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Letter from Darjeeling to Kalimpong

11:52 PM
Writes Pravat Chiso Rai

My sister
Kalimpong, I have heard that you are very excited these days with the news of having your own separate household, as an elder sister I am very happy for you. We may be separated by Teesta but there is no such river between our hearts. You're my sister, my friend, you're my reflection, what identity do I have without you? Your are the other part of my heart , the very essence of my existence, we grew up and have been together through all the highs and lows, quarreled , complained, competed , cried, laughed , comforted, complimented, cared , helped and hugged each other like typical sisters but above all we together we both dreamt of our own home. I love you more than anything in this world and will always be there for you no matter what and I know you shall do the same for me. Do not ever let this doubt cross your mind, that I would be jealous of you and your achievements, that I would place my happiness above yours. I will be there with you in your every endeavor, in your every journey because I want to see you happy, because I love you, because you are my sister. We may have diff names but our surname as our identity shall always remain GORKHALAND.

Now, there are people who do not want to see us have a home of our own and are using every means under their sleeves to bring about division, distrust, and misunderstanding to separate us. Being your elder sister it is my moral responsibility to guide and protect you .They will try to corrupt, tempt, woo you with false and rosy promises, they will try with every means at their disposal to poison your mind and misguide you to sabotage our dream of having a home of our own, but remember my dear sister....blood is thicker than water. They may not be around here tomorrow but we shall be by each others side for eternity...that is our fate. .

Please do not listen to them, fall prey to their sinister motives and get tempted to any perks they may offer. Like every elder sister, I am overtly possessive about you and Ill go to any extent to keep you as my sister. We are, were and shall be sister as longs as this race call these hills.... their home. No power, politics and person can separate us.

Take care.
Sisters forever
With love

Darjeeling to Kalimpong
Darjeeling to Kalimpong

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