretary of Trinamul (Hills), said: "We have submitted a written request to the district magistrate of Darjeeling (on June 8) for creating a Sonada-Rangbull block, bifurcation of Kurseong block and the upgrade of Bijanbari to a subdivision."

The hill subdivisions of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong have eight blocks.

Gorubathan is the largest block (442.72sqkm), followed by Bijanbari (known as Darjeeling-Pulbazar) spread over 416sqkm. The population of Bijanbari (1.26 lakh) is more than Gorubathan (60,663).

Kurseong's Mirik, which is set to become a subdivision, is the smallest block in the hills (119.30sqkm with a population of 46,374 according to the 2011 Census.

Source Telegraph

GJM & JAP both demands Inclusion of Dooars in Kalimpong district

11:12 AM
Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, June 7: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and the Jana Andolan Party, two principal parties in the hills, have suggested the incorporation of additional areas from the Dooars in the proposed Kalimpong district.

The proposals were made at an all-party meeting convened by Darjeeling district magistrate Anurag Srivastava here today to seek feedback on the creation of Kalimpong district and Mirik subdivision. Sipchu, Toribari, Bagracote Pathorjhora, Ellenbari,Chilauna and Samsing - the Dooars areas the Morcha wanted to be in the Kalimpong district - are part of some of the 398 mouzas the party had demanded to be brought under the GTA's jurisdiction.

Roshan Giri, the general secretary of the Morcha, said: "We support the creation of Kalimpong district, a demand we had first raised. We want areas like Sipchu, Toribari, Bagracote Pathorjhora, Ellenbari,Chilauna and Samsing (which are presently in Jalpaiguri district) to be incorporated in the new district. These areas are contiguous to the present Kalimpong subdivision."
The all-party meeting in Darjeeling on Tuesday. Picture by Suman Tamang

Giri said the Morcha wanted three subdivisions and seven blocks in the new district, and three blocks in Mirik subdivision.

Anmole Prasad, a member of the JAP's bureau, said the party had made a written submission on various aspects of the formation of the Kalimpong district. The JAP also wants parts of the Jalpaiguri district to be included in the new district.

"We want the boundaries of the new district to be redrawn so that its two sides have highways and a compact zone is created," said Prasad.

The JAP basically wants areas lying north of NH31 in Jalpaiguri district to be the southern boundary of the Kalimpong district and areas like Kalijhora, Lohapul, Suntalay and Rambi, which are along NH10 and in the Kurseong subdivision, to be the western border.

The JAP wants Kalimpong district to have three subdivisions and 10 blocks. The party demanded at the meeting that four blocks be created to make up the new Mirik subdivision.

"We also seek the formation of a committee comprising stakeholders, NGOs, experts and citizens to monitor and assist the formation of the district and the subdivision. Future meetings should be held at respective locations (Kalimpong and Mirik) to enable detailed discussions and new administrative townships should be created there to de-congest the area," said Prasad.

Representatives of parties like the GNLF, ABGL, CPRM and the Trinamul Congress also attended the meeting.

Srivastava said the parties had been asked to submit the suggestions in writing by tomorrow evening.

"An all-party meeting is usually called before the start of the process to create a new district. We have asked political parties to submit their suggestions in writing by tomorrow evening so that we can go through them and then prepare a report based on administrative feasibility. The report will be submitted to the government as early as possible," said Srivastava.


All hill party meeting for Kalimpong district in Darjeeling

10:59 AM
Vivek Chhetri

Darjeeling, June 6: The state government has taken the first concrete step to upgrade Kalimpong subdivision to a district with the Darjeeling district administration calling an all-party meeting here tomorrow for their feedback.

Assembly elections were fought in Kalimpong mainly on the district demand plank.

Anurag Srivastava, the district magistrate of Darjeeling, today confirmed that the all-party meeting would be held here tomorrow.

"The purpose of the meeting is to get feedback from all political parties on the new district. A report will then be forwarded to the personnel department," he said.

The meeting has been scheduled for 4pm in the district magistrate's conference hall.

Former Kalimpong MLA Harka Bahadur Chhetri, who had left the Gorkha Janm-ukti Morcha to float the Jana Andolan Party and made Kalimpong district one of its prime agendas in the Assembly polls, today thanked Mamata Banerjee.
Kalimpong District Map
Kalimpong District Map

"At the onset, I would like to thank the chief minister for starting the process... I am told that on May 30, the chief minister had directed the chief secretary and home secr-etary to start the process and in less than a week, a meeting has been called. This should be a lesson for the Morcha. One needs to deliver rather than make promises," he said.

