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9:31 PM
Writes Munish Tamang

This afternoon I (Munish Tamang), along with ShrI Nityanand Upadhyay (BGP Assam state president & member of Joint Action Committee on NRC), Shri Guman Limbu (Convenor, BGP Delhi), met the Additional Registrar General of India at the RGI office in New Delhi

We presented a detailed case on the problem faced by Gorkhas, particularly those in Jagun area under Margherita Constituency in Tinsukia, Assam.

The authorities have failed to provide legacy data to people of this area thus seriously compromising their status in the ongoing National Register of Citizens (NRC) exercise in Assam.

We had a detailed discussion and have been assured that immediate attention will be given to this important issue. We were also assured that the matter would be placed before the Supreme Court-appointed Judges Committee and also before Shri Hajela, the Supreme Court-appointed coordinator for NRC.

A memorandum jointly signed by Shri Nityanand Upadhyay and Shri D B Chhetry, IAS (retd), chief coordinator, Gorkha Joint Acton Committee on NRC, was submitted to the government officer.

Jan Aawaz to support who backs their agendas

1:02 AM
“Whoever addresses our agendas, we will support him in the elections.”  Munish Tamang

Darjeeling 12:April : A non political Indian Gorkhas association, Jan Aawaz have released a manifesto which includes 19 points and have declared that it will extend its support to the party or candidate who will back its manifesto in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.In a question and answer session held today, Jan Aawaz secretary Munish Tamang said whoever addresses our agenda in its manifesto throughout campaign will pack our backing.

Jan Aawaz secretary Munish Tamang
Jan Aawaz secretary Munish Tamang 
“Whoever addresses our agendas, we will support him in the elections.” said Munish Tamang

Tamang clarified this move by saying that none of the Lok Sabha candidate from Darjeeling in the upcoming election could give a fulfilling reply to the two inquiries: one on scrapping the GTA; and other on the structuring of Gorkhaland, that Jan Awaz had put before them earlier.

Gorkhaland is the first plan in Jan Aawaz's manifesto while the others incorporate canceling of GTA,pattas for plantation laborers in hills and plains, special finance packages for DHR and tea workers, establishment of film city, IT parks, horticultural university and research centre, primary and sub health centres and reconstruction of the Hill Cart Road, among others., were others. 

He said, "Our point is an invalidation of the GTA, yet no candidate cleared his stand on this, nor has anything been said in the declarations. Unless the GTA is scrapped, battle for Gorkhaland is inconceivable." 

Jan Aawaz seeks clear stance on Gorkhaland, GTA

11:20 PM
Jan Aawaz seeks clear stance on Gorkhaland, GTA before extending support. Jan Aawaz, an apolitical organisation, has sought clarification from the Darjeeling constituency Lok Sabha candidates over the issues of statehood and repealing of the GTA. Organisation members met in Delhi on Tuesday and resolved to seek the stance of the candidates on the two issues, based on which it will declare support to the candidates. Jan Aawaz secretary Munish Tamang said the step has been taken to light up a debate among voters on the issue of statehood and the GTA.

He said, “What is the stance of the candidates on the issue of Gorkhaland? Merely supporting the agenda is not enough. Until and unless the GTA is scrapped the Gorkhaland agenda cannot be pushed ahead.”

Jan Aawaz believes these are the two fundamental issues on which the candidates must have a clear stance. Those who cannot provide a clear position are untrue to the aspirations of the people, it believes.

The Darjeeling constituency plays a “key role in resembling all Indian Gorkhas”, said Tamang, adding a Gorkha living anywhere in the nation has the “right to know the answers to these primary questions” from the LS candidates.

Responding to a query, the secretary said Jan Aawaz is working amid intellectual and conscious Gorkhas and has many supporters and members in Darjeeling. Candidates competing from the Darjeeling constituency have even written to the organisation seeking its support, added Tamang.


Munish Tamang - Jan Awaaz tour of the Darjeeling hills to spread political awareness

10:46 AM
Prominent political analyst Prof. Munish Tamang is on a tour of the Darjeeling hills under the aegis of non-political organisation Jan Aawaj to spread political awareness. Speaking today in Kalimpong at a press conference, he said it is too early to comment or predict on the political outcome in the hills in terms of the April-May general election.

Munish Tamang addressing the press meet in Kalimpong on Monday.
Munish Tamang addressing the press meet in Kalimpong on Monday.

He said, “It is not the right time to comment on hill polities as a complete political mapping by regional parties has not been completed."

Notably, the GJM, TMC and other parties are yet to announce their candidates for the upcoming polls.

When asked if he was interested in running for the election from the hills, Tamang replied, “To achieve good marks in an examination, one has to study well; I am studying right now.”

He informed the Jan Aawaj is organising a movement to provide every support to the issues related to the Gorkha community. “The main aim of Jan Aawaj is to create a platform for the people to voice their opinion on the national level,” explained the analyst.

Commenting on the recent statehood agitation, he said, “Revolutions create leaders, leaders do not create revolutions,” adding the movement’s failure has affected a lot of Gorkhas in the hills and elsewhere. A fresh perspective that is free of political clichés and one involving the Gorkha people from across the nation is needed, he added.

Source: EOI

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