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Rai Development Board has started its operation

11:05 PM

Writes: Rajeev Ravidas

The West Bengal Rai Development Board has started its operation with  30 general body members owing allegiance to the Kirati Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan, although the objection raised by the Khambu Rights Movement was yet to be addressed.
M.S. Rai, the chairman of the Rai board, said the first governing body meeting of the board had been held in Darjeeling on Saturday. "The board belongs to all Khambus living in Bengal. It will work for their development. Today, we distributed Rs 1 lakh each to 20 poor Rai families from the hills. This is the first instalment of Rs 2 lakh we intend to give to each of these families for constructing houses," he said in Darjeeling.
The KRM has expressed unhappiness at the board's functioning without taking it into confidence. "We were told by both the Darjeeling district magistrate and S.K. Thade (principal secretary, backward classes welfare department) that even though the notification constituting the general body had been issued on February 12, it would not be acted upon till the differences between us and KKRSS were resolved. This is totally unexpected. We will decide on our next course of action later," said A.K. Rai, the KRM president.
The KRM had staged a hunger strike from February 17 to 24, demanding that its supporters be made the board members.
The 31-member general body has just one supporter of the KRM.
Observers say that the notification could be potentially backdated to skirt around the PIL and upcoming elections code of conduct.

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Nine on hunger strike in hospital - Khambu Rights Movement

11:10 AM
Kalimpong, Feb. 21: Nine members of the Khambu Rights Movement, who were on an indefinite hunger strike at Tricone Park here, have been admitted to the Kalimpong subdivisional hospital in the past three days.

The hunger strike demanding that the organisation be allowed to form the Rai development board started on Wednesday with 14 participants. Since then, the number has gone up to 25, including the nine who have been hospitalised.

Manoj Rai, the KRM spokesman, said those admitted to the hospital were suffering from complications ranging from severe dehydration to low pulse rate. "All nine are refusing to eat and they have been given intravenous drops. We will continue our protest till our demand is fulfilled," he said.

A doctor at the hospital, H.S. Das, said: "The condition of all those admitted is stable."
The KRM was formed on January 16, 2013, and initially it functioned under the Kirati Khambu Rai Sanskriti Sansthan (KKRSS) to spearhead the demand for granting a Scheduled Tribe status to the Rais. The two organisations had differences over the board issue with the KRM alleging that the KKRSS was never in favour of a development board.
Nine on hunger strike in hospital - Khambu Rights Movement
Khambu Rights Movement launched an indefinite hunger strike at Tricone Park to protest against interference
The KRM claims that it should be given the right to form the Rai development board that was announced by chief minister Mamata Banerjee on January 22 as it spearheaded the campaign to secure the board.

The KKRSS, which claimed to have backed the board demand, said it deserved to form the body as it was the primary association of the Rais and enjoys the support of more than 90 per cent of the community members.

Manoj Rai said a four-member team of the KRM headed by president A.K. Rai had reached Calcutta and was in the process of fixing up appointments with ministers and government officials to lay claim to the creation of the board.

"We are also seeking a meeting with the chief minister," he added.

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Khambu Rights Movement - Indefinite hunger strike against 'delay' over Rai board

10:08 AM
Kalimpong, Feb. 16: Fourteen members of the Khambu Rights Movement launched an indefinite hunger strike at Tricone Park here today to protest against interference by some Kirati Khambu Rai Sanskriti Sansthan members that has allegedly delayed the creation of a Rai board.

The Khambu Rights Movement (KRM) was formed on January 16, 2013, and it operated under the Kirati Khambu Rai Sanskriti Sansthan (KKRSS) to demand a Scheduled Tribe status for the Rais. But the two groups started falling apart, particularly after the KRM went whole hog on the development board issue.

Rais and Khambus are synonyms for a single community.

"A board for the Khambus had been announced (by chief minister Mamata Banerjee on January 22) in Darjeeling. When we went to Calcutta earlier this month to complete certain formalities related to the formation of the board, some opportunists associated with KKRSS in Darjeeling also went there and claimed that they would form the board," said KRM spokeman Manoj Rai.
Khambu Rights Movement - Indefinite hunger strike against 'delay' over Rai board
Khambu Rights Movement which was earlier demanding for Tribal Status
"This has resulted in delay in the formation of the (Rai) board. The delay is not affecting those who are well off but the ordinary Khambus, who are a deprived lot," he said.

All 14 KRM members participating in the hunger strike today are from Kalimpong subdivision. Sources said more members from other parts of the hills were expected to join them soon.

Binesh Rai, the KRM coordinator, alleged that the KKRSS was never in favour of a Rai development board but at a time the state government was on the verge of setting it up, some KKRSS members were trying to lay claim to it.