Harka said even though he would not be able to attend the meeting, other JAP leaders would be present in full strength.

Roshan Giri, the general secretary of the Morcha, said his party would be represented at the meeting.


Jan Andolan Party thanks Mamata Banerjee for Kalimpong District nod

2:12 PM
Writes Mukesh Sharma 

Kalimpong,31st May Jan Andolan Party thanks the State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who has instructed the process of formation of the five districts in West Bengal to be expedited.

The Party which started the movement of Kalimpong District through the banner of Kalimpong District Demand Committee before the formation of party has hail the CM for taking the issue.

JAP President Dr Harka Bahadur Chhetri have told that on 23rd May he met the CM and congratulated her on her victory and requested to expedite the process of Kalimpong District. He said She have ordered her Chief and Home secretaries to expedited the process.

He said our party raised the issue  but when she announced the Formation of Kalimpong District she took my name but after our party lost in election the decision can been seen as that she does not want Morcha to take credit of Kalimpong District in coming days .

Jan Andolan Party thanks Mamata Banerjee Kalimpong District nod
JAP Press Conference
The decision for the formation was passed by the State Cabinet in December 2015.

Meanwhile JAP party secretary Nayan Pradhan addressing a press meet at the party office today that this is our victory despite our loss , we and people of Kalimpong thanks her.

Amir Basnet JAP youth leader said the dream seen by Kalimpong mass and the work done by JAP party to fulfill the dreams will now turn reality . He added that “we don’t believe in giving assurance but we deliver’.

Via Kalimpong News Express

Kalimpong District to be formed soon claims JAP

6:15 PM
Kalimpong  31st may 2016 After losing the assembly election in Kalimpong Jana Andolan Party JAP is trying to consolidate it support base in Kalimpong and in such an attempt they claim that the formation of the Kalimpong Distric has got green signal from the chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. JAP president  Dr Harka Bahadur Chhetri after the election met the chief minister and have had a fruitful discussion on the matter

"Though JAP lost the election, we will strive hard to fulfill Kalimpongbasi's aspirations and keep our promises of creating Kalimpong Zilla.

And we have already started the process for upgradation of Kalimpong sub-division into district JAP President Dr H.B Chhetri met WB chief minister Miss Mamata Banerjee on 23rd May and had a discussion about the same for almost 45 minutes in a very cordial environment as a result, Chief Minister has already instructed her govt to expedite the process of formation of 5 new districts that includes Kalimpong as well" said Jana Andolan Party's youth leader, Pankaj Chhetri.
Kalimpong District to be formed soon claims JAP
Kalimpong District to be formed soon claims JAP
He further added "We are thankful to our president for taking this initiative....losing election didn't deter him from his goal. And I can confidently say that if ever Kalimpong district is formed, that surely will be formed soon, its all due to hard work, dedication, perseverance, and vision of our President Dr. H B Chhetri."

West Bengal Govt Response on RTI puts doubt on Kalimpong District Cabinet Approval

6:02 PM
West Bengal Govt Response to RTI on Cabinet Approval for Kalimpong District Puts a Question Mark on If Such a Decision Was At All Taken

An RTI inquiry seeking clarification on "if the West Bengal government's Cabinet had approved the formation of Kalimpong district," has revealed that such an approval may actually still be pending.

Responding to the RTI inquiry made by a concerned citizen, the Commissioner for Home and Hill Affairs Department has declined to answer the question citing "Sub section 1 (i) of section 8 of the RTI Act 2005"

The Sub section 1 (i) of section 8 of the RTI Act 2005 reads:

"Cabinet papers including records of deliberations of the Council of Ministers, Secretaries and other officers: Provided that the decisions of Council of Ministers, the reasons thereof, and the material on the basis of which the decisions were taken shall be made public after the decision has been taken, and the matter is complete, or over: Provided further that those matters which come under the exemptions specified in this section shall not be disclosed."

This could imply that the decision for form more districts was either not taken or that the approval process for new districts was not completed.

This sits contrary to what Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee or Kalimpong MLA Dr. Harka B Chettri have been claiming. Dr. Harka has repeatedly stated that the Cabinet approval for Kalimpong district was already given.

Via TheDC

JAP drafts Gorkhaland Bill , Challenge GJM and BJP to table in Lok sabha

1:16 PM
Writes Mukesh Sharma

Kalimpong,14th April The Jana Andolan Party today in its election meeting released The West Bengal Re-Organisation Bill 2016 in Kalimpong. The meeting which was attended by 10 thousand plus party Supporter was held at Kalimpong Motar Stand. JAP Bureau member and Senior advocate Anmol  Prasad released the draft bill  throwing a open Challenge to GJM and MP S S Ahluwaliya to place the bill in Lok Sabha.

The first of its kind in hill politics the JAP party will be sending the 22 pages draft bill to both GJM President Bimal Gurung and MP S S Ahluwaliya informed Prasad.

In his forwarding letter to MP JAP president Dr Harka Bahadur Chhetri has urge S S Ahluwaliya to rise to this challenge for the sake of his constituency.
Jana Andolan Party Meeting in Kalimpong
 Jana Andolan Party Meeting in Kalimpong
He have said ‘ As our representative in Parliament you are well aware that every person of your constituency passionately supports the creation of such a state within the Indian Union. Your party has time and again promised the people that it will sympathetically examine and appropriately consider the long-pending demands of the Gorkhas, the Adivasis and other communities of Darjeeling district and the Dooars region. We also note with great eagerness that has your party enjoys an overwhelming and unprecedented majority in power”

JAP has hoped that MP will prevail upon his party not to appoint any committee or commission that will delay the consideration of our demand by Parliament.

The election rally saw massive number of party supporter from all part of Kalimpong.The party urged the people to vote for change and give mandate for Kalimpong District issue.

Amar Lama, brother of Slain Madan Tamang and Bureau member of JAP today alleged GTA of being a corruption syndicate. Giving proof of Corruption from Roads to PMGSY, Midday meal to Indra Awas yojana he one by one led example of corruption in GTA.Lama alleged GJMM leaders of having disproportionate assets

 Dr Chhetri addressing the mass went all out to GJMM President and other leaders. He said it was here in the same place in Motar Stand that Bimal Gurung gave his first speech in 2007 and tomorrow will be his last speech from motar stand as his downfall have started .

 Dr Chhetri attacked R Moktan, Binay Tamang, Bijay Sundas, Dawa Lepcha , Dr Rohit Sharma and MP S S Ahluwaliya in about more than one hour speech.

He said in his recent election campaign PM Modi did not utter a single word for Gorkhaland and even GJM . He said BJP and GJM cannot fulfill the aspiration as their leader regularly gives anti Gorkha statement. He urged the mass to give vote for change and Kalimpong District

Dr Chhetri said It was from this motar stand where in 2007 Bimal Gurung rose to a new high in hill politics and from the chapter of his downfall have started from this same place today.

He said in the 9 year rule of GJM party they never uttered the word of Gorkhaland in Delhi but always said of keeping the record of Gorkhaland intact.

We have bought a draft bill for separate State and throw a challenge to GJM and MP to place the bill in Loksabha.

GJMM rally is scheduled tomorrow in the same place.

Source Kalimpong News Express

जापले छुट्टै राज्यको बील तयार पारिसकेको छ – डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्री

5:51 PM
कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ 10 अप्रेल 2016। गोजमुमो पार्टीबाट बिद्रोह गरी छुट्टै कालेबुङ जिल्लाको मुद्दा बोकेर आएका डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीले कालेबुङ जिल्लाकै मुद्दामा यसपल्ट दोस्रोचोटि चुनाव लडिरहेका छन्। गोजमुमो पार्टीको टिकटमा पहिलोपल्ट विधायक बनेका डा. छेत्रीलाई यसपल्ट गोजमुमो पार्टीनै कडा प्रतिद्वन्दि बनेको छ। क्याबिनेटले पारित गरिसकेको कालेबुङ जिल्लाको मुद्दालाई विधानसभामा पारित गर्न आफैलाई पुग्न अनिर्वाय ठानेको कारण उनले यसपालिको चुनावमा मोर्चाकै विरूद्धमा खडा भएका छन्। जसको कारण कालेबुङ विधानसभा केन्द्र सबैको केन्द्रबिन्दुमा रहेको छ। हाईभोल्टेज चुनावी मैदानमा उत्रेका जाप प्रार्थी डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीसित दैनन्दिनी समाचार अनि हाम्रो प्रजाशक्तिका सम्वाददाता डी.के. वाइबाले गरेको विशेष कुराकानी -
 डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्री
प्र. तपाईँहरू यसपल्टको भोट कालेबुङ जिल्लालाई भन्नुहुँदैछ अनि गोजमुमोले यसपल्टको भोट जाति टुक्राउने होइन, जाति जोड्नेलाई भन्ने नारा लगाइरहेको छ। यसविचमा जनता अन्योलमा छन् कसलाई चुन्नुपर्ने भनेर। के लागिरहेको छ तपाईँलाई?