"We were shocked to learn that people, who in the past were against the formation of a board, went to Calcutta and demanded that they be allowed to form one. We are totally against these people. We don't want any of them in the board. We may agree to take few members of the KKRSS, who have not spoken against the board, in the general body but none in the executive body of the board," he said.

The KKRSS president, Tara Kumar Rai, however, claimed that they had already formed a board with a six-member executive body, including the chairman and vice-chairman, and 25 general body members. "The registration has also been completed. We had submitted our list (to the state government) about 10 days back. None of the office-bearers of the KKRSS are in the executive body and general body of the board. The chairman will be N.S. Rai," he said adding that he did not want to comment on KRM's allegation.

The KRM coordinator, Binesh Rai, rubbished the KKRSS claim. "I am cent per cent certain that the board has not been formed yet. They don't know what they are saying," he said.

First statue of Yalambar of Kirati community unveiled in Mirik

10:25 PM
The first statue of Yalambar of Kirati community was unveiled on Sunday at Mirik on the occasion of Sakela. The massive  statue was laid by the Kirat Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan of Mirik Unit at the Mirik Lake Kirateshwar temple complex. With the demand of Tribal status for the Kirati community the organization is highlighting their primitive culture and tradition. Today a large rally was organized at Mirik, where Kiratis showcased their traditional culture wearing own outfits, traditional instruments and much more.
First statue of Yalambar of Kirati community laid down in Mirik
First statue of Yalambar of Kirati community laid down in Mirik
Students and other members of the community took part in the rally holding placards demanding tribal status for the socio-economic development of the community.The community members also celebrated their traditional ‘Udhauli’ festival where thousands of Kiratis from Darjeeling hills, Terai, Dooars and Sikkim participated in the cultural programme.

Sakela Udhwali celebrated in Assam with festive fervour

6:21 PM
Margheritha, Tinsukia 15th Dec 2015: Sakela Udhawli the harvest festival of Khambus was celebrated at Pawai Bongoan, Ketetong near Margheritha in Tinsukia Assam organised by Kirat Rai Mahasabha, Assam supported by Gorkha civil society organisations of the region. The daylong festival began with offering prayers to ancestors and deity followed by Silli group dances. Khambu youths performed rituals in presence of Mangpa and offered prayers to Paruhaang and Sumnima for well being of the society.
Sakela Udhwali celebrated in Assam
Sakela Udhwali celebrated in Assam

Several thousand Khambus being nature worshippers assembled to celebrate the he Sakela which is celebration is a prayer to Mother Nature for healthy crops and protection from natural calamities. Therefore, the festival is also known as "Bhumi Puja". Sakela Udhauli is celebrated in the monrth of Novermber and December suitably after a full moon day which is harvest season, as a part giving thanks to nature for providing them a good harvest.
Khambu Rai cultural attire
 Khambu Rai cultural attire
The open session of the daylong celebration was presided by Siddhiman Thulung while Deo Kumar Rai addressed the Khambus as Key Note Speaker where he spoke at length about Kirat Khambu Rai culture and traditions. Abhijeet Khambu Rai elected General Secretary of Kirat Rai Mahasabha, Assam (KRM,A) informed the gathering about the mission, vision and current focus of the organisation and its structure. Convenor of the North East Kirat Rai Sanskritik Sansthan and Central Executive Member of All Assam Gorkha Students Union (AAGSU) Nanda Kirati Dewan graced the occasion as Guest of Honour and said,’The formation of Kirati Rai Mahasabha, Assam and its maiden Sakela celebrations here is a testimony of amalgamation of Khambus in an organisation to research, study and follow and most importantly preserve its culture and tradition. The celebrations today is proof of Kirati are indigenous and Sons of the Soil in Assam since time immemorial and deserving Scheduled Tribe of the country.’
Khambu people Dancing in the tribal tune in Sakela Udhwali celebrated in Assam
‘Development and uplifment of tribes of Assam like Khambu, Limbu, Tamang, Mangar, Gurung etc. will definitely strengthen the AAGSU ‘, Dewan added calling it Gorkha in Assam today is not just a tribe or caste but it is a composite society a community. He further stressed that Khambus of Assam should join the national demands of inclusion Khambus of country in central Scheduled Tribe list under article 342 of the Indian Constitution.
Prem Sampang elected president of KRM,A , Former President of Assam Kirat Sammelan Pradip Limboo, Senior Advocate Rajesh Rai, Literaturer Shanta Bahadur Dewan, Sol Bahadur Loh were some of the invited guests who spoke on the occasion. The cultural evening attraction was kid celebrity singer of the region Nandita Rai and dance performance by Sakela Silli Dance group lead by Rahul Lamsong Rai. Guest Artist s Parashmani Rai of Zee Bangla famed Sa Re Ga Ma fame from Darjeeling performed in the evening.