उ जनता अन्योलमा पर्ने कुनै आवश्यक्ता छैन। यहाँ यदि जाप पार्टी अथवा डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीलाई जाति टुक्राउने भनि कसैले आरोप लगाउँदैछन् भने उनले बिभिन्न बोर्डलाई नै जाति टुक्राउने भन्ने बुझेका रहेछन्। जब कि यी बोर्डका सदस्यहरूले कहिलै हामी भिन्न हौँ भनेका छैनन्। उनीहरू सबै हामीसँग एकसाथ छन्। वास्तवमा विमल गुरूङ अथवा गोजमुमोले भनेको ‘जाति’ चैँ ‘पार्टी’ हो। यहाँ पार्टी टुक्र्यो भनेको कुरालाई घुमाएर जाति टुक्रियो भनेको हो।

उ यस्तो बाध्यता हामीलाई होइन मोर्चालाई छ। आज ‘जय गोर्खा र जय गोर्खाल्याण्ड’ भन्न पर्ने बाध्यता पनि उनीहरूलाई नै छ। सबैभन्दा गोर्खाल्याण्ड बिरोधी यदि कोहि छ भने त्यो मोर्चा हो। किन बिरोधी हो भने गोर्खाल्याण्डको जम्मै तन्त्र यतिबेला मोर्चाको हातमा छ। गोर्खाल्याण्ड केन्द्रलाई माग्नुपर्ने अनि मोर्चाकै साथी केन्द्रमा छ। सांसद बीजेपीको हुनपर्ने हो अनि त्यो पनि उसैले सघाएको सांसद छ। तर अहिलेसम्म पातले बाँस, डम्बर चौक र चौक बजार अनि खर्साङको मोटर स्ट्याण्डमा बाहेक मोर्चाले गोर्खाल्याण्डको बील केन्द्रमा उठाएकै छैन। उसैको सरकार, उसैको सांसद हुँदा संसदमा बील ल्याउनुपर्ने अवस्थामा उनीहरूले गोर्खाल्याण्डको बील ल्याउनै सकेको छैन। यो नै मुख्य तक्निकी कुरा हो। यदि उनीहरू गोर्खाल्याण्डको बील सरकार र सांसद हुँदा समेत पेश गर्न सक्दैन भने उनीहरू नै सबैभन्दा गोर्खाल्याण्डको बिरोधी हो। यसकारण जापलाई बाध्यता होइन बाध्यता उनीहरूको हो। हामी काम गर्छौँ अनि काम गर्नलाई जापले भिजन सफा राखेको छ। त्यहीँ भिजन अनि मिशन 2025 मा उल्लेख छुट्टै राज्यको मुद्दालाई हामीले प्रमुखता दिएर घोषणापत्रमा स्पष्ट उल्लेख गरेका हौँ।

प्र. त्यसो भए जापले छुट्टै राज्यबारे के गर्छ त ?
उ जापले छुट्टै राज्यको बील तयार पारेको छ। आजसम्म उनीहरूले बील पेश गर्न त होइन बील बनाउन पनि सकेन अथवा जानेन। यसकारण जापले तयार पारेको छुट्टै राज्यको बील हामी प्रेस मार्फत सार्बजनिक गरेर लोकसभा सांसद एस.एस आहलुवालीयालाई पठाउनेछौँ अनि लोकसभामा पेश गर भन्नेछौँ। यदी बनाएको बील पनि लोकसभामा प्रस्तुत गर्न सक्दैन भने उनीहरूलाई राजनीति गर्ने कुनै अधिकार छैन।

प्र. गोर्खाल्याण्डको बील लोकसभामा किन पेश हुँदैन?
उ लोकसभामा पेश गर्ने बील केन्द्र सरकारले बनाउँछ। केन्द्रमा रहेको बीजेपीको सरकारले उनीहरूको घोषणापत्रमा गोर्खाल्याण्ड त होइन छुट्टै राज्य समेत लेखेको छैन। त्यसो हो भने उनीहरूले किन पेश गर्छ यो बील? मोर्चाको घोषणा पत्रमा लेखेर केन्द्र सरकारले दिँदैन राज्य। उनीहरूको घोषणा पत्रमा केवल लङ पेन्डिङ डिमाण्ड मात्रै लेखेको छ। जसलाई छुट्टै राज्य भनेर भ्रम फैलाउँदै गलत प्रचार गर्ने काम मोर्चाले गरेको छ।
प्र. जापले चुनावी घोषणा पत्रमा छुट्टै राज्यको मुद्दा उल्लेख गरेको छ। कतै यो बाध्यताले मात्रै उल्लेख गर्नुभएको होइन? प्र. यदि जापले बनाएको छुट्टै राज्यको बील लोकसभामा पेश भयो अनि राज्यसभामा पुगेको खण्डमा के गर्नुहुनेछ?

उ यदि मोर्चाले त्यति काम गर्न सक्यो भने हामी पार्टीका कर्मीहरू बसेर विमर्श गर्नेछौँ अनि राज्यसभाबाट बील पारित गर्न काम गर्नेछौँ। साँच्चै लोकसभाबाट पारित गर्न सक्छ भने त्यसबेला जापको कुनै औचित्य नहुनसक्छ। त्यसबेला हामी पार्टी भङ्ग गरेर पनि छुट्टै राज्यको बील राज्यसभाबाट छिराउन मोर्चालाई नै सहयोग गर्न पछि पर्दैनौँ। तर यति काम आँट छ के मोर्चासित ?

प्र. अहिले 11 वटा गोर्खा जात-गोष्ठीलाई जनजाति बनाउने मुद्दा अघि आएको छ। कतै यो चुनावी स्टन्ट होइन?
उ यो चुनावी स्टन्ट मात्रै हो भन्ने हामीलाई शंका छ। केन्द्रले अहिले केवल कमिटि मात्र बनाएको छ। अब बाँकी काम राज्यले गर्नुपर्छ। सिक्किममा सिक्किम सरकारले गर्छ अनि बङ्गालमा बङ्गाल सरकारले गर्नेछ। त्यहाँ यदि राज्य सरकारले जनजातिको निम्ति उनीहरू ठिक छैन भन्ने गलत रिपोर्ट पठाए जनजाति हुनै सक्दैन। यसकारण यस मुद्दालाई पार लगाउन पनि राज्य सरकारसित राम्रो सम्बन्ध हुन आवश्यक छ। यता गोजमुमो पार्टीको राज्यसरकारसित सम्बन्ध राम्रो छँदै छैन। नराम्रो सम्बन्ध भएको ठाउँमा नराम्रो मान्छे पठाउँदा सरकारले दिँदैन। यो सम्बन्ध राज्यसरकारसित मोर्चा अध्यक्ष विमल गुरूङको व्यक्तिगत इगोको आधारमा छ। एउटा व्यक्तिको व्यक्तिगत इगोले क्षेत्रका जनताले दुख पाउनुहुँदैन भन्ने मेरो भनाइ हो। यसकारण यदि बङ्गाल सरकारले जनजाति पाउने योग्यको छैन भने विमल गुरुङ रूँदा पनि हुन सक्दैन।

प्र. जिल्लाको मुद्दा पनि त चुनावी स्टन्ट मात्रै देखिन्दैछ ?
उ जिल्लाको मुद्दा क्याबिनेटले पारित गरिसकेको छ अनि यो कसरी चुनावी स्टन्ट हुनसक्छ? जब कि 11 जनजातिको निम्ति केवल कमिटि मात्रै बनिएको छ। यस्तो कमिटि कति बनियो-बनियो अनि पछि कता हराएर गयो। डुवर्सको 396 मौजा गाभ्न श्यामल सेन कमिटि बनियो फेरि त्यस कमिटिको रिपोर्ट जाँच गर्ने अर्को कमिटि बनियो अनि हाल पत्तो छैन। यो क्याबिनेटले पारित गरिसकेको कारण चुनावी स्टन्ट हुँदै होइन।

प्र. मोर्चाले जिते जिल्लाको मुद्दा लम्बिएर जानेछ भन्नुभयो। त्यसो हो भने जिल्ला कालेबुङका जनतालाई दिएको हो कि डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीलाई?
उ जिल्ला निश्चय नै कालेबुङका जनतालाई दिएको अनि जिल्ला ल्याउने माध्यम भने डा. हर्कबहादुर छेत्री हो। किन भने मैले जसरी राज्यसरकारलाई बुझाउन सके त्यस्तो बुझाउन सक्ने व्यक्ति गोजमुमोमा एकजना पनि छैन। गोजमुमोले राज्यसरकारसित दुशमनी लिएको छ अनि त्यो दलबाट गएका बिधायकलाई सरकारले पत्तो दिनेछैन। उनीहरूले सरकारलाई बुझाउन सक्ने क्षमता समेत छैन। फेरि भएन कालेबुङका मोर्चा प्रार्थी सरीता राईले यदि विमल गुरूङले भने राजीनामा दिनेछु भनिसकेकी छन्। जनताले काम गर्न पठाएको व्यक्तिले नेताको भनाइमा राजीनामा दिन्छ भने उसले काम गर्न सक्दैन। म काम गर्ने मान्छे हुँ यसैकारण जनताको निम्ति काम गर्नलाई नेताको कुर सुनिन अनि कालेबुङ जिल्लाको मुद्दा उठाए। जिल्ला कालेबुङका जनतालाई हो अनि ल्याउने व्यक्ति डा. छेत्री भनेर जनतालाई थाह छ। यसकारण जनताले जिल्लाको मुद्दालाई नै चुन्नेछन्।