Source : Nanda Kirati Dewan

Bishal Khambu Rai died due to 'Scrub Typhus.'

10:20 AM
Kurseong: Bishal Khambu Rai,General Secretary of KKRSS Central Committee and one of the eminent Khambu Rights Movement youth leader,a social worker and a teacher, died On 25th September evening at around 5:30 due to Scrub Typhus. It was learnt that four days ago he had been admitted at a nursing home in Siliguri due to severe headache and sickness. Only yesterday he was shifted to another nursing home in the ICU unit.
Bishal Khambu Rai died due to 'Scrub Typhus.'
Bishal Khambu Rai died due to 'Scrub Typhus.'
The cause of the death of 36 years old youth leader has been said to be a bite by a microscopic insect which is also called Scrub Typhus. The insect is said to be found among mice.

Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, a tiny parasite
Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, a tiny parasite
What Is Scrub Typhus?Scrub typhus is an infectious disease that is transmitted to humans from field mice and rats through the bite of mites that live on the animals. The main symptoms of the disease are fever, a wound at the site of the bite, a spotted rash on the trunk, and swelling of the lymph glands.

Scrub typhus is caused by Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, a tiny parasite about the size of bacteria that belongs to the family Rickettsiaceae. Under the microscope, rickettsiae are either rod-like (bacilli) or spherical (cocci) in shape. Because they are intracellular parasites, they can live only within the cells of other animals.

Scrub Typhus in the hills
So far this year alone, 16 cases of "Scrub Typhus" have been reported from Mirik Hospital. Other such cases have been reported from various hospitals and clinics all over Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong.

If this disease is ignored for long, then it can cause death.

Hill organizations and individuals including the GJMM and the GTA chief, Bimal Gurung has also paid condolence and expressed grief following the sudden demise youth leader Bishal Rai.

Kirat Khambu Rai Association splits

12:59 AM
Darjeeling, June 1: There are two Khambu Rai Associations in Darjeeling hills now, Kirati Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan (KKRSS) established in 1990 and All India Khambu Rai Association (AIKRA) established in 2014. The Kurseong unit of KKRSS has unanimously decided to associate with AIKKRA. Meanwhile, Bishal Khambu Rai, who is also General Secretary of KKRSS Central Committee and Kurseong unit of KKRSS has resigned from the post.
Kirat Khambu Rai Association

The resignation of Bishal Khambu Rai from the post of General Secretary, Central Committee, KKRSS has been accepted by the Central Committee KKRSS, in a meeting held in Darjeeling today. The meeting also decided to form new KKRSS unit and assigned Balaram Rai (Retd. Director, Kurseong Radio) as a new convener of the Kurseong unit. The meeting also decided the Joint Secretary Binita Khambu Rai will work as General Secretary till further notice.

Khambu Rights Movement activists withdrew hunger strike

10:27 AM
Following assurances given by chief minister Mamata Banerjee, the Khambu Rights Movement activists today withdrew their relay hunger strike. The movement members had been staging a relay hunger strike since the past five days here at the Thanadara premises to press for their demand of ST status.

Khambu Rights Movement activists withdrew hunger strike
Khambu Rights Movement activists withdrew hunger strike
Khambu Rights Movement representatives said the protest has been withdrawn as the chief minister has assured she would request the Centre to consider their demand. Banerjee on January 21 made the announcement at the Tamang National Convention in Mirik.

Kirati Khambu-Rai Sanskritik Sansthan president Arunprakash Rai, Movement convener Binesh Khambu, spokesperson Sandip Khambu, and several other community leaders and members were present today at Thanadara to appreciate the youths’ participation in the hunger strike. GJM spokesperson and Kalimpong MLA Dr. Harka Bahadur Chettri also visited the spot to meet the youths.

GTA sabhashad RB Bhujel and GJM central committee member Norden Lama, among others also met the demonstrators and expressed solidarity with their movement. The final day of the hunger strike also witnessed the presence of Kalimpong Farmers’ Welfare Organisation president Bishnu Chettri, Buddhist Tribal Association leader Singsa Bhutia and TMC leaders from Takling-Peshok constituency who were at Thanadara to support the Khambu-Rai community in its demand for ST status.

Interestingly, the Movement activists had on Wednesday said their hunger strike would continue. But the agitation stands withdrawn within 24 hours of the announcement. Explaining this, Sandip Khambu said, “Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has assured us she will take up the issue with the central government. After her announcement, our core committee decided to withdraw the hunger strike.”

He added the organisation has a faxed letter to the prime minister demanding ST status for the community.


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