प्र. यदि तपाईँले चुनाव जितेर पनि विधानसभामा जिल्लाको मुद्दा पारित नभए अनि त्यसबेला जनताले राजीनामा मागे के गर्नुहुनेछ?
उ त्यसबेला म जिल्लाको मुद्दाको स्थिति के छ भन्ने बुझाउनेछु। जनतालाई सही तथ्य बुझाएर अघिल्लो काम गर्नेछु। यतिमात्रै होइन कालेबुङ जिल्ला सँगै अन्य चारवटा जिल्ला क्याबिनेटले पारित गरेको छ। यदि विधानसभामा चारवटा जिल्लाको मुद्दा पारित भयो र कालेबुङ जिल्ला छुट्यो भने अनि जनताले राजीनामा माग्यो भने मेरो त्यहाँ बस्ने कुनै औचित्य हुनेछैन। यसकारण त्यसबेला म राजीनामा दिएर फर्कनेछु।

प्र. चुनाव जितेर गए कुन-कुन मुद्दालाई प्राथमिकता दिनुहुनेछ ?
उ पहिलो प्राथमिकता पानीको समस्या समाधान गर्ने रहनेछ। त्यसपछि पर्चा-पट्टा, पञ्चायत चुनाव, बेरोजगार समस्या, अस्थायी शिक्षकहरूको समस्या प्रमुख मुद्दा रहनेछ। यो सबै समाधान गर्नेछु।

प्र. विमल गुरूङले 60 हजार भोटले पराजित गर्छु भनेका छन्। तपाईँ आफ्नो जितमा कति निश्चित हुनुहुन्छ?
उ अहिले म यतिले जित्नेछु भनेर आँकडा दिँदिन। विमल गुरूङले त 2010 मा गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउँछु होइन भने गोलि ठोकेर मर्छु भने। तर उनी अझै जिउँदैछन्। आज मैले लाख भोटले जित्न पनि सक्छु अथवा लाख भोटले हार्न पनि सक्छु। तर आँकडा दिएर अघिबाटै बदनाम हुने काम गर्दिन। जनताको रामो मुड छ यतिखेर। हेरौँ जनताले यसपल्ट आगामी पाँचवर्षलाई हेरेर अनि कालेबुङ जिल्लाको मुद्दालाई पार लगाउँनका निम्ति आफ्नो बहुमूल्य भोट पैसा र सहुलियतमा बिक्री गर्ने हो होइन भन्ने स्पष्ट हुनेछ। यद्यपी म आफ्नो जितमा निश्चित छु।

Source:kalimpong news.

Politicizing District Issue - Why JAP Hypocrisy is Evident for Everyone to See

11:01 AM
Writes: Rinchu

With a little over 7 years of directly being involved in politics and decades of indirect involvement as political commentator (as Dr. Harka himself claims), if his arguments are "we'd win if we contest Prime-ministerial election," then I guess we have grossly over "hyped" or misjudged his intellect.
Try hard as I may to give Dr. Harka and JAP the benefit of doubt, I fail to see the genuineness in him and his party.

Forget about the random weird statements he makes at times, the formation of Kalimpong district is now being politicized by him largely for the SURVIVAL of his newly created party.
Politicizing would have still been valid, but for the fact that Momota had announced her "sympathetic" consideration for district formation way before elections... and not just of Kalimpong but five other districts. So this should not have been made an election issue - it was already a non-issue.

However, his recent move in scaring the people of Kalimpong and instilling fear in them that district formation is impossible without JAP winning the MLA seat, while subtly also implying that non-JAPers may oppose district formation if JAP doesnt come to power, indicates his real motive in flouting JAP - POWER.
After all, his 7 years in active politics must have given him a small glimpse of what it means to exercise power.

Winning for him is securing power - THAT POWER, which incidentally is controlled by Momota, who is fundamentally OPPOSED to the formation of Gorkhaland. But for Dr Harka Bahadur Chettri it is apparent that winning is all that matters.

If we cannot see through this and continue to support these selfish group, then we totally deserve to be under Momota. Because our actions will have proved that we still need the "bhadraloks" to decide for us... to control and finally govern us from Kolkata.

Despite all their denial JAP is with TMC and TMC is with JAP as made evident in their united election rally in Darjeeling yesterday, and while in the hills JAP talks of "eventual attainment of separate statehood..." in the plains Mamata asserts and reasserts Gorkhaland will never be formed. So what explains JAP's justification for supporting and seeking support from a party that is fundamentally opposed to separate state for the Gorkhas?

It is said that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely," and no where is it made more apparent than in Dr. Harka and JAP's policy of trying to hunt with the hounds while pretending to run with the hare.

Via TheDC

"Today marks the end of Morcha rule in our hills..." Harka Bahadur Chettri

1:13 PM
"Next time if we contest for Prime Ministerial seat we will win" Dr. Harka at JAP Youth Rally in ‪‎Kalimpong‬

A well attended rally by youths from various parts of Kalimpong yesterday led Dr. Harka Chettri to declare "today marks the end of Morcha rule in our hills..."

Speaking to the enthusiastic youths, who were blowing on whistles - election symbol of JAP - all through the rally, Dr. Harka said, "Morcha is today directionless... they do not have any issue to harp on... we are fighting to establish Kalimpong as a new district... and we will succeed... this gathering today is a proof of the fact that the youths want change."
"Today marks the end of Morcha rule in our hills..." Harka Bahadur Chettri
JAP Youth Rally in ‪‎Kalimpong‬
Accusing GJM of being against the development of Kalimpong, Dr. Harka said, "Morcha is number one enemy of Kalimpong district issue... once we win the election we will turn Kalimpong district into one of the best districts in all over India."

Dr. Harka further said, "GJM is desperate today, sometimes they say Kalimpong belongs to Bhutan, at others they say Kalimpong district is GJM's issue... they are clueless... they even forced Modi to come and click pictures with them to gain some votes... I feel such energy and enthusiasm towards JAP... that next time if we fight for Prime Ministerial seat we will win..."

GJM however accused JAP of paying money to underage children and bringing them to blow whistle incessantly, and said, "they are not just indulging in dirty politics of getting 16-17 year olds to attend their rally... they are trying to blow whistle on Gorkhaland demand... the people from Kalimpong knows they are playing on Bengal's team and will convincingly defeat them.

Via TheDC

JAP Dr Harka Bahadur Chetri filed his nomination for Assembly Election 2016

8:55 PM
Mukesh Sharma

Kalimpong,26th March JAP (Jan Andolan Party) president Dr Harka Bahadur Chetri filed his nomination as an independent candidate from Klimpong today for Assembly Election 2016. Before Dr Chhetri filed his nomination he was escorted by massive party supporter to Thana Dara where a small election program was held. Dr Chhetri addressing the rally said "this is the historical day for all who are standing here.This is the day to rub the stane that Kalimpong does not produce any leader. This challenge is given to kalimpong self respect and we will make Kalimpong District"

In the presence of thousands of supporter Dr Chhetri said that he will win the election. Without naming Morcha he said other party leader goes to Delhi and bring bag full of mere assurance but when I resigned and left morcha, within three month the State cabinet passed the bill of Kalimpong District which is a historical achievement.

He said who have done what till now will be decided by the mass. He appealed the mass to look upon District demand issue and vote for him, He said dont look upon the candidate but look into the issue .

JAP Election Manifesto was launched by Dr Chhetri along with the JAP Beuro members Anmol Prasad, Amar Lama and others.
JAP Dr Harka Bahadur Chetri filed his nomination for Assembly Election 2016
JAP Dr Harka Bahadur Chetri filed his nomination for Assembly Election 2016
The manifesto have given first preference to Statehood along with District of Kalimpong, Grant of special status to communities and student, zero tolerance to corruption, waivers of pending electricity dues and delivery services, promotion of handicraft and skill development, water action plan, Panchayat Raj and return of rural rearmament, regularization of temporary workers etc

After the rally the party supporter along with Dr Chhetri took out a massive rally in the town which saw a traffic halt for near about half and hour.

The rally encircling the whole market area reached to SDO Kalimpong office premised where Dr Chhetri filed his nomination to returning officer Nirmalay Gharami.

After nomination process was over he said I am feeling fresh, as if I am filing the nomination for the first time.

Source kalimpongnewsexpress

Why District Kalimpong

2:30 PM

SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2016 For a passerby Kalimpong is a small sleepy town. Untouched by the harsh industrialization overtaking other small towns. It is so small and idyllic that the Main Road in town is a two minute walk through. This small town contains a cheerful people as has been noted by many anthropologists in the past.

Beyond the town, Kalimpong is a vast landmass, the largest among the three hill constituencies of Darjeeling and Kurseong. Here live people who mostly make their living from agriculture or send their children to toil in the Indian cities or as illegal migrant laborers in the Gulf. An often heard phrase here is- “There is nothing in the hills for us anymore.”
Why District Kalimpong
MAP of  Kalimpong District 

A lot of Facebook comments on the various news sites has revealed that people seem confused about the formation of a Kalimpong district. They seem to think that a district is an impediment in the demand for Gorkhaland. Here are some basic factual clarifications on the urgent need for a district Kalimpong-

· Unlike Darjeeling Kalimpong does not have a plantation economy, we are agriculture based but since we are under a district that is listed as a plantation district we are deprived of the funds allocated by the Centre towards the State for development of agricultural districts. If you travel beyond the town area to places like Suruk, Samthar, or even just beyond Seed Farm, you will see what I mean.

· Since one of the fastest growing cities in India, Siliguri, comes under Darjeeling, Darjeeling district has been listed as the top three most economically developed districts in West Bengal. If you are from Kalimpong you will understand the cruel irony of this statement. But as a Kalimpong district, we immediately enter the backward districts zone, which means schemes from the state for development and betterment of the region.

·  A district means establishment of DM office, District Court and various other official necessities in Kalimpong itself. In terms of size Kalimpong is the largest among the three hill constituencies so a person from remote regions like Tode and Tangta will have to pay a huge amount simply to reach these offices in Darjeeling.

· It will mean creation of sub divisions in Algarah and Pedong ,various departments (Fire Brigade, Bank, court) will be set up in those regions along with basic infrastructure like roads which those places lack.

· It will mean multiplication of Panchayats and Blocks so job opportunities will increase.
· The 100 days scheme which was coming to Darjeeling directly so that we got only the leftovers will now reach Kalimpong directly benefiting more and more people.

Gorkhaland is a demand to be made with the Central Government. When we are contesting the Assembly elections for the state the motive should be not to sit in silence in the state assembly but to make these demands heard. Otherwise it will mean a wastage of votes. District Kalimpong is a right which we will have to obtain from the west Bengal state legislative assembly.

Let Kalimpong remain a small sleepy town but let it also contain people who are cheerful and contended in real life and not just for some BBC documentaries on hill tribes    "

Kalimpong's MacFarlane Memorial Church turns 125 years old

9:22 AM
The 125th anniversary celebrations of Kalimpong's MacFarlane Memorial Church is scheduled to begin from Monday with a gospel choir programme at Town Hall.

Reverend Samuel Lepcha, a member of the Celebration Committee of MacFarlane Memorial Church, Church of North India, Kalimpong, said groups from different churches and schools in the hill town would participate in the event. "We also plan to hold a host of programmes for youths, senior citizens and women leading up to the 125th anniversary on November 1, 2016," he said.

The church, named after William MacFarlane, the first missionary from the Church of Scotland who visited Darjeeling in 1870, is visible from almost all parts of the town and is the most prominent landmark. The foundation stone of the church was laid on 24 February, 1890, and it was opened on November 1, 1891.

The church was damaged in the Sikkim earthquake of September 18, 2011, and was closed for more than two years. It reopened in December 2013.
Kalimpong's MacFarlane Memorial Church  turns 125 years old
Kalimpong's MacFarlane Memorial Church - Picture by Chinlop Fudong Lepcha
"The earthquake had caused extensive damage to the interiors and the bell tower. All the pinnacles, including the big four and the small four of the bell tower, were damaged. A slab on the top-most level had also suffered damage," said Subin Pradhan, an architect from Kalimpong, who was part of a team that worked on the church's restoration.


Relief for Bimal Gurung in Highway Blockade Case

9:31 AM
Mukesh Sharma: In a major relief for GJM chief Bimal Gurung and two other party activist, Kalimpong ACJM Court  acquitted them from the case related to the blockage of NH-31 back in 2011. The court of ACJM Subrata Chatterjee read out the verdict after a prolonged trial, which lasted for over four years.

Gurung and the five other activists were charged for blocking the NH-31 on March  2011 during the fresh agitation for the separate state of Gorkhaland which erupted after Sibsu incident. 'On the reasoning of acquittal of Gurung and other two the court cited unavailability of enough evidences and witnesses by the police that led to today decision ' informed Rajiv Parajuli the defense counsel of the Gurung . Gurung along with the other activists were camping in Kalimpong since last night and presented themselves before the court for the verdict. After the verdict was read out, Gurung thanked his lawyer and the Judiciary.
Kalimpong ACJM Court relief for Bimal Gurung in Highway Blockade Case
Kalimpong ACJM Court relief for Bimal Gurung in Highway Blockade Case

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